Work Tracker Latest Version APK for Android

Work Tracker apk
Work Tracker apk

Keep track of the tasks you have done during the day!. Work Tracker is offered by Denny Hildenbrandt. Last Updated: September 18, 2016. Current Version: 3.6.0

When you need to keep track of the tasks you have done during the day, this app is just right for you.
Simply enter start, end and a short description and the app tells you how many hours you have worked that day.

– works also with different timezones
– create various reports, like “tasks by day/week/month” or “all days/weeks/month for given task”
– backup/restore data to/from google drive to allow copying data to a different device
– light or dark theme

Important notes about the widget:
– to use the widget you may have to move the app to the internal memory
– When you start a task and stop it within 2 seconds it will not be saved. This is to avoid 0-minute tasks when you accidentally start a task

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If you have any comments, questions or would like to have some new feature, please join my Google+ community (

What’s New


– added support for Android Nougat

– UX improvements


– backup/restore data to/from google drive to allow copying date to a different device

– task duration may now also be displayed as decimal value (8:30h -> 8.5h)

– new reports “days by task” and “tasks by day”

– new option to define the first day of the week


Work Tracker 2017

Work Tracker 3.6.0 screenshot

Work Tracker screenshot 0Work Tracker screenshot 1Work Tracker screenshot 2Work Tracker screenshot 3Work Tracker screenshot 4Work Tracker screenshot 5Work Tracker screenshot 6Work Tracker screenshot 7Work Tracker screenshot 8

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Smart Note Latest Version APK for Android

Smart Note download
Smart Note download

The only notes app which allows multiple discrete notes on the same widget. Smart Note is offered by WTW Electronics. Last Updated: September 18, 2016. Current Version: 1.3

Smart Note is the only note widget which can have multiple notes on the same widget all treated as individual items.

This application has been tested on the following devices:
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
HTC Desire 510
Sony Xperia E1
Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

Latest Updates

Added Save and Discard buttons at top of editor. As before what is visible on the screen in each note is saved when the editor is exited. The discard button reverts the note to be last saved state.


Smart Note APK

Download Smart Note

Download Smart Note APK

Smart Note for Android

Download Smart Note for Android

Download Smart Note APK for Android

Smart Note 1.3 screenshot

Smart Note screenshot 0Smart Note screenshot 1Smart Note screenshot 2Smart Note screenshot 3Smart Note screenshot 4Smart Note screenshot 5Smart Note screenshot 6Smart Note screenshot 7Smart Note screenshot 8

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Super GeoGPS Latest Version APK for Android

download Super GeoGPS apk
download Super GeoGPS apk

Tool for working in surveying, mapping, construction, transportation,… Super GeoGPS is offered by ThSoft Co.,Ltd. Last Updated: September 18, 2016. Current Version: 5.2

This is the best tool for those working in surveying, mapping, construction, transportation, planning… It supports high precision GPS and Glonass navigation in fieldwork surveys.

This tool is designed for Civil Engineer, Surveyor, Civil Surveyor, Land Surveying and Topografia

The typical functions of Super GeoGPS:

★ Super GeoGPS: Available many common reference systems, allows to set up more other reference systems.
★ Super GeoGPS: Easy to finding waypoint on any reference coordinate systems by display direction, compass, distance, load Google maps. (for Civil Engineer and Surveyor)
★ Super GeoGPS: Easy to use 7 transformations parameters in order to automatically convert between Geographic and UTM Coordinates. Synchronize Google map with UTM zone.
★ Super GeoGPS: Support convert between Geographic and UTM coordinates. Convert UTM coordinates between different zone.
★ Super GeoGPS: Measuring current waypoint high precision. Routing and automatically collect coordinates on the way by cycle preset then create a text file coordinates to easily attach to email or export to your computer.
★ Super GeoGPS: Avoid stray is tool will marking point along the way and shows direction to come back, It support those who take the survey in the forests and mountains, sea, or traveling.
★ Super GeoGPS: Support GPS and Glonass
– Geological Compass tool
– Management of waypoint file (multi waypoint file)
– Export waypoint file to excel or text file
– Touch on Google map to add point
– Calculate the area (2D)
– Geological camera
– Compass adjustment
★ Super GeoGPS
– Fast config
– Add all of WGS84 central meridian.
– Tools for measuring distance between 2 devices
★ Super GeoGPS – Geodetic coordinates/UTM with:
– WGS1984
– WGS1972
– NAD1983/1927
– VN2000, HN1972
– Austria NS
– Belgium 50
– Nouv Trig de France 1

Super GeoGPS support 6 common language in the world (English, French, Chinese, Russia, Spanish and Vietnamese)

Latest Updates

– new design screen

– input new waypoint use map, use keyboard, use file.

– import multil file


Super GeoGPS 2017

Super GeoGPS 5.2 screenshot

Super GeoGPS screenshot 0Super GeoGPS screenshot 1Super GeoGPS screenshot 2Super GeoGPS screenshot 3Super GeoGPS screenshot 4Super GeoGPS screenshot 5Super GeoGPS screenshot 6Super GeoGPS screenshot 7Super GeoGPS screenshot 8Super GeoGPS screenshot 9Super GeoGPS screenshot 10Super GeoGPS screenshot 11Super GeoGPS screenshot 12Super GeoGPS screenshot 13Super GeoGPS screenshot 14

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RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan Latest Version APK for Android

RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan apk
RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan apk

The official app to display the filtered representation plan of the RMS. RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan is offered by Tim Ebert. Last Updated: September 18, 2016. Current Version: 3.4.1

—- Student Edition —-
The official app with filter function for the representation plan at the Rabanus Maurus School (Domgymnasium) Fulda.
Here you can set, in which class you are, so you only the representative of your class get displayed.
In addition, you can also look at the schedule of the school and the exam schedule of the Q-phase.

– This app only works with the valid password of the school !!! (It depends on the library from)

Latest Updates


– Filter-Probleme, die durch die “Duale-10” entstehen wurde gelöst.


RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan APK

Download RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan

Download RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan APK

RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan for Android

Download RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan for Android

Download RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan APK for Android

RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan 3.4.1 screenshot

RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan screenshot 0RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan screenshot 1RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan screenshot 2RMS Fulda Vertretungsplan screenshot 3

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Soil Quality (PH indicator) Latest Version APK for Android

Soil Quality (PH indicator) download
Soil Quality (PH indicator) download

Testing your soil pH without a kit!. Soil Quality (PH indicator) is offered by tech X play. Last Updated: September 18, 2016. Current Version: 1.6

Soil Quality is revolutionary way to examine and estimate the ph level of the soil and every liquid or substance who dissolves in water.

Why do you care if soil is acidic or alkaline?
Knowing your soil pH is the key to create a healthy garden and understanding if essential minerals will be available to the roots of your plants.

* Create a natural and environment friendly ph indicator using cabbage.
* No more paying money for expensive litmus paper and waiting weeks for the order to arrive.
* Build a simple home laboratory and amaze your kids with the cabbage ph colors.
* Get feedback for your estimate soil acidity or alkaline.
* Use this app to build the perfect vegetable garden.
* Fix your garden estimated soil ph level to make it optimal for your vegetables.

Enjoy the cabbage ph indicator science project!


Soil Quality (PH indicator) 2017

Download Soil Quality (PH indicator) for Android

Download Soil Quality (PH indicator) APK for Android

Soil Quality (PH indicator) 1.6 screenshot

Soil Quality (PH indicator) screenshot 0Soil Quality (PH indicator) screenshot 1Soil Quality (PH indicator) screenshot 2Soil Quality (PH indicator) screenshot 3Soil Quality (PH indicator) screenshot 4Soil Quality (PH indicator) screenshot 5

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taskblitz Project Management Latest Version APK for Android

download taskblitz Project Management apk
download taskblitz Project Management apk

taskblitz empowers people to plan, organize, and control their business. taskblitz Project Management is offered by moweco e.U.. Last Updated: September 18, 2016. Current Version: 1.4.1

taskblitz is a simple solution empowering people to plan, organize, and control their business processes. taskblitz has been built for people that need more than a simple todo list application and are sick of using old fashioned form-based business applications or excel sheets. It combines super slick task management with a multi-project management interface, a solid time tracking app and a system for invoicing and tracking your financials – in short: a complete business solution.

Project Collaboration
– Work effectively together on projects
– Assign, discuss, follow up and celebrate project success

Project Communication
– Reduce the noise of unnecessary email communication
– Chat, comments and discussions to make everything clear

Project Documentation
– All project relevant documents in on place

What’s New

– bugfixes


taskblitz Project Management 2017

Download taskblitz Project Management for Android

Download taskblitz Project Management APK for Android

taskblitz Project Management 1.4.1 screenshot

taskblitz Project Management screenshot 0taskblitz Project Management screenshot 1taskblitz Project Management screenshot 2taskblitz Project Management screenshot 3taskblitz Project Management screenshot 4taskblitz Project Management screenshot 5taskblitz Project Management screenshot 6taskblitz Project Management screenshot 7

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WAPS Promotion Calculator Latest Version APK for Android

WAPS Promotion Calculator apk
WAPS Promotion Calculator apk

Calculates the number of points you need to score to achieve your next rank. WAPS Promotion Calculator is offered by David Stubblefield. Last Updated: September 18, 2016. Current Version: 3.6.4

Updated cutoff scores for SSgt based on the 16E5 release information; removed the TIS/TIG point reduction for SSgt.

HOT!!! Cutoff points for E8 – E9 in the app are less than actual cutoff points. They were reduced in the app to account for the 28 point drop in TIS/TIG points for E8 – E9.

WAPS promotion calculator! Provide the year you’re testing, select the dates you entered the AF sewed on your current stripe, provide your total medal points, enter your EPR promotion rating (E5/E6), select your cutoff score based on your AFSC, and provide an estimated board score if you’re testing for a SNCO stripe. This app will do all the calculations and tell you the score, to a hundredth of a point, you need from your test(s). This app is independently developed and is not endorsed by the Air Force.

Note: if you’re testing for MSgt – CMSgt, you won’t be able to enter EPR scores. EPR scores are not used during promotion boards.

Note: if you get to the end and get your score, and then use the “Back” button to go back and change something, you must re-enter all the data on the subsequent screens to calculate your new score correctly.

What’s New

– Updated the SSgt cutoff scores based on the 16E5 scores and removed the TIG/TIS point reduction for SSgt

– Fixed issues with AFSCs


WAPS Promotion Calculator 2017

WAPS Promotion Calculator 3.6.4 screenshot

WAPS Promotion Calculator screenshot 0WAPS Promotion Calculator screenshot 1WAPS Promotion Calculator screenshot 2WAPS Promotion Calculator screenshot 3WAPS Promotion Calculator screenshot 4

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