COINS mCare Latest Version APK for Android

download COINS mCare apk
download COINS mCare apk

OA Customer-Care mobile Application. COINS mCare is offered by COINS Mobile. Last Updated: June 30, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.7

Used by Site & mobile operatives, site managers and other site base staff. mCare allows the recording of plot inspections using checklists, plot locations and inspection categories. Details such as metre readings can be captured along with photographic evidence. Customer Care tasks can be sent directly to the device, updated, actioned and closed by the operative. mCare exchanges information seamlessly with the COINS Customer Care workbench.

• Increased visibility and productivity-
• By managing workflow via the mobile device, you have complete control of inspections and task allocation.
• Your planners/coordinators and mobile operatives can focus on their day-to-day tasks rather than dealing with paperwork or correcting data errors.
• Better client relationships Job information captured on mobile devices is typically sent back to COINS immediately. This means you can update your customer about the status of their job in real-time. The quality of data captured by mobile device also means fast, accurate invoicing for your customers.

Latest Updates

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Download COINS mCare

Download COINS mCare APK

COINS mCare for Android

Download COINS mCare for Android

Download COINS mCare APK for Android

COINS mCare 1.2.7 screenshot

COINS mCare screenshot 0COINS mCare screenshot 1COINS mCare screenshot 2COINS mCare screenshot 3COINS mCare screenshot 4COINS mCare screenshot 5

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