Freedom251 Latest Version APK for Android

download Freedom251 apk
download Freedom251 apk

Now you can book the world cheapest smart with this for free. Freedom251 is offered by Crazy Prank Games. Last Updated: February 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

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Freedom251 2017

Freedom251 for Android

Download Freedom251 for Android

Download Freedom251 APK for Android

Freedom251 1.0 screenshot

Freedom251 screenshot 0Freedom251 screenshot 1Freedom251 screenshot 2Freedom251 screenshot 3

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Android Productivity Apps download Driver Latest Version APK for Android Driver apk Driver apk

View your orders and communicate status. Driver is offered by, Inc.. Last Updated: February 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.3’s driver app gives delivery drivers an easy way to view their orders and communicate status.

With the app drivers can:
– Go on/off duty
– List assigned orders by day
– View order details including map access to restaurant and customer
– Enter restaurant/customer arrival/departure times with one click
– Enter tips
– Text/call dispatch with one click
– Fax labels/orders with one click

Latest Updates

Bug fixes

Tags Driver 2017

Download Driver for Android

Download Driver APK for Android Driver 1.1.3 screenshot Driver screenshot Driver screenshot 1

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AnyTimer Pill Reminder Latest Version APK for Android

AnyTimer Pill Reminder download
AnyTimer Pill Reminder download

AnyTimer is simple yet powerful reminder for recurrent events. AnyTimer Pill Reminder is offered by azuzi. Last Updated: February 29, 2016

AnyTimer is simple yet powerful reminder for recurrent events. It’s user-friendly, reliable, easy to learn and use and offers surprising timers variability. Any created timer (interval or everyday) can use its own custom sound and one of two annotation ways. It can be used – without any warranty – as an advanced pill / medication / vitamins / drugs / contraception reminder, you can simply use it for managing your water intake or as a simple cook & grill helper or for any kind of daily repeating tasks or long term tasks repeating with interval up to 100 days. It is implementing interface for AchieveMint rewarding system Beta.

There are two timer types available:

Interval timer – easy to use timer with reminder based on starting time and repeating interval in hours and minutes. For example starting at 3.00 PM and repeating every 8 hours.

Times-of-Day timer – easy to set timer with reminder based on starting day and defined everyday acting times. For example timer starting today and acting everyday at 9.00 AM, 1.00 PM and 3 PM. It is convenient shortcut for three interval timers with interval of 24 hours.

Be careful with usage of app killers, they can remove scheduled events from memory.

Latest Updates

1. No sound alarm.


AnyTimer Pill Reminder 2017

Download AnyTimer Pill Reminder APK for Android

AnyTimer Pill Reminder screenshot

AnyTimer Pill Reminder screenshot 0AnyTimer Pill Reminder screenshot 1AnyTimer Pill Reminder screenshot 2AnyTimer Pill Reminder screenshot 3AnyTimer Pill Reminder screenshot 4AnyTimer Pill Reminder screenshot 5AnyTimer Pill Reminder screenshot 6AnyTimer Pill Reminder screenshot 7

AnyTimer Pill Reminder apk video

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Shiftboard People Scheduling Latest Version APK for Android

download Shiftboard People Scheduling apk
download Shiftboard People Scheduling apk

Staff Scheduling & Management for Events, Security, Contact, Healthcare, Agency. Shiftboard People Scheduling is offered by Shiftboard, Inc.. Last Updated: February 29, 2016. Current Version: 2.3.4

Shiftboard gives 24/7 access to your people and schedules; A cloud-based, staffing and workforce management app. It’s a high-powered communications, and online scheduling toolkit for small and large organizations; agencies, contracting, seasonal, or complex coverage staffing organizations. Shiftboard is popular with call centers, events and hospitality, security services, healthcare staffing, driver logistics, and large entertainment production.

The full-featured service does just about anything you’d want to do — quickly — when working with 10 or 10,000 part-time, full-time, seasonal, contract, per diem, or even volunteer staff. It can track and manage all sorts of information beyond time and attendance — including clients, locations, departments, skills, interests and certifications/licenses, and rigorous time and pay information.

NOTE: You’ll need at least a basic-level Shiftboard account to use this 100% Free mobile companion app which works on the most popular phones and tablet devices.

Generally, Shiftboard excels at very large staff management and on-boarding operations when you need to track lots of information.

Beyond simple, custom sign-ups, schedules, time, attendance, and availability Shiftboard can track qualifications, credentials, pictures, documents, skills, and interests for all of your people including contractors, part-time staff, seasonal, interns, and even volunteers across multiple locations and around the world. It can also do helpful call and contact center demand planning and fully-automated scheduling, managing seniority, paid time-off, and complex labor rules, pay rates, and pay codes.

As a complete workforce management system and your personnel database, it combines team schedules, automated notifications, and labor management reporting with deeper communications and messaging tools. So, while your people can optionally be allowed to pick up, trade, or even cancel their positions, you can also stay connected to them on an as-needed basis.

If you track time and accounts payable, Shiftboard makes running payroll and billing a lot easier regardless of whether you do payroll in-house or use partners such as PayChex, ADP, QuickBooks, Insperity, or others.

For technical people, web masters or the CIO and IT department, Shiftboard not only provides just about all data importable and exportable in common formats such as Microsof Excel, CSV, or text files, Shiftboard also provides a robust, real-time JSON API so that you can integrate Shiftboard data and transactions directly within your HRIS, Accounting, Sales, Member, and Accounts management processes.

Shiftboard is used within many of the largest, best-known organizations around the world.

Latest Updates

– Bug fixes for sites with disabled avatars


Shiftboard People Scheduling 2017

Download Shiftboard People Scheduling

Download Shiftboard People Scheduling APK

Shiftboard People Scheduling for Android

Download Shiftboard People Scheduling for Android

Download Shiftboard People Scheduling APK for Android

Shiftboard People Scheduling 2.3.4 screenshot

Shiftboard People Scheduling screenshot 0Shiftboard People Scheduling screenshot 1Shiftboard People Scheduling screenshot 2Shiftboard People Scheduling screenshot 3Shiftboard People Scheduling screenshot 4Shiftboard People Scheduling screenshot 5Shiftboard People Scheduling screenshot 6Shiftboard People Scheduling screenshot 7

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Bluetooth Tire Gauge Latest Version APK for Android

download Bluetooth Tire Gauge apk
download Bluetooth Tire Gauge apk

Steelman Pro Bluetooth Tire Gauge measures the pressure and Tread Depth. Bluetooth Tire Gauge is offered by JS Products, Inc.. Last Updated: February 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.1

Steelman Pro Bluetooth Tire Gauge scans the VIN number and finds the correct tire pressure of the vehicle. The Bluetooth Tire gauge device is able of measuring and report tire pressure and tread depth of all four tires of the vehicle. Measurements are saved for later download via email.

·         Measures tire pressure
·         Measures tire tread depth
·         Measure all four tires and reports back results
·         Scans VIN number to determine correct vehicle tire pressure


Bluetooth Tire Gauge 2017

Bluetooth Tire Gauge APK

Download Bluetooth Tire Gauge

Download Bluetooth Tire Gauge APK

Bluetooth Tire Gauge for Android

Download Bluetooth Tire Gauge for Android

Download Bluetooth Tire Gauge APK for Android

Bluetooth Tire Gauge 1.0.1 screenshot

Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 0Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 1Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 2Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 3Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 4Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 5Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 6Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 7Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 8Bluetooth Tire Gauge screenshot 9

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Prizma Link Latest Version APK for Android

Prizma Link apk
Prizma Link apk

App for remote control of salt generators via Bluetooth. Prizma Link is offered by PRIZMA doo. Last Updated: February 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.1

Application for remote control of salt generators PRIZSALT+ and multiSALT via Bluetooth, provided by Prizma company.

Latest Updates

This version includes support for multiSALT and PRIZSALT+ devices, new pictures and corrected bugs regarding bluetooth communication and keyboard input.


Prizma Link 2017

Download Prizma Link APK

Prizma Link for Android

Download Prizma Link for Android

Download Prizma Link APK for Android

Prizma Link 1.1 screenshot

Prizma Link screenshot 0Prizma Link screenshot 1Prizma Link screenshot 2Prizma Link screenshot 3Prizma Link screenshot 4

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AffrancaTutto Latest Version APK for Android

download AffrancaTutto apk
download AffrancaTutto apk

Useful application to calculate the amount Shipping with the Italian Post. AffrancaTutto is offered by PartenopeApp. Last Updated: February 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.3

Useful application to calculate the amount of shipment is for Italy and for abroad, avoiding the tedious search through the Italian Post Office site!

Very easy to use: you choose the shipping method, weight, size, and automatically displays the cost of the service in the euro and in lire.

Also, you can share it on Facebook with their friends the calculated rate!

Latest Updates

-Nuova visualizzazione post FB


AffrancaTutto 2017

Download AffrancaTutto for Android

Download AffrancaTutto APK for Android

AffrancaTutto 1.3 screenshot

AffrancaTutto screenshot 0AffrancaTutto screenshot 1AffrancaTutto screenshot 2AffrancaTutto screenshot 3AffrancaTutto screenshot 4

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SC RELOAD Latest Version APK for Android

SC RELOAD download
SC RELOAD download

SC RELOAD android app helps you make the filling pulse. SC RELOAD is offered by SETIA CELLULAR. Last Updated: February 29, 2016. Current Version: 2.0

SC RELOAD android app is a free mobile application for the members loyal SC RELOAD wherever they may be. This application allows you to perform a variety of transactions such as charging pulses, the purchase of electricity token, post-paid bill payment, purchase vouchers game, etc.
With this application, you can easily check the current toll prices, view transaction history recap, your balance changes history, downline activity, chat with customer service, and so forth.

The features available in the application:
– Completion of pulses / purchase electricity tokens
– Payment of postpaid bills (electricity, PDAM, TELKOM, etc.)
– Purchase internet voucher
– Purchase vouchers game
– Features chat messenger that is connected directly to the engine of our toll server
– Features chat with customer service
– Check balances and account information
– Check price realtime
– Addition of balance with the ticketing system
– Check recap transaction history
– Check recap history changes the balance (balance transfers, plus balances, transactions, etc.)
– View agent transaction activity and their downline downline agent
– Features enrolled downline agents
– The balance transfer agent to downline
– Etc.
The feature will continue to develop in order to always be able to give their best.




Download SC RELOAD


SC RELOAD for Android

Download SC RELOAD for Android

Download SC RELOAD APK for Android

SC RELOAD 2.0 screenshot

SC RELOAD screenshot 0SC RELOAD screenshot 1SC RELOAD screenshot 2SC RELOAD screenshot 3SC RELOAD screenshot 4SC RELOAD screenshot 5SC RELOAD screenshot 6SC RELOAD screenshot 7

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CaldoAutonomo Latest Version APK for Android

CaldoAutonomo apk
CaldoAutonomo apk

It is the individual heating centralized. Heat metering for all. CaldoAutonomo is offered by BARBAGLIDEV. Last Updated: February 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.5.0

The APP CaldoAutonomo supports the installation and activation of the main accounting systems available on the market, and is addressed to:
– Heating and plumbing companies and plant engineering;
– Design studies;
– Managers of heat / Esco;
– Service companies to the condominium;
– Network of installers;
– Production companies and distribution of measurement instruments and systems installation.

The APP CaldoAutonomo manages the collection and validation of data during installation / maintenance of a system of accounting. It allows you to turn on and propose the following reading services and accounting in peace and security.

Install the APP and registered, you will be contacted to start working!

Some information on the accounting heat:

The metering of heat in the building has become a legal obligation. By 31/12/2016 ALL ITALIAN CONDOMINIUMS (Decree 102/2014), with centralized heating, must equip themselves with systems suitable for thermoregulation and individual accounts of their consumption.

This obligation arising from a European directive of 2012 (EU Directive 2012/27 on energy efficiency), requires the adoption of technologies to rationalize consumption in the building and allow everyone to use only heat they need, and pay accordingly.

The “Recognition” introduces, in fact, a new and technically complex, for allocating the costs, based on stringent technical standards (UNI 10200). The subsequent management, therefore becomes a fundamental step to fully enjoy the benefits of the investment made.

CaldoAutonomo, breaks down the barriers between technology installed (distributors of heat meters, control systems, etc.) And the individual who has to use it, through a service platform able to make easy and immediate understanding of the consumption for all!
CaldoAutonomo is a trademark owned by V.Barbagli Srl – Florence – PIVA 00445620487

Latest Updates

Potenziato il controllo per ogni fase della sincronizzazione


CaldoAutonomo 2017

Download CaldoAutonomo for Android

Download CaldoAutonomo APK for Android

CaldoAutonomo 1.5.0 screenshot

CaldoAutonomo screenshot 0CaldoAutonomo screenshot 1CaldoAutonomo screenshot 2CaldoAutonomo screenshot 3CaldoAutonomo screenshot 4CaldoAutonomo screenshot 5

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Meu IP Latest Version APK for Android

download Meu IP apk
download Meu IP apk

Discover your navigation IP quickly and directly. Meu IP is offered by Luiz Bossoi. Last Updated: February 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.0

“My IP” lets find out what your navigation IP quickly, directly and without any additional settings from your mobile device, mobile phone or tablet.

The application allows to be recorded his record of IPs each time it is accessed if there is need for further analysis

If you need to discover your IP and maybe share it with your friends, this is the perfect app for you!
Entirely in Portuguese;

What’s New

Correção de bugs

Adicionado botão para avaliar aplicativo

Exibe qual o provedor de acesso

Exibe em qual rede o ip foi atribuído



Download Meu IP

Download Meu IP APK

Meu IP for Android

Download Meu IP for Android

Download Meu IP APK for Android

Meu IP 1.2.0 screenshot

Meu IP screenshot 0Meu IP screenshot 1

Download apk file for your android phone:

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