Grid Drawing Assistant Latest Version APK for Android

Grid Drawing Assistant download
Grid Drawing Assistant download

Portraits and drawings made easy with the method of the grid. Grid Drawing Assistant is offered by NullPointer85. Last Updated: August 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.5.4

The grid method is an inexpensive way to reproduce or enlarge an image that you want to paint or draw. With this app You can draw a grid over any image, then draw a grid of equal ratio on your paper so You can draw the image one piece at a time.

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Latest Updates

v 1.5.4

– Bug fix

Thanks for the feedback mails!

Please contact me if You find a bug.


Grid Drawing Assistant 2017

Download Grid Drawing Assistant APK

Grid Drawing Assistant for Android

Download Grid Drawing Assistant for Android

Download Grid Drawing Assistant APK for Android

Grid Drawing Assistant 1.5.4 screenshot

Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 0Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 1Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 2Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 3Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 4Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 5Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 6Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 7Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 8Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 9Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 10Grid Drawing Assistant screenshot 11

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NSi Mobile Latest Version APK for Android

download NSi Mobile apk
download NSi Mobile apk

A productivity app that extends business processes to mobile work forces. NSi Mobile is offered by Notable Solutions. Last Updated: August 31, 2015. Current Version:

NOTE: The free NSi Mobile app requires use of the NSi™ AutoStore platform for all operations. Please consult with your company’s IT organization before downloading and running this app. NSi Mobile will not operate without the necessary back-end system(s).

About NSi Mobile
NSi Mobile is a productivity app for businesses and organizations in need of extending business processes to their mobile workforces. With NSi Mobile, remote workers can securely send documents, photographs, and other electronic files to their accounting, healthcare, ERP or any number of other business applications. What’s more, NSi Mobile provides mobile workforces with the flexibility to complete business forms on their device, virtually eliminating the need for paper-based forms used today. And for teams working in the office, NSi Mobile offers a secure and convenient means to print sensitive documents “on-demand” to network printer.

With NSi Mobile you get a total solution, one with a unique combination of features that also extends the power of NSi AutoStore and NSi Output Manager to smart devices. NSi Mobile allows mobile workers to work efficiently and deliver quality information downstream

NSi Mobile Major Capabilities:

Mobile Capture On-The-Go:
Your mobile device is a source for capturing business information. With NSi Mobile, you can now securely deliver information back into your company’s business processes regardless if it originates as a picture you took on your device, an email attachment, a file you downloaded from a cloud hosted service or from any other application on your mobile device. NSi Mobile allows for capturing PDFs, and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents.

Mobile eForms:
Forget about having to find, print, carry, and return paper forms. With NSi Mobile you can now extend back office business applications directly to your mobile device. New patient admittance, claims processing, or any other forms-based application is securely delivered to your remote workforce. Data can easily be validated with document management or other line of business applications directly within the form itself. As a result, processes are completed faster and more accurately, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Secure File Access:
Mobile workers can tap into the company network from wherever they are. NSi Mobile’s ‘My Files’ connects workers to their networked Home Directory, affording them secure access to their files and shared network folders. By leveraging NSi AutoStore, mobile workers can exchange information securely with the enterprise’s content management systems.

Secure Mobile Print:
Initiate print jobs from wherever you are. Your information waits safely in the print queue until you securely release it at a networked printer or multi-functioned device (MFD). NSi Mobile keeps information secure until it is needed, and eliminates the sprint to the device to pick up confidential information. With NSi Mobile, office workers, mobile teams, and on-the-go employees can use their mobile devices to print securely to any network printer.

NSi Mobile allows workers to quickly obtain the consent they need to perform tasks, validate information, and obtain approval. NSi Mobile allows for easy signing directly on the mobile device screen. Workers can collect and deliver the required approvals any time, any place, enabling work to move forward while they are on the go.

Deliver a deeper understanding of the situation when you include geo-location information on-demand, or automatically, with your mobile documents and photographs.

Barcode Scanning:
With NSi Mobile, enjoy these same benefits when on the go. By simply reading the barcode with your mobile device, populate e-form fields instantaneously with accurate data pulled right from the corporate database. NSi Mobile supports many widely used barcode types.

Latest Updates

Bug Fixes:

– Users are unable to attach files using Android Lollipop 5.1.1


NSi Mobile 2017

NSi Mobile APK

Download NSi Mobile

Download NSi Mobile APK

NSi Mobile for Android

Download NSi Mobile for Android

Download NSi Mobile APK for Android

NSi Mobile screenshot

NSi Mobile screenshot 0NSi Mobile screenshot 1NSi Mobile screenshot 2NSi Mobile screenshot 3NSi Mobile screenshot 4

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Obi’s Dampfer Sofa Latest Version APK for Android

download Obi's Dampfer Sofa apk
download Obi’s Dampfer Sofa apk

Calculate temperature coefficients to use different wire types on TC batteries. Obi’s Dampfer Sofa is offered by Nils Schneider. Last Updated: August 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.11

Temperature controlled vaping helper app:

With help of this app, you can use any wire type, such as titan, wolfram, stainless steel or even more on batteries that have limitations on the used wire type.

Just enter what your box is capable of (e.g. Nickel) and select the wire type you want to use (e.g. Titan, Stainless Steel, …). The temperature that you have to enter at your box is displayed in both °C and °F.

What’s New

fixed problem entering decimal numbers on some devices


Obi’s Dampfer Sofa 2017

Download Obi’s Dampfer Sofa for Android

Download Obi’s Dampfer Sofa APK for Android

Obi’s Dampfer Sofa 1.11 screenshot

Obi's Dampfer Sofa screenshot 0Obi's Dampfer Sofa screenshot 1Obi's Dampfer Sofa screenshot 2

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Notes New Latest Version APK for Android

Notes New download
Notes New download

Create simple notes, notepad, quick notes, shopping lists, easy note. Notes New is offered by MobileNetSoft. Last Updated: August 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

It is simple notes application where you can classify the notes based on category, create your own categories and organize your notes in a more classical way.
If you want to set password, in the settings page there is an option for set/reset password.

You can copy text messages from Whatsapp,Telegram,…etc to the Notes based on category. Also from the app share any note through Whatsapp,Telegram…etc

App is simple so the memory consumption is very less. It is absolutely ads free and works fully offline.

Kindly share your valuable feedback to improve our services.


Notes New 2017

Notes New for Android

Download Notes New for Android

Download Notes New APK for Android

Notes New 1.0 screenshot

Notes New screenshot 0Notes New screenshot 1Notes New screenshot 2Notes New screenshot 3

Download apk file for android:

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Attendance Calculator Latest Version APK for Android

Attendance Calculator download
Attendance Calculator download

Need to calculate attendance? Our app can do it in a jiffy! Quick & simple!. Attendance Calculator is offered by Mapplinks. Last Updated: August 31, 2015. Current Version: 2.2

Attendance Calculator: Calculate: Bunk | Attend.

Attendance calculation is something most of dread and some of us love. But, no matter what you feel about it, Attendance calculation is something every student must do at some point in his academic life! So whether you are sitting in the class, bored & contemplating if you can afford to miss the next hour, or running late for class and thinking if it’s alright to miss the lecture rather than bear the teacher’s embarrassing comments, or if you are one of those who is too proud of your attendance in class and you just want to flaunt, this Attendance Calculator app is perfect for you.

Find out where you stand in life, or rather in class – Bunked too many classes? Beyond any hope? So much attendance that you can actually give away some? Just about made it? Have enough to take a couple of days off? All of these and more!

Attendance Calculator was developed by fellow-students tired of calculating how many days they could bunk or attend to maintain the attendance percentage. The tool gives you the option to enter your desired percentage. This could be the percentage required by your college or just a percentage you wish to maintain.

Here’s an app that has a mind of its own and that takes no nonsense. It will put you in your place. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and give our tool a spin!

What’s New

Minor bug fixes


Attendance Calculator 2017

Download Attendance Calculator APK for Android

Attendance Calculator 2.2 screenshot

Attendance Calculator screenshot 0Attendance Calculator screenshot 1Attendance Calculator screenshot 2Attendance Calculator screenshot 3Attendance Calculator screenshot 4Attendance Calculator screenshot 5Attendance Calculator screenshot 6Attendance Calculator screenshot 7

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Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink Latest Version APK for Android

Emoji Keyboard - Lover Pink apk
Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink apk

It is an Lover Pink keyboard theme for "Emoji Keyboard – CrazyCorn". Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink is offered by WaterwaveCenter. Last Updated: August 31, 2015. Current Version: 2.3

Lover Pink Theme for Emoji Keyboard – CrazyCorn, designed by CrazyCorn, Getting this cool theme to make your CrazyCorn more lovely and colorful.

☆ This is not a standalone app, you need to download the LATEST version of Emoji Keyboard – CrazyCorn app in order to apply this theme.

What’s New


– New Material Design UI.

– Support online more themes.


Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink 2017

Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink APK

Download Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink

Download Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink APK

Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink for Android

Download Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink for Android

Download Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink APK for Android

Emoji Keyboard – Lover Pink 2.3 screenshot

Emoji Keyboard - Lover Pink screenshot 0Emoji Keyboard - Lover Pink screenshot 1Emoji Keyboard - Lover Pink screenshot 2

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iScrap App Latest Version APK for Android

iScrap App download
iScrap App download

Find scrap yards and metal recyclers in the US & Canada. Get pricing and more!. iScrap App is offered by iScrap App. Last Updated: August 31, 2015. Current Version: 2.01

The iScrap App™ is revolutionizing the scrap metal industry. With scrap yards, auto wreckers, and metal recyclers in the US & Canada listed throughout the directory, users will be able to get current scrap metal prices, business contact information, directions, and much more directly through the app.

The iScrap App™ is focused to deliver scrappers, peddlers, homeowners, and contractors like plumbers and electricians, all of the information they need to recycle their scrap metals. Being a FREE app for the user, the iScrap App™ will be able to find the right location for users to bring their metals or contact the right auto wrecker in the area for salvage parts and pick up services.

The iScrap App™ provides users with daily scrap metal prices through national price averages for basic listings. On a job a long distance away from your regular scrap metal facility? Use the iScrap App™ to locate the closest scrap yard and salvage yard to bring your material to or request a scrap metal pick up service.

Locator: Users can locate their current location with the scrap yards and auto wreckers that are in the area. From locating the desired location, users can see more detailed information about the particular company. Users are also able to drag to different areas on the map to have more scrap yard and salvage yard locations show up in the desired areas. The app also saves a recent list of companies visited for quick reference in the future.

Pricing: Scrap metal prices are updated by the scrap yards or are displayed with the current national pricing for scrap metal. Some companies may prefer users to call them directly for their current prices which can be done directly from the pricing tab.

Containers: Users that are in need for a scrap metal pick up or container service can fill out the contact form which is immediately sent to the particular scrap yard or auto wrecker. It is up to the company to respond to user requests for containers.

What’s This: Often when scrappers are collecting material, they may find unknown metal items. This feature allows users to send a picture of the scrap metal or equipment to the scrap yard for explanation and possible pricing options.

Metal List: Every item that is available for our price list is displayed here with a description and picture. This is used to help educate users about scrap metals and what they look like. Be sure to check with your local yards what materials they take.

More Tab: This tab has more information and resources for users to make more money scrapping and recycle the proper items.

– How to use iScrap App™
– Metal List
– Suggest A Yard: Users can submit yard information for companies not listed on the iScrap App™
– iScrap Metal Forum: Users can interact with thousands of scrappers for tips, tricks, resources, and more on the FREE iScrap Metal Forum
– Earth911: A great resource and industry partner, Earth911’s mobile app, iRecycle allows users to find facilities to recycle all sorts of materials like, paint, clothing, plastics, and paper.
– About

For more information or the online version visit and be sure to connect with us through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

© Copyright iScrap App™

What’s New

-Resolved issues around scrap yard metal listings.

-Fixed issue with map pins not scaling properly

-Minor bug fixes


iScrap App 2017

Download iScrap App APK

iScrap App for Android

Download iScrap App for Android

Download iScrap App APK for Android

iScrap App 2.01 screenshot

iScrap App screenshot 0iScrap App screenshot 1iScrap App screenshot 2iScrap App screenshot 3iScrap App screenshot 4iScrap App screenshot 5iScrap App screenshot 6iScrap App screenshot 7

iScrap App apk video

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