WineSeq Latest Version APK for Android

WineSeq download
WineSeq download

WineSeq App links clients to portal tools, such as registering samples. WineSeq is offered by Biome Makers Inc.. Last Updated: May 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.3.5

WineSeq App is part of the suite of winemaking microbiome analysis tools created by Biome Makers.

After receiving a WINESEQ Terroir sample kit, clients can use this app to register the vineyard soil samples — providing such data as a sample site photo (which automatically generate geographical data), grape variety and age of the vineyard, etc.

Wine is alive!
Wine is the product of the many interactions of a living microbial community. Each wine has its own microbial ecosystem – a unique fingerprint that determines the ultimate characteristics and flavor of the wine.

The soil is the origin of these micro-fermentative species. The soil microbiome of a vineyard conditions the spontaneous and natural fermentation of grape must, and, in turn, the quality of the vinification process.

WINESEQ provides cutting-edge, DNA-based analyses of vineyard soils to identify and measure their microbiological communities, offering a unique way of analyzing wine and plant health, managing risk, and comparing different vineyard “terroir” worldwide.

What’s New

Complete portal redesign, adding many new features adapted to mobile devices.

(Update: Native top-bar removed for extra screen space.)


WineSeq 2017

WineSeq for Android

Download WineSeq for Android

Download WineSeq APK for Android

WineSeq 1.3.5 screenshot

WineSeq screenshot 0WineSeq screenshot 1WineSeq screenshot 2WineSeq screenshot 3

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RFID Scout Latest Version APK for Android

RFID Scout download
RFID Scout download

RFID Scout is a FREE app that helps you simply and efficiently check inventory. RFID Scout is offered by VECTARE. Last Updated: May 31, 2016. Current Version: 3.14

RFID Scout is a FREE app that helps small businesses and organizations simply and efficiently check inventory at hand and update their computerized inventory lists.

RFID Scout requires a TLS-1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader to get started.
Launch RFID scout with a CSV file or open the app independently to create inventory on the fly.


– RFID Scout simply and easily connects to the TLS-1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader
– Search out RFID labeled inventory with a SINGLE press of the button.
– Once an inventory item is found, it is confirmed by scanning the items barcode.
– After you’ve completed inventory the data can be output to a CSV file.

TO LAUNCH RFID Scout with a CSV file

– Email your CSV inventory file to the phone where RFID Scout is installed
– If prompted to select an app – click on the RFID Scout icon.


– When importing a CSV file each row should be separate inventory item.
– The columns the CSV file contains can vary,
– RFID Scout expects certain columns for proper operation.

(The barcode the item is tagged with to confirm the item is present once found.)

(The Electronic Product Code the item is tagged with, and is used to find it in a room.)

(Description of the item for clarification on what is being searched for.)

(The expected location of the item )

Not required, but can be in the CSV file and will be imported for item clarification are as follows:

– “Inventory #”

-“Asset #”

– MFG Serial Number #”

– When searching for inventory the list of devices will change as they are found.
– To search with RFID hold down the 1128 trigger button.
– When a device EPC is read via RFID its row will glow yellow, and the phone will vibrate and issue a beep.
– The devices’ row text turns blue to denote that it was found with RFID.
– When getting closer to a device Ithe EPC will be read more frequently and highlighted to indicate that it is close.
– After being found with RFID the device can be confirmed by double clicking the 1128 trigger and scanning the device barcode.
– This will result in the row turning green to indicate it has been found and scanned.
– Clicking on the device row will open a box that shows the details of the item,

Press the the “FINISH” button when you are done and email the results to yourself or other designated email.

That’s all you need to start tracking and scouting your inventory!


RFID Scout 2017

RFID Scout for Android

Download RFID Scout for Android

Download RFID Scout APK for Android

RFID Scout 3.14 screenshot

RFID Scout screenshot 0RFID Scout screenshot 1

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Baby Phone Latest Version APK for Android

download Baby Phone apk
download Baby Phone apk

Your phone notifies you as soon as baby wakes up. Baby Phone is offered by TimeOns. Last Updated: May 31, 2016. Current Version: 4.2

We developed this app for our baby and using it

Put a phone or tablet into baby room. Take the other phone near you. Enable wifi or cellular internet for both devices.
Set the sensitivity according to ambient noise and distance of phone to your baby
When your baby wakes up or make noise your phone alert you loudly.

On both devices (baby room and parent phone) internet access must be enables

The phone in baby room will be automatically in silent mode. When the phone in baby room rings, you can see on the phone near you

ATTENTION : Don’t keep close the phone to your baby or it’s pillow. Put it a few steps beyond to your baby !
Although there are no absolute scientific datas which wireless devices (phone, tablet, pc, modem etc.) may harmful for human health, it’s considered that high powered or kept close wireless devices can be harmful.

What’s New

marshmallow permissions, fix errors, language pack


Baby Phone APK

Download Baby Phone

Download Baby Phone APK

Baby Phone for Android

Download Baby Phone for Android

Download Baby Phone APK for Android

Baby Phone 4.2 screenshot

Baby Phone screenshot 0Baby Phone screenshot 1Baby Phone screenshot 2Baby Phone screenshot 3Baby Phone screenshot 4Baby Phone screenshot 5Baby Phone screenshot 6Baby Phone screenshot 7Baby Phone screenshot 8

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UTS Link Latest Version APK for Android

UTS Link apk
UTS Link apk

Mobile application for the students of University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). UTS Link is offered by Rupantor. Last Updated: May 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.1

This is a helping mobile application for the students of University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Check our web app as well

What’s New

1. Back button bug problem fixed



Download UTS Link

Download UTS Link APK

UTS Link for Android

Download UTS Link for Android

Download UTS Link APK for Android

UTS Link 1.1 screenshot

UTS Link screenshot 0UTS Link screenshot 1

See detail information and download apk file for android:

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RSS Feeder Latest Version APK for Android

RSS Feeder apk
RSS Feeder apk

RSSFeeder allow you add feeds and podcast of your favourite website on Android. RSS Feeder is offered by AppFishers Inc.. Last Updated: May 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.3

RSSFeeder is an app that allows you add feeds and podcast of your favourite website on Android.

RSSFeeder makes it easy for you to add and stay updated on your favourite site RSS feed or Podcast.
Whether its a News feed or Podcast for your personal website or favourite website, RSSFeeder makes it simple.

– Real Time Background Notification & Alert for every update
– Share Posts you love easily on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, SMS and more.
– Simple Navigation
– Favourite News/Post(s) option
– Translate to over 10 languages
– Switch Theme to preferred choice
– Automatic update
– Switch to preferred layout (Grid or List)
– Sort articles by date, read, title etc
and lots more.

What’s New

-New Theme Added


RSS Feeder 2017

RSS Feeder APK

Download RSS Feeder

Download RSS Feeder APK

RSS Feeder for Android

Download RSS Feeder for Android

Download RSS Feeder APK for Android

RSS Feeder 1.3 screenshot

RSS Feeder screenshot 0RSS Feeder screenshot 1RSS Feeder screenshot 2

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QusaWiki Latest Version APK for Android

download QusaWiki apk
download QusaWiki apk

The personal Wiki app for your Android phones and tablets. QusaWiki is offered by QusaWare. Last Updated: May 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.5.8

QusaWiki is a personal wiki app which stores all of its content locally on your phone or tablet. Use QusaWiki to store lists, notes and personal knowledge databases. QusaWiki wikis are standard SQLite database files and so can be shared between your different phones and tablets just by copying the file. This is especially useful if you own both a phone and tablet (or phones and tablets!); install QusaWiki everywhere and then share your data.

A QusaWiki page entry consists of a title and some body content, where the title is used as a unique key and the body content is text with special wiki markup characters (which determine how the entry is displayed in the QusaWiki browser). Entries are stored in a Wiki file in your phone or tablet’s external storage area (typically built-in storage or often an added SD card). Entries can be linked to other entries in the same database to provide for a browsable set of Wiki pages.

What can QusaWiki do?

QusaWiki can present entries either in a dictionary mode or as a classic wiki. In dictionary mode, a search screen allows for the user to search for entries to display using keywords in either the title or the body content. In wiki mode, one entry is opened as the default root entry from which other entries are reached via links.

QusaWiki supports tables within entries, internal page navigation to headings and the use of external CSS stylesheet files to provide advanced control of how QusaWiki displays your content.

Works on all phones and tablets running versions of Android from Gingerbread (2.3) to Nougat (7.x) and implements Material Design.

Note: Please only download this application if you have suitable storage on your phone or tablet for the database files. The only permissions required for QusaWiki are read/write access to your external storage.

Please enjoy and do not hesitate to get in contact with any issues, queries or feature suggestions. If you love this app then please leave a review, otherwise get in touch!

Latest Updates


* NEW Handle Marshmallow on demand permissions

* FIX Fix crash for long lived page views


QusaWiki 2017

QusaWiki APK

Download QusaWiki

Download QusaWiki APK

QusaWiki for Android

Download QusaWiki for Android

Download QusaWiki APK for Android

QusaWiki 1.5.8 screenshot

QusaWiki screenshot 0QusaWiki screenshot 1QusaWiki screenshot 2QusaWiki screenshot 3QusaWiki screenshot 4QusaWiki screenshot 5QusaWiki screenshot 6QusaWiki screenshot 7

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Office to go Latest Version APK for Android

Office to go download
Office to go download

Office to go, your perfect mobile working companion. Office to go is offered by CSL Mobile Limited. Last Updated: May 31, 2016. Current Version: 3.3.0

Office to go, your perfect mobile working companion.
Office to go is an all-in-one mobile application integrating document scanner, PDF annotation, photo & video shooting, web-to-PDF conversion and eFax*.
Together with Cloud synchronization, files are seamlessly and securely backed up.
* available to designated 1O1O/csl. business customer only

Latest Updates

User interface updated


Office to go 2017

Download Office to go

Download Office to go APK

Office to go for Android

Download Office to go for Android

Download Office to go APK for Android

Office to go 3.3.0 screenshot

Office to go screenshot 0Office to go screenshot 1Office to go screenshot 2Office to go screenshot 3Office to go screenshot 4Office to go screenshot 5

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