Design of Beams Concrete FREE Latest Version APK for Android

Design of Beams Concrete FREE download
Design of Beams Concrete FREE download

Review and design sections of reinforced concrete beams with ACI318-14. Design of Beams Concrete FREE is offered by Xtian. Last Updated: September 25, 2016. Current Version: 1.7

Review and design sections of reinforced concrete beams OMF according to ACI318-14 standard with the theory of rectangular block efforts Whitney.

System of Units
-International (SI)

Latest Updates

Sistema de unidades ingles incorporado


Design of Beams Concrete FREE 2017

Download Design of Beams Concrete FREE APK

Design of Beams Concrete FREE for Android

Download Design of Beams Concrete FREE for Android

Download Design of Beams Concrete FREE APK for Android

Design of Beams Concrete FREE 1.7 screenshot

Design of Beams Concrete FREE screenshot 0Design of Beams Concrete FREE screenshot 1Design of Beams Concrete FREE screenshot 2Design of Beams Concrete FREE screenshot 3Design of Beams Concrete FREE screenshot 4Design of Beams Concrete FREE screenshot 5Design of Beams Concrete FREE screenshot 6Design of Beams Concrete FREE screenshot 7

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Datumprikker Latest Version APK for Android

Datumprikker download
Datumprikker download is the easiest way to make an appointment. Datumprikker is offered by Plan to Meet BV. Last Updated: September 25, 2016 is the easiest way to connect with colleagues, friends or family an appointment.

In addition to choosing a date, you can also use Picks Date to schedule (roster) to register. Based on their availability or participants participants

Date Prikker App is part of and use. the website as well as through the app

Latest Updates

– Nieuwe maandkalender

– Bekijk kalender tijdens toevoegen data

– Nieuwe lijst voor toevoegen en aanpassen tijden

– Toegevoegde locatie details, inclusief beoordelingen, openingstijden en routebeschrijving

– Bug fixes


Datumprikker 2017

Datumprikker APK

Download Datumprikker

Download Datumprikker APK

Datumprikker for Android

Download Datumprikker for Android

Download Datumprikker APK for Android

Datumprikker screenshot

Datumprikker screenshot 0Datumprikker screenshot 1Datumprikker screenshot 2Datumprikker screenshot 3Datumprikker screenshot 4Datumprikker screenshot 5Datumprikker screenshot 6Datumprikker screenshot 7Datumprikker screenshot 8Datumprikker screenshot 9

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Simple Inventory Latest Version APK for Android

Simple Inventory download
Simple Inventory download

Simple Inventory. Simple Inventory is offered by Oniarai. Last Updated: September 25, 2016. Current Version:

Simple Inventory is an app that was originally developed for our small family owned distribution business, where we needed a simple tool that would allow us to process daily customer orders quickly when employees are out at distribution points taking orders.

Spreadsheets is a tool we rely on mostly and what we are most familiar with. The idea is to upload to a single company Google account, we want to work with something that is already available so Google sheet was the choice to make.

This is app is very easy to learn, if you know how to use spreadsheets.
User interface is kept simple and consistent overall.

* Import products, customers information via CSV.
* Import products, customers information via Google sheets.
* Add / Delete / Edit products, customers and customer orders manually.
* Add customer order items via multiple picker or scan barcode.
* Export customer order to Google sheets.
* Make calls, write e-mails and map directions from customers details

Latest Updates

* Bug & performance fix


Simple Inventory 2017

Simple Inventory screenshot

Simple Inventory screenshot 0Simple Inventory screenshot 1Simple Inventory screenshot 2Simple Inventory screenshot 3Simple Inventory screenshot 4Simple Inventory screenshot 5Simple Inventory screenshot 6

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Remind Note – reminder / notes Latest Version APK for Android

Remind Note - reminder / notes download
Remind Note – reminder / notes download

Easy to use reminder app with voice alert, notes, to do list and voice recorder. Remind Note – reminder / notes is offered by Srini Yarramsetty. Last Updated: September 25, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.8

Our every day busy life can really make it hard for us to remember every thing.

“Remind Note” can make this all easy for you enabling you to store reminders, notes, voice records and task sheets.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow compatibility
Set Reminders for intervals like on date , hourly , daily , weekly and more .. for various categories.
Custom categories for reminders can be created
Custom Intervals can be set for X hours, days , weeks , months or years
Customize options available by day of week and day of month for weekly and monthly reminders.
Speak button beside box helps to enter text for reminder / note without typing.
Set Alarm.
Missed Reminders Notification on Power OFF / ON
Pull to refresh feature for the lists of dashboard on home, scheduled and completed pages is provided.
Troubleshoot feature added in case of any reminder not firing , will fix the issue and will continue functioning normally.
Reminders Force reset option added
Voice Notification that reads your reminder title along with category of reminder.
App detects incoming call or call in progress and suppress Voice in the Notification when reminder and call occur at the same time so that incoming call or call in progress is not disturbed.

Preferences setting section of app lets you to choose voice, alarm to be ON or OFF
Snooze interval choice available.
Vibrate mode , Silent Mode of phone is respected.
Easy search for Notes .
Share Notes through SMS, email.
Capture Photos and attach to reminder as visual hint.
Add contact to reminder.
Record Voice.
Create Task list.
Create PDF doc ( supported for devices running KITKAT and above ).
Choose alarm tone for reminder.
Send Greetings enable you to pick greeting template and send it through SMS / Chat or email.
Back Up / Restore database of app.
Choose a theme color to change the look and feel of app.
Color your note.
If your device language is set for English of your region , respective accent will be used for voice note as supported by your device , for unsupported regions US English will be used.
Installing Google Text to Speech engine on recommended.
Go through the help for all details and explore the app for more features.

Latest Updates

Bug Fix for reported crash on ‘Scan and Share’ feature when PDF is selected and Image is clicked for enlarging.


Remind Note – reminder / notes 2017

Remind Note – reminder / notes 2.0.8 screenshot

Remind Note - reminder / notes screenshot 0Remind Note - reminder / notes screenshot 1Remind Note - reminder / notes screenshot 2Remind Note - reminder / notes screenshot 3Remind Note - reminder / notes screenshot 4Remind Note - reminder / notes screenshot 5Remind Note - reminder / notes screenshot 6Remind Note - reminder / notes screenshot 7

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Hire Part-time/Temp help now Latest Version APK for Android

Hire Part-time/Temp help now apk
Hire Part-time/Temp help now apk

Hire short-term, part-time/temp staff/freelancers locally and overseas INSTANTLY. Hire Part-time/Temp help now is offered by Jobdoh 職到. Last Updated: September 25, 2016. Current Version: 2.4.11

Are you having difficulties hiring last minute or short term temp help or part-time workers in your market or when you are visiting another country? JOBDOH app helps relieve your headache by providing a smart hiring platform for quality temporary or part-time workers. All JOBDOH’ers have been verified in advance to ensure legitimacy and matched through an algorithm to facilitate best-fits. Download JOBDOH app today and start hiring!

JOBDOH platform has won several awards and seats in top incubation around the world, including HK government’s Cyberport Creative Micro Fund, HK Cyberport’s incubation program, Europe’s Seedcamp and Google’s “Empowering Young Entrepreneurs” Program. We have also been featured in 30+ media coverage.

For more details, visit our FB page

Latest Updates

Bug Fix and Performance Enhancement


Hire Part-time/Temp help now 2017

Hire Part-time/Temp help now for Android

Download Hire Part-time/Temp help now for Android

Download Hire Part-time/Temp help now APK for Android

Hire Part-time/Temp help now 2.4.11 screenshot

Hire Part-time/Temp help now screenshot 0Hire Part-time/Temp help now screenshot 1Hire Part-time/Temp help now screenshot 2Hire Part-time/Temp help now screenshot 3Hire Part-time/Temp help now screenshot 4

Hire Part-time/Temp help now apk video

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GreenIQ Latest Version APK for Android

GreenIQ download
GreenIQ download

This is the companion app to the GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub. GreenIQ is offered by GreenIQ LTD. Last Updated: September 25, 2016. Current Version: 1.92

This is the companion app to the GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub. The Hub controls irrigation scheduling based on current and forecasted weather, and saves up to 50% on your outdoor water consumption. This app allows you to control your GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub from anywhere, at anytime, and connect it wirelessly to a wide variety of smart devices and sensors such as Flower Power and Koubachi, Netatmo and more.

Latest Updates

*Smart Garden Hub new generation support.

*Improved stability.


GreenIQ 2017


Download GreenIQ

Download GreenIQ APK

GreenIQ for Android

Download GreenIQ for Android

Download GreenIQ APK for Android

GreenIQ 1.92 screenshot

GreenIQ screenshot 0GreenIQ screenshot 1GreenIQ screenshot 2GreenIQ screenshot 3

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Flexpansion Keyboard FREE – Advanced custom word prediction doubles your typing speed!

Flexpansion Keyboard FREE

Advanced custom word prediction doubles your typing speed!

Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 0Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 1Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 2Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 3Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 4Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 5Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 6Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 7Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 8Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 9Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 10Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 11Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 12Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 13Flexpansion Keyboard FREE screenshot 14

Flexpansion’s advanced word prediction dramatically increases your typing speed in ALL apps. Type using abbreviations, like a txt msg, and Flexpansion automatically expands into full, correctly-spelled text.

Flexpansion provides everything you’d expect from a predictive text system, including fully-adaptive word completion, next word prediction, editable user dictionary and autocorrect. But also, our unique “Abbreviation expansion” mode understands all common abbreviation styles. For example:
* wd → would
* xprc → experience
* tfon → telephone
* 2mrw → tomorrow

No need to memorize anything. No need to pre-define abbreviations. Our Flexible Text Expansion engine deals with whatever you type and learns rapidly from your usage.

NEW – choose empty base language, then learn from text, to type in ONLY your own words. Add Shakespeare, technical writing, or another language.

Flexpansion …
* … has an advanced predictive text engine which learns your personal style and continuously improves its suggestions.
* … is compatible with phones, tablets, and hardware keyboards.
* … is easily personalized by adding your own abbreviations, words and even whole phrases. For instance set ‘qq’ (or anything you like) to insert your signature, phone number, or another frequently-typed block of text.
* … is derived from the founder’s PhD research at Edinburgh University.
* … as well as helping you type faster, may even improve your spelling!

Other features:
* Split ‘thumb’ keyboard for wider screens
* Arrow keys
* Long-press and swipe for punctuation, numbers, or accented letters
* Long-press Enter for smileys
* Long-press Space to enter input unaltered and learn it
 * Long-press ?123 for speech (if supported by device, needs internet)
* Switchable visual themes or skins: Donut (free), Gingerbread (free), Festive (free), Typewriter, Computer, Red, Blue, Green, Pink.
* Switchable sound themes: Android (free), Festive (free), Mechanical (free), Electric, Model M, Drums, Beep.

* Swipe left on the keyboard to undo an expansion, or delete the previous word. Swipe right to redo.
* Swipe down to disable prediction, up to force-enable.
* Swipe down again to hide the keyboard, tap a text box to bring it back.
* Caps Lock, then swipe to move up/down/left/right in text.
 * Option to remove keypress popups.

* Learn from Gmail (BETA) and ANYTHING pasted in.

Try out the variety of sounds in each theme – turn your phone into an old-fashioned typewriter complete with dinging carriage return, play a set of party sounds, or a drum kit while you type!

Available languages:
* English (US or UK)
* German (QWERTZ layout available)
* Spanish (prediction only, no UI)
* Coming soon: French
* If you’d like to be a pre-release tester for a new language, or want your language added, please contact us!

A system message on installation states this app could collect personal data. Rest assured your language data is only stored on your device, never sent across the Internet. We will never record typing in password boxes. We are a responsible company, with academic and government support, which you can verify by searching for “Flexpansion Edinburgh University”.

After activating Flexpansion, to switch between it and other input methods, long-press any text box (Android 2), or swipe down the status bar (Android 3+), then choose “Select Input Method”.

We think you will love how rapidly Flexpansion begins adapting to your writing style – check out our great reviews. Please rate us!


Known issues:
* Still learning some junk from Gmail, e.g. typos & too many capitals. We are working on this.
* A few apps block prediction, and won’t let us over-ride. Please contact us AND them!

If you have any problems or feature requests, please contact us via our website.

We’re a small company and will do our best. Thanks for your patience!

Detail information and download apk file for android: