Creative Wedding Card Latest Version APK for Android

download Creative Wedding Card apk
download Creative Wedding Card apk

Smart application to designed wedding invitation card..!. Creative Wedding Card is offered by Creative Era. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 3.5

Traditionally, wedding invitation is a Lots of cards that will be sent to all guests in order to inform them about the upcoming event, but the ideas of Creative Wedding Card invitations from this application they will never forget! This is a perfect opportunity to show creativity and to demonstrate it on the theme of the wedding!
Let the invitation to your wedding be remembered for a long time!
Creative Wedding Card App is a modern way to share invitations to your friends & relatives on different wedding celebrations.

● 3D Fireworks Animation.
● 3D Animation Page Turn Effects
● Background Soft Romantic Music
● Eco-friendly electronic invitations

If you Want to Create Your Own Wedding Card Application FOR FREE of Cost to Designed and Personalized as per your requirements,
Contact Us
if You have any concerns or questions feel free to contact us, send email to:

Latest Updates

New Update

Bug Fixes


Creative Wedding Card 2017

Creative Wedding Card 3.5 screenshot

Creative Wedding Card screenshot 0Creative Wedding Card screenshot 1Creative Wedding Card screenshot 2Creative Wedding Card screenshot 3Creative Wedding Card screenshot 4Creative Wedding Card screenshot 5Creative Wedding Card screenshot 6Creative Wedding Card screenshot 7

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W-Light Latest Version APK for Android

W-Light download
W-Light download

Most amazing light ever!. W-Light is offered by we-smart CO,.LTD.. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.3

This is an App for amazing bulb ever! With this app, you could experience our fantastic features:
Colorful and moving bubbles make color picking MUCH easier and intersting!
Funny games with friend, such as dance, play games, roar for competition, teach baby colors, shake, heart beat detect(our bulb will beat with your heart)!
Kinds of color-breath mode, make your life colorful and full of vitality!
Keeping optimizing for music & microphone mode, our bulb make you the king of your party! Everything follow the rhythm of you and your bulb!
Cool and easy using way to pick color from picture and camera help you take beatiful color of world to home!
With cool and warm LED, even common lighting is satified!
Even more, we prepared Group control and Scene control, those make numbers of lights to be controlled as you wish!
Want more? Just to download our app and experienc yourself!

What’s New

New 1.0, Lots of new features

1. Enable manual refresh music list

2. Enable locate a light

3. Support Lock feature

4. Support delete, reset lights

5. Support custome breaths

6. Support Clock and Countdown

7. Support Day and Night

8. Support Call-in & Sms-in detection

9. Support Do Not Disturb mode

10. Support desktop quick access widget

11. Support gradual color/cw lighting

12. Add FAQ page

13. A totally new color picker board

14. Lots of pages support auto Save&Restore user state


W-Light 2017

Download W-Light

Download W-Light APK

W-Light for Android

Download W-Light for Android

Download W-Light APK for Android

W-Light 1.0.3 screenshot

W-Light screenshot 0W-Light screenshot 1W-Light screenshot 2W-Light screenshot 3W-Light screenshot 4W-Light screenshot 5W-Light screenshot 6W-Light screenshot 7W-Light screenshot 8W-Light screenshot 9W-Light screenshot 10W-Light screenshot 11

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Taskie: Simple To-Do List Latest Version APK for Android

download Taskie: Simple To-Do List apk
download Taskie: Simple To-Do List apk

Taskie is a simple yet beautiful to-do list app that helps you get things done!. Taskie: Simple To-Do List is offered by Harmonic Motion. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

Key features:

– Task cards: count down to your tasks deadlines.
– New tasks: add new tasks in 5 seconds, no long form entry
– Achievement – look how much you have accomplished
– Stop procrastination – see how many tasks are not finished before deadlines (yeah, it’s okay… we all do that)
– Reward – get shining new badges and cards

What’s New

First version.


Taskie: Simple To-Do List 2017

Taskie: Simple To-Do List 1.0 screenshot

Taskie: Simple To-Do List screenshot 0Taskie: Simple To-Do List screenshot 1Taskie: Simple To-Do List screenshot 2

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Codificado Tráfico Latest Version APK for Android

download Codificado Tráfico apk
download Codificado Tráfico apk

Guide coded traffic violations DGT and municipalities. Codificado Tráfico is offered by EPC Creations. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 7.0

Violations √ encoded Guide.

√¡¡Actualizado codified Ordinance Mobility Madrid with the new keys !!

Find in three steps corresponding to the infringement article.

There are two ways to reach the article:

– Using a list of materials (SPEED, lighting, ALCOHOL, COMPULSORY INSURANCE, ETC), get another list with the concepts of the items corresponding to the chosen subject, and selecting one of those concepts application displays all the data you need, standard, article, section, choice, correspondence with the Road Safety Act (LSV), article text, amount that detracts points responsible (driver, owner, etc.) and DGT notes on that article.

– You can also reach the complete description another way by entering a search term, for example, CASCO, SOA, belt, etc., you get a list of articles that contain that word.

Check that the sanction does not contain any error.

√ The amounts are published by the DGT for each sanction or by the respective City Hall.

If you have suggestions or want to propose any changes please write !!!

Latest Updates

√ Actualizado a la nueva revisión de la Ley de Seguridad Vial RDL 6/2015, artículos de SOA.

Iremos publicando los codificados de distintos Municipios de toda España, haznos llegar el de tu Municipio en formato Excel, lo comprobamos y lo añadimos a la base de datos!!

No pierdas la oportunidad de hacer más útil la aplicación que has comprado.

– Añadido: Coslada.

– Añadido Ordenanza Movilidad Madrid.

– Añadido Villaviciosa de Odón.


Codificado Tráfico 2017

Codificado Tráfico APK

Download Codificado Tráfico

Download Codificado Tráfico APK

Codificado Tráfico for Android

Download Codificado Tráfico for Android

Download Codificado Tráfico APK for Android

Codificado Tráfico 7.0 screenshot

Codificado Tráfico screenshot 0Codificado Tráfico screenshot 1Codificado Tráfico screenshot 2Codificado Tráfico screenshot 3Codificado Tráfico screenshot 4

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Elo℠ by Plus Relocation Latest Version APK for Android

Elo℠ by Plus Relocation apk
Elo℠ by Plus Relocation apk

Elo℠ helps employees and families transition effortlessly through their move. Elo℠ by Plus Relocation is offered by Elo by Plus Relocation. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.9

The Elo℠ app from Plus Relocation helps employees and their families transition easily and effortlessly through their relocation – no matter whether they are moving from Chicago to Shenzhen or Sao Paulo to San Francisco. Relocating employees can coordinate services and plan important details through a customized, secure environment, any time, day or night. With Elo, relocating employees have the information they need, when they need it.

Latest Updates

* Bug fixes


Elo℠ by Plus Relocation 2017

Download Elo℠ by Plus Relocation for Android

Download Elo℠ by Plus Relocation APK for Android

Elo℠ by Plus Relocation 1.0.9 screenshot

Elo℠ by Plus Relocation screenshot 0Elo℠ by Plus Relocation screenshot 1

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Concrete Service Limit State Latest Version APK for Android

Concrete Service Limit State download
Concrete Service Limit State download

Verification to combined stress in reinforced concrete section SLS (Eurocode 2). Concrete Service Limit State is offered by Campolo Marco. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

The application performs the verification to combined stress (combined compress or tension and bending stress) of sections in reinforced concrete with simple or double reinforcement by the method of the State limit de service second the prescriptions of the Eurocode 2.
The application calculates the last resistant moment in correspondence of Normal stress. The verification of resistance (ELS ) performs checking that the moment resistant limit is greater or equal in comparison to the moment applied.
The program visualizes the input data, output data of the verification and the diagram M-N. It’s possible to select six different work languages (Italian, English, French , Spanish,Portuguese and German).
The application holds him can be useful to engineers, architects and university students.


Concrete Service Limit State 2017

Concrete Service Limit State APK

Download Concrete Service Limit State

Download Concrete Service Limit State APK

Concrete Service Limit State for Android

Download Concrete Service Limit State for Android

Download Concrete Service Limit State APK for Android

Concrete Service Limit State 1.0 screenshot

Concrete Service Limit State screenshot 0Concrete Service Limit State screenshot 1Concrete Service Limit State screenshot 2Concrete Service Limit State screenshot 3Concrete Service Limit State screenshot 4Concrete Service Limit State screenshot 5

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PaperRaddiWala Latest Version APK for Android

PaperRaddiWala download
PaperRaddiWala download

We provide doorstep service to sell your Raddi (Scrap) at best market price. PaperRaddiWala is offered by PaperRaddiWala. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

Now selling your raddi just got easier! We provide the doorstep service to sell your Raddi with accurate weight and at your convenient date.

We provide services for Individual Houses, Schools/Colleges, Societies, Shops, Offices, Industries, etc. Our priority is customer satisfaction which we achieve by providing the service at best market price and accurate weight using electronic weighing scale. Currently we are providing the pickup service for Newspaper, Books, Notebooks, Magazines & Cardboard. We provide special price for bulk orders at the time of pickup depending upon the weight.

How it Works!
*Install App
*Register Yourself
*Place Pickup Order
*We Collect Raddi
*Get Your Money!

Currently we are serving only in Nagpur.


PaperRaddiWala 2017

PaperRaddiWala APK

Download PaperRaddiWala

Download PaperRaddiWala APK

PaperRaddiWala for Android

Download PaperRaddiWala for Android

Download PaperRaddiWala APK for Android

PaperRaddiWala 1.0 screenshot

PaperRaddiWala screenshot 0PaperRaddiWala screenshot 1PaperRaddiWala screenshot 2PaperRaddiWala screenshot 3PaperRaddiWala screenshot 4PaperRaddiWala screenshot 5PaperRaddiWala screenshot 6PaperRaddiWala screenshot 7

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Digital Receipt App Latest Version APK for Android

Digital Receipt App download
Digital Receipt App download

Easy to use app for creating receipts, appointments and making payments. Digital Receipt App is offered by Digital Food Technologies. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

Digital Receipt is a useful app to create receipts, appointments and making payments through credit cards. The app allows you to generate receipt and processes payments and our merchant is stripe.

What’s New

– Fixed minor bugs.


Digital Receipt App 2017

Download Digital Receipt App

Download Digital Receipt App APK

Digital Receipt App for Android

Download Digital Receipt App for Android

Download Digital Receipt App APK for Android

Digital Receipt App 1.0 screenshot

Digital Receipt App screenshot 0Digital Receipt App screenshot 1Digital Receipt App screenshot 2Digital Receipt App screenshot 3Digital Receipt App screenshot 4Digital Receipt App screenshot 5Digital Receipt App screenshot 6Digital Receipt App screenshot 7Digital Receipt App screenshot 8Digital Receipt App screenshot 9

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Anti-Nosy Alarm Latest Version APK for Android

Anti-Nosy Alarm apk
Anti-Nosy Alarm apk

Catch people who are nosing in your phone! You can with our anti snooping app!. Anti-Nosy Alarm is offered by MadRabbit. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 2.8

Don’t you hate it when your partner checks your phone when your away, asleep or in the shower? Do you want to catch them in the act and prevent them from snooping in your phone? Now you can with our anti snooping app: Anti-Nosy Alarm!

Activate the phone alarm before you go away and put your phone down, that’s it. As soon as someone picks up your phone it will sound the alarm!
This is the ultimate anti snooping app.

Picking up the phone will trigger the motion sensor and activate loud and annoying alarm sounds. It will alert you that someone is trying to check your phone.

Now you can leave your phone alone, carefree!

★ Each phone is different. Therefore adjust the motion sensitivity first. Try to set it on high sensitivity for best performance.
★ There is NO stop button. Once the alarm is triggered the alarm sound will play for at least 20 seconds.
★ Once the alarm is activated you can also manually turn off your screen to lock your phone. If you do this the motion alarm will only be active right ‘after’ someone unlocks the lock screen. Advice: Set high sensitivity to highest for best performance.

You can put a security code on your phone’s lock screen for better security, but isn’t it more fun to catch your snooping girlfriend or boyfriend in the act 🙂 ?

Keywords: anti theft alarm, burglar alarm, motion alarm, phone security


Also check out our other fun apps!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and please keep emailing us with any questions or feedback!

Copyright © MadRabbit Studio

What’s New

Bugfixes & improvements


Anti-Nosy Alarm 2017

Download Anti-Nosy Alarm APK

Anti-Nosy Alarm for Android

Download Anti-Nosy Alarm for Android

Download Anti-Nosy Alarm APK for Android

Anti-Nosy Alarm 2.8 screenshot

Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 0Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 1Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 2Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 3Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 4Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 5Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 6Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 7Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 8Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 9Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 10Anti-Nosy Alarm screenshot 11

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Triggers Latest Version APK for Android

download Triggers apk
download Triggers apk

Install the Gear app first please! This is a IFTTT client for Gear S2. Triggers is offered by Claybikeltd. Last Updated: March 16, 2016. Current Version: 1.2

Step 1: Go to, sign in to your account, connect to the channel and get your unique key.
Step 2: Fill in the unique key inside the Triggers‘ setting page.
Step 3: Create an event inside Trigger
Step 3: Create an IFTTT recipe. Use Maker for the If part, the then part is up to you.


Triggers 2017

Triggers APK

Download Triggers

Download Triggers APK

Triggers for Android

Download Triggers for Android

Download Triggers APK for Android

Triggers 1.2 screenshot

Triggers screenshot 0Triggers screenshot 1Triggers screenshot 2

Triggers apk video

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