WINCor ATM Translator Latest Version APK for Android

WINCor ATM Translator apk
WINCor ATM Translator apk

The program for service engineers serving brand ATMs Wincor. WINCor ATM Translator is offered by SISAgent. Last Updated: March 27, 2016. Current Version:

The program is intended for service engineers serving brand ATMs Wincor.
The program is designed to provide information about errors that occur when the diagnosis and repair of CCDM and CMD_V4 modules.
Error information is presented in English with a very clear description of the problem and ways to solve it.

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What’s New

Появилась поддержка языков:



Теперь программа поддерживает версию андроида с 2.3.3

Добавлены ошибки термопринтера TP-07

Исправлена проблема в отображении ошибки купюроприемника №63


WINCor ATM Translator 2017

WINCor ATM Translator screenshot

WINCor ATM Translator screenshot 0WINCor ATM Translator screenshot 1WINCor ATM Translator screenshot 2WINCor ATM Translator screenshot 3WINCor ATM Translator screenshot 4WINCor ATM Translator screenshot 5

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Chroma Latest Version APK for Android

Chroma download
Chroma download

Get the color in a colorful handy way!. Chroma is offered by SiKni8. Last Updated: March 27, 2016. Current Version: 3.2

This application comes in handy for people who wants to see the produced color of a given format (Hex or RGB). Very useful for Web Designers, Graphic Artists, and alike who wants to look up colors without having to load up memory intensive applications on their mobile devices.

++ Updated Interface
++ Supports Standard and Tablet Size Screens

Latest Updates


++ Minor bug fixes.

++ Note: This app does NOT change the bar color on devices that is running KitKat – Future updates my include the feature.


Chroma 2017

Download Chroma APK for Android

Chroma 3.2 screenshot

Chroma screenshot 0Chroma screenshot 1Chroma screenshot 2

Download apk file for your android phone:

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Lawyer Latest Version APK for Android

Lawyer download
Lawyer download

Do not waste time looking for lawyers to respond to your inquiries!. Lawyer is offered by Lawyer App Developer. Last Updated: March 27, 2016. Current Version: 1.1

The LAWYER APP, is a focused application for Advocatício branch in order to facilitate and enable the hiring of corresponding lawyers and the lawyer of the application available to perform the steps provided.
The application came before the daily difficulties of Lawyers in hiring corresponding to perform acts.
The correspondents Search is exhausting, it takes several links, tireless searches by the internet and some statements that are not always successful.
In addition to facilitating the hiring of correspondents, enables lawyers and trainees (registered in OAB), to apply for carrying out the steps proposed.
Contracting Lawyers should record the data of diligence in the application and provide the service. Already contracted lawyers are applying to carry out due diligence.
When applying to conduct diligence lawyer or trainee (registered in OAB) should put the value of the service, so the Contracting Lawyer may evaluate the proposals that will best meet your demand.
However, the Lawyer is easily accessible application aimed at facilitating the search for appropriate and lead to lawyers and trainees (registered in OAB) a new way to improve their income.

What’s New

Melhoria retorno de cidades.


Lawyer 2017

Lawyer for Android

Download Lawyer for Android

Download Lawyer APK for Android

Lawyer 1.1 screenshot

Lawyer screenshot 0Lawyer screenshot 1Lawyer screenshot 2Lawyer screenshot 3Lawyer screenshot 4

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ReXsa Cell Latest Version APK for Android

download ReXsa Cell apk
download ReXsa Cell apk

Android Apps REXSA CELL create Rexsa Community Member Setia .. FREE !!. ReXsa Cell is offered by myserver. Last Updated: March 27, 2016. Current Version: 2.0

REXSA CELL – Offers Credit Content wherever and whenever

Want List ??
Type REXSA # Name # Address
Example: REXSA # MajuMapanCell # Jakrta North
Send to 08999556559

Joint Business Pulse CELL REXSA be Easy
With mobile capital, without the need to have a counter, already open job opportunities or businesses to sell credits. These business opportunities are very promising and anyone can do it. CELL REXSA system provides the operator with all the pulse with the lowest price, a reliable server and a good support.
We and Mobile, now it seems can no longer be separated.
Almost everyone already has mobile phones and mobile phone prices are increasingly affordable. Some say that the human staple food after rice is a Toll
Mobile users from day to day increasing in number, and include your own users.
Why not take advantage of HP’s thinking of your hip, Ya Business Pulse Electronics?
With strong determination, could be the income of the business of charging pulses will exceed your income from other jobs.
One more thing that matters !! Toll selling is not like selling other goods, because you do not need to be a whiz Marketing or Marketing.
Toll is everywhere the same, and people always reload and fill pulses.
Look around us, our brothers, our parents, friends inside and outside the School, College or office, all carrying mobile phones, and all will always reload when depleted. This is a great opportunity for you to retrieve.
So … , Why wait ?,

CELL REXSA android app is a free mobile application for the members REXSA CELL faithful wherever they are. This application allows you to perform a variety of transactions such as toll charging, purchasing electricity token, post-paid bill payment, purchase vouchers games, etc.
With this app, you can easily check the current pulse price, view transaction history recap, your balance changes history, downline activity, chat with customer service, and so forth.

The features available in the app:
– Payment methods available: BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI and Shared ATM ★
– Completion of pulses / purchase electricity tokens
– Payment of postpaid bills (electricity, PDAM, Telkom, etc.)
– Purchase internet voucher / Pulse Data
– Purchase vouchers game
– Features chat messenger that connects directly with our credit server engine
– Features chat with customer service
– Check balances and account information
– Check the price realtime
– Addition of the balance with the ticketing system
– Check the transaction history recap
– Check recap history changes the balance (balance transfers, plus balances, transactions, etc.)
– View agent and their downline referrals an agent transaction activity
– Features enrolled agent downline
– Balance transfers to agents downline
– Feature App Lock to secure the application of the hands of others
– etc
Features will continue to develop in order to always provide the best.


ReXsa Cell 2017

ReXsa Cell 2.0 screenshot

ReXsa Cell screenshot 0ReXsa Cell screenshot 1ReXsa Cell screenshot 2ReXsa Cell screenshot 3ReXsa Cell screenshot 4ReXsa Cell screenshot 5ReXsa Cell screenshot 6ReXsa Cell screenshot 7

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Nativnux Aquarium Logger Latest Version APK for Android

Nativnux Aquarium Logger apk
Nativnux Aquarium Logger apk

Tired of keeping a log book on your aquariums ? Not anymore!. Nativnux Aquarium Logger is offered by Nativnux. Last Updated: March 27, 2016. Current Version: 2.6

Tired of keeping a log book on your aquariums ?

This application is an electronic version of a log book. It helps you keep track of all measurements / observations – and it makes it easy to check on the history of your aquarium.

There’s no predefined set of measurements (kH, pH, etc …), you are in control of all these types of actions. The application comes preinstalled with a basic set of actions, but you can edit / delete / add new ones. For example, it is not uncommon to have various sets of Calcium measurements kits (Sera, or Hanna, etc …) thus you can add both of them and input values depending on which one you use.

With a quick glance you have access to the history of your aquarium which helps planing ahead or determining whatever you need to do.

There are two types of actions. Repeating actions (you have full control defining them based on your needs) as well as notes you consider worthy of mentioning. Do you notice a plant started to grow better ? Or a coral ? Add it as a note. Did you do a water change, measured pH or added some type of fertilizer ? Add it as an entry of that type and then specify the value.

– You can track as many aquariums you want.
– Unlimited number of log entries for each aquarium.
– Unlimited number of types of actions that you can add (and you can remove the predefined ones)
– Database import / export for backup purposes.
– English / French translations
– Grouping of actions by days in relative time: “X days ago”.
– You can add / remove photos for each log entry (to keep track of plants / fish / coral growth)
– No Privacy Permisions requested (Internet permissions to be able to serve ads, sdcard access permission needed for the log file as well as for the Database Import / Export operations).
– Charting ability for actions (it uses the first number found on the Value line, so you can anything else around the number as long as you use space around it to separate it from the text). You can select multiple actions to have them charted at once.
– Export to Excel (.xlsx)
– Calendar reminders for each activity of an aquarium.
– Searching within the log entries of each aquarium. You can search by name / value.
– Navigation Drawer for ease of switching between aquariums.
– Basic Stopwatch

Ads can be eliminated from the application by buying the Pro Unlocker:

If you have feedback or ideas that might help improve the application or the chores of maintaining the aquarium, please use the “Send feedback” feature.


PS: the screenshots are for the unlocked version of the application.

What’s New

Version 2.6

– Height of list entries depending on entry content.

– Updated support libraries to most recent version.

– Android 2.3 is now the minimum supported version (due to the ads version upgrade)


Nativnux Aquarium Logger 2017

Download Nativnux Aquarium Logger for Android

Download Nativnux Aquarium Logger APK for Android

Nativnux Aquarium Logger 2.6 screenshot

Nativnux Aquarium Logger screenshot 0Nativnux Aquarium Logger screenshot 1Nativnux Aquarium Logger screenshot 2Nativnux Aquarium Logger screenshot 3Nativnux Aquarium Logger screenshot 4Nativnux Aquarium Logger screenshot 5Nativnux Aquarium Logger screenshot 6Nativnux Aquarium Logger screenshot 7

Detail information and download apk file:

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Free Recharge Swipe Latest Version APK for Android

download Free Recharge Swipe apk
download Free Recharge Swipe apk

This is the free app that has great opportunity to earn. Free Recharge Swipe is offered by Make Money Apps. Last Updated: March 27, 2016. Current Version: 2.1

This is new innovative app to earn free mobile recharge or cash of equivalent amount everyday just by unlocking your device. The app is very simple to use; you just have to unlock your device opposite to normal unlock screen (demonstration also shown during installation). On every unlock swipe the user will get some points and they get added after every use on that same day. The user with highest number of points will get the free recharge of that day.
Procedure to use:
1. Install the app.
2. Register by filling all the required details.
3. After registration, activate the lock and next time when you unlock the device you will see the recharge icon to swipe.
4. On wake up screen slide right to see ads or slide left to unlock device as usual.
5. Points will be awarded for every unlock.
6. Free recharge will be given to user with highest number of points on that same day.

This is the free app that has great opportunity to earn free recharges or cash of equivalent amount every day. So use your device maximum to gain highest chance of winning.

If you have trouble in getting your free instant cash or have any other issue with the app, please email to:

Note: This is free app hence supported by third party advertisements. Detailed information is provided during app installation within privacy policy.

What’s New

Bug Fixes


Free Recharge Swipe APK

Download Free Recharge Swipe

Download Free Recharge Swipe APK

Free Recharge Swipe for Android

Download Free Recharge Swipe for Android

Download Free Recharge Swipe APK for Android

Free Recharge Swipe 2.1 screenshot

Free Recharge Swipe screenshot 0Free Recharge Swipe screenshot 1Free Recharge Swipe screenshot 2Free Recharge Swipe screenshot 3Free Recharge Swipe screenshot 4Free Recharge Swipe screenshot 5Free Recharge Swipe screenshot 6Free Recharge Swipe screenshot 7

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Registro de Asistentes Latest Version APK for Android

Registro de Asistentes download
Registro de Asistentes download

Services Conferences, Exhibitions, Conventions and Events. Registro de Asistentes is offered by Jonahtan Esquivias. Last Updated: March 27, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.0

Register online, on-site registration of attendees, registration modules, name tags, lanyards, certificates.
Audiovisual equipment rental, simultaneous translation.


Registro de Asistentes 2017

Download Registro de Asistentes APK for Android

Registro de Asistentes 1.0.0 screenshot

Registro de Asistentes screenshot 0Registro de Asistentes screenshot 1Registro de Asistentes screenshot 2Registro de Asistentes screenshot 3Registro de Asistentes screenshot 4Registro de Asistentes screenshot 5Registro de Asistentes screenshot 6Registro de Asistentes screenshot 7

Download apk file:

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