Construction Report Manager Latest Version APK for Android

Construction Report Manager apk
Construction Report Manager apk

Construction Management Application is specially made for a construction field. Construction Report Manager is offered by ZAAR APP. Last Updated: June 28, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.4

Construction Manager is a Construction Field related Mobile Application that supports 99% of android mobile devices.
– It serves as a Great Tool for Contractors to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and report project status.
– This Construction Management Application will help to manage all Construction related projects in real time.
– It is specially designed to ensure the accurate and regular flow of information, such as maintenance logs and daily reports of labor, material and work completion status.

What’s new?
– Spirit level
– Reports (View, delete, send)
– Measurement calculations
– Calculators
– New UIs
– Requirements Option

– We can create multiple project and can assign multiple engineers to the particular project.
– Make Project Estimates, quantifying labor, material, subcontract and other costs
– Management can create and assign multiple contractor to the particular project.
– Can a set price details of all labor for the contractor.
– Easier to estimate projects and time sheets between company headquarters and construction sites.
– User can manage his account with login information for their account which provided by the construction management.
– Evaluate the amount of work to be made.
– Estimation Forms and Reports can be generated as PDF or Excel Format and allows user to share via Email.
– Automatically calculate total cost of labor, material, subcontract and the grand total of the estimates.
– Save and View generated reports and estimations on mobile at any time.
– Location of the place can be tagged using map view and it helps to identify the employee location.
– All labor reports are stored in mobile as we as in server.

– User can manage his account in any device with login information.

– Enables user to create on site estimates for construction and report projects, automatically calculates the total project cost of the estimation and include taxes into the estimated cost at your option.

– Manage different types of labor and their works, including count, salary, working hours and their cost.

– Manage Different types of materials, suppliers, stock management and usage for the particular project.

– Daily Report forms help engineers to record all of the day’s important events resulting in a uniform, complete record of the project.

– Calculator helps in simplifying various construction related calculations with its dimensions.
– Calculator includes Paint, Concrete, Tile and Room Size etc.

– Store list of emergency contacts related to construction process and contact during emergency situations.

– Saved reports can be generated as PDF or Excel Format, thus allows user to email or save locally for future reference.

– Send and Receive messages, Provides secure conversation between admin from headquarters and user on site.

– In server side, admin controls data storage and retrieval, sends data to user on site with more security and reliability.
– Storing Data on the server database is more secure than storing in local database.
– User can add, view, edit, remove and fetch data from server at any time.
– Admin can manage all projects, engineers, materials everything in server backend.


Construction Report Manager 2017

Construction Report Manager APK

Download Construction Report Manager

Download Construction Report Manager APK

Construction Report Manager for Android

Download Construction Report Manager for Android

Download Construction Report Manager APK for Android

Construction Report Manager 1.2.4 screenshot

Construction Report Manager screenshot 0Construction Report Manager screenshot 1Construction Report Manager screenshot 2Construction Report Manager screenshot 3Construction Report Manager screenshot 4Construction Report Manager screenshot 5Construction Report Manager screenshot 6Construction Report Manager screenshot 7

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Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard Latest Version APK for Android

Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard download
Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard download

If you boring with simple emoji then use Galaxy Emoji on your device keyboard. Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard is offered by Emoji Fun World. Last Updated: June 28, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

Galaxy S Emoji keyboard

Keyboard, a powerful emoji keyboard with amazing features, is designed for those who like sending message with GIF, emoticon and emoji. A MUST-HAVE free emoji keyboard.

Colorful Galaxy Emoji keyboard
Feel Like Galaxy Emoji
Keep calm and love galaxy. Get it now!

Colorful Galaxy emoji just seen your keyboard for your understanding otherwise like different from other emoji but remember one thing, Galaxy emoji does not seen any editbox(textbox), Because Android system does not support Galaxy emoji, if you want then root your device and install Galaxy Emoji font.

Are you bored with default plain keyboard? Without any emoji, emoticon and GIF?

#Now, all of the boring feeling can be history#
( ̄︶ ̄) Support 30+ languages!
( ^_^ ) Provide 1000+ fun GIF &emojis&emoticons!
Y(^o^)Y Personalize your chatting with fancy and Neon keyboard!
Smart Neon Keyboard themes, so enjoy whatever you liked it.
Easy to share emotion with smart emoji.

Neon keyboard have smart and Galaxy emoji style. This emoji style is different from others.


Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard 2017

Download Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard for Android

Download Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard APK for Android

Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard 1.0 screenshot

Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard screenshot 0Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard screenshot 1Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard screenshot 2Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard screenshot 3Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard screenshot 4Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard screenshot 5Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard screenshot 6Emoji Like Galaxy S Keyboard screenshot 7

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Talview Recruit Latest Version APK for Android

Talview Recruit download
Talview Recruit download

Talview's mobile application for recruiters to keep a track of all candidates. Talview Recruit is offered by Talview. Last Updated: June 28, 2016. Current Version: 0.4.5

Talview Recruit is an app that lets recruiters keep a 360-degree track of all the candidates in the pipeline. It lets them check the answers of each candidate. Keeping track of all candidates in one place makes the entire hiring process centralized and easy to track.

Once the recruiter has invited candidates for a particular assessment to fill an open position – candidates can take the interview. Meanwhile, the recruiter can supervise every answer of the candidate over the phone making it very easy for the recruiter and the hiring manager to assess and hire the candidates.

Recruiters can track comments added by the panel on each video response or MCQ questions of the candidate.

What’s New

Now truncating question text in list view correctly.

Now displaying section time in section list in seconds


Talview Recruit 2017

Talview Recruit for Android

Download Talview Recruit for Android

Download Talview Recruit APK for Android

Talview Recruit 0.4.5 screenshot

Talview Recruit screenshot 0Talview Recruit screenshot 1Talview Recruit screenshot 2Talview Recruit screenshot 3

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New Holland Ag. T5 range App Latest Version APK for Android

download New Holland Ag. T5 range App apk
download New Holland Ag. T5 range App apk

A full product presentation from customer’s point of view. New Holland Ag. T5 range App is offered by New Holland Agriculture. Last Updated: June 28, 2016. Current Version: 1.1

New Holland Agriculture T5 range App
With this New Holland Agriculture new product App, you will be able to discover all the features, benefits and applications of this brand-new T5 tractor range, by introducing it starting from the customer’s point of view. It is the ideal tractor for dairy and mixed farms. The first section of the app leads through a walk around of the tractor, outlining the main features. The second section, called On board, takes the visitor into the cab and highlights all elements of the ergonomic layout like the combination of renowned Terraglide™ front suspended axle with the optional Comfort Ride™ cab that contribute to the exceptional comfort. The third section, called At Work, explains all the benefits linked to the tractor’s performance and so on. All the features are brought to life with text, images, 3D animations and videos.

Latest Updates

Bug fixing


New Holland Ag. T5 range App 2017

Download New Holland Ag. T5 range App APK for Android

New Holland Ag. T5 range App 1.1 screenshot

New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 0New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 1New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 2New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 3New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 4New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 5New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 6New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 7New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 8New Holland Ag. T5 range App screenshot 9

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GoMap Tracker Latest Version APK for Android

GoMap Tracker download
GoMap Tracker download

Fleet Management GoMap for trucks, cars and motorcycles. GoMap Tracker is offered by Neikom Ingeniería, S.L.. Last Updated: June 28, 2016. Current Version: 2.6

GoMap is a central system that monitors on a map the position of one or more vehicles in real time using our GSM / GPS satellite locators.

Most important uses:

– Control fleet (trucks, cars, motorcycles).
– Route Optimization for transport.
– Security.
– Anti-theft fuel.
– Particular use as alarm.
– Configuration of constant product during transport (temperature, pressure, etc.)

This version for Android allows you to:

– See all vehicles associated with your account.
– Understand the current state of your vehicle.
– View real-time path for each car.
– Know your current speed and distance traveled since the ignition off for the last time at each point of the route.
– Whether the vehicle is stationary with or without ignition key.
– Available demo account.


– Trucks, cars, motorcycles.
– Real-time management.
– Burglar alarm.
– Temperature monitoring, fuel, etc.
– Available for mobile devices.

With GoMap (desktop version) you can …

– Monitoring a vehicle in real time.
– Consult Punches and historical events.
– Calculate fuel consumption.
– Management of visits.
– Notice by SMS when entering and / or leaving an area (geofence).
– Allow or deny access to a driver using a vehicle by iButton.
– Better management control of staff attendance and access our AutoNET software.

Our locators have an intelligent algorithm of data acquisition (time, distance, angle, ignition and events) to minimize traffic information. For further optimization in power consumption, served configured in Deep Sleep Mode. GSM providers list geofence preferred and 5 zones (rectangular or circular). Advanced Detection of excess speed, driver identification possibility (iButton).

Latest Updates

– Correcion enlace web

– Pequeños errores conocidos


GoMap Tracker 2017

Download GoMap Tracker APK for Android

GoMap Tracker 2.6 screenshot

GoMap Tracker screenshot 0GoMap Tracker screenshot 1GoMap Tracker screenshot 2GoMap Tracker screenshot 3GoMap Tracker screenshot 4

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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Fee Tracker Plus Latest Version APK for Android

Fee Tracker Plus download
Fee Tracker Plus download

Helps coaching class owners in tracking fees , Attendance & text messaging. Fee Tracker Plus is offered by MOBILE SUTRA,PUNE,INDIA. Last Updated: June 28, 2016. Current Version: 2.5

The App allows user to configure any coaching class – Dance , Music , Education. It supports multiple branches and subjects. User can track fees collected from each student. While taking attendance , RED marker is displayed besides a student who has not paid full fees.
User can also selectively send Text messages to students.
Easy backup and restore feature. User can bulk upload student and fee records on server and can be downloaded in the App using restore feature. This avoid entering all data in the App.
keywords : Fee collection , Tracking , Attendance , Text messaging , SMS messaging, Coaching class.

What’s New

Bug fixes


Fee Tracker Plus 2017

Fee Tracker Plus APK

Download Fee Tracker Plus

Download Fee Tracker Plus APK

Fee Tracker Plus for Android

Download Fee Tracker Plus for Android

Download Fee Tracker Plus APK for Android

Fee Tracker Plus 2.5 screenshot

Fee Tracker Plus screenshot 0Fee Tracker Plus screenshot 1

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Misri Calendar (Hijrical) Latest Version APK for Android

Misri Calendar (Hijrical) download
Misri Calendar (Hijrical) download

Hijri Calendar for Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community.Simple layout, many features. Misri Calendar (Hijrical) is offered by HMM. Last Updated: June 28, 2016. Current Version: 1.3.4

Hijri Calendar
(For Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community)

– Displays both Hijri and Gregorian dates on month view.
– Store events linked to Hijri & Gregorian dates
– Shows Namaz times and allow setting of alarms for different times.
– Shows Qibla direction from magnetic north with magnetic declination correction
– Display events from other google calendars.
– Simple easy to use interface
– home screen widget for quick access
– Uses passive location tracking to avoid additional power consumption
– Passive location tracking uses last known device location from network and/or GPS data already stored in device.
– Calendar data file compatible with Windows version of Hijri Calendar (available at

– To stop playing a current alarm click on icon in notification bar. If notification icon is not shown then make sure notifications are allowed for Hijrical app under android application manager.
– In normal use passive (coarse) location tracking is good enough for computing Namaz times and Qibla direction.
– For better accuracy in Qibla direction keep device horizontal by using pitch and roll angle indicators.
– Can use cloud storage service, like DropBox, to sync calendar data file between phone and PC.
– Events from other calendars may not show up if sync setting is off. Use your device settings or native google calendar application to turn on calendar synchronization.
– To display vents from other Google calendars make sure that the calendars are subscribed to and set to sync in android settings. Events from other calendars can not be edited from within Hinrical app.
– Holiday calendars for many countries are available on Google. To browse or subscribe, login to your google account, go to Calendar and then under “Other Calendars” drop down arrow select “Browse Interesting Calendars”.
– Pre-configured events corresponding to Gregorian dates are for illustration only and not meant as a comprehensive event list for any particular country. Users should add/delete their own preferred events. To delete all Gregorian events go to menu “Settings” and click on button labelled “Delete All Gregorian Events”
– Event data file is not overwritten with new version updates so as to preserve any personal events that you may have entered.
– Default event file can be restored by using menu “Settings” and clicking on button “Restore Default Data File”.
– If you have entered personal events then it is best to save data file under a different name so that it does not get overwritten when restoring from default.

Note about Namaz Times:
Sihori time is calculated as Nautical Twilight and also as 75 minutes prior to Sunrise. Use the earliest time as a safe measure. Fajr is calculated as time when sun’s center is 10 degrees below Horizon. This is a safe measure, the actual Fajr is earlier than that and same as nautical twilight time. For high latitudes Sihori and Fajr times may not be valid and are shown as –:–.

– Please contact by email ( for any questions. May not be able to respond to Android Market comments.

Latest Updates

Contact for any questions.

version 1.34

– Fixed bug in showing recurring events from google calendar.

version 1.33

– Provided option to Ignore “Do Not Disturb” mode under settings. This is because on some models the mode status is not read correctly.

version 1.32

– Mute Alarm if “Do Not Disturb” Mode is ON

– New “menu” button to reveal menu. Sliding left to right was not obvious to many users.

– Added upto -90 minute max offset option in alarms.


Misri Calendar (Hijrical) 2017

Download Misri Calendar (Hijrical) APK for Android

Misri Calendar (Hijrical) 1.3.4 screenshot

Misri Calendar (Hijrical) screenshot 0Misri Calendar (Hijrical) screenshot 1Misri Calendar (Hijrical) screenshot 2Misri Calendar (Hijrical) screenshot 3Misri Calendar (Hijrical) screenshot 4Misri Calendar (Hijrical) screenshot 5Misri Calendar (Hijrical) screenshot 6Misri Calendar (Hijrical) screenshot 7

Detail information and download apk file:

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