ThinForms Latest Version APK for Android

download ThinForms apk
download ThinForms apk

ThinForms runs your Legacy Oracle Forms Applications Natively on Mobile Devices. ThinForms is offered by TalkingByte. Last Updated: March 20, 2016. Current Version: 1.32

TalkingByte proudly presents: ThinForms for Android
Run your Legacy Oracle Forms Applications on your Mobile Device with ThinForms!!

– No Development
– No Migration
– No Virtual Desktop, Citrix, or similar software required
– Simple, Straightforward and works Out-of-the-Box

Oracle Forms Versions supported (*):
– 9.0.4.*
– 10.1.2.*
– 11.1.1.*
– 11.2.1.*

The ThinForms App allows you to connect your mobile device directly to your Oracle Forms Application Server, and to run your Forms applications natively on your Android device.

Some ThinForms Features:
– Use ThinForms built-in keyboard to access Forms Specific Keys “F1-12, Ctrl-q, …”
– Pinch-to-Zoom enabled – zoom in and out of your Forms Application
– Streamline your Login – ThinForms can remember your Database Credentials
– Store all your Forms applications/links conveniently on your device, and start with a simple tap.

(*) The current version of ThinForms supports Oracle Forms core functionality (frmall library). Support for WebUtil features & other 3rd party libs may be considered for future releases.

Note: Once installed, ThinForms does not require an internet connection to run your Forms Application!

For more information, please visit

Please note that TalkingByte is not affiliated with Oracle, and ThinForms is not an Oracle product.

What’s New

– new Feature: Enter Oracle Forms URLs directly in the App

– new Feature: Access Oracle Forms Apps from internal networks (no internet required)

– Bugfixes


ThinForms 2017

Download ThinForms APK for Android

ThinForms 1.32 screenshot

ThinForms screenshot 0ThinForms screenshot 1ThinForms screenshot 2ThinForms screenshot 3ThinForms screenshot 4ThinForms screenshot 5ThinForms screenshot 6ThinForms screenshot 7ThinForms screenshot 8ThinForms screenshot 9ThinForms screenshot 10ThinForms screenshot 11ThinForms screenshot 12ThinForms screenshot 13ThinForms screenshot 14ThinForms screenshot 15ThinForms screenshot 16

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