Vcustomize Latest Version APK for Android

Vcustomize download
Vcustomize download

Vcustomize is a phone customizer what gives user access to some functions. Vcustomize is offered by Vivek Yadav. Last Updated: August 03, 2015. Current Version: 4.02

Vcustomize is a phone customizer what gives user access to some functions without having to unlock or look at it with just using the Volume up and down keys. this is primarily useful when driving, walking, etc where user does not have flexibility to keep looking at the screen.

The app consists of three screens.
1. First screen that comes on is the basic config screen. From here user can navigate to directory screen, set up sensor override, disable the app completely, and reset directory/defaults.
2. The directory screen is where user enters the telephones numbers to be called. Upto 50 numbers can be stored.
3. The 3rd screen is the actual keytrapper that traps users key presses and performs actions. Please see detailed description below.

Command list:
Volume up:
1 Single click: Speak directory names. While it’s speaking the names
I. Single Click again to select the name, the phone will automatically call the contact.
II. Long press to cancel the command.
2. Double Click: Speaks the current time.
3. Long press: Toggle flash light on or off.

Volume down:
1. Single Click: Read voice memos in reverse order (Last memo first). While it’s reading memos
I. Single click to skip to next memo.
II. Long press to exit the voice memos.
2. double click: sticky recorder. Starts recording and stops only when user presses double click again.
3. Long press: Record a 10 second voice memo.

Current version supports:
1. Making a call to a pre-determined list of contacts.
2. Turning flash light off or on.
3. Recording and listening to voice memos.
4. tells time.
      – general stability
      – full screen postview
      – added timers and alarms
       – added flashlight
       – added review calls (need directory configured in /sdcard0/vcustomize/callrecordings.txt)
update history
2.00 – fixed force close problem. App runs without crashing.
       – added options on touchscreen to
          – make calls (need directory configured in /sdcard0/vcustomize/contacts.txt. format is “name|number”)
          – record voice memos
          – interval shooting ( can be termed spy cam)
          – backup files (need backup script configured in /sdcard0/vcustomize/backup.txt. format is “source|destination|delete-source-after-copying-flag”)

1.01 – added sticky recorder.
       – added support for directory on external storage. Look for contacts.txt on the folder called vcustomize and edit contacts directly (name followed by number separated by “|” sign)

1.00 – initial version
The app:
1. Works on lock screen!
2. Does NOT need the phone to be rooted.
3. Is compiled for SDK version 9, and has been tested on Gingerbread to Jelly bean, so it should work on most of the phones.

Expected setup: Input frequently called numbers in order of importance. Everything else should work as expected out of the box.

1. Ignore proximity sensor: The app is designed to work only when in a case/pocket when the proximity sensor is blocked. This way the user is not bothered by it every time the phone is turned on. But there is an option to ignore the sensor should the user want to use it every time the phone turns on.

2. Disable Vcustomize: The app can be disabled without having to uninstall.

Please send feedback and feature suggestions to

Latest Updates


minor bugfix


stability improvement


changed layout to vertical scroll, added text note and various improvements.


Vcustomize APK

Download Vcustomize

Download Vcustomize APK

Vcustomize for Android

Download Vcustomize for Android

Download Vcustomize APK for Android

Vcustomize 4.02 screenshot

Vcustomize screenshot 0Vcustomize screenshot 1Vcustomize screenshot 2Vcustomize screenshot 3

Vcustomize apk video

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Total Station Cadastral Demo Latest Version APK for Android

Total Station Cadastral Demo apk
Total Station Cadastral Demo apk

Land Survey and Civil Engineering App that connects to a Total Station. Total Station Cadastral Demo is offered by Systranova Software. Last Updated: August 03, 2015. Current Version: 1.1.5

Total Station Cadastral Demo Apps is designed to assist Land Surveyors to perform Cadastral Surveying.

Features in this Demo version:
1. Measurement using CL or CL and CR (circle left & circle right).
2. Adding Station for survey or start of survey.
3. Survey Data Observation view and Survey 2D Map View.
4. For Demo version Observation will limited to 10 and Stations limited to 20.

1. Bluetooth
2. USB Serial Adapter Cable. Please refer to on the use usb serial connection.

Supported Total Station:
1. Topcon. including Topcon-Sokkia and Topcon-Gowin.
2. Nikon
3. Leica
4. Sokkia SETX
5. Pentax (setting Horz Angle, please use keypad on Pentax total station)

Supported Languages:
1. English.

Cadastral Survey methods are different from country to country due to regulation, users who are interested are encourage to submit their comments and ideas to

Thank you.

What’s New


Minor Update


Minor Update.


Added Pentax Interface.


Leica interface bug fix.


Minor Update


Minor Bug Fixes.


Bug Fixes.


Minor Bug Fix.


Optimized for 7in Tablet.


New Apps ‘Total Station Topo Survey Demo’ is available at Google Play.


New Apps ‘Total Station Cadastral Survey’ is available at Google Play.


Change order of Forward Station measurement to ROCL, FSCL, ROCR, FSCR.


Map View Bug Fix.


Total Station Cadastral Demo 2017

Total Station Cadastral Demo for Android

Download Total Station Cadastral Demo for Android

Download Total Station Cadastral Demo APK for Android

Total Station Cadastral Demo 1.1.5 screenshot

Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 0Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 1Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 2Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 3Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 4Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 5Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 6Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 7Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 8Total Station Cadastral Demo screenshot 9

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Eeks Mouse FREE Latest Version APK for Android

Eeks Mouse FREE apk
Eeks Mouse FREE apk

Turn your Android device to a Wireless mouse for your PC. Eeks Mouse FREE is offered by SNA Power. Last Updated: August 03, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Eeks Mouse turns your Android device into a wireless mouse connected to your PC via WiFi.

Simply download the free desktop app from our website and install the Android app on your phone. Make sure they are connected to your local LAN Wifi and are on the same network (this is important for this to work seamlessly).

From the PC app, just click refresh and you’d see the mobile device in the list of available devices. Click connect and voila. Your Android device is now a mouse. Literally.

We’re listening in for your feedback on FB and GP
Eeks Mouse on Facebook –

Eeks Mouse on GP –

Purchase the full app without ads here –


Eeks Mouse FREE 2017

Download Eeks Mouse FREE for Android

Download Eeks Mouse FREE APK for Android

Eeks Mouse FREE 1.0 screenshot

Eeks Mouse FREE screenshot 0Eeks Mouse FREE screenshot 1Eeks Mouse FREE screenshot 2Eeks Mouse FREE screenshot 3Eeks Mouse FREE screenshot 4Eeks Mouse FREE screenshot 5Eeks Mouse FREE screenshot 6Eeks Mouse FREE screenshot 7

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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MC9190 Latest Version APK for Android

MC9190 apk
MC9190 apk

A Motorola's MC9190 layout keyboard with scanning feature using external app. MC9190 is offered by Santhosh Babu. D. Last Updated: August 03, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

A Motorola’s MC9190 layout keyboard with scanning feature using external app. Both numeric and alphabets are shown along with frequent barcode symbols. All the Keys in keyboard are open to frequently using in scanning input.

This keyboard has one button to capture barcode/ QRcode using external barcode app.

This app was created as proof-of-concept during my free time at home. Please email me your suggestion/comments at


MC9190 2017

MC9190 APK

Download MC9190

Download MC9190 APK

MC9190 for Android

Download MC9190 for Android

Download MC9190 APK for Android

MC9190 1.0 screenshot

MC9190 screenshot 0MC9190 screenshot 1MC9190 screenshot 2MC9190 screenshot 3

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S9K HACCP 2 Latest Version APK for Android

download S9K HACCP 2 apk
download S9K HACCP 2 apk

S9K System Food Service App. S9K HACCP 2 is offered by Sentry9000 Inc.. Last Updated: August 03, 2015. Current Version: 2.0.11 800.519.7657

Sentry9000 has two innovative food safety programs for Food Service and Food Processing applications. They both are designed to enhance the overall food safety and provide savings in material, labor and preventing food losses.

The S9k System Food Service App has been designed to meet the standards of the USDA HACCP for School Lunch which is based on the FDA’s Food Code. It improves the food safety of the kitchen operation and eliminates all paperwork associated with HACCP Documentation. The S9K Digital HACCP System replaces clipboards that can be a harborage and fomite for bacteria. Those large 3-ring binders, file cabinets and file storage boxes can disappear when replaced by a HACCP web site for each food service operation. The S9k System provides data collection to manage the kitchen’s food operations from receiving, storage, cooking, serving, and leftovers. The ancillary program data for equipment, sinks, dishwasher temperatures, calibrations, food safety checklist and more provides the complete tool for a successful kitchen manager.

The S9k System Food Processing App works in all food processing plants to replace the clipboards and sheets of paper that are used to record HACCP data, Pre-Op data, production data, quality data, food safety data and…….. The current forms used to collect all this data are converted to digital data collection forms specifically for the designated process. No one size fits all.

The web site for each location also includes an Employee Training Record program for documenting and storing all training conducted for employees. A Preventive Maintenance & Equipment Inventory program schedules and records preventive maintenance and ad hoc repairs of all equipment. The Daily Food Production Record is used by schools to meet the USDA requirement for daily food accountability.

The S9k Temperature Alert System is based on WiFi sensors to continuously monitor the temperatures of coolers and freezers to provide alerts visually, by email and cell phone when temperatures are out of range and when temperature data is not being received because of power or Internet failures.

Please contact Sentry9000 at info@sentry9000.coom – toll free 800.519.7657 or visit

Latest Updates

App improvements

Preventive Maintenance & Equipment Inventory Program

Employee Training Record

Daily Food Production Record

Optional Bluetooth Temperature Probe/InfraRed

WiFi Temperature Sensors for Coolers/Freezers


S9K HACCP 2 2017

Download S9K HACCP 2 APK for Android

S9K HACCP 2 2.0.11 screenshot

S9K HACCP 2 screenshot 0S9K HACCP 2 screenshot 1S9K HACCP 2 screenshot 2S9K HACCP 2 screenshot 3S9K HACCP 2 screenshot 4

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VADA Latest Version APK for Android

download VADA apk
download VADA apk

A voice assistant for storing and retrieving memo-like information in the cloud. VADA is offered by Rich Dunajewski. Last Updated: August 03, 2015. Current Version: 0.2.1

VADA (Voice Activated Data Acquisition) is a voice assistant for storing and retrieving memo-like information in the cloud.

To create your login, simply speak your desired keyword two times. The system will not recognize you at first, but the second attempt with the same keyword will create your account. No personal information necessary — not even your email address!

Usage Example:

Speak: <your keyword>
<VADA will say “Ready <keyword>” if you are recognized>
Speak: Where am I?
<VADA responds with your approximate GPS location, if known>

Latest Updates

Fixed bug where there was a delay between sending commands to the server.


VADA 2017

Download VADA APK

VADA for Android

Download VADA for Android

Download VADA APK for Android

VADA 0.2.1 screenshot

VADA screenshot 0VADA screenshot 1

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Easy Password Storage Latest Version APK for Android

Easy Password Storage download
Easy Password Storage download

Cross-platform password manager with 448 bit encryption and easy sync. Easy Password Storage is offered by Rebrand Software, LLC. Last Updated: August 03, 2015. Current Version: Updating…

Easy Password Storage keeps your passwords safe but accessible. One master password protects and encrypts all of your valuable information. Wifi, Local or Cloud sync keeps your passwords up to date. Seriously cross platform, available on: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac OS X, Firefox OS, Windows and Windows Phone.

Your passwords are protected with your choice of two military grade encryption types with up to 448 bit encryption: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Blowfish.

Simply create a username and a master password. Your master password is then used to access all of your other passwords. Keep your master password safe: for security purposes there is no way for us to access or recover it.

Need to sync with another device? Easy Password Storage is cross platform and extremely secure. See the FAQ below for easy cloud setup and more technical security details.

-Encrypted cloud backup and sync to desktop and mobile
-WiFi sync between devices (requires Mac OS X or Windows version)
-One click to copy password and launch website
-Military grade encryption
-Instant search
-View alphabetically or by category
-Notes section for additional data
-Generate secure passwords
-Import and export passwords
-Multiple users
-Use it for passwords, credit cards, any important data

Try it today, and never forget a password again!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How many devices can I use this app on?

This purchase works on all of your devices that use the same Google Play account. A separate purchase is required for other operating systems.

How do I sync my phone/tablet with my desktop Win/Mac computer?

First, on your phone:
1) Open Easy Password Storage
2) Create an account and log in
3) Click the gear icon for settings
4) From the Cloud section, create a free cloud account and log in

Second, on your Win/Mac:
1) Open Easy Password Storage (separate purchase required)
2) Create an account using the same Username, Master Password and Encryption Type as your phone/tablet
3) Click the Cloud icon
4) Log in to your cloud account

Now your devices will sync every 2-3 minutes. Repeat the second steps with any other devices you want to sync.

How secure are your cloud servers?

Our cloud servers are completely blind. Absolutely no one but you can access your passwords because they are encrypted on your device before being sent over a secure SSL connection. We can’t recover, view, share or decrypt them even if we wanted to!

Can I store my passwords offline?

Yes, using the cloud is completely optional. You can sync your passwords offline using encrypted text exports or within your local network using WiFi.

What’s New

New attractive user interface

New password hint option

Faster loading and touch controls

Improved encryption and decryption speed

New password font helps to distinguish similar characters

Fixed a bug that affected WiFi sync


Easy Password Storage 2017

Easy Password Storage for Android

Download Easy Password Storage for Android

Download Easy Password Storage APK for Android

Easy Password Storage Updating… screenshot

Easy Password Storage screenshot 0Easy Password Storage screenshot 1Easy Password Storage screenshot 2Easy Password Storage screenshot 3Easy Password Storage screenshot 4Easy Password Storage screenshot 5Easy Password Storage screenshot 6Easy Password Storage screenshot 7Easy Password Storage screenshot 8Easy Password Storage screenshot 9Easy Password Storage screenshot 10Easy Password Storage screenshot 11Easy Password Storage screenshot 12Easy Password Storage screenshot 13Easy Password Storage screenshot 14

Easy Password Storage apk video

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