Simple Counter Latest Version APK for Android

Simple Counter apk
Simple Counter apk

Simple counter to count anything your want. Simple Counter is offered by DigitalEntertainment. Last Updated: March 05, 2016. Current Version: 1.16

You just have to press the touchscreen-buttons or use the volume up or down keys of your android-smartphone to increase or decrease the counter.

It is possible to increase the counter with 10 points, just press the “+10” Button.
If you’re done with count, reset the counter by pressing the “Reset” Button.

If you have any problems, please write a mail to

– Digital Tally Counter/Clicker (count/counting)
– Just press/click the corresponding button to change the status of the clicker counter
– Count anything you want to

The app Simple Counter is for free because it is ad-supported. You shouldn’t get more than 4 advertisements to not impair function of the counter.

Latest Updates

– save counter after leaving app

– decrease announcements

– New layout

– vibration-feedback


Simple Counter 2017

Simple Counter APK

Download Simple Counter

Download Simple Counter APK

Simple Counter for Android

Download Simple Counter for Android

Download Simple Counter APK for Android

Simple Counter 1.16 screenshot

Simple Counter screenshot 0Simple Counter screenshot 1Simple Counter screenshot 2Simple Counter screenshot 3

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Where is My Stuff ? Latest Version APK for Android

Where is My Stuff ? apk
Where is My Stuff ? apk

Now it's impossible to lose your stuff !. Where is My Stuff ? is offered by Wil Corp. Software. Last Updated: March 05, 2016. Current Version: 2.1.3

Don’t you ever ask yourself where you have put that thing you just can’t find ?

You’d like to better organize your move in order to know exactly what is in your different boxes?

You’d like to carry out an inventory of your home or apartment to be rented out ?


It allows you to carry out the inventory of your things by use of 4 different feature to define your container :
• Category: house, relocation,…
• Container type: box, draw, cupboard,…
• Place: Kitchen, garage, basement,…
• Container name: N°1, top,…

Option :
• Password.
• Modular feature search.
• Your inventories may be sent by html file and by email.

NOW it will be impossible to lose your stuff !

Bugs, Questions, problems SEND AN EMAIL to

Ideal for :
– Relocation
– Moving,
– Inventory
– Arrangement
– Container
– House
– Garage
– Basement
– Attic

Latest Updates

Version 2.1.3 :

– Bug fixed.

Version 2.1.2 :

– Adding option font display problem.

– Bug fixed : search items.

– Update google license.


Where is My Stuff ? APK

Download Where is My Stuff ?

Download Where is My Stuff ? APK

Where is My Stuff ? for Android

Download Where is My Stuff ? for Android

Download Where is My Stuff ? APK for Android

Where is My Stuff ? 2.1.3 screenshot

Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 0Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 1Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 2Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 3Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 4Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 5Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 6Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 7Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 8Where is My Stuff ? screenshot 9

See more information and download apk file for android:

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Moving Home UK Latest Version APK for Android

download Moving Home UK apk
download Moving Home UK apk

Moving Home UK is designed to help residents moving house within UK or to UK. Moving Home UK is offered by Rudra IT Consultancy LTD. Last Updated: March 05, 2016. Current Version: Updating…

Moving house? So many details!! So much to keep track of!! But don’t panic; help is here! Whether your new home is two doors away, or you’re moving to the UK from another continent, Moving Home UK will keep that huge list of tasks and things you must do NOW organized, all in one efficient, conveniently accessed, and essential app.

Specific Moving Home UK features include the following, and more:

Old/New Home:
• List of key tasks to be completed at your old home before you move out, and those to be completed at your new home when you move in
• Check off tasks as you complete them
• Adding and/or delete tasks
• Click on links to useful websites where applicable and to necessary forms that may be completed within the app or printed or emailed
• Take and record the old home’s final meter reading and the new home’s initial meter reading

By making an In-App purchase, you will get access following features:

House viewing:
• Buyer/Tenant: Ability to rate interior, exterior & neighbourhood aspects of the house while you are viewing the house. Take down the notes with pictures about each aspect and generate a consolidated report of notes & pictures and forward the same by email etc.
• Tenant: Often tenants do not report the existing issues to letting agent at the start of tenancy and may potentially end up paying hefty price at the end of tenancy. House viewing feature is designed to help tenants to take pictures of issues in the house, take notes against the pictures and generate a report and forward the same to letting agent.

• Measurements feature is designed to help house buyers and tenants to take measurements related to renovation like carpet/curtain replacement, painting etc.
• Take the room/window/door measurements and app will calculate total floor area* for carpet replacement and total surface area* for painting.
• Generate a consolidated report with measurements and forward the same by email etc.

Location Guide**:
• Schools: Information about over 55,000 child care facilities, playgroups, and both primary and secondary schools in the UK, with inspection ratings and links to inspection reports
• Health: Information about GP’s with ratings based on GP patient survey results, Dentists & Pharmacies and ratings based on GP patient surveys
• Crime
• Hospitals
• Restaurants/Cafes/Canteens/Sandwich Shops/Takeaway Restaurants
• Pubs/Bars/Nightclubs
• Retailers-Supermarkets/Hypermarkets/Other Retailers

Make Moving Home UK your central location for coordinating and organizing a smooth and efficient move. No detail will be overlooked, and you can turn your attention to getting your family settled in and enjoying your new home.

*Calculation will produce approximate values.

**In addition to the information provided about schools & GP’s, we are still working on gathering data on other topics, which will be released over time. Currently, we are just displaying names and locations, so you’ll have a general idea of what facilities are available around your new home.

If you face any issues,Please post your comment on our facebook page

What’s New

Location guide:

•Updated schools admissions link & online application form link for schools in England.

•England GP details updated with ratings based on GP patient survey results

House viewing:

Ability to rate different aspects of the house while you are viewing the house. Take down the notes with pictures and generate a consolidated report,


Designed to help house buyers and tenants to take measurements related to renovation like carpet/curtain replacement, painting etc.


Moving Home UK 2017

Download Moving Home UK for Android

Download Moving Home UK APK for Android

Moving Home UK Updating… screenshot

Moving Home UK screenshot 0Moving Home UK screenshot 1Moving Home UK screenshot 2Moving Home UK screenshot 3Moving Home UK screenshot 4Moving Home UK screenshot 5Moving Home UK screenshot 6Moving Home UK screenshot 7Moving Home UK screenshot 8Moving Home UK screenshot 9Moving Home UK screenshot 10Moving Home UK screenshot 11Moving Home UK screenshot 12Moving Home UK screenshot 13Moving Home UK screenshot 14Moving Home UK screenshot 15Moving Home UK screenshot 16Moving Home UK screenshot 17

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Proposal Engine Latest Version APK for Android

download Proposal Engine apk
download Proposal Engine apk

With the Proposal Engine App You Can Write Proposals and Invoices on the Spot!. Proposal Engine is offered by Proposal Engine. Last Updated: March 05, 2016. Current Version: 2.1.1

This app allows you to create proposals on the spot.

While you are talking with the customers at their locations, you can easily add the materials needed for the job and include whom from your team should work on the project. No more need for paper and extra work hours back at the office writing up the proposal. With this app, you send the proposal to the customer while you are still on location.

You can easily:
– Create professional looking business proposals, quotes and invoices on the spot.
– Manage your people, set their time and automatically calculate overhead for each job.
– Take and attach photos of the work (before pictures) or/and attach drawings, sketches or other relevant plans for the construction.
– Easily manage your clients and see all contact history at a glance.
– Edit the standard Terms & Conditions to protect you and your business from unexpected risks.
– Manage your Sales Taxes (US businesses) or your VAT taxes (Non-US businesses).
– Add materials to the proposal and set individual tax to each. All new Materials will be saved for quick reference for later proposal writing. You will only input data once!
– Set your margin for each proposal.
– If you don’t feel comfortable sending the proposals straight away, you can easily save and return to the draft at a later stage.

We Protect You
– We protect your data in the cloud so if you lose your mobile, you can easily access your account from another device. Nothing is lost and you can continue sending proposals straight away.

Who can use it?
– All small businesses that that want to take care of business from the front seat of your truck.
– Our users include carpenters, bricklayers, brick-workers, painters, joiners, roofing contractors, masonry, plumbers, woodwork builders, handyman services, glaziers and glazing companies, scaffolding businesses, repair and construction planers, and all kinds of building contractors.

We want your feedback!
Please go to and share your ideas! Or just send us an email explaining how we can make the app work better for you

Best regards
– the Proposal Engine Team

What’s New

– Smoothing of proposal process and a number of Bug fixes implemented.

– US users can now add individual Sales Taxes to each material.

– Improved performance and bug fixes.


Proposal Engine 2017

Download Proposal Engine APK

Proposal Engine for Android

Download Proposal Engine for Android

Download Proposal Engine APK for Android

Proposal Engine 2.1.1 screenshot

Proposal Engine screenshot 0Proposal Engine screenshot 1Proposal Engine screenshot 2Proposal Engine screenshot 3Proposal Engine screenshot 4Proposal Engine screenshot 5Proposal Engine screenshot 6Proposal Engine screenshot 7Proposal Engine screenshot 8Proposal Engine screenshot 9Proposal Engine screenshot 10Proposal Engine screenshot 11

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BIN Checker Latest Version APK for Android

BIN Checker apk
BIN Checker apk

Vat Registration Number অথবা BIN সহজেই পরীক্ষা করুন. BIN Checker is offered by kibiBytes. Last Updated: March 05, 2016. Current Version: 3.0

ভ্যাট সরকারকে দিচ্ছেন নাকি দোকানদার মেরে দিচ্ছে তা সহজেই যাচাই করে দেখুন এই ছোট অ্যাপটি দিয়ে।

সরকার কর্তৃক নির্ধারিত যেসকল পণ্য দ্রব্য বা সেবার উপর ভ্যাট দিয়ে থাকি আমরা তা সরকার পাচ্ছে কিনা তা Vat Registration Number অন্যকথায় BIN হতে সহজেই বোঝা যায়।

অ্যাপ হতে অভিযোগ করতে পারবেন যদি No Result Found দেখায়।

যেকোন ইমেইল বা ফোন এ টাচ করে আপনার মেইল ক্লায়েন্ট ওপেন করুন।এরপর অভিযোগ এবং ছবিসহ মেইল পাঠান।নিরাপদ এবং সহজে।

সঠিক অভিযোগ দিয়ে আপনিও জিতে নিতে পারেন লক্ষ টাকা (বিস্তারিত অ্যাপ এ)

**Now this app can auto detect your VAT zone from BIN number**

**BIN and vat registration number are same thing with different name**

This app collects all data from NBR servers,so there is no way to make mistakes.

You can check BIN of any Service Provider with this app.
Open App,Touch Check BIN,enter your shop’s vat registration number/BIN in box,press enter/Button below.
If you have an active Internet connection you will get result in no time.But this app will let you know which vat zone that shop belongs to so that you can submit a complian.

For any suggestion, complain you can contact me via facebook,email,or my phone provided in app.

If you got invalid or No Result Found message, you should contact with the email provided in result.

Don’t forget to check the address book in app!

What’s New

*Improved Feature

*Bug fixed

*Some new Stuff


BIN Checker 2017

BIN Checker APK

Download BIN Checker

Download BIN Checker APK

BIN Checker for Android

Download BIN Checker for Android

Download BIN Checker APK for Android

BIN Checker 3.0 screenshot

BIN Checker screenshot 0BIN Checker screenshot 1BIN Checker screenshot 2BIN Checker screenshot 3BIN Checker screenshot 4BIN Checker screenshot 5BIN Checker screenshot 6BIN Checker screenshot 7BIN Checker screenshot 8BIN Checker screenshot 9BIN Checker screenshot 10

See detail information and download apk file:

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Todo,Reading List ,Planner App Latest Version APK for Android

download Todo,Reading List ,Planner App apk
download Todo,Reading List ,Planner App apk

Create tasks, set up reminders and create reading lists with this planner app. Todo,Reading List ,Planner App is offered by Nackitas. Last Updated: March 05, 2016. Current Version: 0.0.1

Topic List is to store what you don’t want to forget. This app helps you –

a) keep a note of your tasks
b) set up reminders for the important tasks
c) view tasks depending on your selected or created category
d) store hyperlinks for future reference
e) organize the topics you want to read about
f) use the app as an important to-do or task planner as well.
g) save password hints to help you recall the dreaded word when the need arises

Key Features which separates this app from others

a) secure as the data is on your phone.
b) privacy – no login, no data sharing with the third party
c) let you create actionable list of all the items lingering in your mind and assign them a date for action by setting up reminders.
d) even if you hundreds of tasks on your phone, you can decide on the priorities by selecting appropriate categories.
e)Primary purpose of the app is to organize your thoughts into actionable list so that you can plan yourself better. That’s why we let you create your own categories. Say you want to create a category such as phone search list, you can do that with this planner app. After that set up a reminder to give a deadline to yourself.

Inspiration for creating this App

I like reading – be it books, articles or reports. But I do not always have the time to do it then and there I see the article. Typically I use notes from iphone to do so. We have similar note feature by default in android as well. But to organize this in different categories is not what is possible today. We can’t search it and see what’s pending for a particular category. How about giving users the feature to create a category? Say you want to create a category – gossip. Well you can do that and add reminder also to share it with your friends whenever there is a need. Isn’t it cool? You want to have a grocery list and want the same app to do so.That is possible too. You are going through facebook and find articles related to your religion which you want to save for future reference.Go ahead and do that in the app. This app is built to organize your thoughts, your aspirations, your views, your tasks and thereby various topics into various categories and let it be there for you forever. These are some of the myriad possibilities possible via this app. The topiclist app is built with a very simple UI and user friendly features to help your organize yourselves. When you see the task details. you can swipe left to delete it also.


If you have any issues with the app, want to give a constructive feedback or will appreciate me adding a feature for you, do drop me an email – Till then, keep Topiclisting.


Todo,Reading List ,Planner App 2017

Download Todo,Reading List ,Planner App APK

Todo,Reading List ,Planner App for Android

Download Todo,Reading List ,Planner App for Android

Download Todo,Reading List ,Planner App APK for Android

Todo,Reading List ,Planner App 0.0.1 screenshot

Todo,Reading List ,Planner App screenshot 0Todo,Reading List ,Planner App screenshot 1Todo,Reading List ,Planner App screenshot 2

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