Quran recitation Full (Free) Latest Version APK for Android

Quran recitation Full (Free) apk
Quran recitation Full (Free) apk

Listen to Al Quran al Karim with more than 50 Famous reciters. Quran recitation Full (Free) is offered by SMS Pro. Last Updated: July 31, 2016. Current Version: 2.1

Welcome to the best Quran (Coran, Koran, Quran karim, Mushaf) application that is a listening mp3 and reading application of the most popular Quran (القران الكريم) Reciters in the world, holy coran for Android free and without internet.

“Quran recitation full (Free)” is the most downloaded free audio Quran App on the store, easy application in high quality (HD)!

Quran (Warsh and Hafs) is the Holy book of all Muslims, Muhammad’s preaching collection in character both prophetic and legislative, which is the basis of religious and political life of the Muslim (مسلم) theocratic state.

You can Post Ayahat (versetsالآيات) and surahs (السور) on Facebook, twitter and whatever social networks become easier in Complete Quran mp3 by browsing the Surah then you can share the Ayah with your friends and family.

Listen to Quran is the best way to protect ourselves against all evils, it is a protector (Hisn Al Muslimحصن المسلم ), in fact, we can read Quran offline when we pray, in Ramdan to finish all surahswith dua Al khatm (Khatm Al- Quran ختم القرآن ).

Our app is created and available in more than 20 languages, includes Tajweed of the most 100+ famous reciters from all over the world such as:

*Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais (Abderrahman Soudais).
*Sheikh Abdul basset abdoussamad.
*Mishary Rashed Al Afasy.
* Fares Abbad.
*Saad Al-Ghamidi
* Yasser Al-Dosari.
* Ahmed khodr attarabolsi.
*Maher Moagely.
*Ahmed Al Ajmi.
*Shaykh Ali Jaber.
*Mohammed Hassan.
*Shaikh Ali Huthaify.
* Mahmoud Khalil Hosary.

This version of the application offers for you several features such as:

*Choose your language (Arabic, English, Frensh, Espagnol)
*Choose reciter and surah, and add it to the wish list.
*After downloading the audio (surah) files once you can enjoy recitation offline without need to be connected to the internet.
*Zoom option: clair words and High quality.
*Possibility to share app or surah via emails or other social media.

Your suggestions in this matter is highly appreciated, don’t forget to rate the app!


Quran recitation Full (Free) 2017

Download Quran recitation Full (Free)

Download Quran recitation Full (Free) APK

Quran recitation Full (Free) for Android

Download Quran recitation Full (Free) for Android

Download Quran recitation Full (Free) APK for Android

Quran recitation Full (Free) 2.1 screenshot

Quran recitation Full (Free) screenshot 0Quran recitation Full (Free) screenshot 1Quran recitation Full (Free) screenshot 2Quran recitation Full (Free) screenshot 3Quran recitation Full (Free) screenshot 4Quran recitation Full (Free) screenshot 5Quran recitation Full (Free) screenshot 6Quran recitation Full (Free) screenshot 7

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農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 Latest Version APK for Android

農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 apk
農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 apk

提供參與果菜共同運銷的供應人或花卉供應人查詢供貨資料,及一般民眾及農政/學術單位等使用者查詢共同運銷行情. 農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 is offered by 奕昌資訊. Last Updated: July 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.2



農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 2017

農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 for Android

Download 農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 for Android

Download 農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 APK for Android

農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 1.2 screenshot

農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 screenshot 0農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 screenshot 1農民團體果菜共同運銷資訊查詢 screenshot 2

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Wireless DCP Latest Version APK for Android

download Wireless DCP apk
download Wireless DCP apk

Wireless DCP is the Android App to control Yamaha's MTX/MRX series processors. Wireless DCP is offered by Yamaha Corporation. Last Updated: July 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.4

Wireless DCP is an application for Android devices that provides remote control of Yamaha MTX/MRX series Signal Processors. The application provides simple, intuitive graphical templates, which allow users, such as venue staff to control the following functions of the MTX/MRX processor –

• Volume levels
• On/Off controls
• Preset recall
• Play music or announcements from SD card

A list of tested Android devices is available from http://www.yamahaproaudio.com

Please note that this app is designed for use with Yamaha MTX/MRX hardware and MTX-MRX Editor software. The demo mode allows you to view how the app looks and performs with a range of demonstration projects.

Privacy Policy
This application will never collect nor externally transfer personal data stored in your smartphone / tablet.
This application performs following functions for purposes described below.

– Making a connection under WiFi-enabled environment
The application uses WiFi function on your mobile terminal for the purpose of operating network-enabled devices.


Some of Android devices support a cellular connection. If your device can run the Android OS 6 or later version with this feature, the cellular connection works in preference to other network connections of your device.

Therefore, If you use the Wireless DCP Application with the state that a Wi-Fi router has no connection to the internet, the MTX/MRX device which is located on the local network, cannot be detected automatically based on the priority of this connection.
In this case, your device will be able to connect to the MTX/MRX device by performing one of the following operations.

1. If you are figured the dialog which shows the network has no Internet access, Please change to a local network connection for keeping a connection.

2. You can specify the proper IP address of the MTX/MRX device by using the Manual IP function that the Wireless DCP Application supports.

Latest Updates

– Several minor bug fixes.


Wireless DCP 2017

Download Wireless DCP for Android

Download Wireless DCP APK for Android

Wireless DCP 1.2.4 screenshot

Wireless DCP screenshot 0Wireless DCP screenshot 1Wireless DCP screenshot 2Wireless DCP screenshot 3Wireless DCP screenshot 4

Wireless DCP apk video

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Redmi Note 3 Forums Latest Version APK for Android

Redmi Note 3 Forums download
Redmi Note 3 Forums download

The all in one app for the Redmi Note 3 Users and all the developers. Redmi Note 3 Forums is offered by Manhar Gupta. Last Updated: July 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.0



Still this app is in beta version


Reviews of custom roms
Youtube Guides
and more……….

Latest Updates

Added a blog for constant updates.

Minor improvements


Redmi Note 3 Forums 2017

Redmi Note 3 Forums APK

Download Redmi Note 3 Forums

Download Redmi Note 3 Forums APK

Redmi Note 3 Forums for Android

Download Redmi Note 3 Forums for Android

Download Redmi Note 3 Forums APK for Android

Redmi Note 3 Forums 1.0 screenshot

Redmi Note 3 Forums screenshot 0Redmi Note 3 Forums screenshot 1Redmi Note 3 Forums screenshot 2Redmi Note 3 Forums screenshot 3Redmi Note 3 Forums screenshot 4Redmi Note 3 Forums screenshot 5Redmi Note 3 Forums screenshot 6

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GPS – Google Map Helper Latest Version APK for Android

download GPS - Google Map Helper apk
download GPS – Google Map Helper apk

Personal GPS is a supplement to Google Maps. GPS – Google Map Helper is offered by MoonStarInc. Last Updated: July 31, 2016. Current Version: 4.5

Personal GPS is a supplement to Google Maps with additional features. The key features include
• Save an address from Google Map to the application which can then be used for navigation or directions from the current location
• Save Favorite addresses. Favorites will be displayed in the home screen
• Add multiple address
• Edit Address
• Multicity navigation provides directions from your address book .
• Navigation options include Car, Bike, Public transportation and Walk
• Supports different view options for map including show/hide traffic.
Note: Some of the navigation functions may not work in remote locations due to limitations in Google map.

What’s New

1. Changes Main dashboard to display buttons in all screens properly.

Note: To enable home button, add your home address as home (name of the address).

If you need any help or improvement to the app, please contact us at contactmoonstarinc@gmail.com


GPS – Google Map Helper 2017

GPS – Google Map Helper 4.5 screenshot

GPS - Google Map Helper screenshot 0GPS - Google Map Helper screenshot 1GPS - Google Map Helper screenshot 2GPS - Google Map Helper screenshot 3GPS - Google Map Helper screenshot 4GPS - Google Map Helper screenshot 5GPS - Google Map Helper screenshot 6GPS - Google Map Helper screenshot 7

GPS – Google Map Helper apk video

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ToolSmart Latest Version APK for Android

download ToolSmart apk
download ToolSmart apk

Work Smarter – Measure Better – Be More Productive. ToolSmart is offered by General Tools & Instruments. Last Updated: July 31, 2016. Current Version: Updating…

These days professional Craftsmen, Tradesmen, and DIYers around the country count on General to help them work smarter, faster, and better. ToolSmart™ is a great example. With one easy-to-use app — integrated with four new tools — the ToolSmart™ product line is about to eliminate millions of headaches. Here’s a closer look at our introductory line:

ToolSmart™ is the first full line of measuring and inspection tools that connect wirelessly to a smartphone app, allowing you to:

· Work Smarter – All ToolSmart™ tools connect seamlessly with the ToolSmart™ app.
· Measure Better – With ToolSmart™, there is no more jotting down your numbers on little scraps of paper or even the thing you are measuring. Keep track of all your measurements in one organized location right in the palm of your hand.
· Be More Productive – With “My Projects”, you can easily keep track of all your jobs, arrange your measurements by project, calculate the amount of materials you need and order them straight from the app.

ToolSmart™ Laser Distance Measurer
Does all the things a laser measurer should, measuring distances up to 100 feet with the push of a button. But the real benefit comes when it is used with “My Projects” to calculate the precise amount of materials you need to complete your job. Paint, Flooring, and Crown are just a few of the materials you’ll be able to calculate. Once you have your amount, shop directly within the app and view related materials that will help you get the job done right.

ToolSmart™ Digital Angle Finder
Quickly determines the angle of any corner. This tool is especially useful for crown moulding and flooring applications to make sure you get perfect cuts every time.

ToolSmart™ Video Inspection Camera
Puts hard-to-reach places in plain view with the help of an 8mm camera mated to a flexible 3.3-foot probe. If conditions are less than ideal, you can use your smartphone as a second view screen. For jobs requiring documentation, images and videos can be saved to the ToolSmart™ app with the push of a button. Everything needed to write a report, share details with clients, or come up with an estimate is organized and ready to go.

ToolSmart™ Digital Multimeter
Reads voltage, current, resistance, temperature, and more with turn of the dial. It also allows a smartphone to serve as a second viewing screen in case conditions are dark, or there’s more than one person on the job. All data goes directly from the meter to the ToolSmart™ app.

What’s New

– 3 NEW tools added.


ToolSmart 2017

Download ToolSmart for Android

Download ToolSmart APK for Android

ToolSmart Updating… screenshot

ToolSmart screenshot 0ToolSmart screenshot 1ToolSmart screenshot 2ToolSmart screenshot 3ToolSmart screenshot 4ToolSmart screenshot 5ToolSmart screenshot 6ToolSmart screenshot 7

ToolSmart apk video

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Fillr – Autofill for mobile – Shop faster with Fillr – The world's most intelligent autofill for mobile.

Fillr - Autofill for mobile

Shop faster with Fillr – The world's most intelligent autofill for mobile.

Fillr - Autofill for mobile screenshot 0Fillr - Autofill for mobile screenshot 1Fillr - Autofill for mobile screenshot 2Fillr - Autofill for mobile screenshot 3Fillr - Autofill for mobile screenshot 4Fillr - Autofill for mobile screenshot 5

Fillr is the world’s most intelligent autofill for your mobile web browser. It’s fast, accurate, secure and simple to use.

“Fillr takes the grunt work out of having to enter and re-enter your details on forms!” – Lifehacker

Filling forms and checkouts on a mobile device is painful. Small screens, tiny keyboards, pinching, zooming and navigating from field to field make it almost impossible.

Fillr is fast, simple and standardizes any mobile form into a format you can easily read and securely fill at the tap of a button. With Fillr your profile data is securely PIN protected and only ever stored locally on your device, fully encrypted within the Fillr app.

We’ve mapped millions of forms on the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms and biggest brands meaning uncanny accuracy is our starting point! Oh and if we get a form wrong… let us know… we will fix it to be perfect for the next time you visit!

Fillr currently works as an extension for a growing number of mobile web browsers including:
– Dolphin – Best Web Browser
– FlashFox – Flash Browser
– Browser 4G
– Super Fast Browser
– Full Screen Private Browsing
– Lite Speed Super Fast Browser
– Stealth Browser – Fast Private
– Firebird Browser – Lite & Fast
– Rocket Browser

Filling out forms on your mobile with small screens and tiny keyboards is slow and tedious. Fillr protects you by always requesting a PIN and then completes mobile web forms instantly. Spend less time booking your holiday and more time enjoying it!

We cannot access your data. It is PIN protected and stored locally on your mobile device, out of the cloud, using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

You have multiple addresses, emails and credit cards. Fillr allows you to choose the right info at the right time to fill forms with accuracy.

When filling out forms, your info can be hard to remember or inaccessible. Your details are stored out of the cloud and only within your Fillr app, ready to use whenever you want.

If you hit a form that Fillr doesn’t fill correctly simply let us know and we will fix it for the next time you visit!


Help and Support:
Please do not rate us 1 star for not being supported in a browser that is not listed above! If you have any concerns or feedback please email us at support@fillr.com
Read our FAQ’s at fillr.com/faqs
Contact us at: fillr.com/contact

Connect with us:

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/0stfwb

caterlord® Handheld Ordering – This app is designed for caterlord® POS. It allow user to take orders remotely.

caterlord® Handheld Ordering

This app is designed for caterlord® POS. It allow user to take orders remotely.

caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 0caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 1caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 2caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 3caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 4caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 5caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 6caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 7caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 8caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 9caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 10caterlord® Handheld Ordering screenshot 11

caterlord® Handheld Ordering is designed for canyum® POS. It allow user to take orders remotely and waiters do not need to rush back to the POS terminal. It largely reduce human error and improve store operation efficiency.The UI of this APP resemble the POS terminal that minimize the learning curve.All the orders taken will be print respectively to different department, as if taking order in POS terminal.

For enquiry please call +852 6888 0133.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/pnh92H

Easy Speech Timer – Easy to use speech timer for use in public speaking with power saving features.

Easy Speech Timer

Easy to use speech timer for use in public speaking with power saving features.

Easy Speech Timer screenshot 0Easy Speech Timer screenshot 1Easy Speech Timer screenshot 2Easy Speech Timer screenshot 3

ALL NEW EASY SPEECH TIMER VERSION 3.0!!!! Even easier to use than before!
Better than ever with great new features and free upgrade for previous purchasers!!!!!

Wear Support! See and control timer from watch.

Easy to use timer for public speaking.
– All settings are on one screen. Set, click and run!
-Touch screen once on numbers to start/pause.
-Touch screen during sleep to awake.
– Long touch on numbers to reset.


This app is also designed to save battery life. Adjustable brightness and can cycle between screen on and off according to user configurable timeouts!

Please send email to address below with any issues or feature requests BEFORE reviewing!!!! You will receive a prompt response.

Power saving features:
– Set screen brightness for app. (Returns to previous brightness when app is closed)
– Settable screen on and screen off times. (for intermittent display)

Other features:
– Works in portrait or landscape.
– Disable screen timeout.
– Double press back button to exit to avoid accidental quit.
– Display clock instead of timer.
– Bounce text around screen (like a screen saver).

– Marshmallow users: Must set permissions or app will crash.
– Please uninstall previous versions before updating to remove old configuration file.

See more information: https://goo.gl/LVX2tJ

FOG Inspection – Local businesses submit their manifest and inspectors can inspect facilities.

FOG Inspection

Local businesses submit their manifest and inspectors can inspect facilities.

FOG Inspection screenshot 0FOG Inspection screenshot 1FOG Inspection screenshot 2

Sewer backups as well as FOG entering storm drains and flowing into water bodies or beaches can cause serious environmental and health hazards. These cleanups can cost thousands of dollars of taxpayers money to clean up per year.

HiperWeb FOG was developed for outreach programs aimed at eliminating FOG from the sewer system. Contractors can submit your grease removal record for local facilities. Facilities can be notified on their current compliance state and FOG inspectors can inspect and log details for facilities.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/exRDXx