Borriana connecta Latest Version APK for Android

download Borriana connecta apk
download Borriana connecta apk

Incident management in urban equipment. Agenda sides. Participation. Borriana connecta is offered by Esveu. Last Updated: September 23, 2016. Current Version: 1.3

BORRIANA CONNECTA is an application of the municipality of Borriana, communication and incident management in urban infrastructure and citizen participation. It allows citizens of Borriana directly notify the municipality in real time, various types of incidents, faults or damage that may be found in the locality.

A completely free service that helps citizens better functioning of municipal services, providing technical information necessary to maintain the good condition of the municipality.

All incidents are recorded, analyzed and forwarded to the responsible department. The registration is done by the incidence geolocation to determine the site of the occurrence.

The same application includes a section of local news and events calendar and municipal activities, Shops and telephone numbers and a section of surveys and suggestions.

What’s New

Millores d’estabilitat i notificació de bans


Borriana connecta 2017

Download Borriana connecta

Download Borriana connecta APK

Borriana connecta for Android

Download Borriana connecta for Android

Download Borriana connecta APK for Android

Borriana connecta 1.3 screenshot

Borriana connecta screenshot 0Borriana connecta screenshot 1Borriana connecta screenshot 2Borriana connecta screenshot 3Borriana connecta screenshot 4

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Assistive Home Button Latest Version APK for Android

Assistive Home Button download
Assistive Home Button download

Assistive Home Button is a simple floating home button on screen. Assistive Home Button is offered by Utility Point. Last Updated: September 23, 2016. Current Version: 2.4

Assistive Home button is a simple floating home button on all screen.
Button color can be change using color code option in the app.

Latest Updates

Fix minor bugs.


Assistive Home Button 2017

Download Assistive Home Button APK

Assistive Home Button for Android

Download Assistive Home Button for Android

Download Assistive Home Button APK for Android

Assistive Home Button 2.4 screenshot

Assistive Home Button screenshot 0Assistive Home Button screenshot 1Assistive Home Button screenshot 2Assistive Home Button screenshot 3Assistive Home Button screenshot 4

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Your SpreadSheet Latest Version APK for Android

Your SpreadSheet download
Your SpreadSheet download

Your SpreadSheet for Android. Your SpreadSheet is offered by UlmDesign. Last Updated: September 23, 2016. Current Version: 1.3.0

A complete spreadsheet for your Android device. Compatible with the version of Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich (from release 4.0.3) and later, this application allows you to perform simple calculations and complex mathematical functions in a short time. You can add charts, input and save your spreadsheet with just a few clicks, and then customize the graphics, style and size of font, with the possibility also to enable the display of the content in full screen. You can add and delete rows and columns, hide and re-enable them, insert links and even copy the content of a cell and insert it into another. To preview application you can download the screenshots attached below.

What’s New

Release 1.3.0 – Now you can export content table as json and xml format


Release 1.2.3 – Fix method open File chooser for Android 5.0 and 6.0


– Release 1.2 – Now you can save your spreadsheet in your external storage and re-open it when you want

– Release 1.2.1 – Now you can to export your spreadsheet in pdf, png and html

– Release 1.2.2 – Fix method open File chooser for Android 5.0


Your SpreadSheet 2017

Download Your SpreadSheet

Download Your SpreadSheet APK

Your SpreadSheet for Android

Download Your SpreadSheet for Android

Download Your SpreadSheet APK for Android

Your SpreadSheet 1.3.0 screenshot

Your SpreadSheet screenshot 0Your SpreadSheet screenshot 1Your SpreadSheet screenshot 2Your SpreadSheet screenshot 3Your SpreadSheet screenshot 4Your SpreadSheet screenshot 5Your SpreadSheet screenshot 6Your SpreadSheet screenshot 7Your SpreadSheet screenshot 8Your SpreadSheet screenshot 9Your SpreadSheet screenshot 10Your SpreadSheet screenshot 11

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Ty Happy Latest Version APK for Android

download Ty Happy apk
download Ty Happy apk

Ty Happy – The guaranteed home repair. Ty Happy is offered by TY HAPPY. Last Updated: September 23, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.1

For individuals and professionals!
Need more troubleshooting:
– Plumbing / Heating
– Electricity / Home Automation
– Closing / Metalworking / Carpentry
– Household Appliances
– Swimming pool
– Building / Roofing
– Painting / Cleaning
TY HAPPY is the application for you!
– Networking with the artisans geolocation
– Early intervention
– Artisan’s Evaluation

Latest Updates

Amélioration des performances et de l’expérience utilisateur.

Trouvez un artisan disponible et à proximité. Dépannage sur Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, Reims, Biarritz, Bayonne, Anglet…


Ty Happy 2017

Ty Happy APK

Download Ty Happy

Download Ty Happy APK

Ty Happy for Android

Download Ty Happy for Android

Download Ty Happy APK for Android

Ty Happy 2.0.1 screenshot

Ty Happy screenshot 0Ty Happy screenshot 1Ty Happy screenshot 2Ty Happy screenshot 3Ty Happy screenshot 4Ty Happy screenshot 5Ty Happy screenshot 6Ty Happy screenshot 7Ty Happy screenshot 8Ty Happy screenshot 9Ty Happy screenshot 10Ty Happy screenshot 11

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To-Do List Manager Latest Version APK for Android

To-Do List Manager download
To-Do List Manager download

A To-Do List manager that can keep track of everything you need to remember. To-Do List Manager is offered by Dr Tasos Falas. Last Updated: September 23, 2016. Current Version: 2.9

To-Do List is a simple and efficient task management app that an help you be productive. This app will help be productive, by remembering and reminding you what you have to do, so you won’t miss a single deadline.

If you keep forgetting things you should do, or all the details about them, To-Do List is all you need. This simple-to-use todo management app will keep your tasks and all the details (description, location, importance, deadline)of your tasks on your device, safe and secure.

What is unique about this app?
It is one of the only task managers that can keep track of the location of your tasks, without accessing the Internet to save your data, everything is kept on your device securely, so you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen.

Never miss a deadline
With notifications every day at 9, you’ll never forget a thing you have to do.

Why should I download this?
You have nothing to loose if you download To-Do List. It’s very small in size, it looks good with the Material Design theme, and keeps your tasks. After all, we all need someone to remind us of the things we forget. To-Do List is here for you.

Built for Android
Built with Google’s own Material Design, looks and feels good, Androidey.

Completely Free, No Ads
No ads, completely free.

Latest Updates

• Added an additional link field, where a web link (URL) can be added

• Bug Fixes and performance improvements

• You can now see the description of an item from the main screen

• Bug Fixes

• Removed maps feature because most devices weren’t compatible

• You can now swipe left to delete and right to mark as done

• Bug Fixes

• Date and time are now optional

• Added a view activity

• Added a location property for each to-do

• Added a time property for each to-do

• Remastered notifications


To-Do List Manager 2017

Download To-Do List Manager for Android

Download To-Do List Manager APK for Android

To-Do List Manager 2.9 screenshot

To-Do List Manager screenshot 0To-Do List Manager screenshot 1To-Do List Manager screenshot 2To-Do List Manager screenshot 3To-Do List Manager screenshot 4To-Do List Manager screenshot 5To-Do List Manager screenshot 6To-Do List Manager screenshot 7

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SQM APP-Calculadora Peru Latest Version APK for Android

SQM APP-Calculadora Peru download
SQM APP-Calculadora Peru download

Interpretation of foliar analysis, soil and water for cultivation. SQM APP-Calculadora Peru is offered by Marketing SQM I+D. Last Updated: September 23, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.2

Interpretation of foliar analysis: cherry, orange citrus, canning peach, nectarine peach, olive, red / green apple, spur variety, red grapes, green grapes and vinifera grapes.

Interpretation of soil and water analysis.

**** Only for registered users SQM ****

Latest Updates

Actualización de lista de usuarios.


SQM APP-Calculadora Peru 2017

Download SQM APP-Calculadora Peru APK for Android

SQM APP-Calculadora Peru 1.1.2 screenshot

SQM APP-Calculadora Peru screenshot 0SQM APP-Calculadora Peru screenshot 1SQM APP-Calculadora Peru screenshot 2SQM APP-Calculadora Peru screenshot 3

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モバイルタイムカードFree Latest Version APK for Android

download モバイルタイムカードFree apk
download モバイルタイムカードFree apk

High-performance mobile time card with a simple operation (trial version). モバイルタイムカードFree is offered by Seiken-soft Service Co Ltd. Last Updated: September 23, 2016. Current Version: 3.0.14

Anyone support the attendance management and telephone contact with easy operation! (2016 compatible)

★ flick the screen (next to slide) Then disappear stamped button I will be locked.
★ button is displayed when you flick again. (Flick lock function)
It will prevent embossing erroneous flick lock function.
★ also it was corresponding to tablet size (3.2 to 10.1 inches).
★ operation is a big button-character display in tablet I am also easy.
★ apk size is now less than half of Ver.2.2.2.
★ Because even shift work supports, you can use enough even for business.
★ you can set the background image to your favorite image.
★ You can also change the background if touching the screen.
★ By specify any image storage folder, every time you tap
It will change the background image. To register your favorite photo is just for you
Please finish to the original mobile time card.
Daily work embossing will be fun! !

Simply press the left the company at the time button and the time of attendance instead of time card
I can monthly attendance management.
If one-touch dial registration, also applied to simple phone.
Embossing leakage alarm function is also attached, you can prevent embossing forget.

Trial period will be 60 days from the start of use.
The trial period has been displayed in the title.

1. It displays the roster of one month of the selected date.
2. Running time / month working hours, working days, the current month paid vacation days, the remaining number of days
3. Date can be stamped correction When you tap, you can set the grounds.
4. Date you can easily embossing corrected in the long press.
Five. The roster you can send mail. (Attached send the CSV file)
6. Simply tap the date in the shift roster by calendar format
Day shift, night shift, early shift, Osode-rest-Akirakyu settings can, in the registration button
You can register. (It will be reflected in the roster.)
7. In hourly wage calculation, day shift, and the running time of going to work late at night working overtime and holidays
It calculates and displays the hourly rate.

[User information registration of MENU]
2. Year paid vacation days
3. Hourly wage setting
4. Normal work-break time (up to four)
Five. Early shift-break time (two maximum)
6. Osode-break time (two maximum)
7. Night shift-break time (two maximum)

[Setting screen of MENU]
1. Background Settings
2. Background image folder registration
3. Alarm setting
4. Fiscal year starting month, month start date
Five. Increments of time selection
6. Contacts, e-mail address set
7. Import / Export
8. Holiday Settings
9. Regular holiday setting

Latest Updates





モバイルタイムカードFree 2017

Download モバイルタイムカードFree APK

モバイルタイムカードFree for Android

Download モバイルタイムカードFree for Android

Download モバイルタイムカードFree APK for Android

モバイルタイムカードFree 3.0.14 screenshot

モバイルタイムカードFree screenshot 0モバイルタイムカードFree screenshot 1モバイルタイムカードFree screenshot 2モバイルタイムカードFree screenshot 3モバイルタイムカードFree screenshot 4

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