Jewish Cal Latest Version APK for Android

Jewish Cal download
Jewish Cal download

Jewish Cal is the most comprehensive Jewish and Hebrew calendar ever produced. Jewish Cal is offered by Crowded Road. Last Updated: April 24, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

The Jewish Cal Android Edition is here! It includes brand new features and a stunning new interface designed specifically for the Android.

Jewish Cal is the most comprehensive Jewish and Hebrew calendar ever produced. Here are just some of the features included:

– Jewish
– Hebrew
– Secular/Gregorian
– Combined 30 day view.

– Events: See Jewish & Israeli events and holidays in a Secular (Gregorian), Jewish or Hebrew calendar view. Includes the Sefiras Ha’omer count.

– Hebrew dates and Events are calculated and displayed based on the local Nightfall time.

– You can even add your own events such as a Yahrzeit, birthday or anniversary, all with many customization options. The events are automatically assigned to the relevant annual Hebrew and secular dates.

– Google Calendar

– Just like with other parts of the app, Jewish Cal simplifies Torah content also, by only displaying the relevant Jewish study material for the specific day requested.

– ENGLISH! Talmud, Mishna and Torah/Chumash content include a comprehensive English translation.

Please contact us with suggestions and constructive critique. We are hoping to build Jewish Cal into the perfect application based on community feedback.


Jewish Cal 2017

Download Jewish Cal

Download Jewish Cal APK

Jewish Cal for Android

Download Jewish Cal for Android

Download Jewish Cal APK for Android

Jewish Cal 1.0 screenshot

Jewish Cal screenshot 0Jewish Cal screenshot 1Jewish Cal screenshot 2Jewish Cal screenshot 3Jewish Cal screenshot 4

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미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 Latest Version APK for Android

미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 apk
미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 apk

Easily update your dongle TO21COMMS mummy cast through the Android application!. 미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 is offered by TO21COMMS. Last Updated: April 24, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

FW Version: D264
  -> Consumers Release
Version: D264
File: RTSD5_NAND_D264_141210.sbin
 1. Android kiket (4.4.x) fix connection problems
 2. Samsung Android smartphone fix connection problems
 3. Remove the mummy cast and DLNA screen
 4. Apply button to switch to the mummy without rebooting the switch cast and DLNA
 5.PBC button behavior change
    One click: Mira cast and DLAN switch
    3 clicks: Cancel function
    2-5 seconds Maintenance: Automatic external WIFI router with a WPS connection
    9-15 seconds Maintenance: Factory Reset
 6. Other
    Upgrade and press the PBC button for more than 5 seconds to the factory default must


미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 2017

Download 미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 APK

미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 for Android

Download 미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 for Android

Download 미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 APK for Android

미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 1.0 screenshot

미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 screenshot 0미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 screenshot 1미라캐스트 동글 업데이트 screenshot 2

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GPro Configurator Latest Version APK for Android

download GPro Configurator apk
download GPro Configurator apk

Check your application with Mettler Toledo GPro Configurator. GPro Configurator is offered by Robert Tell. Last Updated: April 24, 2015. Current Version: 3.0

With this app, you can check in minutes if the GPro 500 TDL gas analyzers from METTLER TOLEDO can be used in your process. Request a quote online for the proper GPro configuration that is suitable for your application.


GPro Configurator 2017

Download GPro Configurator APK

GPro Configurator for Android

Download GPro Configurator for Android

Download GPro Configurator APK for Android

GPro Configurator 3.0 screenshot

GPro Configurator screenshot 0GPro Configurator screenshot 1GPro Configurator screenshot 2GPro Configurator screenshot 3GPro Configurator screenshot 4GPro Configurator screenshot 5GPro Configurator screenshot 6

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File Explorer Latest Version APK for Android

download File Explorer apk
download File Explorer apk

Search,zip,shear,show/hide and beautiful interface this is file manager for you. File Explorer is offered by Sharpsol. Last Updated: April 24, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Looking for a file explorer? This is a file explorer for you that meet your needs. It allows browsing contents of your phone with a pretty looking interface. . It manage your pictures, music, video, documents, and other files on your mobile phone. Now it is easy to find files using file explorer due to its search feature.
File Explorer is fully featured file manager software. It is a nice looking file manager showing the contents in gird view .You can access all of your files from your device memory or SD card. It is a simple and most easy to use file browsing management tool.
User friendly interface and simple, no complex elements, easy to navigate.
Operate files Copy, Paste, Cut/Move, Create, Delete, Rename, details, Share/Send, search in the phone.
View Different file formats, photos, docs, videos etc.
Search files
Compress and Decompress ZIP files
Hide and show device files and folders
Perform long running operations (e.g. copy, move) in the background
Send files (via email, Blue-tooth)
View files in grid view
Open files with installed applications
Single and multiple selection support
Multiple resolution support
Shows the path of visited folders and files
Home button for moving back to home page
Compatible with Android 2.3 and up
Fast processing speed
Requires less space
More efficient


File Explorer 2017

Download File Explorer for Android

Download File Explorer APK for Android

File Explorer 1.0 screenshot

File Explorer screenshot 0File Explorer screenshot 1File Explorer screenshot 2File Explorer screenshot 3File Explorer screenshot 4File Explorer screenshot 5File Explorer screenshot 6File Explorer screenshot 7File Explorer screenshot 8File Explorer screenshot 9File Explorer screenshot 10File Explorer screenshot 11File Explorer screenshot 12File Explorer screenshot 13File Explorer screenshot 14File Explorer screenshot 15

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Easy Bug Report Latest Version APK for Android

download Easy Bug Report apk
download Easy Bug Report apk

This app guides you to record screen, take bug report and share both easily. Easy Bug Report is offered by Samsung MNO Lab. Last Updated: April 24, 2015

Asked to collect bug report and you don’t know how to take it.Confused with various settings and many steps. Don’t worry! Easy Bug Report is here to help you.

This app will guide you to take bug report by providing step-by-step instructions. Once you are done, simply share the compressed bug report via Email or via any other app. You will also have an option to share the last bug report.

Keywords: dumpstate, bug report, bugreport, easybugreport, easy bug, bug, report, take bug report, developer options, screen record, no root, recorder, compressed bug report

Latest Updates

With Easy bug report, now you can record the screen before taking your bug report. Screen recording will be zipped along with the bug report !!

Note: Screen Recording feature is Lollipop (android 5.0) onward only (No Root Required).

Other Improvements:

Improved UI with Material theme

Bug Fixes


Easy Bug Report 2017

Easy Bug Report screenshot

Easy Bug Report screenshot 0Easy Bug Report screenshot 1Easy Bug Report screenshot 2Easy Bug Report screenshot 3

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Wonder Calendar Latest Version APK for Android

Wonder Calendar download
Wonder Calendar download

Wonder Calendar is the new way to manage your calendars and events !. Wonder Calendar is offered by Appspire Tech. Last Updated: April 24, 2015. Current Version: 1.2

The Wonder Calendar has arrived !
Wonder Calendar will show you events from all your Google Accounts that are synchronized with your Android device.Choose different events with various categories, Get Event Notifications, Birthday reminders and more, All of this just an install away (Wonder Calendar !).
If you pride yourself on making things happen fast and look cool on the way, you need to have Wonder Calendar on your device.

Check out just a few of the features offered in Awesome Calendar:
+ works with google calendar.
+ Add events of different types.
+ Rich UI with notifications
+ Real Time Sync
+ A visual treat – experience a calendar which looks different each time of the day.
+ View Birthdays on facebook and even get daily birthday reminders.

This free version is ad-supported, but still fully functional. If would like to disable the ads or support our work please use the Donate feature.

Please let us know your feedback and any problems which we can address.

Latest Updates

– Removed Facebook Login. After new API changes from facebook, we will not be able to show your friends birthdays.


Wonder Calendar APK

Download Wonder Calendar

Download Wonder Calendar APK

Wonder Calendar for Android

Download Wonder Calendar for Android

Download Wonder Calendar APK for Android

Wonder Calendar 1.2 screenshot

Wonder Calendar screenshot 0Wonder Calendar screenshot 1Wonder Calendar screenshot 2Wonder Calendar screenshot 3Wonder Calendar screenshot 4

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Rapid Notes Latest Version APK for Android

download Rapid Notes apk
download Rapid Notes apk

Rapid Notes is your digital block note that fits in your shirt pocket. Rapid Notes is offered by Veaceslav GREC. Last Updated: April 24, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Rapid Notes is a simple app that allows you to quickly take notes whenever you want. It keeps you away from overwhelming functionalities and does one single thing you want it to do, best – take notes quickly.
Rapid Notes is so simple, that it does not have even a Save button. Because we know that everything you write is important for you, and we save it automatically for you.

– Create new note
– Delete note
– Drop current changes


Rapid Notes 2017

Download Rapid Notes APK

Rapid Notes for Android

Download Rapid Notes for Android

Download Rapid Notes APK for Android

Rapid Notes 1.0 screenshot

Rapid Notes screenshot 0Rapid Notes screenshot 1

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