Suite Avvocato + Latest Version APK for Android

Suite Avvocato + apk
Suite Avvocato + apk

"Suite Lawyer" is a Web application for Jurists. Suite Avvocato + is offered by NM. Last Updated: August 12, 2015. Current Version: 0.1

“Suite Lawyer” is a Web application for exclusive access to content
It requires internet connection to access the content.

The App is ideal for the lawyer. It allows you to always have in your hands an instrument of law constantly updated online that will give an efficient and structured approach to your work.
Ideal for professionals who want to improve themselves and provide superior service to its customers. A divided mind the composition of the legal world, the app has been divided into different sections to allow for speedy use.

For those who need to have on hand all the research tools needed to carry out their profession, “Suite Lawyer” is a good solution.

Ideal for those who want a work environment available and want to do such a quote to your customer without the lens research via advertising banners of dispersive browser.

The legal databases and news available online free of charge, with Lawyer Suite, will allow you to be constantly updated. Content and application in a single App Android means having what it takes to do their jobs by optimizing time and resources.

Out by the law firm you can have a quote to your customers!


Install “Suite Lawyer” for Android and discover how easy and fast access to the latest news of the major legal newspapers, the websites of the free databases of case law online, the updated codes, the laws, national collective bargaining agreement, utilities, and more!

Here, without limitation, the content available:

– Legal Agenda Online
– Albi Pretori Online
– Archinota (Research which houses the deeds)
– Calculation Unified Contribution
– Calculators Legal
– Calculates tax code
– Calculate the unified
– Calculates biological damage
– Calculate Heritage
– Calculate Plot
– Calculate Usufrutto
– Cash National Bar
– Search Recommended
– Search judgment (civil, criminal, administrative, constitutional court, the Court of Auditors ..)
– Traffic Laws
– Codes and laws
– Codes Inscriptions Role
– Compensation Lawyer civil and criminal
– Public inspection of the Registers (PST)
– Conversion worth
– Biological damage
– Decoding tax code
– Decoding IBAN
– Monetary devaluation
– Rights of Copy
– Legal Dictionary
– Legacy
– Examination Lawyer (with special insights)
– RSS news right
– Formation
– Expanded Online
– Official Gazette
– Law
– Glossary
– Legal Guide
– Guide the World right (over 40 countries)
– Registration tax leases
– Interest Legal
– Default interest
– Itinerary (Get route and travel distances)
– Manabili AIGA
– Weather
– Statement
– PEC – Heading P.A.
– Podcast (Special Justice Radio Radicale, Newspaper Radio 24)
– Portals and search engines
– Estimates and Legal Proceedings
– Review of jurisprudence
– Municipal regulations (database)
– Lawyer Search
– Search Constitutional Court
– Search Audit
– Searches and Lists
– I recognize Lawyers Training
– Reimbursement of costs per kilometer
– Monetary revaluation
– Spin-off bills
– Table parameters forensic
– Taxation judicial
– Procedural time-limits
– Italian Courts
– Judicial Offices
– Beneficial interest

Ultimately, this is an App for Lawyers, Attorney, Notaries, magistrates and practitioners of law that need to be available, even in mobility, content and information useful for their professional activity.

Lawyer Suite is a tool to upgrade essential, to use only online. It is recommended Wi-fi.

What’s New

Suite Avvocato + accessibili nuovi contenuti


Suite Avvocato + 2017

Suite Avvocato + APK

Download Suite Avvocato +

Download Suite Avvocato + APK

Suite Avvocato + for Android

Download Suite Avvocato + for Android

Download Suite Avvocato + APK for Android

Suite Avvocato + 0.1 screenshot

Suite Avvocato + screenshot 0Suite Avvocato + screenshot 1Suite Avvocato + screenshot 2Suite Avvocato + screenshot 3Suite Avvocato + screenshot 4Suite Avvocato + screenshot 5Suite Avvocato + screenshot 6Suite Avvocato + screenshot 7Suite Avvocato + screenshot 8Suite Avvocato + screenshot 9Suite Avvocato + screenshot 10Suite Avvocato + screenshot 11Suite Avvocato + screenshot 12Suite Avvocato + screenshot 13

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SRMites GPA Calculator Latest Version APK for Android

SRMites GPA Calculator apk
SRMites GPA Calculator apk

Offline GPA Calculator for SRM University B.Tech students. SRMites GPA Calculator is offered by Ashwin Monpur. Last Updated: August 12, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Offline GPA Calculator for SRM University students. Designed for SRMites (SRM institution of Science and Technology)

Developed by Weeweg
Ashwin Monpur & Sindhu sri Ganduri


SRMites GPA Calculator 2017

Download SRMites GPA Calculator APK

SRMites GPA Calculator for Android

Download SRMites GPA Calculator for Android

Download SRMites GPA Calculator APK for Android

SRMites GPA Calculator 1.0 screenshot

SRMites GPA Calculator screenshot 0SRMites GPA Calculator screenshot 1SRMites GPA Calculator screenshot 2SRMites GPA Calculator screenshot 3

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External Scanner Inventory Latest Version APK for Android

External Scanner Inventory apk
External Scanner Inventory apk

Use bluetooth or USB external barcode reader to scan inventory. External Scanner Inventory is offered by Ponce Solutions. Last Updated: August 12, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Before conducting an inventory, you will need to pair your Bluetooth scanner. You can also connect a wired usb scanner to your device if the device supports it.
We have used the Motorola CS3070 with our devices. You can download the free app to test your device

Inventory Entry Screen: On the inventory entry screen you have a custom keypad that has been designed to take Scanned inventory.

When taking an inventory, normally you will want to break the inventory by an area and section. Each one of those breakdowns is shown below their respective buttons.

The area and section use four digits. The buttons are enabled when you have typed the correct number of digits with your keypad.

For example, if you wanted to change the area to 0004, type 0004 with the keypad and you will see that the area and section buttons are enabled. Tap Area button and the value for the area will be set to 0004. Section will work the same way.

Under the area and section breakdown you will see the UPC and quantity fields that show the last saved values.

The next field is used to enter the UPC and the quantity. When the application starts, the field is ready to enter a UPC, either typed or scanned using a barcode scanner (Bluetooth/wired usb). Once you tap enter after entering a UPC, you can enter the quantity. Depending on your settings, you can type the + to add quantities before tapping ENTER or type * to multiply quantities before tapping ENTER.

The next and very important section is the keypad. Once upon a time I worked many years as an Inventory Auditor so the keypad has been layout based on many years of experience. That being said, since this is a software keyboard, you can suggest a change so that it works for you.

Each button should be self-explained. I will describe how the entries are interpreted.

816122001111Enter10Enter When you type or scan the 816122001111 and tap ENTER(when scanned ENTER is automatically entered) then 10 Enter the entry will be stored as 816122001111 for the UPC and 10 for the quantity

816122001111Enter10+10+10+10Enter When a string like this is typed, the numbers before the first the Enter will be taken as UPC. Any number after the first Enter will be either be added or multiplied with each other to get the value for the quantity. In this case the UPC would be 816122001111 the quantity would be 40.

This app has been designed to allow the input from the scanner only when the app is expecting a UPC to be entered. Also if you start typing the UPC, the input from the scanner is ignored until the field for UPC is empty

If your device has at least 4.4.X software version(KitKat), you will be able to save the report as PDF. If your device has the correct version, you will see the Print menu on the report otherwise the menu does not show. With this option if you have a wireless printer set, you should be able to send the report to the printer as well.
The report is created as html. If you connect your device to a computer, you could copy the full directory and view the report on your computer. Look for tsi folder on your sdcard and copy the www folder to view the report on your computer.


External Scanner Inventory APK

Download External Scanner Inventory

Download External Scanner Inventory APK

External Scanner Inventory for Android

Download External Scanner Inventory for Android

Download External Scanner Inventory APK for Android

External Scanner Inventory 1.0 screenshot

External Scanner Inventory screenshot 0External Scanner Inventory screenshot 1External Scanner Inventory screenshot 2External Scanner Inventory screenshot 3External Scanner Inventory screenshot 4External Scanner Inventory screenshot 5External Scanner Inventory screenshot 6External Scanner Inventory screenshot 7External Scanner Inventory screenshot 8External Scanner Inventory screenshot 9External Scanner Inventory screenshot 10External Scanner Inventory screenshot 11External Scanner Inventory screenshot 12External Scanner Inventory screenshot 13External Scanner Inventory screenshot 14External Scanner Inventory screenshot 15External Scanner Inventory screenshot 16External Scanner Inventory screenshot 17External Scanner Inventory screenshot 18External Scanner Inventory screenshot 19External Scanner Inventory screenshot 20External Scanner Inventory screenshot 21External Scanner Inventory screenshot 22External Scanner Inventory screenshot 23

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Emoji Keyboard – Funny Art Latest Version APK for Android

Emoji Keyboard - Funny Art download
Emoji Keyboard – Funny Art download

Funny Art for Emoji Keyboard – CrazyCorn, make life more cute and wonderful. Emoji Keyboard – Funny Art is offered by CrazyEmojiTheme. Last Updated: August 12, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Funny Art Emoji for Emoji Keyboard – CrazyCorn, designed by CrazyCorn, Getting this cool emoji art to make your CrazyCorn more wonderful and colorful.

CrazyCron is an beautiful theme keyboard that support to input emoji in everywhere(like Facebook/Twitter), you can see the beautiful kit kat style keyboard UI and input emoji very convenient.


Emoji Keyboard – Funny Art 2017

Emoji Keyboard – Funny Art for Android

Download Emoji Keyboard – Funny Art for Android

Download Emoji Keyboard – Funny Art APK for Android

Emoji Keyboard – Funny Art 1.0 screenshot

Emoji Keyboard - Funny Art screenshot 0Emoji Keyboard - Funny Art screenshot 1Emoji Keyboard - Funny Art screenshot 2

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Emoji Keyboard – Food Art Latest Version APK for Android

Emoji Keyboard - Food Art apk
Emoji Keyboard – Food Art apk

Food Art for Emoji Keyboard – CrazyCorn, make life more cute and wonderful. Emoji Keyboard – Food Art is offered by CrazyEmojiTheme. Last Updated: August 12, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Food Art Emoji for Emoji Keyboard – CrazyCorn, designed by CrazyCorn, Getting this cool emoji art to make your CrazyCorn more wonderful and colorful.

CrazyCron is an beautiful theme keyboard that support to input emoji in everywhere(like Facebook/Twitter), you can see the beautiful kit kat style keyboard UI and input emoji very convenient.


Emoji Keyboard – Food Art 2017

Download Emoji Keyboard – Food Art APK for Android

Emoji Keyboard – Food Art 1.0 screenshot

Emoji Keyboard - Food Art screenshot 0Emoji Keyboard - Food Art screenshot 1Emoji Keyboard - Food Art screenshot 2

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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Slide-in™ Latest Version APK for Android

Slide-in™ apk
Slide-in™ apk

Slide-in™ allows you to share, view, and edit running apps real time w/friends!. Slide-in™ is offered by Jacoh. Last Updated: August 12, 2015. Current Version: 0.1.2

Be the first to own Slide-in™ from Jacoh™! Slide-in™ enables you to share supported Android apps with fellow Android users on the same Wi-Fi network at the touch of a button. Simply load up the app, start a new session and have users connect by just, sliding in!

Make collaboration even easier by allowing users to interact with what is being shared in real time! Want a user to take control? No problem! Participants can touch, drag, drop, and type just like they would on their own device.

Features Include:
★ Share your Android device’s screen over a local Wi-Fi network with other android users.
★ Easily switch between supported and not supported apps without allowing viewers to see other apps ( useful when you need to look something up in private)
★ Enable everyone to connect and interact at the same time!

NOTE: Screen sharing and Interaction are only supported with apps created with the Slide-in™ SDK. Developers, contact to learn how to enable your app easily!

Latest Updates

Fixed Freezing Bug


Slide-in™ 2017

Slide-in™ for Android

Download Slide-in™ for Android

Download Slide-in™ APK for Android

Slide-in™ 0.1.2 screenshot

Slide-in™ screenshot 0Slide-in™ screenshot 1Slide-in™ screenshot 2Slide-in™ screenshot 3Slide-in™ screenshot 4Slide-in™ screenshot 5Slide-in™ screenshot 6Slide-in™ screenshot 7Slide-in™ screenshot 8

Slide-in™ apk video

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d2u: Recorder & Transcription Latest Version APK for Android

d2u: Recorder & Transcription download
d2u: Recorder & Transcription download

d2u Transcriber is a powerful yet simple dictation recorder & transcription app!. d2u: Recorder & Transcription is offered by dictate2us. Last Updated: August 12, 2015. Current Version: 2.1

The dictate2us (d2u) Transcriber application is the world’s first fully integrated dictation and transcription system for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and now Android devices. Experience the power of our award winning transcription service in your pocket, at your desk or on the go. Record letters, reports, case notes and much more. The possibilities are endless and the time and money we can save are great.

IMPORTANT: All users are able to record and edit audio files. To take advantage of its transcription features, you will need an account. You can register inside the app or request one by emailing

Please note the d2u app is free to download with a 5-minute free trial to test our typing service with no obligation. After the trial we charge £1.55 per audio minute. You can add credit to your account using PayPal or a debit / credit card.

About d2u:

dictate2us are the UK’s number one transcription service providing accurately typed documents with fast turnaround times. We have unparalleled experience in the transcription industry, working with over 65,000 clients worldwide. We work with hospitals and law firms, government bodies and universities. Your typist will have a great deal of experience in your specific field. They will be familiar with the terminology and formatting required.

How does it work?

1. User dictates, saves and categorizes a recording with the d2u Transcriber app
2. Audio is securely uploaded to the dictate2us transcription platform
3. Dedicated typist transcribes the file into a Microsoft Word document
4. An editor amends any errors or formatting issues
5. Document is proofread and an extra level of editing is applied if needed
6. Finished document is emailed to you or made available for download

How do we charge for transcription?

We charge per minute of audio rather than per word, line or time taken to type. We believe this is the fairest way as you will know exactly how much a file will cost before uploading.

It is worth noting that people dictate 3 to 4 time more quickly than they type. A 10-minute dictation file could take up to 40 minutes to transcribe. With d2u you only pay for the 10 minutes.

App Features:

– Record, edit and review audio files
– Fast forward, rewind and scrub recordings
– Manage and categorize audio files
– Access your d2u account to check remaining credit balance and access completed documents
– Pause and resume uploads to dictate2us
– Military-grade 256bit SSL encryption
– File compression, reducing data usage when uploading audio files
– Check the status of uploaded files
– Free storage of all audio files for 30 days – adjustable in your settings
– Application pin security protects your recordings should your phone be lost or stolen

How long does it take to transcribe?

The d2u app allows users to get their transcribed documents back extremely quickly. As soon as your encrypted file arrives at our servers, it is decrypted and assigned to your regular typist. Once edited and proofread, our online transcription platform will email a copy of the finished document or, if preferred, a link can be sent to download the document straight to your phone, tablet, PC.

We return work in a Microsoft word document and can type into your personal letterhead or template.

If the file length is:

– less than 5 minutes long we will return your completed document within 60 minutes
– more than 5 minutes long your finished document will be returned within 24 hours

Data Confidentiality and Security:

The d2u Transcriber app uses state-of-the-art data security including military-grade encryption similar to online banking and retail websites. Our servers are UK-based and hack-tested daily. We are fully Data Protected with the Information Commissioners Office, reg no: Z189181X. Our staff are office-based and have signed non-disclosure agreements. We do not employ homeworkers and our staff have cannot remove data from our systems.

Latest Updates

Various improvements and performance enhancements.

New feature, allowing Bluetooth dictation on-the-go.

Users can now listen to audio files and view transcribed documents on the app.

App crashed during the upload. The app saves the file before uploading the file.


d2u: Recorder & Transcription 2017

d2u: Recorder & Transcription 2.1 screenshot

d2u: Recorder & Transcription screenshot 0d2u: Recorder & Transcription screenshot 1d2u: Recorder & Transcription screenshot 2d2u: Recorder & Transcription screenshot 3d2u: Recorder & Transcription screenshot 4d2u: Recorder & Transcription screenshot 5d2u: Recorder & Transcription screenshot 6d2u: Recorder & Transcription screenshot 7

d2u: Recorder & Transcription apk video

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