To Do List Latest Version APK for Android

To Do List apk
To Do List apk

Keep track of what you need todo in the day with this easy to use todo list app. To Do List is offered by Ahzam Ali. Last Updated: August 27, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Seems like you have so much to do in your mind, and no way to keep track of all of it. This to do list app will help you in keeping your tasks organized.


To Do List 2017

To Do List APK

Download To Do List

Download To Do List APK

To Do List for Android

Download To Do List for Android

Download To Do List APK for Android

To Do List 1.0 screenshot

To Do List screenshot 0To Do List screenshot 1To Do List screenshot 2

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SiddhAuto Service Booking App Latest Version APK for Android

SiddhAuto Service Booking App download
SiddhAuto Service Booking App download

SiddhAuto Bike service app makes it easy for you to book bike service on go. SiddhAuto Service Booking App is offered by TECH SQUARE. Last Updated: August 27, 2015. Current Version: 2.1

The SiddhAuto Bike service app makes it easy for you to book and track your bike service ride on the go.

SiddhAuto introduces “SiddhAuto” Service booking Mobile app for you. No matter where you are, convenience is at your fingertips. All your service needs like your bike service/maintenance encapsulated within this app.

Explore this wonderful world of “Ease of Service Booking” through our “SiddhAuto” app.
Key Features of “SiddhAuto” app are as follows-

• Service Appointment- Book your bike’s service appointment at Siddh Auto Dealer at the touch of your fingertips.

Copyright © 2015 TechSquare.

Latest Updates

New features with more booking options and bug fixes


SiddhAuto Service Booking App 2017

Download SiddhAuto Service Booking App for Android

Download SiddhAuto Service Booking App APK for Android

SiddhAuto Service Booking App 2.1 screenshot

SiddhAuto Service Booking App screenshot 0SiddhAuto Service Booking App screenshot 1SiddhAuto Service Booking App screenshot 2SiddhAuto Service Booking App screenshot 3SiddhAuto Service Booking App screenshot 4

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Chinese-Mongolian Translator Latest Version APK for Android

Chinese-Mongolian Translator download
Chinese-Mongolian Translator download

Please use with wi-fi environment is a good place. Chinese-Mongolian Translator is offered by Shogo Sato. Last Updated: August 27, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Please use with wi-fi environment is a good place

This is the app to translate between Chinese and Mongolian,English.

This is the app with which you can easily compare them.

Function to read out

Function to clear texts

Function to copy texts

Function to save history

By pressing and holding History Button, you can delete.

By lightly touching History Button, you can re-translate.

We hope this will be of help to learners of Chinese and Mongolian.

Please use this for learning, business, travel and communication with friends abroad.

This app can read out the text of the translation result.

But, to make it possible, please download the following app and configure with Android devices.

If there is anything unclear, please send email to us or write massages on Support Page.

Support Page
It takes long time to load.
Please enter the words you want to translate after you have completed loading.


Chinese-Mongolian Translator 2017

Download Chinese-Mongolian Translator for Android

Download Chinese-Mongolian Translator APK for Android

Chinese-Mongolian Translator 1.0 screenshot

Chinese-Mongolian Translator screenshot 0Chinese-Mongolian Translator screenshot 1

See more information and download apk file for android:

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Mail Reader Latest Version APK for Android

download Mail Reader apk
download Mail Reader apk

Do you use Gmail? Listen to voice notifications what's new in your inbox. Mail Reader is offered by Jambalabs. Last Updated: August 27, 2015. Current Version: 1.12

Mail Reader is a voice reader for Gmail. The app announces with voice your new unread emails from your Gmail inbox automatically, on demand or when you plug-in your headphones. It reads sender, subject, email summary (first 10-15 words) and email date. The app is safe: uses modern OAuth2 technology, so you don’t need to type in any passwords.

After install, you will have access to all Premium features for 7 days:
* Floating control panel with Play / Pause / Next / Previous / Minimize / Mute
* Scheduler to set hours when the reader will be silent
* Automatic mail checking
* Replacement words to enhance reading
* Blacklist filter to skip reading of certain emails
* Reading multiple Gmail accounts

You can buy Premium features lifetime license directly in the app (in-app payment). Otherwise the basic features are available after the 7 days trial. License is connected to your main Google account and will be available also on your other devices.

Other general features:
* Auto-start when headset is plugged-in (optional)
* Mail checker widget for home-screen – press and listen
* Voice tone and speed adjustment
* Customizable notification sound
* Auto-mute when phone is set to silent/vibrate mode
* Reading volume setting
* Simple reading content selection (sender, subject, summary, date)

Mail Reader is convenient cyber mail assistant reading out your incoming emails while you work, drive, walk, or have your hands occupied. Besides sender, subject and email date, it can read summary of the email – usually first 10-15 words from the email body. The app contains floating control panel for comfortable listening with possibility to Pause, move to Next or Previous email. Included is also handy home screen widget – press it to listen to your new emails. You can start the reader also by plugging-in a headset. This and other features can be turned on/off in app’s Settings. Mail Reader currently works exclusively with Gmail.

App uses Text-To-Speech engine of your phone. Before install please check if your phone has TTS installed in: Settings > Language & keyboard > Text-to-Speech > Listen to example. If not, please install TTS before installing Mail Reader for Gmail.

The reading language is dependent on the TTS engine you use in your phone. Mail Reader should work with any TTS engine installed on your phone. If you install another TTS engine, please check TTS settings of your phone (available also from Menu > TTS Settings)

Thank you for your rating and feedback. We will gladly answer your questions and give support at our developer email.

Enjoy Mail Reader,

What’s New

Latest news:

– Ethernet (USB) connection support

– STOP button in Main application screen


* Fixed Premium feature restoration on other user phones

* Mute feature and summary text displayed in control panel

* Minimize-restore feature in reading control panel

* Announcing skipped (blacklisted) emails count

* Notification sound (before reading starts)

* New “Auto-read with headset” feature

* New “Blacklist” feature – filter out addresses to skip reading


Mail Reader 2017

Mail Reader for Android

Download Mail Reader for Android

Download Mail Reader APK for Android

Mail Reader 1.12 screenshot

Mail Reader screenshot 0Mail Reader screenshot 1Mail Reader screenshot 2Mail Reader screenshot 3Mail Reader screenshot 4Mail Reader screenshot 5Mail Reader screenshot 6

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Barcode scanner Latest Version APK for Android

Barcode scanner download
Barcode scanner download

Barcode scanner. Barcode scanner is offered by Industrial IT. Last Updated: August 27, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

A functional barcode scanner reveals what’s in the bar code and what type of barcode is used.

Supported barcode types:

1D product
– EAN-8
– EAN-13

1D industrial
– Code 39
– Code 93
– Code 128
– Codabar
– RSS-14
– RSS Expanded

– QR Code
– Data Matrix
– Aztec (beta)
– PDF 417 (beta)


Barcode scanner 2017

Download Barcode scanner APK

Barcode scanner for Android

Download Barcode scanner for Android

Download Barcode scanner APK for Android

Barcode scanner 1.0 screenshot

Barcode scanner screenshot 0Barcode scanner screenshot 1

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Memo Talk-It notes interactive Latest Version APK for Android

download Memo Talk-It notes interactive apk
download Memo Talk-It notes interactive apk

You can easily create and search a memo to the chat.Register secret Remember. Memo Talk-It notes interactive is offered by ONTHESKY. Last Updated: August 27, 2015. Current Version: 1.6

You can easily create a memo to the chat


■ Photos & Videos
Using the camera or library you can add photos and videos to the memo.

■ Recording
 You can add a memo using the recording function.

■ Drawing 
It is possible to add a memo by using the canvas.

■ Map Capture 
It provides the capability to search for and capture map information 
directly within the app.

■ Web Capture 
You can take capture of web page visible content

■ Privacy 
Passcode and Touch ID support
Choose a password as simple or complex as you like. 
You can setup 4digit numbers.

■Various Design
There are various theme style. 

You can share 

Latest Updates

Improved performance.

Fixed some bugs.


Memo Talk-It notes interactive 2017

Download Memo Talk-It notes interactive

Download Memo Talk-It notes interactive APK

Memo Talk-It notes interactive for Android

Download Memo Talk-It notes interactive for Android

Download Memo Talk-It notes interactive APK for Android

Memo Talk-It notes interactive 1.6 screenshot

Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 0Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 1Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 2Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 3Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 4Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 5Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 6Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 7Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 8Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 9Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 10Memo Talk-It notes interactive screenshot 11

Detail information:

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Merci App Emulator Latest Version APK for Android

Merci App Emulator apk
Merci App Emulator apk

Merci App Emulator for Apps created using MERCI RSDP. Merci App Emulator is offered by Compaqt Infocomm Pvt Ltd. Last Updated: August 27, 2015. Current Version: 1.0.0

Online Instant Emulator for Apps developed using MERCI RSDP. Provides an easy way for developers to test the output of their apps before actual release for targeted devices.


Merci App Emulator 2017

Download Merci App Emulator for Android

Download Merci App Emulator APK for Android

Merci App Emulator 1.0.0 screenshot

Merci App Emulator screenshot 0Merci App Emulator screenshot 1Merci App Emulator screenshot 2

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