Winscribe Professional Latest Version APK for Android

download Winscribe Professional apk
download Winscribe Professional apk

The dictation application for legal and professional users. Winscribe Professional is offered by Winscribe Development. Last Updated: June 20, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.10

Winscribe Professional™, the dictation application for legal and professional users, allows you to use your Android smartphone or tablet to create dictations effortlessly, send them instantaneously for transcription and review completed documents on your smartphone, all while on the move.

Important: Downloading Winscribe Professional is free of charge. Once downloaded, the application can record and store dictation jobs; however in order to progress further to send, transcribe and create documents, the user needs to have a Winscribe server licence. Please contact Winscribe for further information at:

To utilize barcode scanning functionality please first download the free ZXing barcode add-on from the Android Marketplace

Part of the Winscribe mobility suite, Winscribe Professional offers an easy to use, sleek dictation application for Android touchscreen devices. It streamlines and simplifies the dictation process and speeds up work turnaround with full recording capabilities, secure voice and data transmission, speech recognition integration and online/offline functionality.

Note: This application replaces the original Winscribe Digital Dictation™ application. Existing customers may switch to Winscribe Professional free of charge, using your existing Winscribe server licence.

Transmission of dictation files occurs via HTTPS protocol to ensure the highest levels of client confidentiality. Enhanced visibility and control gives users the ability to view where jobs are at in the transcription process, and modify workflows accordingly.

Winscribe Professional features a number of enhancements over the original Winscribe Digital Dictation for Android™ Application:

• The new app allows customers to use their favourite Winscribe app not only on their smartphone but also on their Android tablet which provides today’s professionals with even more flexibility to get their work done.
• It now features enhanced security, including device lock down options and encryption of audio files on your SD card.

Some functionalities that are unique to Winscribe’s suite of dictation applications for Android:

• Picture Attachment & Geo-Location functionality allows yous to attach pictures, and utilize geo-location functionality to easily add the user’s location to the dictation file (including a map). For full photo functionality, the device requires a minimum memory capacity of 512 MB.

• Barcode scanning technology – Winscribe Professional utilizes innovative barcode scanning technology allowing you to scan client information and pre-populate document templates with demographic information. This technology is particularly useful for lawyers that use barcodes on their paper files or as part of their practice management system. Simply scan a barcode and dictations are attached directly to the corresponding record. Not only does this technology help streamline your transcription process, it also ensures data consistency and eliminates the risk of incorrect data assignment. Winscribe Professional can even go further and use “QR codes” and “data matrix” type codes to feed the application with complex data even faster.

• Graphical User Interface based on customer feedback – One of the highlights of the new application is its new, user friendly and intuitive interface based on our customer’s feedback. The new interface requires a minimal number of clicks to create, send and review dictations which will help the users get their job done quicker and therefore improve their overall efficiency.

Winscribe Professional is designed to run on all Android phones with touchscreen capabilities on OS 1.6 or higher, and a Secure Digital (SD) card, as well as on Android Tablets.

What’s New

Corrected number of results on search screen.

Restored Record Beep feature.

Optimized audio quality for speech recognition when set on high.


Winscribe Professional 2017

Download Winscribe Professional APK for Android

Winscribe Professional 1.1.10 screenshot

Winscribe Professional screenshot 0Winscribe Professional screenshot 1Winscribe Professional screenshot 2Winscribe Professional screenshot 3Winscribe Professional screenshot 4Winscribe Professional screenshot 5Winscribe Professional screenshot 6

Winscribe Professional apk video

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Construction Productivity App Latest Version APK for Android

Construction Productivity App apk
Construction Productivity App apk

Measure what is produced and billable for the costs or hours expended. Construction Productivity App is offered by Stevens Construction Institute, Inc.. Last Updated: June 20, 2016. Current Version: 1.1

From the author of McGraw Hill books, “The Construction MBA” and “Managing a Construction Firm on Just 24 Hours a Day”, a key app for all field and office professionals to use. It is the Construction Labor Productivity Calculator.

The Labor Hours (or Cost) versus Physical Progress Calculation has to be viewed as a critical metric for any contractor. Our app has both to use. It measures “what is produced and billable for the cost (or hours) expended”. This simple metric largely determines profitability on each job and in total, each company. Successful projects make for successful construction firms. It is a one-way street. Our research indicates 90% of all cost overruns are caused by labor issues on projects, so keeping a close eye on this direct cost should be a daily focus. Having daily comparisons and projections of total cost is what this app delivers. Daily updates keeps management proactivity high.

Each app is customizable. 50 unique tasks and cost codes may be inputted along with their budget and units estimated. Units completed, hours expended and cost accumulated can be updated each day or week. The calculator computes immediately.

There are two calculators in this app. 1) Labor hours 2) Cost. Each is measured against physical progress. You can use one or both at the same time.

Physical progress is measured in completed units. If there are x units of total work in a task then, placing the completed work units gives the exact percent complete. It is a control feature. The executive can physically count or measure work completed as a double check. For set-up of a task, place hours needed along with a unit count of 1. This will keep a slow start due to set up isolated.

The app will project a best case and worst case outcome. For instances where a savings is projected, the numbers will be negative (-). The reverse is true for unproductive (loss) situations. This makes the report accurate and honest.

What’s New

Updated logo and minor layout issues


Construction Productivity App 2017

Construction Productivity App APK

Download Construction Productivity App

Download Construction Productivity App APK

Construction Productivity App for Android

Download Construction Productivity App for Android

Download Construction Productivity App APK for Android

Construction Productivity App 1.1 screenshot

Construction Productivity App screenshot 0Construction Productivity App screenshot 1Construction Productivity App screenshot 2Construction Productivity App screenshot 3Construction Productivity App screenshot 4Construction Productivity App screenshot 5

Download apk file:

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Sensor Monitor Latest Version APK for Android

Sensor Monitor apk
Sensor Monitor apk

Monitor sensor values and give you notifications when the values out of range. Sensor Monitor is offered by SQZSoft. Last Updated: June 20, 2016. Current Version: 1.6

View and monitor sensor values, give you notifications when the values are out of range.

**** Supported Sensors ****
AC Power
Battery Percentage
Linear Accelteration
Magnetic Field
Rotation Vector
(More sensors will add…)

**** Supported Notifications ****
* Task bar notification
* Vibrate
* Play sound (8+ different alarm sounds)
* Auto send SMS to multiple numbers
* Auto send Emails to multiple addresses, optionally take a picture as attachment (Supports SMTP / SMTPs servers)
* Auto call to your phone number
* Auto send HTTP request to your web server
(More notifications will add…)

**** Other Unique Functions ****
*NEW* When send email notifications, can optionally take a picture as attachment. So you can see current real environment. For example you can put some physical meter in front of the camera. Camera can be front or back side, and flashlight can be set ON or OFF. The picture size also can be set to fit your network speed;
* Can monitor sensor is “BELOW” or “ABOVE” status, for example can detect temperature is above or below the value specified. Each status can set different alarms, for example alarm sound can be different;
* Auto start app when device boot up;
* Auto start specified sensor when app start;
* Full screen mode to display on the big screen TV, to let you see the status instantly (Can also optionally display full screen when this application launched);
* Auto send status function, will be able to send SMS / Email messages / HTTP request to you by fixed interval, or time points daily. So you can know this application is still running or stopped by some issues(For example os crash, battery run out…);
* Powerful log function, can set log level, and auto remove expired logs (Max expired date can be set). Also be able to export logs to text files with optional date range, log level etc.

**** Application Examples ****
[AC Power]
Sensor Monitor will send HTTP request to your server which equipped with a UPS when power failure, to let the server safely shutdown as soon as possible (you need to run your own script on your server). You can also get SMS / Email / Phone call from Sensor Monitor;

Put your phone which running Sensor Monitor into the storage room, protect your things if current humidity is too low / high;

[Magnetic Field]
Give you alarms when you are under strong magnetic field environment (For example beside an transmit antenna). Typically under > xxuT environment will be harmful for your body.

Detect server room current temperature, and send alarms to you if the air-conditioner is not working properly, to prevent your server running over heat;

**** Important notice ****
Free version can only run the service 24h everytime, and plus Ads. Please use the in-app purchase function to upgrade to full version to remove these limitations;

Humidity and Temperature Sensor only tested on Samsung Galaxy S4;

This application just use the phone sensor to measure, may not be accurate, please use it at your own risk. SQZSoft does not responsiable for any lost when you use this application;

Bug report and suggestions please send email to:

What’s New

V1.6 released on June 21, 2016

**** Fixed Bugs ****

1. The sensor value cannot input floating decimal


Sensor Monitor 2017

Sensor Monitor 1.6 screenshot

Sensor Monitor screenshot 0Sensor Monitor screenshot 1Sensor Monitor screenshot 2Sensor Monitor screenshot 3Sensor Monitor screenshot 4Sensor Monitor screenshot 5Sensor Monitor screenshot 6Sensor Monitor screenshot 7Sensor Monitor screenshot 8

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Task Triage Latest Version APK for Android

Task Triage apk
Task Triage apk

Productivity Made Easy. Task Triage is offered by Solaryclipse. Last Updated: June 20, 2016. Current Version: 2.4

Take pride as you cross off your tasks in this clean and simple to-do list. Just swipe a task to complete it.

A clean and simple to-do list. Just get it done and cross it off.

Automatic task prioritizing to help you be more productive without the effort of deciding what you should do next.

-Clean design
-Intuitive controls
-Reminder notifications
-Home screen widgets
-Sub tasks
-Recurring tasks
-Cloud sync

100% Free: That means no ads, no locked features, and no paid version. I wanted to make something that anyone can use to become more productive.

Latest Updates

There were a couple bugs that needed squashing so I squished them. Not much most people will notice, but if you see some splatters, you’ll know why.


Task Triage 2017

Download Task Triage APK for Android

Task Triage 2.4 screenshot

Task Triage screenshot 0Task Triage screenshot 1Task Triage screenshot 2Task Triage screenshot 3Task Triage screenshot 4Task Triage screenshot 5Task Triage screenshot 6Task Triage screenshot 7Task Triage screenshot 8

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seNotes Plus – notes widget Latest Version APK for Android

seNotes Plus - notes widget download
seNotes Plus – notes widget download

seNotes Plus – sticky notes widget. seNotes Plus – notes widget is offered by Eugene Shiloff. Last Updated: June 20, 2016. Current Version: 1.1

Simple and easy to use sticky notes widget. Just type and go idea.
Mulitple colors and sizes to choose from.
Share and copy features
Android ICS ready

Latest Updates

small fixes.


seNotes Plus – notes widget 2017

Download seNotes Plus – notes widget APK for Android

seNotes Plus – notes widget 1.1 screenshot

seNotes Plus - notes widget screenshot 0seNotes Plus - notes widget screenshot 1seNotes Plus - notes widget screenshot 2seNotes Plus - notes widget screenshot 3seNotes Plus - notes widget screenshot 4

Download apk file for android:

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My Installation in 3 clicks SP Latest Version APK for Android

My Installation in 3 clicks SP apk
My Installation in 3 clicks SP apk

MIE3CYour electrical quotation tool. My Installation in 3 clicks SP is offered by Schneider Electric SE. Last Updated: June 20, 2016. Current Version: 2.3.2

!!! Warning !!!
This smartphone version of My Installation in 3 clicks is deprecated. Please, download the last version of the application at

Schneider electric makes available a fast booting and playful tool for free which will enable you to get a complete bill of material based on the NF C 15-100 standard.
-Electric panel
-Ultra terminal material (switches, outlets…)

Update V2.3.0:
· Add Resi9 range and doors box
· Management of portrait and landscape orientations
· Unification of the smartphone and tablet versions
· Minor bug fixes
· Ergonomic optimizations

Update 2.0.0 :
· Manage total and partial renovation projects.
· Export to BatiResi your project.

Update V1.1.0 :
· Apply a rate per family on the hardware price
· Display the quote order by material family with the detail price if needed.
· Select and display the ultra terminal finish
· More utltra terminal material available
· Manage RJ45 communication case
· Add project labour cost
· Add material


My Installation in 3 clicks SP 2017

Download My Installation in 3 clicks SP for Android

Download My Installation in 3 clicks SP APK for Android

My Installation in 3 clicks SP 2.3.2 screenshot

My Installation in 3 clicks SP screenshot 0My Installation in 3 clicks SP screenshot 1My Installation in 3 clicks SP screenshot 2My Installation in 3 clicks SP screenshot 3My Installation in 3 clicks SP screenshot 4My Installation in 3 clicks SP screenshot 5My Installation in 3 clicks SP screenshot 6My Installation in 3 clicks SP screenshot 7My Installation in 3 clicks SP screenshot 8

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Customers & Commissions on Map Latest Version APK for Android

Customers & Commissions on Map download
Customers & Commissions on Map download

The easy way to see your customers and commissions on map. Customers & Commissions on Map is offered by Sandro Troncone. Last Updated: June 20, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.2

The easy way to see your customers and commissions on map


Customers & Commissions on Map 2017

Download Customers & Commissions on Map for Android

Download Customers & Commissions on Map APK for Android

Customers & Commissions on Map 1.2.2 screenshot

Customers & Commissions on Map screenshot 0Customers & Commissions on Map screenshot 1Customers & Commissions on Map screenshot 2Customers & Commissions on Map screenshot 3

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