Payroll Time Tracker Latest Version APK for Android

download Payroll Time Tracker apk
download Payroll Time Tracker apk

Clock In & Out of work with your phone! Integrates with WolfePak payroll system. Payroll Time Tracker is offered by WolfePak Software. Last Updated: March 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.3.7

Let your employees Clock In and Clock Out for the day without being tied to a desktop!

Time Tracker works with the WolfePak Payroll system to allow employees record when they are on the clock. Their time and location are recorded and integrated into your payroll system immediately!

Great for field employees who may not start or end their day at the office.

Employees can also edit their time or add notes before a payroll cycle is complete. Sick and vacation balances can be viewed, if applicable.

Single User and Multi User modes are available for personal use or for a shared device. Single Users can utilize offline mode to record time at sites without internet access.

Latest Updates

• Android: fixed issue where user could log in, but was not associating clock in/out with Employee ID so entry wasn’t showing up as last IN/OUT

• Single User Mode: Improved transition from logged out to logged in if there were entries made while logged out.


Payroll Time Tracker 2017

Download Payroll Time Tracker APK

Payroll Time Tracker for Android

Download Payroll Time Tracker for Android

Download Payroll Time Tracker APK for Android

Payroll Time Tracker 1.3.7 screenshot

Payroll Time Tracker screenshot 0Payroll Time Tracker screenshot 1Payroll Time Tracker screenshot 2Payroll Time Tracker screenshot 3

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Your Event Planner Latest Version APK for Android

download Your Event Planner apk
download Your Event Planner apk

Event Planner, Create Events,Plan Events. Your Event Planner is offered by KHKR. Last Updated: March 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.4

Yep is the platform where you can know the best event planners who are either nearby or with in your budget and contact them either through phone or messages ( with predefined and customized options) or through the mails and get the confirmation from event planners as soon as possible. It provides a user friendly platform where event planners are categorized according to events they do so the user can easily and straight away look for the event planners who does their event. It is boon for event planners too since they can register themselves and can login to edit their details when ever they want.

So plan your events with event planners and get them done in a best way within time and within your budget

What’s New

1. Fixed bugs

2. Optimized for low memory usage


Your Event Planner 2017

Download Your Event Planner

Download Your Event Planner APK

Your Event Planner for Android

Download Your Event Planner for Android

Download Your Event Planner APK for Android

Your Event Planner 1.4 screenshot

Your Event Planner screenshot 0Your Event Planner screenshot 1Your Event Planner screenshot 2Your Event Planner screenshot 3Your Event Planner screenshot 4Your Event Planner screenshot 5Your Event Planner screenshot 6Your Event Planner screenshot 7

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Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) Latest Version APK for Android

download Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) apk
download Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) apk

vDRM – Vaultize Digital/Information Rights Management Client. Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) is offered by Vaultize Technologies. Last Updated: March 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.0

Digital Rights Management & Information Rights Management:
Digital rights management (DRM), sometimes referred to as information rights management (IRM), is critical for secure enterprise file sharing.
Vaultize takes an information-centric approach to enterprise file security by ensuring that corporate information and data always stays under IT’s control.

Vaultize achieves this through its U.S. patent-pending micro-containerization that embeds rights management (DRM/IRM) within documents themselves independent of file formats. The files shared across the corporate fence are DRM-encrypted and only usable by authorized recipients and within an authorized environment, even after they have been downloaded on a device not in IT’s control.

Benefit From DRM:
*Improve internal and external compliance and policy adherence
*Don’t sacrifice security for ease of use
*Keep data secure in the event of an accidental internal leakage

Vaultize’s DRM/IRM Capabilities Include:
1.Access rights: Provides control over who can view, edit, print, copy/paste, forward and download the documents or the information contained in them.
2.Location control: Provides control over geo-locations and IP ranges from where the recipient can access the shared data.
3.Expiration parameters: Document owner can set automatic expiration on the DRM-protected data. The expiration parameter can also be controlled by corporate IT through DRM policies.
4.Password requirements: Passwords can be mandated for all sharing through predefined corporate policy. The document owner can also enforce the password. The recipient will be required to authenticate at the time of opening and/or downloading, as well as after the documents have been downloaded, ensuring that the documents are usable only by authorized users.
5.Revocation rights: At any time, IT can remotely revoke the permissions/rights for accessing the shared documents, even after a recipient downloads the files on his or her own device.
6.Content protection on mobile devices: Based on the mobile content management (MCM) policy, the documents shared within the organization can be restricted to view-only access on mobile devices (iOS and Android) or restricted to controlled editing using a built-in editor for Microsoft Office and PDF annotation by controlling copying/pasting, printing and moving to other mobile apps.
7.Email attachment protection: The Vaultize Outlook plug-in can be used to automatically replace email attachments with DRM-protected links. This replacement can be controlled by IT using policies based on attachment size, recipient domains, etc.
8.DLP connector (with classification support): Sensitive documents can be automatically DRM-protected before being downloaded by scanning and classifying them through any popular content-aware DLP solution.
Secure online document viewer: The viewing of shared documents by third parties can be restricted to read-only access through a secure web-based online document viewer, with full IT control on printing, copy/paste and screenshots.
9.Digital watermarking: With the online document viewer, watermarks (such as logo or copyright texts) can be added to each page of the document to discourage printing, screen capture or photo capture. This watermarking has options for embedding text, images or emails from the share link recipient.
10.Watermarked downloads: Based on policy, downloads of shared files can be restricted to a watermarked PDF.
11.Auto-updates: The documents can be kept (based on the option at the time of sharing) in sync such that they are auto-updated whenever the sender makes changes.
12.Control over file types: Micro-containerization allows control over all types of documents, including Microsoft Office and PDF documents.
Complete file tracking: File usage is completely tracked such that an audit trail of activities — including opening, sharing, viewing, editing, forwarding and printing—is maintained at the level of the file, individual user and location.

What’s New

– Enhanced User Experience, Better look & feel.

– Security fixes.

– Stability improvements & minor bug fixes.


Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) 2017

Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) for Android

Download Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) for Android

Download Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) APK for Android

Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) 1.1.0 screenshot

Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 0Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 1Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 2Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 3Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 4Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 5Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 6Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 7Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 8Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 9Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 10Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) screenshot 11

Vaultize DRM Client (vDRM) apk video

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Field Inspector Latest Version APK for Android

download Field Inspector apk
download Field Inspector apk

Field Inspection and Asset Maintenance for Professionals. Field Inspector is offered by Trimble Navigation. Last Updated: March 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.0

This is the perfect app for your field inspection and asset maintenance needs.

Trimble Field Inspector for Android is the perfect smartphone companion for the popular Trimble Field Inspector Desktop software. It also works great together with Trimble Feedback.

• Works with any asset type
• Multiple, configurable workflows to model any business process
• Integrates with existing databases from Esri ArcGIS, ODBC and other backends

• Cost effective solution for companies of all sizes
• Simple, intuitive and easy-to-use
• Seamless data flow between field and office
• Standardized field data collection
• Flexible integration to your existing asset database
• Reduced errors between data collection and office work
• Improved field worker productivity and reduced cost
• Automates a variety of field applications, from smart meter deployments to valve inspections
• Associates maintenance data with GIS assets for improved situational awareness

Latest Updates

Requires Field Inspector 2.5.4 or higher!

– Added RTX Satellite and Internet Real Time Corrections (Trimble R1 and R2 receivers)

– Added SBAS Real Time Corrections (Trimble R1 and R2 receivers)

– Improved User Interface

– Ability to replace photos from existing records

– “Date/Time” Field Compatibility

– Synchronization improvements with Field Inspector Desktop

– Minor bug fixes


Field Inspector 2017

Download Field Inspector APK

Field Inspector for Android

Download Field Inspector for Android

Download Field Inspector APK for Android

Field Inspector 1.1.0 screenshot

Field Inspector screenshot 0Field Inspector screenshot 1Field Inspector screenshot 2Field Inspector screenshot 3Field Inspector screenshot 4Field Inspector screenshot 5

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Just One Note Latest Version APK for Android

download Just One Note apk
download Just One Note apk

A simple single page note app designed to let you edit your note quickly. Just One Note is offered by Teaplane. Last Updated: March 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.5.0

The fast, simple single page note app. Just One Note is a single page note application designed to let you edit your note file as quickly as possible.

For reliability, you can automatically backup your note text to Google Drive using your Google account, or restore from a previously created note.

What’s New

– Fixed occasional crash

– Adds crash reporting handler and analytics

– This necessitates some new permissions:




These are used for uploading crashes and analytics information to help me get to a fix faster!.


Just One Note 2017

Download Just One Note APK for Android

Just One Note 1.5.0 screenshot

Just One Note screenshot 0Just One Note screenshot 1Just One Note screenshot 2Just One Note screenshot 3

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Task Reminder Latest Version APK for Android

download Task Reminder apk
download Task Reminder apk

Task Reminder is the simplest way to schedule daily tasks. Task Reminder is offered by soniya mehta. Last Updated: March 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.1

Introducing – The Simplest task reminder app for Android.


• Minimal Design
• Repetitive (daily, weekly, monthly, forever) reminders
• Custom weekly reminder
• Task Status
• Snooze option

Task Reminder will help you achieve productivity by keeping you well informed about your tasks , it will give notification for specific task and also snooze option.

The design is minimal, focusing more on functionalities and works to the point.
The setting option will give user options to change snooze duration,

Latest Updates

Minor bugs fixed .


Task Reminder 2017

Download Task Reminder

Download Task Reminder APK

Task Reminder for Android

Download Task Reminder for Android

Download Task Reminder APK for Android

Task Reminder 1.1 screenshot

Task Reminder screenshot 0Task Reminder screenshot 1Task Reminder screenshot 2Task Reminder screenshot 3Task Reminder screenshot 4

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Statusino Latest Version APK for Android

Statusino apk
Statusino apk

Mobile connection with your NMR lab. Statusino is offered by Spektrino. Last Updated: March 31, 2016. Current Version: 0.1.10

Statusino allows you to monitor NMR spectrometers using smartphone. It shows current status of acquisition, what pulse sequence is running and time to end the experiment…

To obtain a license for your lab please contact at:
You can also check the app using the “test data” by typing Access code: test1
To obtain the Access code for your NMR facility please contact your Lab Manager

Latest Updates

Prodigy Probe monitoring

Adjusted Cryoprobe allert levels.


Statusino 2017

Download Statusino APK for Android

Statusino 0.1.10 screenshot

Statusino screenshot 0Statusino screenshot 1Statusino screenshot 2Statusino screenshot 3Statusino screenshot 4Statusino screenshot 5

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