Triforce Latest Version APK for Android

download Triforce apk
download Triforce apk

Check the battery status & get your total outgoing call duration. Triforce is offered by Tarlic. Last Updated: August 18, 2015. Current Version: 2.1

App features:

– Check the battery status.
– Check your total outgoing call duration setting the day from which the counter starts.

– NOTE #1: the application doesn’t store any data and it only uses android call logs to count the call duration. Due to android call logs limitation it will count only available call logs (i.e. around 500 latest call logs)
– NOTE #2: the application needs android.permission.READ_CONTACTS permission to read the call logs.

By Tarlic Software

More info @

Latest Updates

– New supported Android devices

– Updated layout

– Fix degree symbol


Triforce 2017

Download Triforce

Download Triforce APK

Triforce for Android

Download Triforce for Android

Download Triforce APK for Android

Triforce 2.1 screenshot

Triforce screenshot 0Triforce screenshot 1Triforce screenshot 2Triforce screenshot 3

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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Password Generator Latest Version APK for Android

Password Generator download
Password Generator download

A simple and fast password generator.Brace your self the new version is coming!. Password Generator is offered by Toast Studios. Last Updated: August 18, 2015. Current Version: 2.0

You can use Password Generator to create your personal password for your social network,you smartphone or your PC.
It’s simple to use you have to select the password length and which characters you want inside your password and press “Generate Password”.
You can choose this category:
-Lowercase letters
-Uppercase letters
-Symbols (! ? . @)
-Your custom input

Latest Updates

Now 23 more devices are compatible


Password Generator 2017

Download Password Generator APK for Android

Password Generator 2.0 screenshot

Password Generator screenshot 0Password Generator screenshot 1Password Generator screenshot 2

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Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert Latest Version APK for Android

Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert download
Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert download

Boost your productivity with Vibify! No more missed notifications. Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert is offered by Big Android Dev. Last Updated: August 18, 2015. Current Version: 2.3.0

Vibify! Get your notifications with style…

Now with Dark UI!

Vibify aims to inform you for any pending notifications on your phone. To do that, Vibify does a very small vibration alert when you pick up your phone. Vibify works only if your phone remains locked and still, saving up as much battery as possible and without affecting the phone’s performance. Select the applications you want to be supported by Vibify and enjoy.
A similar feature is available on some Samsung devices called “Smart Alert”, but Vibify offers you even more options and customization.
Unique on Google Play!

For sale! Only 1 Euro for a limited time…
Thank you for your support!

Featured in:
XDA Portal –
Lifehacker –
AndroidHeadlines –,
Addictive Tips –
Phandroid –

– Stunning UI
– Extremly easy to use and to SetUp
– Optimized battery consumption. The app consumes battery (using wakelock) only if screen-off + Still for more than specified time
– Off on low battery option
– Option to turn screen on upon vibration
– Select how many times you want to be notified
– Option to disable based on proximity sensor (Pocket Mode)
– No special kernel/root and such stuff needed
– Option to add any installed app to the supported list (+)
– Long press an app to remove it from the list
– Global settings button when you open the navigation drawer (top right)
– New options: Sleep Time, Vibration duration, Still time threshold, Sleep duration.

Help with the translations of the app:


@ric™ : The creator of the logos
@PuR3v1L : Coding maniac Team : Localization Site

Tags: Vibration, Smart Alert, Notifications, pick up

Latest Updates

Thank you for your support!

– Updated to latest Android API and libraries

– Fixed vibration getting stuck in some devices

– Fixed “Times to notify” limit

– bug improvements

Detailed changelog here:


Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert APK

Download Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert

Download Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert APK

Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert for Android

Download Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert for Android

Download Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert APK for Android

Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert 2.3.0 screenshot

Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert screenshot 0Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert screenshot 1Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert screenshot 2Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert screenshot 3Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert screenshot 4Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert screenshot 5Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert screenshot 6Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert screenshot 7

Vibify – Vibration Smart Alert apk video

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Softlight CheckList Latest Version APK for Android

Softlight CheckList download
Softlight CheckList download

A simple yet highly functional checklist app. Softlight CheckList is offered by SoftlightSolutions. Last Updated: August 18, 2015. Current Version: 1.5

A simple yet highly functional checklist app.

Create your own checklists and check items off as you conquer the world using your favorite android device… or just complete your day-to-day tasks.

-List items can be sorted manually via drag-drop, sorted alphabetically, or sorted by checked-status.
-Import new lists from text files in file system or email attachments or paste text from clipboard.
-New sort options let you move checked items to the bottom of the list with one touch.
-New share option lest you send lists to any app that accepts text: email, messaging, Google drive, etc.

What’s New

New in Version 1.5

– Auto-Sort option keeps items sorted as you check, add and edit items, with unchecked items automatically moved to the top of the list

– Delete Checked Items feature added

– Alphabetic-sort icon indicates sort direction

– Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2

Added ability to Paste contents of clipboard in as a new list.

Added quick-sort buttons at top of lists to allow one-touch sorting alphabetically or by checked status.


Softlight CheckList 2017

Softlight CheckList 1.5 screenshot

Softlight CheckList screenshot 0Softlight CheckList screenshot 1Softlight CheckList screenshot 2

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MiX Signer Latest Version APK for Android

MiX Signer download
MiX Signer download

This is an Add-on for the MiXplorer app (A full featured file explorer v5.3.4+). MiX Signer is offered by Hootan Parsa. Last Updated: August 18, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

This is an Add-on for the MiXplorer app (A full featured file explorer v5.3.4+) to Sign Apk, Zip and Jar files using built-in or custom certificates.
You can also create, view and edit your KeyStores (JKS, BKS, PKCS12, UBER formats).
It’s a paid app to support development of the MiXplorer.
It does not require root privileges.
For more information see the website:
If you have any idea or suggestion or there is a bug, feel free and send me an email to


MiX Signer APK

Download MiX Signer

Download MiX Signer APK

MiX Signer for Android

Download MiX Signer for Android

Download MiX Signer APK for Android

MiX Signer 1.0 screenshot

MiX Signer screenshot 0MiX Signer screenshot 1MiX Signer screenshot 2MiX Signer screenshot 3MiX Signer screenshot 4MiX Signer screenshot 5MiX Signer screenshot 6

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LD Dashboard Latest Version APK for Android

download LD Dashboard apk
download LD Dashboard apk

"LD Dashboard" helps you monitor your business through LDCOM platform. LD Dashboard is offered by Logical Data – Servicios de Informatica Lexington. Last Updated: August 18, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

LD Dashboard” helps you monitor your business through LDCOM platform. This App will allow you to analyze the indicators Sales, Goals Averages Losses related to the level of responsibility of each user, initially focusing on area level, type and shop, so you can focus your attention on both general and specific indicators. Download the App if you have already received indications LDCOM Administrator to establish the connection path and a valid user and start the online experience indicators.


LD Dashboard 2017

LD Dashboard 1.0 screenshot

LD Dashboard screenshot 0LD Dashboard screenshot 1LD Dashboard screenshot 2LD Dashboard screenshot 3LD Dashboard screenshot 4LD Dashboard screenshot 5LD Dashboard screenshot 6LD Dashboard screenshot 7LD Dashboard screenshot 8LD Dashboard screenshot 9LD Dashboard screenshot 10

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Calculator (JT) Latest Version APK for Android

Calculator (JT) download
Calculator (JT) download

Simple calc for everyday use with memory saving feature and unlimited history. Calculator (JT) is offered by Jyot Techno. Last Updated: August 18, 2015. Current Version: 1.1.0

Perfect calculator design for smartphones.

Flat user interface uses capabilities of smartphone to make user experience easy and faster than traditional calculators.

Clean look and big buttons to make sure your calculations are always accurate and reliable.

History and Settings just a swipe away, making them easily accessible.

☆ Store unlimited history (swipe from right edge).
☆ Results shown every time any button is pressed. So, you don’t have to press ‘=’ button repeatedly.
☆ Copy-paste calculations to display like normal text.
☆ Edit from between the expression while performing long calculations instead of starting over.
☆ Important buttons like percent (%), Square root (√), Power of (^) and brackets easily accessible.
☆ Swipe down to Hide keyboard to go into full screen mode.

☆ Access settings with just a swipe from left edge.
☆ Change themes.
☆ Change grouping format (Lakh or Million format)
☆ Enable/Disable vibration feedback
☆ For those who use Memory buttons, Memory buttons can be enabled from settings.
☆ Enable vertical mode to show calculation Up to Down making it easy to read.
☆ Enable exponential mode to show results in E format (5.6594298E7) or disable for simple format (5,65,94,298).

What’s New

☆Updated User interface.


Calculator (JT) 2017

Download Calculator (JT) APK for Android

Calculator (JT) 1.1.0 screenshot

Calculator (JT) screenshot 0Calculator (JT) screenshot 1Calculator (JT) screenshot 2Calculator (JT) screenshot 3Calculator (JT) screenshot 4Calculator (JT) screenshot 5Calculator (JT) screenshot 6Calculator (JT) screenshot 7Calculator (JT) screenshot 8Calculator (JT) screenshot 9Calculator (JT) screenshot 10Calculator (JT) screenshot 11Calculator (JT) screenshot 12Calculator (JT) screenshot 13Calculator (JT) screenshot 14Calculator (JT) screenshot 15Calculator (JT) screenshot 16Calculator (JT) screenshot 17

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