Servisler Cebimde Latest Version APK for Android

Servisler Cebimde download
Servisler Cebimde download

Turk Telekom services to make your life in your pocket. Servisler Cebimde is offered by Turk Telekomunikasyon A. S.. Last Updated: June 24, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

Turk Telekom’s service offer for mobile applications and services make your life easier in my pocket App!

Service can review our mobile application with my pocket and you can easily download applications for your use. You can subscribe for our services, we can also prepare a single touch, you can perform a search.

Turk Telekom Our service applications;
– All services offered by Turk Telekom and mobile viewing applications.
– Anatolia News Agency, Izmir, Istanbul, such as news, Astrology, Movies, Cartoons packages like fun, ambitious News, the news service of the subscription process can start quickly as BBC Sport.
– Findeks Credit Note, GIB Tax Liability, Mebane Parent Information, SSI, Vehicle Damage Inquiry, with services such as Tram can easily perform operations that require query.
– The category you are interested in music, sports, information content can be viewed Turk Telekom mobile applications, you can start using it immediately.
– Claims registration, credit can easily perform operations that require query like note.
– Subscribed services, you can follow updated periods and fees.
– You can follow the campaign started our service, you can subscribe to the service with affordable prices and free offers.


Servisler Cebimde 2017

Download Servisler Cebimde APK

Servisler Cebimde for Android

Download Servisler Cebimde for Android

Download Servisler Cebimde APK for Android

Servisler Cebimde 1.0 screenshot

Servisler Cebimde screenshot 0Servisler Cebimde screenshot 1Servisler Cebimde screenshot 2Servisler Cebimde screenshot 3Servisler Cebimde screenshot 4Servisler Cebimde screenshot 5Servisler Cebimde screenshot 6Servisler Cebimde screenshot 7

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Na Bhoomi Latest Version APK for Android

Na Bhoomi download
Na Bhoomi download

Now its easy to check Land Records details in TELANGANA.And SSC Duplicate Memo. Na Bhoomi is offered by Thirupathi. Last Updated: June 24, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.1

* People of Telangana can check their land records online any where by using survey number ,people can check their Land details.

*User can search with the help of District,Mandals,Village,Year,Survey number.
* The main objective of TS Land Records App is to provide all lands details to the former’s with just one click. So people of Telangana can check their Land details easy form any where.

** And also it provides SSC (X class) Duplicate Memo.
** User can search with the help of Hall Ticket Number,Date of Birth,year of examination and Stream of examination.

Latest Updates

* UI Changed.

* Bugs Fixed.


Na Bhoomi 2017

Download Na Bhoomi APK for Android

Na Bhoomi 1.0.1 screenshot

Na Bhoomi screenshot 0Na Bhoomi screenshot 1Na Bhoomi screenshot 2Na Bhoomi screenshot 3Na Bhoomi screenshot 4Na Bhoomi screenshot 5Na Bhoomi screenshot 6Na Bhoomi screenshot 7

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Free Super Duper VPN Proxy Latest Version APK for Android

Free Super Duper VPN Proxy download
Free Super Duper VPN Proxy download

Unblock any websites or apps. FREE VPN PROXY – 100% Free and Unlimited version. Free Super Duper VPN Proxy is offered by Super Duper VPN. Last Updated: June 24, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.2

Super Duper VPN Proxy – Totally unlimited & 100% Free, No trials, No registrations, No logins and No bandwidth limitations.

You can unblock all applications and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsUp, Viber, etc.
Bypasses firewalls and Internet filters while you’re at work or school.
Ideal for people in countries with Internet censorship.

Your IP and location will be changed and nobody can track your activities on the Internet.

Your password and your personal data are secured and you are protected from hacker attacks.


Simple 1 click interface, no root access, no setup or configurations.
Just press connect and enjoy.

What’s New

– Bugfixes

– Stability and performance improvements


Free Super Duper VPN Proxy 2017

Free Super Duper VPN Proxy 1.0.2 screenshot

Free Super Duper VPN Proxy screenshot 0Free Super Duper VPN Proxy screenshot 1Free Super Duper VPN Proxy screenshot 2Free Super Duper VPN Proxy screenshot 3Free Super Duper VPN Proxy screenshot 4Free Super Duper VPN Proxy screenshot 5

Free Super Duper VPN Proxy apk video

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GRIDCo SMP Latest Version APK for Android

download GRIDCo SMP apk
download GRIDCo SMP apk

Publishes live system measurands (generations, etc) from the Ghana Grid Network. GRIDCo SMP is offered by Ghana Grid Company Limited. Last Updated: June 24, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.9

System Measurands Publisher (SMP).

The application has been developed for key staff of Ghana Grid Company.

It displays live measurands from the transmission network.

Only registered and approved (by GRIDCo) users can receive data on the app.

Latest Updates

1.Added Imports to graph

2. Fixed back press bug

2. Minor changes and bug fixes



Download GRIDCo SMP


GRIDCo SMP for Android

Download GRIDCo SMP for Android

Download GRIDCo SMP APK for Android

GRIDCo SMP 1.0.9 screenshot

GRIDCo SMP screenshot 0GRIDCo SMP screenshot 1GRIDCo SMP screenshot 2GRIDCo SMP screenshot 3GRIDCo SMP screenshot 4GRIDCo SMP screenshot 5GRIDCo SMP screenshot 6GRIDCo SMP screenshot 7GRIDCo SMP screenshot 8GRIDCo SMP screenshot 9GRIDCo SMP screenshot 10

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RemotePC (Legacy) Latest Version APK for Android

RemotePC (Legacy) download
RemotePC (Legacy) download

Install RemotePC on your Android device and remotely access your computer. RemotePC (Legacy) is offered by Pro Softnet Corporation. Last Updated: June 24, 2016. Current Version: 3.1

Install the RemotePC app on your mobile devices and access your computer remotely from

anywhere. You can connect to your office or home computers remotely, at after hours or on the fly,

and work on documents including emails, and applications.


*The RemotePC app lets you connect to any remote computer instantly given that the

computer has an active Internet connection and the RemotePC application installed on it.

*Keep the communication between your mobile devices and home/office computer

protected using TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encrption.

*Participate in team work with your friends or colleagues by accessing their remote

computers to work on presentations, documents or view photos, files and folders.

*Access your PCs and Macs via your mobile devices.

Latest Updates

Improvements made to connection time.

Bug fixes for User Issues.

Implemented Peer to Peer connection for better performance.

Optimized TCP connection for better performance.

Added special keys(Ctrl,Alt,Tab) to Android keyboard.


RemotePC (Legacy) 2017

Download RemotePC (Legacy) APK for Android

RemotePC (Legacy) 3.1 screenshot

RemotePC (Legacy) screenshot 0RemotePC (Legacy) screenshot 1RemotePC (Legacy) screenshot 2RemotePC (Legacy) screenshot 3RemotePC (Legacy) screenshot 4RemotePC (Legacy) screenshot 5RemotePC (Legacy) screenshot 6RemotePC (Legacy) screenshot 7

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OMAS Food Machinery Latest Version APK for Android

OMAS Food Machinery apk
OMAS Food Machinery apk

Professional slicers to fly automatic and electrical OMAS. OMAS Food Machinery is offered by Ugo Battagin. Last Updated: June 24, 2016. Current Version: Updating…

Omas Spa was founded in 1950 with the aim of fornitre butcheries and grocery stores slicers and other equipment needed to meat processing. It was founded in 1950 as the original slicer flywheel Omas: the model S9, the first produced in the area. In the sixties the evolution and improvements in slicing machines and other machines produced by Omas continue, the company has reached an important international presence that is not limited to Europe alone: ​​in 1962 Omas comes first in the Far East and then arrives in Australia . The increase of production is such that in 1964 opens a aluminum foundry in order to better control the melting characteristics and quality of the components and the metal used for the construction of products Omas. The foundry still accompanies the firm’s assets.
The strengths of the company, his pride, are first and foremost the continuous technological research, innovation, strong business diversification, from America to the Far East, the guarantee of the high quality of materials and production processes, all secured from the expertise acquired over the more than sixty years, the capabilities of its engineers and workers, who over the years have internalized the school enterprise They guarantee the quality of products. Omas is characterized for keeping soul craft parallel to deep technological evolution and the constant renewal of equipment, space and processing techniques. This allows it to meet the needs of each client and tailor production to the most demanding customers. The company looks a bit ‘at a dressmaking couture.
Product innovation remains over the years and now more than ever the best strategy to counter foreign competition benefited from lower costs. The best way to ensure the highest quality of materials and processes you can control them from start to finish: from the foundry to anodising and polishing the pieces, by turning to the assembly of every part of the machine, each process takes place within the Omas structures in Italy. And in Omas we believe that a product is not only an object, but represents all the people who contributed to its construction, by those who have thought about the project, who melted metal to those who have worked and then assembled at all those who are committed every day to do a good job. Nothing can escape, no detail is left to chance and only in this way the experience of a solid company like Omas is able to adapt every day to new market demands: innovate without losing sight of the long experience of these sixty years of work.

What’s New

Download automatico dei contenuti al primo avvio


OMAS Food Machinery 2017

OMAS Food Machinery APK

Download OMAS Food Machinery

Download OMAS Food Machinery APK

OMAS Food Machinery for Android

Download OMAS Food Machinery for Android

Download OMAS Food Machinery APK for Android

OMAS Food Machinery Updating… screenshot

OMAS Food Machinery screenshot 0OMAS Food Machinery screenshot 1

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Cel-Fi Wave Latest Version APK for Android

Cel-Fi Wave download
Cel-Fi Wave download

The Cel-Fi Wave app is used to communicate with your Cel-Fi signal booster. Cel-Fi Wave is offered by Nextivity Inc. Last Updated: June 24, 2016. Current Version: 01.06.31

The Cel-Fi Wave app will communicate with your Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster via Bluetooth and can be used for:

• Registering your Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster.
• Monitoring your Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster.
• Updating the Software in your Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster.
• Configuring some hardware features in your Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster.

Cel-Fi is the safest, most advanced, smart signal booster available, designed to eliminate in-building dead zones and improve indoor mobile 3G and 4G (LTE) phone reception.

Go to to learn more about “Wave Cel-Fi”, Cel-Fi, and other Nextivity products.

Latest Updates

Minor update.


Cel-Fi Wave 2017

Download Cel-Fi Wave

Download Cel-Fi Wave APK

Cel-Fi Wave for Android

Download Cel-Fi Wave for Android

Download Cel-Fi Wave APK for Android

Cel-Fi Wave 01.06.31 screenshot

Cel-Fi Wave screenshot 0Cel-Fi Wave screenshot 1Cel-Fi Wave screenshot 2Cel-Fi Wave screenshot 3Cel-Fi Wave screenshot 4

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