Statusino Latest Version APK for Android

Statusino apk
Statusino apk

Mobile connection with your NMR lab. Statusino is offered by Spektrino. Last Updated: March 31, 2016. Current Version: 0.1.10

Statusino allows you to monitor NMR spectrometers using smartphone. It shows current status of acquisition, what pulse sequence is running and time to end the experiment…

To obtain a license for your lab please contact at:
You can also check the app using the “test data” by typing Access code: test1
To obtain the Access code for your NMR facility please contact your Lab Manager

Latest Updates

Prodigy Probe monitoring

Adjusted Cryoprobe allert levels.


Statusino 2017

Download Statusino APK for Android

Statusino 0.1.10 screenshot

Statusino screenshot 0Statusino screenshot 1Statusino screenshot 2Statusino screenshot 3Statusino screenshot 4Statusino screenshot 5

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