MobScan: Mobile Scanner Latest Version APK for Android

MobScan: Mobile Scanner download
MobScan: Mobile Scanner download

Using your device camera, scan your notes, docs and then convert them to pdf. MobScan: Mobile Scanner is offered by SmartNif. Last Updated: September 19, 2016. Current Version: 1.5.2

MobScan is a mobile scanner! You can scan lecture notes, documents, certificates, invoices, business cards etc. very fast and easily using your device camera. Scanned docs are saved in a notebook. Whenever you want you can convert it to pdf document.

Difference between MobScan and other scanner apps are simple, easily notebook management.

* You can use your device as a mobile scanner
* Take photo your docs and save them in a notebook
* Edit image, crop image, B&W color, rotate image
* In notebook documents, you can display, add and delete them
* Create new notebook, named and edit it
* Search by name in notebook
* Convert the notes into a PDF document

You can start to use MobScan from google play!

What’s New


– Minor bug fixes


MobScan: Mobile Scanner APK

Download MobScan: Mobile Scanner

Download MobScan: Mobile Scanner APK

MobScan: Mobile Scanner for Android

Download MobScan: Mobile Scanner for Android

Download MobScan: Mobile Scanner APK for Android

MobScan: Mobile Scanner 1.5.2 screenshot

MobScan: Mobile Scanner screenshot 0MobScan: Mobile Scanner screenshot 1MobScan: Mobile Scanner screenshot 2MobScan: Mobile Scanner screenshot 3MobScan: Mobile Scanner screenshot 4MobScan: Mobile Scanner screenshot 5MobScan: Mobile Scanner screenshot 6MobScan: Mobile Scanner screenshot 7

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Zain KW Latest Version APK for Android

Zain KW download
Zain KW download

The all new Zain app has been redesigned from scratch!. Zain KW is offered by Zain Kuwait. Last Updated: September 19, 2016. Current Version: 3.2.7

The all new Zain App is here!

The app has been engineered on the most advanced network in Kuwait to bring you closer to our wonderful world.

• Pay your bill or recharge your number in two simple steps.
• View a detailed record of all your calls, messages and Internet usage.
• View your account and subscribe to plans and services without logging in.
• Locate your nearest Zain branch.
• Easily transfer credit to any Zain number.

What’s New

Introducing the new Postpaid Plans with the best benefits that suit your lifestyle.

Update now and refresh your world.


Zain KW 2017

Zain KW 3.2.7 screenshot

Zain KW screenshot 0Zain KW screenshot 1Zain KW screenshot 2Zain KW screenshot 3Zain KW screenshot 4

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TIMMS Site Viewer Latest Version APK for Android

download TIMMS Site Viewer apk
download TIMMS Site Viewer apk

Allows users to easily navigate around buildings/structures mapped with TIMMS. TIMMS Site Viewer is offered by Trimble Navigation. Last Updated: September 19, 2016. Current Version:

Site Viewer allows users to easily navigate around buildings and structures mapped with TIMMS (Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution).

With seamless switching between 2D plan view and 3D fly-through modes, Site Viewer locates the structure precisely in a real-world coordinate systems and provides precise latitude, longitude and elevation information for every point within the structure.

Continuous 3D modeling is augmented with panoramic photographic imagery at regular intervals throughout the building, clearly identified by floor markers in both panoramic and 3D model modes.

· View a building or structure in the context of its location
· Seamlessly transition between 2D plan view and 3D first-person view
· Control pan, zoom, elevation and navigation with on-screen sliders and joystick
· Switch between 3D model and panoramic photo view when in first-person mode
· Choose which layers to display for ease of viewing – switch on or off individual building floors and/or orthophoto views
· Toggle views of walls, wall edges, annotations and markers, as well as floor markers for panoramic image locations
· Measure distances from the imagery and view precise coordinates with built-in measurement and ray-trace tools

For more information on the Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution see

What’s New

Improved user experience for first time users.


TIMMS Site Viewer APK

Download TIMMS Site Viewer

Download TIMMS Site Viewer APK

TIMMS Site Viewer for Android

Download TIMMS Site Viewer for Android

Download TIMMS Site Viewer APK for Android

TIMMS Site Viewer screenshot

TIMMS Site Viewer screenshot 0TIMMS Site Viewer screenshot 1TIMMS Site Viewer screenshot 2TIMMS Site Viewer screenshot 3TIMMS Site Viewer screenshot 4TIMMS Site Viewer screenshot 5

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TecArt Mobile App Latest Version APK for Android

TecArt Mobile App download
TecArt Mobile App download

Mobile Data Access for TecArt Business Software with the TecArt Mobile App!. TecArt Mobile App is offered by TecArt GmbH. Last Updated: September 19, 2016. Current Version: 1.1

The TecArt Mobile App provides access to data, files / documents and correspondence about the smartphone and tablet!

Keep the TecArt mobile app on the go all the necessary data and information at hand and remain on the cutting edge. Equipped with the functional feature in all TecArt systems you also have mobile access to e-mails, contacts, appointments, documents, notes, and Tasks.
Read your e-mails during a train ride or plane trip and access to all your in TecArt system set up mailboxes and accounts. Check your dates to made notes and hours in a clear day view. Take a look at important details of ongoing tasks and check the task status and the processing status. Prepare for your appointments optimally protected! Upload important files or presentations on the go from the shared documents their TecArt system and go again through your own notes. You can check the names of important contacts to remind or use the radius search for contacts to make open window while your sales force efficiently. Locate so more customers or prospects in the vicinity of your scheduled appointment and take this via e-mail or phone directly contact.
Draw your valuable time on the move optimally and keep track of incoming requests and important customer meetings. Time consuming queries about new activities or current status belong to the past, because all this can now also mobile, quick and easy check. To use traveling and waiting times reasonable and have a steady data access – whether online or offline.
Connect so modern and independent data management with the proven CRM and groupware functionalities of TecArt system compactly on your mobile device!

Data synchronization of the individual modules is via the TecArt Web interfaces.
The TecArt mobile app impresses with a clear and user-friendly interface and a modern user interface. At a glance you have ready the software modules emails, contacts, appointments, documents, notes, and tasks.

At a glance:

* Functional standard equipment with the modules E-mail, contacts, appointments, documents, notes, and tasks
* Insight and retrieval of all created in TecArt system email mailboxes and accounts
* Accessing the contact, proximity search, and direct contact via email and phone
* Dates in a clear day view, overview of all event details
* Access to shared documents depending on the set user access and download files / documents
* View your own notes
* See tasks incl. Details such as task status, maturity and working Provided
* Clear and user-friendly interface with a modern user interface
* Automatic data synchronization and continuous data access (online or offline)


TecArt Mobile App 2017

Download TecArt Mobile App

Download TecArt Mobile App APK

TecArt Mobile App for Android

Download TecArt Mobile App for Android

Download TecArt Mobile App APK for Android

TecArt Mobile App 1.1 screenshot

TecArt Mobile App screenshot 0TecArt Mobile App screenshot 1TecArt Mobile App screenshot 2TecArt Mobile App screenshot 3TecArt Mobile App screenshot 4TecArt Mobile App screenshot 5TecArt Mobile App screenshot 6TecArt Mobile App screenshot 7

TecArt Mobile App apk video

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SurveyCTO Collect Demo Latest Version APK for Android

download SurveyCTO Collect Demo apk
download SurveyCTO Collect Demo apk

SurveyCTO: Field data collection, for the simplest to the most complex surveys. SurveyCTO Collect Demo is offered by Dobility, Inc.. Last Updated: September 19, 2016. Current Version: v2.12

SurveyCTO is a product that helps you to capture, transport, and process data collected during personal interviews (i.e., it helps you with what is called Computer Assisted Personal Interviews, or CAPI). Whether you’re collecting data as part of academic survey research, project M&E, an mHealth application, or market research, SurveyCTO can make your job easier.

SurveyCTO includes three components:

(1) The SurveyCTO Server, which serves as a central clearing-house for both blank and filled-in survey forms. It also provides a web interface to assist you in designing and managing your surveys.

(2) SurveyCTO Collect, which is an Android app that data-collectors use to fill out forms on their Android phones or tablets. After data has been collected, it is uploaded to the SurveyCTO Server.

(3) The SurveyCTO Client, which is a desktop application that you can use to download, transport, export, and process your data.

SurveyCTO (a.k.a. “Survey CTO”) is based on the Open Data Kit (ODK) open source platform. You can learn about the ODK tools at their website here.

This app is a demonstration version of SurveyCTO Collect. It comes pre-configured with a sample survey and settings necessary to interact with our demo server.

Give it a try. If you like what you see, it only takes a minute to set up your own server at — and it’s free to use for 30 days.

(If you’re looking for ODK Collect, go to

What’s New

SurveyCTO 2.12 added new support for HTML question labels, a table appearance for repeat groups, many improvements to GPS support, and more. The earlier v2.10 release included a new online, drag-and-drop form designer. It featured a vastly-improved interface for starting and editing survey forms, support for draft vs. production forms, and more. See for details on all of our updates.


SurveyCTO Collect Demo 2017

SurveyCTO Collect Demo for Android

Download SurveyCTO Collect Demo for Android

Download SurveyCTO Collect Demo APK for Android

SurveyCTO Collect Demo v2.12 screenshot

SurveyCTO Collect Demo screenshot 0SurveyCTO Collect Demo screenshot 1SurveyCTO Collect Demo screenshot 2SurveyCTO Collect Demo screenshot 3

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FleetWire Latest Version APK for Android

download FleetWire apk
download FleetWire apk

FleetWire is Celadon’s mobile app to help drivers to submit paperwork and more. FleetWire is offered by Pegasus TransTech. Last Updated: September 19, 2016. Current Version:

Save yourself the stress of shuffling through mountains of old paperwork and the time searching for a way to fax a document.
Drivers from every company in the Celadon Group family can now scan and store important documentation right from their mobile device! It’s as simple as opening up FleetWire, scanning documents with your device’s camera and sending the document off with a couple taps of your finger.
You can scan PODs, receipts, settlements and much more with FleetWire. Once they’re scanned, you can then save them to the image gallery on your device for easy access and quick reference.
Celadon Group drivers now also have access to some more advanced features within FleetWire. These include the ability to directly 2-way message their driver managers, to accept/reject new loads and many other great features that make things just a little easier!

Direct Messaging
We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of easily accessing the Qualcomm system. Sometimes it’s just downright inconvenient. With the new direct messaging feature within FleetWire, drivers can both send and receive messages with their driver manager, all within the app!

Load Acceptance (Owner/Operators and Lease Drivers)
You’re running your own business out on the road. Celadon Group wants to make sure you have every tool available to succeed at that! Owner/Operators and lease-purchase drivers can now accept or reject incoming loads directly from the FleetWire app, making your route planning that much simpler and interactive.

FleetWire by Celadon Group. Get wired for success.


FleetWire APK

Download FleetWire

Download FleetWire APK

FleetWire for Android

Download FleetWire for Android

Download FleetWire APK for Android

FleetWire screenshot

FleetWire screenshot 0FleetWire screenshot 1FleetWire screenshot 2FleetWire screenshot 3FleetWire screenshot 4

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Spectra Motors Accessbox Latest Version APK for Android

Spectra Motors Accessbox apk
Spectra Motors Accessbox apk

Spectra Motors Accessbox is your post-sales car-buddy for cool tips & reminders!. Spectra Motors Accessbox is offered by Autoninja. Last Updated: September 19, 2016. Current Version: 1.5.9

Spectra Motors Accessbox is your mobile car companion!

It connects you to Spectra Motors and pulls out your car’s details along with a complete service history. It sets automatic reminders for Insurance expiry, PUC expiry and service due date. It also gets your Insurance and PUC documents on your phone!

If you get a dent on your car, you no longer need to take it to your dealer to get an estimate – just click a snap of the dent and send it to the Spectra Motors service team, they will reply with a cost estimate!

You can also chat with the Spectra Motors top management directly to submit you feedback and suggestions about your car ownership experience. Check out the “Talk to the Customer Delight Manager” feature!

Accessbox is designed by AutoNinja for Maruti car owners, especially those who have purchased their cars from Spectra Motors.

What’s New

Auto OTP Reader


Spectra Motors Accessbox 2017

Download Spectra Motors Accessbox

Download Spectra Motors Accessbox APK

Spectra Motors Accessbox for Android

Download Spectra Motors Accessbox for Android

Download Spectra Motors Accessbox APK for Android

Spectra Motors Accessbox 1.5.9 screenshot

Spectra Motors Accessbox screenshot 0Spectra Motors Accessbox screenshot 1Spectra Motors Accessbox screenshot 2Spectra Motors Accessbox screenshot 3Spectra Motors Accessbox screenshot 4Spectra Motors Accessbox screenshot 5Spectra Motors Accessbox screenshot 6

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