I’m Safe at Work Latest Version APK for Android

download I'm Safe at Work apk
download I’m Safe at Work apk

Active Shooter & Other Emergencies. An "All Employee" Security Environment. I’m Safe at Work is offered by I'm Safe Apps, LLC. Last Updated: June 30, 2016. Current Version: 1.1

A cost effective All Employee Security Program.

Whether your business is large or small workplace violence is something you must consider. Our team knows what it’s like to spend money on protecting employees, whether it is on medical evacuation insurance for intentional travel or providing a safe working environment there are always cost-benefit analyses that must be done.

I’m Safe Apps is a small business but our leadership team has managed risk and employee security and safety programs in the rail, nuclear, oil & gas and maritime environments. Over the years we have developed a series of tools that empower employees and increase safety by getting more people involved.

Active Shooter or Workplace Violence

Derived from our I’m Safe for Schools system I’m Safe at Work allows building operators, industrial complexes
and other types of campuses to:

Quickly issue building specific or campus-wide alerts.

Identify the exact location of an incident in a large complex.

Provide operational guidance and situational updates to residents and employees.

Latest Updates

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I’m Safe at Work 2017

Download I’m Safe at Work APK

I’m Safe at Work for Android

Download I’m Safe at Work for Android

Download I’m Safe at Work APK for Android

I’m Safe at Work 1.1 screenshot

I'm Safe at Work screenshot 0I'm Safe at Work screenshot 1I'm Safe at Work screenshot 2I'm Safe at Work screenshot 3

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