Gaaiho PDF Reader Latest Version APK for Android

download Gaaiho PDF Reader apk
download Gaaiho PDF Reader apk

Let Gaaiho PDF Reader handle your mobile PDF needs. Gaaiho PDF Reader is offered by ZEON CORP. Last Updated: December 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.6.2

Let Gaaiho PDF Reader handle your mobile PDF needs.

Gaaiho PDF Reader is a free PDF app with unique UI in terms of original layout. It takes mobile PDF reading to a whole new level. With over 20 years of PDF development history, ZEON’s Gaaiho PDF Reader ensures you a high-quality mobile PDF reading experience with a rich array of functions.

PDF Viewing
-Industry-leading document open speed
-View PDF package, comment, attachment and encrypted document
-Free to choose single page view or continuous view.
-Switch Day/Night modes easily to protect your eyes
-Click page number, enter a number and go to the corresponding page
-Fast add and edit bookmark
-Search the content of the document
-Support text reflow, and keep the original font format for excellent display effects

Note and Comments
-Use highlight, cross-out and underline to add comment on document with customizable color and opacity
-Note lets you to add text comment anywhere in PDF
-Use Draw Tools to mark up PDF content with customizable color, thickness and opacity. Move and undo are also supported
-A rich array of draw tools, such as line, arrow, rectangle and oval
-Batch remove comments

Document Management
-Rename document
-Select one or multiple documents to share
-Select and delete multiple documents

Online Document Sharing
-Get documents in and out of Dropbox
-Add WebDAV servers to upload/download documents easily
-Access documents in Gaaiho PDF Reader or upload documents from web (permissions adjustable), breaking the barrier between computer and your mobile

Latest Updates

Fixed the crash issue related to opening a PDF in Android 6.0 or above.


Gaaiho PDF Reader APK

Download Gaaiho PDF Reader

Download Gaaiho PDF Reader APK

Gaaiho PDF Reader for Android

Download Gaaiho PDF Reader for Android

Download Gaaiho PDF Reader APK for Android

Gaaiho PDF Reader 1.6.2 screenshot

Gaaiho PDF Reader screenshot 0Gaaiho PDF Reader screenshot 1Gaaiho PDF Reader screenshot 2Gaaiho PDF Reader screenshot 3Gaaiho PDF Reader screenshot 4Gaaiho PDF Reader screenshot 5Gaaiho PDF Reader screenshot 6Gaaiho PDF Reader screenshot 7

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Earth Curve Calculator App Latest Version APK for Android

Earth Curve Calculator App download
Earth Curve Calculator App download

Calculate the curvature of the Earth as height in feet below your location. Earth Curve Calculator App is offered by Scot Forshaw. Last Updated: December 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Earth Curve Calculator is an easy to use tool for calculating the approximate height below the horizon of a distant object or location. Simply enter the distance from your current location to an object or location you are looking at and let Earth Curve Calculator do the rest. For example, at sea level looking from Dover England to Calais France the distance to Calais is approximately 24.7 miles. This would mean that at sea level Calais is approximately 400 feet lower than your location due to the curvature of the Earth, so you should not be able to see the beach in Calais France from the beach at Dover UK.

Who is it for?
There is a great deal of interest in Flat Earth Theory, which is the notion that the Earth is flat. The basic justification for this is the apparent conflict that some people believe to exist between the mathematical theory presented by the scientific community and the observed facts in real life. This tool is designed to assist hobbyists in the pursuit of their theory and is also a neat tool to have on your phone when out and about.

It allows you to rapidly determine how far below the horizon an object at a certain distance should be according to the mathematics of a spherical object the size of the Earth.

The current version allows you to quickly slide from 0 to 200 miles with 1 finger, or enter a more specific value such as 1253.345 via keypad.

It requires no access to internet or location services and so is suitable for work whilst in no signal areas.


Earth Curve Calculator App 2017

Download Earth Curve Calculator App for Android

Download Earth Curve Calculator App APK for Android

Earth Curve Calculator App 1.0 screenshot

Earth Curve Calculator App screenshot 0Earth Curve Calculator App screenshot 1Earth Curve Calculator App screenshot 2Earth Curve Calculator App screenshot 3

Download apk file for your android phone:

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Marathi Bana(2016) Latest Version APK for Android

download Marathi Bana(2016) apk
download Marathi Bana(2016) apk

First Widget Marathi calendar with exciting features. Marathi Bana(2016) is offered by Silica Technologies. Last Updated: December 31, 2015. Current Version: 3.1

Marathi Bana is first marathi calendar which helps you to see particulars of Specific day on home screen of your android mobiles by simple process of Dragging widget to your mobile home screen.
Users can also set lifetime reminders for fasts which will automatically remind On a home page of their mobile screen.
Users can also see horoscopes,panchangam etc.
It also contains birthday,meeting reminder features like normal calendar.

What’s New

Support for Lollipop.

New API’s.

Bug fixing.


Marathi Bana(2016) 2017

Marathi Bana(2016) for Android

Download Marathi Bana(2016) for Android

Download Marathi Bana(2016) APK for Android

Marathi Bana(2016) 3.1 screenshot

Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 0Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 1Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 2Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 3Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 4Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 5Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 6Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 7Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 8Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 9Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 10Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 11Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 12Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 13Marathi Bana(2016) screenshot 14

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Multi Cultural Calendar Latest Version APK for Android

download Multi Cultural Calendar apk
download Multi Cultural Calendar apk

Multi Cultural Calendar include Multi cultural events years, Months and days. Multi Cultural Calendar is offered by Softdrug. Last Updated: December 31, 2015. Current Version: 6.0

Multi Cultural Calendar incorporates multifaith, multicultural and diversity related events and information Months,days.Accurate dates for each of the world’s major religions and cultures.
The following features make it unique on the market:
– All in one feature,support multiple cultures and nations.
-Includes ,Indian,Islamic,Chinese and Gregorian and two other calendars.
– Easy to use interface
– Easy navigation
– Easy management
– more features planned.

Latest Updates

New Material design


Multi Cultural Calendar 2017

Download Multi Cultural Calendar for Android

Download Multi Cultural Calendar APK for Android

Multi Cultural Calendar 6.0 screenshot

Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 0Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 1Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 2Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 3Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 4Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 5Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 6Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 7Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 8Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 9Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 10Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 11Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 12Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 13Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 14Multi Cultural Calendar screenshot 15

Multi Cultural Calendar apk video

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PDFAnnotator (Beta) Latest Version APK for Android

PDFAnnotator (Beta) download
PDFAnnotator (Beta) download

Annotate into your PDF with ease. PDFAnnotator (Beta) is offered by Shobhit Sharda. Last Updated: December 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.0.4

Using PDFAnnotator, you can now annotate your PDFs with an audio, video or an image including other basic annotation features described below. Moreover, you can create various versions of the already annotated PDFs. Finally, the annotated PDFs can be shared among anyone. Thereby taking your PDFs to a whole new level with the annotations never seen before.

This app won the second price in a world wide app contest, ‘Ericsson Application Awards’ in 2014.

1. View PDFs
– quickly open and view PDFs
– navigate to different pages
– scroll the page
– remembers the last open page
– search a keyword on the current page
– delete the complete PDF

2. Annotations
– multimedia annotations which means, a user has a possibility to attach an audio, video or an image as annotation to the PDF
– draw line, rectangle, square, oval and circle on certain content of the PDF
– provision of free hand drawing
– attach a sticky note to the PDF
– attach a hyperlink to the PDF and navigate to that link directly over a browser
– delete any annotation
– delete all the annotations of a page

3. Others
– create multiple versions of the annotated PDF
– share (via Bluetooth, email etc) among your peers
– bookmark certain page of the PDF and navigate to that page on a go
– help button for a quick help
– multi lingual supporting German and English for the moment
– rename a PDF
– back up and restore facilities available
– and much more..

PDFAnnotator is free of cost, no registration is required and is completely free of any third party ads. It is tested on most of the Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) based devices and is best when used with 10 inch tablets.

Please give your review so that I shall keep updating.

What’s New

– help button available among the menu option

– screen compatibility improvement

– performance improvement

– bug fixes


PDFAnnotator (Beta) 2017

Download PDFAnnotator (Beta)

Download PDFAnnotator (Beta) APK

PDFAnnotator (Beta) for Android

Download PDFAnnotator (Beta) for Android

Download PDFAnnotator (Beta) APK for Android

PDFAnnotator (Beta) 1.0.4 screenshot

PDFAnnotator (Beta) screenshot 0PDFAnnotator (Beta) screenshot 1PDFAnnotator (Beta) screenshot 2PDFAnnotator (Beta) screenshot 3PDFAnnotator (Beta) screenshot 4PDFAnnotator (Beta) screenshot 5PDFAnnotator (Beta) screenshot 6PDFAnnotator (Beta) screenshot 7PDFAnnotator (Beta) screenshot 8

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Auto Silent Latest Version APK for Android

Auto Silent download
Auto Silent download

Auto Silent on your specific time and your mobile restores itself… Auto Silent is offered by I-DOC. Last Updated: December 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Auto Silent is an app to provide liberation from your mobile in your private time. Just set your time and remain free from getting disturbed from your mobile. Auto Silent provide features like:

1. Automatic silent on your desired time duration.
2. Automatic silent during salah time (just set your salah time once).
3. Detailed info about all your created events for your privacy.


Auto Silent 2017

Download Auto Silent APK for Android

Auto Silent 1.0 screenshot

Auto Silent screenshot 0Auto Silent screenshot 1Auto Silent screenshot 2Auto Silent screenshot 3Auto Silent screenshot 4Auto Silent screenshot 5

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App Uninstaller Faster Latest Version APK for Android

App Uninstaller Faster download
App Uninstaller Faster download

App Uninstaller Faster tool for android, remove apps by several taps. App Uninstaller Faster is offered by Magostech Information System Pvt. Ltd.. Last Updated: December 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

App Uninstaller Faster tool for android, remove apps by several taps. Clean up storage and free up more spaces.

■ Feature
• App remove
• Batch uninstall
• Batch uninstall
• Fast uninstall by one click
• List all installed apps
• Show app name,version,update time,size
• Search app by name
• Launch app


App Uninstaller Faster APK

Download App Uninstaller Faster

Download App Uninstaller Faster APK

App Uninstaller Faster for Android

Download App Uninstaller Faster for Android

Download App Uninstaller Faster APK for Android

App Uninstaller Faster 1.0 screenshot

App Uninstaller Faster screenshot 0App Uninstaller Faster screenshot 1App Uninstaller Faster screenshot 2App Uninstaller Faster screenshot 3App Uninstaller Faster screenshot 4

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