Red Light Latest Version APK for Android

Red Light apk
Red Light apk

Simple Red Light. Red Light is offered by S.H Saxhiz Creator. Last Updated: June 29, 2016. Current Version: 2.2.3

Simple Red Light Made by Simon Hudec Graphics Made by Venco Gregor Jr. Special Help Mts7 , Feel free to report a bug or leave an idea in comment section/mail

Latest Updates

V.6- 2.2.3

– Some new functions

– Big update

– Added FLASHLIGHT (open it in settings)

V.5- 1.2.3

-Small bug fix

V.4- 1.2.2

-Major update

-Added shades

-Size fix

V.3- 1.1.2

-Bug fixes

V.2- 1.0.1

-Bug fixes

-Application acceleration

-Nexus 5 crashes repair

-New authorization

-Graphical corrections


Red Light 2017

Download Red Light for Android

Download Red Light APK for Android

Red Light 2.2.3 screenshot

Red Light screenshot 0Red Light screenshot 1Red Light screenshot 2Red Light screenshot 3Red Light screenshot 4

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Duel Tools Pro Latest Version APK for Android

Duel Tools Pro apk
Duel Tools Pro apk

Duel Tools Pro, the app designed for players playing TCG like Yu-Gi-Oh!. Duel Tools Pro is offered by Tombox Creations. Last Updated: June 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.0

This app is designed to improve the experience of trading card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! (R). This app helps keep track of the game easier. All the tools you need for a great experience. This app offers a sequential log to aid a player backtrack their game or review the exchanges at the end of the game. A simple undo button will help you fix those pesky misclicks.

Available for Android (4.0+)

(“Yu-Gi-Oh!” is a registered trademark of Kazuki Takahashi)

What’s New

– UI complete overhaul

– 2 Skins Available via Toggle (More to come in the future)

– Calculator in Calculator feature

– Timer Added for keep track in tournament play

– Ads are now much quicker and less disruptive

– Quicker Animations for Die and Coin


Duel Tools Pro 2017

Duel Tools Pro 1.2.0 screenshot

Duel Tools Pro screenshot 0Duel Tools Pro screenshot 1Duel Tools Pro screenshot 2Duel Tools Pro screenshot 3Duel Tools Pro screenshot 4Duel Tools Pro screenshot 5Duel Tools Pro screenshot 6Duel Tools Pro screenshot 7Duel Tools Pro screenshot 8Duel Tools Pro screenshot 9Duel Tools Pro screenshot 10Duel Tools Pro screenshot 11

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FileHopper File Sharing Latest Version APK for Android

FileHopper File Sharing download
FileHopper File Sharing download

FileHopper – Take your important files wherever you go!. FileHopper File Sharing is offered by SecurityCoverage, Inc.. Last Updated: June 29, 2016. Current Version: 5.3.20160613

FileHopper file sharing & backup is the easiest way to store and share your files! Drop a file into FileHopper and access it on your mobile device, your desktop and any web browser from our secure cloud storage servers. File sharing has never been easier. Show off photos! Work from home! Keep your personal information safe! And now, back up your contacts call history and SMS messages.

Take the free version for a test drive. If you like it, you can upgrade to the Premium version for just $11.99 per year to unlock all the great features below:

• View, store and edit your files.
• Use auto-save to automatically backup every new photo. Never lose another memory
• Sync and share your FileHopper files from your mobile device to your computer with the free desktop companion
• Includes 2GB of cloud storage. Free up valuable memory on your phone

• Upload files and photos and watch as they sync to all your devices
• Backup and restore contacts, call history and SMS messages
• Premium upgrades you to 5GB of cloud-based storage so you can do even more with FileHopper
• Mark files and photos as favorites to access quickly – even in a “no-internet” zone.
• Create new text documents and watch as they automatically upload and sync across your FileHopper
• Access to 24/7/365 live support from our Midwest based technicians.

Using FileHopper’s contact backup ensures you can always get your contacts, texts and call records restored. Just make sure your backup is in place and if your smart phone or tablet is ever lost, stolen, or just dies, you can quickly restore your important information directly to your new or reformatted device!

Because your files are stored in the cloud, they’re safe, even if your phone is lost or stolen. And, of course, FileHopper works with all file types, making it perfect for photos, videos, music, notes, work documents, and more!

Visit our website at for our full Getting Started Guide, How-To Guides, Frequently Asked Questions and Support Forums.

What’s New

•Users are now able to select multiple files to move or delete

•Improved UI when uploading photos

•Minor bug fixes and improvements


FileHopper File Sharing APK

Download FileHopper File Sharing

Download FileHopper File Sharing APK

FileHopper File Sharing for Android

Download FileHopper File Sharing for Android

Download FileHopper File Sharing APK for Android

FileHopper File Sharing 5.3.20160613 screenshot

FileHopper File Sharing screenshot 0FileHopper File Sharing screenshot 1FileHopper File Sharing screenshot 2FileHopper File Sharing screenshot 3FileHopper File Sharing screenshot 4FileHopper File Sharing screenshot 5

FileHopper File Sharing apk video

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Code Barcode Scanner Driver Latest Version APK for Android

download Code Barcode Scanner Driver apk
download Code Barcode Scanner Driver apk

Code Reader™ Driver for USB Scanners, like CR1000, for EPX-Barcode. Code Barcode Scanner Driver is offered by SDG Systems. Last Updated: June 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.0

The EPX-Barcode (EPX-B) Code Reader™ USB Scanner Driver adds support for USB-based barcode scanners from The Code Corporation ( By default these scanners are often in HID (keyboard) mode. For using EPX-B, the scanner must be switched to native mode by scanning the “USB Native Two-Way” barcode, M10006_02 ( Once in native mode, the scanner can be used in applications designed for EPX-B, like Barcode List Manager (Barliman). Search in Google Play for “EPX-B” for the latest list of supported applications. Developers can write compatible applications using our free SDK, which supports all EPX-B-compatible scanners.

The Code Scanner Driver requires the EPX-B Barcode Scanner Core (free) to be installed (

Any USB scanner that has a Code Corporation scanner module and decode board should work. For example, USB CR8000-based devices with a Code Cortex decode board are fully supported. See your scanner’s user manual, or purchase a compatible scanner and cable (i.e., micro USB host adapter) from SDG Systems. Your tablet or phone must also support USB OTG or USB Host capability and provide sufficient USB power to enable the scanner.

Latest Updates

Add support for wireless modems for Code CR2300 and CR2600 in HID POS mode.

Bug fixes.


Code Barcode Scanner Driver 2017

Code Barcode Scanner Driver for Android

Download Code Barcode Scanner Driver for Android

Download Code Barcode Scanner Driver APK for Android

Code Barcode Scanner Driver 1.1.0 screenshot

Code Barcode Scanner Driver screenshot 0Code Barcode Scanner Driver screenshot 1Code Barcode Scanner Driver screenshot 2

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Case Diary for Lawyers Latest Version APK for Android

download Case Diary for Lawyers apk
download Case Diary for Lawyers apk

Diary maintains client records and case history. Updates client by Email/Message. Case Diary for Lawyers is offered by Noisy Tempo. Last Updated: June 29, 2016. Current Version: 0.2.18

Case Diary app helps lawyers to maintain case records in an extremely organized way. You can share the case updates with your clients with just a click of a button. Notifications will be shown to remind for upcoming cases.

Latest Updates

v 0.2.18

– Removed excess notifications

– Made scrolling smoother

v 0.2.17

– Added refresh all button in case list page

v 0.2.16

– Daily cause list generation

v 0.2.15

– Bug Fixes

v 0.2.14

– Added collapsible view to make room for more cases on the same page

– Resolved some bugs and network issues.

v 0.2.13

– Improved the for for better visibility

– Handled notification blast.

– Update All button added for bulk update of cases

v 0.2.11

– Auto update of cases


Case Diary for Lawyers 2017

Case Diary for Lawyers 0.2.18 screenshot

Case Diary for Lawyers screenshot 0Case Diary for Lawyers screenshot 1

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Nepali Pann Latest Version APK for Android

Nepali Pann apk
Nepali Pann apk

Nepali Pann Apps Is The Reflection Of Nepali Society. Nepali Pann is offered by Apps Sathi. Last Updated: June 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.6

Nepali Pann Includes
> Nepali Tools
> Nepali Patro / Festivals /Events
> Latest Nepali Loadshadding Schedule
> Nepali Calander
> Nepali Date Converter
> Nepali Exchange Rate (Forex)
> Nepali Exchange Rate Converter
> Nepali Unicode Converter
>Nepali News
> Onlinekhabar
> Setopati
> Ujyaalo Online
> ImageKhabar
> Glamour Nepal
> Nepali Video Notification
>Nepali Movies Notification
>Nepali Serial Notification (Tito Satye, Jire Khursani, Bhadragol, Meri Bassai)
> News Cuts Notification
> Nepali Radios
> My Online Radio
> Online Radio Nepaliko Online
> Machhapuchhre FM
> Pokhara FM
> Sunaulo FM
> Radio Kantipur
> Radio Madi
> Namaste Hetauda
> Megha FM
> Radio Everest
> Radio Aaha
> Radio Chahana
> Kalika FM
> Radio Pathshala
> Radio Matribhumi
> Radio Lekhnath
> National FM
> Ujyaalo Online

Latest Updates

Added More Contents….


Nepali Pann 2017

Download Nepali Pann for Android

Download Nepali Pann APK for Android

Nepali Pann 1.6 screenshot

Nepali Pann screenshot 0Nepali Pann screenshot 1

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Lectra Snapshot Latest Version APK for Android

Lectra Snapshot apk
Lectra Snapshot apk

Lectra SnapShot to capture and share your creative inspiration. Lectra Snapshot is offered by Lectra. Last Updated: June 29, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.1

Lectra Snapshot allows Fashion design and product development professionals to capture and share inspiration on the move.
Photos and commentaries can be instantly collected and stored in Lectra Fashion PLM.

Lectra Snapshot allows users to:
Take a photo from their mobile device and comment on it
Store it in Lectra Fashion PLM to use later
Share it with colleagues

What’s New

[UPD]Annotation tool improvement


Lectra Snapshot 2017

Download Lectra Snapshot

Download Lectra Snapshot APK

Lectra Snapshot for Android

Download Lectra Snapshot for Android

Download Lectra Snapshot APK for Android

Lectra Snapshot 2.0.1 screenshot

Lectra Snapshot screenshot 0Lectra Snapshot screenshot 1Lectra Snapshot screenshot 2Lectra Snapshot screenshot 3Lectra Snapshot screenshot 4Lectra Snapshot screenshot 5Lectra Snapshot screenshot 6Lectra Snapshot screenshot 7Lectra Snapshot screenshot 8Lectra Snapshot screenshot 9Lectra Snapshot screenshot 10Lectra Snapshot screenshot 11Lectra Snapshot screenshot 12Lectra Snapshot screenshot 13Lectra Snapshot screenshot 14

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