Xerox Print Service Plugin Latest Version APK for Android

Xerox Print Service Plugin apk
Xerox Print Service Plugin apk

Enables native printing on Android to many Xerox multifunction devices/printers. Xerox Print Service Plugin is offered by Xerox. Last Updated: September 09, 2016. Current Version:

The Xerox Print Service plug-in enables mobile printing to many Xerox printers and MFPs without the need for third party apps or additional print drivers. Easily print photos, web pages and documents when your mobile device is connected to a compatible Xerox printer through a wireless network. Control print settings including color, number of copies, paper orientation, staples, secure code release printing, and more.

Key Features

Easy mobile Android printing
Robust print option set – two-sided, stapling, secure code release, and more
Discover Xerox printers automatically or enter them manually
Supported for users of Android Kit Kat (4.4 or greater) based devices using a free download available in the Google Play store

Compatible Xerox Multifunction Devices and Printers:


ColorQube™ 8700
ColorQube™ 8900
ColorQube™ 9201/9202/9203
ColorQube™ 9301/9302/9303
WorkCentre™ 3615
WorkCentre™ 3655
WorkCentre™ 4265
WorkCentre™ 5845/5855
WorkCentre™ 5865/5875/5890
WorkCentre™ 5945/5955
WorkCentre™ 6605
WorkCentre™ 6655
WorkCentre™ 7220/7225
WorkCentre™ 7830/7835/7845/7855
WorkCentre™ 7970
ColorQube™ 8580
ColorQube™ 8880
Phaser™ 3610
Phaser™ 6600

Learn more at:

Latest Updates

– Additional Mobile Device Support


Xerox Print Service Plugin APK

Download Xerox Print Service Plugin

Download Xerox Print Service Plugin APK

Xerox Print Service Plugin for Android

Download Xerox Print Service Plugin for Android

Download Xerox Print Service Plugin APK for Android

Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot

Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 0Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 1Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 2Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 3Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 4Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 5Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 6Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 7Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 8Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 9Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 10Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 11Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 12Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 13Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 14Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 15Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 16Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 17Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 18Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 19Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 20Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 21Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 22Xerox Print Service Plugin screenshot 23

Xerox Print Service Plugin apk video

See detail information and download apk file for android:

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VitoApp Latest Version APK for Android

VitoApp download
VitoApp download

We’re making it easier for contractors to connect and interact with Viessmann. VitoApp is offered by Weever Apps. Last Updated: September 09, 2016. Current Version: 0.5.0313122

Gain access to everything Viessmann. We’re making it easier for contractors to connect and interact with Viessmann.


• Create your own profile
• Sign up for Viessmann Academy and Viessmann events
• Ordering literature (free)
• Submitting warranty activations and rebates
• Integrate Partner Program claims in warranty activations
• Learn about promotions, new products, and updates
• And much more


VitoApp 2017

Download VitoApp APK for Android

VitoApp 0.5.0313122 screenshot

VitoApp screenshot 0VitoApp screenshot 1VitoApp screenshot 2VitoApp screenshot 3VitoApp screenshot 4VitoApp screenshot 5VitoApp screenshot 6VitoApp screenshot 7VitoApp screenshot 8VitoApp screenshot 9VitoApp screenshot 10VitoApp screenshot 11

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Civil Quantity Estimator Latest Version APK for Android

Civil Quantity Estimator apk
Civil Quantity Estimator apk

Must have app for immediate quantity take off for construction elements. Civil Quantity Estimator is offered by Pannaga kasbe. Last Updated: September 09, 2016. Current Version: 6.0.1

This app is developed in the interest of civil engineers work. Basic start off work of a civil engineer starts off with quantity calculations. Quantity calculations are for various hundreds of materials in a building.
First the quantity calculations are started off with structural elements. Structural elements involves any element related with internal structure such as foundation, column, beams, steel, blockwork etc. Later stages in the finishing of the structure such as plastering, painting, furniture etc.
Hence, at the first start off this app works on the calculation of structural elements namely column, beam, concrete wall and steel (Reinforcement).
The logic works out the calculation of concrete, surface area, forming area of different elements mentioned above.
Every Engineer either working at office or site, will be able to utilize the function of this app for calculating the above values immediately and accurately based on the input. The values obtained is purely based on the input values fed by the end user.
This App will ease civil engineer work as it helps him to get the values in seconds. In future, more elements will be added to improvise the app and improve flexibility of app for the benefit of the end user.
We are always here for receiving any comments from the end user for improvements and we will try to implement it as soon as possible.

What’s New

New elements added :

1) Floor Live Load Calculator

2) Meeting Room Size Calculator


Civil Quantity Estimator APK

Download Civil Quantity Estimator

Download Civil Quantity Estimator APK

Civil Quantity Estimator for Android

Download Civil Quantity Estimator for Android

Download Civil Quantity Estimator APK for Android

Civil Quantity Estimator 6.0.1 screenshot

Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 0Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 1Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 2Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 3Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 4Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 5Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 6Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 7Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 8Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 9Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 10Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 11Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 12Civil Quantity Estimator screenshot 13

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Corporapp Latest Version APK for Android

download Corporapp apk
download Corporapp apk

Keep all your company members closer and control all the rosters and information. Corporapp is offered by TheSingularFactory. Last Updated: September 09, 2016. Current Version: 0.3.36

Corporapp will keep your company members closer, using a single app, allowing them to be informed about the latest news and manage the company documentation and paperwork from a single place.

Its features will make the management process easier:
Directory and organizational chart: a single tool to manage both human resources and documents.
Speed up all the administrative paperwork: make it easier for your workers to know their duty rosters and assigned holidays.
Complete Dashboard: private zone, where you will be able to intuitively manage all the app’s content. Here you will manage human resources, monitor the departments and edit relevant news.
Instant messaging system: it helps to have a better and direct communication between coworkers in order to improve the work’s environment and quality.
Resource booking: using this app, your employees will be able to notify when they use a specific resource, if they lend it to a third party or if there’s any type of malfunction.

Each module will make the managing process easier and every company member will benefit from the advantages of this tool. Work environment will improve and so will the happiness of your coworkers.

Download Corporapp and benefit from all the advantages of this intuitive and user-friendly app.

What’s New

Improved tab system in the messages section

layout improvements in news

Utilities are back again


Corporapp 2017

Download Corporapp

Download Corporapp APK

Corporapp for Android

Download Corporapp for Android

Download Corporapp APK for Android

Corporapp 0.3.36 screenshot

Corporapp screenshot 0Corporapp screenshot 1Corporapp screenshot 2Corporapp screenshot 3Corporapp screenshot 4Corporapp screenshot 5Corporapp screenshot 6

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Vectis i-RAS Latest Version APK for Android

Vectis i-RAS apk
Vectis i-RAS apk

Vectis i-RAS allows to access remote sites and monitor CCTV video via network. Vectis i-RAS is offered by Vanderbilt Industries. Last Updated: September 09, 2016. Current Version: 2.6.0

Vectis RAS Mobile allows you to access remote sites and monitor live video via network connection anytime, anywhere.

Supported DVRs for recording of analogue and/or IP cameras:
#Vectis HX HVR series
# Vectis AX DVR series
– SISTORE AX LITE V2 or later
– SISTORE AX LITE V4 or later
– SISTORE AX V3.6 or later
– SISTORE AX V2.8 or later
– SISTORE AX V4 or later

# Selecting any camera from up to 16 channels
# Auto-rotating screen
# Screen size selectable between original aspect ratio and full screen via double-tapping
#PTZ available
#User Interface Update

Latest Updates

– Newer version of Open SSL (v1.0.2g)

– Improvement of decoding performance and quality


Vectis i-RAS 2017

Download Vectis i-RAS APK

Vectis i-RAS for Android

Download Vectis i-RAS for Android

Download Vectis i-RAS APK for Android

Vectis i-RAS 2.6.0 screenshot

Vectis i-RAS screenshot 0Vectis i-RAS screenshot 1Vectis i-RAS screenshot 2Vectis i-RAS screenshot 3Vectis i-RAS screenshot 4Vectis i-RAS screenshot 5Vectis i-RAS screenshot 6Vectis i-RAS screenshot 7

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Mshwari Loan Calculator Latest Version APK for Android

Mshwari Loan Calculator apk
Mshwari Loan Calculator apk

The Mshwari loan calculator. Mshwari Loan Calculator is offered by PennyWise. Last Updated: September 09, 2016. Current Version: 1.5.0

Calculates the cost of getting a loan from M-Shwari loan.
About all issues please report to my E-mail address.


Mshwari Loan Calculator 2017

Download Mshwari Loan Calculator APK

Mshwari Loan Calculator for Android

Download Mshwari Loan Calculator for Android

Download Mshwari Loan Calculator APK for Android

Mshwari Loan Calculator 1.5.0 screenshot

Mshwari Loan Calculator screenshot 0Mshwari Loan Calculator screenshot 1Mshwari Loan Calculator screenshot 2

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PDF Reader Latest Version APK for Android

PDF Reader download
PDF Reader download

PDF reader in fantastic app for read your all pdf files on your device. PDF Reader is offered by Engineering Hub. Last Updated: September 09, 2016. Current Version: 1.6

PDF reader in fantastic,fast & accurate app which contains to features given below

1-Read all PDF files and book from all of internal & external memory
2-All PDF files collected at one place no need to go in depth of directory structure.
3-Rapid actions could be performed according to users choice with help of setting feature.
4-Pages can be moved according to users flexibility left & right.
5-Zoom in ,Zoom out to PDF files visibility.
6-Full Screen mode.
7-Scroll pages by pressing finger tab.
8-Table of PDF files etc.

What’s New



PDF Reader APK

Download PDF Reader

Download PDF Reader APK

PDF Reader for Android

Download PDF Reader for Android

Download PDF Reader APK for Android

PDF Reader 1.6 screenshot

PDF Reader screenshot 0PDF Reader screenshot 1PDF Reader screenshot 2PDF Reader screenshot 3

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