Zwoor Survey Latest Version APK for Android

download Zwoor Survey apk
download Zwoor Survey apk

Engage your meeting audience via instant surveys on their Android devices. Zwoor Survey is offered by Zwoor. Last Updated: August 05, 2015. Current Version: 1.4

Zwoor allows a meeting participant to send answers to a survey via the Android device. The user enters a code (e.g. Meet123) to retrieve the survey, and then proceeds to answering the questions.
The meeting facilitator can see a summary of the results immediately on the website.

Easily create your mobile survey at ( . Online, off-line, timed surveys are the main types.
1. Online surveys: You need to be connected to the internet to download survey or submit results (e.g. real time feedback during meeting).
2. Offline surveys. The survey is stored offline, and can be taken multiple times (e.g. consumer research, no connectivity needed).
3. Timed surveys. Survey needs to be completed in pre-determined timing (e.g. math test).

You can add images to the survey – brand it with your own logo. Only tablet questions can contain images at question level. Sorry, not enough real estate on the phone.

What’s New

– Improved security.

– Social Media integration.


Zwoor Survey 2017

Download Zwoor Survey

Download Zwoor Survey APK

Zwoor Survey for Android

Download Zwoor Survey for Android

Download Zwoor Survey APK for Android

Zwoor Survey 1.4 screenshot

Zwoor Survey screenshot 0Zwoor Survey screenshot 1Zwoor Survey screenshot 2

Zwoor Survey apk video

See detail information and download apk file:

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RescueTime Time Management Latest Version APK for Android

download RescueTime Time Management apk
download RescueTime Time Management apk

Time management and work-life feedback for mobile and desktop. RescueTime Time Management is offered by RescueTime Team. Last Updated: August 05, 2015. Current Version: 4.1.4

– Accurate automatic time tracking of your mobile apps
– Report your voice call time
– Know where your web site time is spent
– Set yourself alerts and goals to manage your digital life
– Flag milestones and highlight achievements
– Historical productivity reports to see your progress
– Privacy options to chose what you care about

Wonder where your day went? RescueTime is an automatic time and attention tracker that helps individuals and teams propagate good processes and eliminate bad habits. Fight information overload and multitask thrash!

Some fans have this to say:

– Tim Ferris – author of The 4-Hour Work Week: “Simple and powerful. Use this product.”

– Chris Sacca – tweets: “try @rescuetime to help achieve efficiency and life balance when using technology”

Our Android app tracks how you spend your mobile time, works great on its own but even better when combined with our computer app.

RescueTime for Android works by noting how long you spend in your mobile apps and phone calls, reporting back to you your efficiency score, top distractions and categories right on your mobile device. There is a handy stopwatch tool for manually tracking things like meetings and exercise, and you can set the productivity as you finish it, without visiting the website.

Full reports and charts, along with goals and alerts features, are available via the web app, and integrate tightly with your computer time, if you add that.

Existing RescueTime users can easily add our Android app to their accounts for free.

New users, you’ll get a lifetime free individual web account when activating your app. All new users also get 14 days of Pro web reporting mode, which then reverts to free mode (still very popular!) until upgraded from our site. Be sure to try the desktop / laptop app too. One account is all you need for as many devices as you have.

Key features of Pro are:
– Details reporting, like (Android) contact’s names for phone calls and (PC) document names
– Website time reporting on computer and mobile
– (PC only) FocusTime opt-in distraction blocking
– Set alerting rules to get nudged when you spend too much time on distractions or cheer you on when you hit your goals
– Unlimited data history (Free shows recent 2 months only)

Pro Solo RescueTime costs US $9.00 a month, full year at a discounted $72.00, if you want to keep premium services. Free version is free!

— Support —

RescueTime offers full support of the paid and free subscription. Just log in to our website at and click “help” in the top right corner, then “start a discussion” to create the ticket. You get direct engineer access! Please, before you rate us, give us a chance to help you!

— Developer Notes: Help us Improve —

LG G3 users: LG has shipped a broken Lollipop OTA update that is missing the “app usage” API. Until they address the problem, our app cannot work for you (unless you stay on Android 4.x).

Android 5 (Lollipop) users: website time tracking is working now.

Good news! Website visits are now reported in browsers on Android devices. Currently supported browsers are Chrome, Chrome (beta), Android Browser, Dolphin. Firefox and DolphinMini are not due to limits in their design.

We require an email because that is our “user name”, and it is how we identify your login across multiple devices. Your email is NEVER shared with anyone.

Our app should not be transmitting much data– on a few hundred KB per day. If you are seeing more than this there could be a problem with your install. Let us know by email, we can track it down! (We are not aware of any issue for this in version 2.0.0.)

If you have ANY issues or questions, please contact us via the help system, or send email to and give us a chance to help you. We happily extend Pro trials if you’re setup has any issues.

The permissions we request of your phone are designed to make this tracking possible. More information is available on our website.

Latest Updates

2015-08-05 4.1.4 minor tweak to capture os version for better UX

2015-03-20 4.1.3 improved tracking for Samsung users, gmail details added

2015-01-26 4.1.2 fix time tracking error on screen sleep overlaps, notification disable error

2015-01-22 4.1.1 trap and report error for LG3 with Lollipop users

2015-01-12 4.1.0 add website support for Android 5

2014-12-12 4.0.0 support for Android 5, integration with notifications and alerts, UI refactor


RescueTime Time Management 2017

RescueTime Time Management 4.1.4 screenshot

RescueTime Time Management screenshot 0RescueTime Time Management screenshot 1RescueTime Time Management screenshot 2RescueTime Time Management screenshot 3RescueTime Time Management screenshot 4RescueTime Time Management screenshot 5RescueTime Time Management screenshot 6RescueTime Time Management screenshot 7RescueTime Time Management screenshot 8RescueTime Time Management screenshot 9RescueTime Time Management screenshot 10RescueTime Time Management screenshot 11RescueTime Time Management screenshot 12RescueTime Time Management screenshot 13RescueTime Time Management screenshot 14RescueTime Time Management screenshot 15RescueTime Time Management screenshot 16RescueTime Time Management screenshot 17

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Organi Goal Latest Version APK for Android

download Organi Goal apk
download Organi Goal apk

Organi Goal helps you create momentum in your organization. Organi Goal is offered by Bortech Solutions. Last Updated: August 05, 2015. Current Version: 1.3

Organi Goal helps you create momentum in your organization by creating incentive driven challenges on a global scale.

Everyone loves a good challenge, especially if there is an amazing prize to be won. Whether you are a business trying to increase sales, a non profit organization recruiting volunteers, a network marketing company motivating your sales team or an individual creating a challenge between family and friends, Organi Goal has you covered.
With Organi Goal you can create a unique challenge in a matter of seconds! Whether you goal is to sell 100 widgets or Raise $5,000 for charity, Organi Goal has the tools to keep you organized and motivated. Why not offer an incentive? As a Challenge moderator you can enable the prize feature and offer an amazing incentive for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place leaders.

How does it work?

1. Download the App
2. Create an account
3. Create or join a challenge
4. Share progress with challenge members
5. Win Prize

Key Feature:

– User friendly interface
– Ability to send private messages between users
– Scoreboard with 1st, 2nd, 3rd place achievers
– Enter activity screen to let everyone know what you accomplished
– See everyone who is part of the challenge in the community section
– Set start and end dates for challenges
– Option to make challenges public or private
– Push notifications when a message is received
– Prize icon with detailed description
– Invite friends to join challenge with email addresses
– Unique challenge code for access
– Community forum for Q&A
– Countdown clock to keep everyone on target
– Android and IOS compatible so everyone can participate

Why wait? Sign up for free and start your first challenge!


Organi Goal 2017

Download Organi Goal APK for Android

Organi Goal 1.3 screenshot

Organi Goal screenshot 0Organi Goal screenshot 1Organi Goal screenshot 2Organi Goal screenshot 3Organi Goal screenshot 4Organi Goal screenshot 5Organi Goal screenshot 6Organi Goal screenshot 7

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Arema Bologna Latest Version APK for Android

Arema Bologna apk
Arema Bologna apk

Arema Bologna Srl is proud to present its new mobile application. Arema Bologna is offered by Netrising S.r.l.. Last Updated: August 05, 2015. Current Version: 2.0.7

Arema Bologna Srl is proud to present its new mobile application, through which you can complete your visit, as well as keep up to date on all the events and promotions offered by our activities.

The application will give you the chance to benefit from some specific features of the mobile world such as:

– Shortcut call to call directly
– Interactive map interface with the browser
– Receive notifications “Push” containing offers and news
– List of all notifications “Push” received
– Quick link to our facebook page
– Quick Link to our website


Arema Bologna APK

Download Arema Bologna

Download Arema Bologna APK

Arema Bologna for Android

Download Arema Bologna for Android

Download Arema Bologna APK for Android

Arema Bologna 2.0.7 screenshot

Arema Bologna screenshot 0Arema Bologna screenshot 1Arema Bologna screenshot 2Arema Bologna screenshot 3Arema Bologna screenshot 4

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Notification History Master Latest Version APK for Android

Notification History Master apk
Notification History Master apk

Notification History records notifications, social media, app installation,SMS. Notification History Master is offered by supergamele. Last Updated: August 05, 2015. Current Version: 2.1.0

iNotification History records notifications, SMS, incoming call, social media, app installation, This can be used to:
1. Backup messages by apps and read them later.
2. Open notification again although you have dismissed this notification long long ago. (Great function better than other software)
2. Easily find out which app pushed annoying status bar advertisement frequently, and then uninstall it.
* Record notifications on status bar.
* Open notification again although you have dismiss this notification long long ago. (Powerful function better than other software)
* Record SMS.
* Great search notification ability.
* Record messages (android 4.1+)
* Record class 0 (Flash) SMS message (android 4.1+)
* Record app install/uninstall history.
* Group messages by apps.
* Sort message by time.
* iNotification History collected every message from social media, SMS, notification on your phone.
* See what James has to say about your past from social media or “James” news.
* Support ToDo List, You can add important message like SMS or notification to TODO list very easily.
* Ignore notification from specific apps.
* Backup and share notifications.
* Add notifications or SMS to your TODO List,only need long click item.
* Support phone call history.
* You don’t need to launch every application to get the latest message because iNotification History helps you do that.
* Get all the messages of mobile phones one day, when after a day, back to see this day do, can be comprehended somewhat improved.
* iNotification History helps you collect the best message of the past with your friends and notification.

Do you want to see all the messages are sorted in time series for reading simple and managing time effectively.
iNotification History collects together your every message form social media like Facebook, Twitter, SMS and notification from your device.
Your best memories, Don’t worry about missing interesting news.
Every morning, you’ll wake up to a fresh experience like TimeHop.
You don’t need to launch every application to get the latest message because iNotification History helps you do that.

* To start collecting notifications, go to system Settings->Accessibility, then enable accessibility and iNotifications History service.

Latest Updates


Great features update:

1.Clear notification automatic,avoid being distracted by much notification.

2.Open notificaiton although notifcation has dismissed.

3.Add notification or sms to Todo List easily.

4.Category message.

5.Ignore special app notification,avoid being distracted by it.


Notification History Master 2017

Download Notification History Master for Android

Download Notification History Master APK for Android

Notification History Master 2.1.0 screenshot

Notification History Master screenshot 0Notification History Master screenshot 1Notification History Master screenshot 2Notification History Master screenshot 3Notification History Master screenshot 4Notification History Master screenshot 5Notification History Master screenshot 6Notification History Master screenshot 7Notification History Master screenshot 8Notification History Master screenshot 9Notification History Master screenshot 10

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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Closet Organizer Latest Version APK for Android

Closet Organizer apk
Closet Organizer apk

Don't forget about that piece of cloth in the back part of your closet!. Closet Organizer is offered by Meggi. Last Updated: August 05, 2015. Current Version: 2.3

Wouldn’t it just perfect if you could take advantage of this application to create new combination of clothes you never thought about, or just remind you that you still own that cute shirt that just hides now on the back part of your closet. Or that shirt you just love and you can’t remember where it is? Oh, yes, you lend it to a friend and you all forgot about it. What if you could do a note on that cute cloth to be able to keep an eye on it?

What’s New

bug fixed


Closet Organizer 2017

Download Closet Organizer APK

Closet Organizer for Android

Download Closet Organizer for Android

Download Closet Organizer APK for Android

Closet Organizer 2.3 screenshot

Closet Organizer screenshot 0Closet Organizer screenshot 1Closet Organizer screenshot 2Closet Organizer screenshot 3Closet Organizer screenshot 4Closet Organizer screenshot 5Closet Organizer screenshot 6Closet Organizer screenshot 7Closet Organizer screenshot 8Closet Organizer screenshot 9Closet Organizer screenshot 10Closet Organizer screenshot 11Closet Organizer screenshot 12Closet Organizer screenshot 13

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SClipper Latest Version APK for Android

download SClipper apk
download SClipper apk

Simply save any text you copy, never loose them again. SClipper is offered by Lohani Tech. Last Updated: August 05, 2015. Current Version: 1.2

SClipper is a ad free, smart and simple clipboard manager that you can also use as note taking application, that automatically logs your clipboard saving everything you copy.

✔ Automatic clipboard history. All copied text is collected and saved for later use. Don’t worry about loosing anything important.

Material design interface. User interface is elegant and easy to use, as it follows material design principles.

Easy clipping organization. Copy any clipping to the clipboard with a single tap. View, edit and extract contents. Make your own categories and save more frequently used text for easy copying.

Quick access. Open through your status bar for quick access to your clippings.

Coming soon
* Automatic categorization of your copied text based on content type
* More options to perform with clippings based on content type

Provide us with any suggestions or complaints so that we can bring more apps to you for free.
Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Latest Updates

* Option to automatically start service on system start

* Create unlimited categories to organize your clips

* Updated interface

* Now you can use it as a note taking application


SClipper 2017

SClipper for Android

Download SClipper for Android

Download SClipper APK for Android

SClipper 1.2 screenshot

SClipper screenshot 0SClipper screenshot 1SClipper screenshot 2SClipper screenshot 3SClipper screenshot 4SClipper screenshot 5SClipper screenshot 6

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