Calendar Notes Free Latest Version APK for Android

Calendar Notes Free apk
Calendar Notes Free apk

Calendar Notes Free is a simple to use Calendar/Journal App. Calendar Notes Free is offered by David Wall. Last Updated: April 09, 2015. Current Version: 1.3

Calendar Notes Free is a replacement for the built in calendar on your Android device. It was built on earlier released apps, “Calendar Notes Gold” & “Calendar NotePad Gold”, however now only one version is needed to use the app on multiple sizes of devices.

Calendar Notes Free is very easy to use, just click on a date, enter some text, and click the save icon. The file will be saved on the root directory of phone memory as a text file similar to this: 2-15-15.txt.

Features include: Multi-Screen Support & modern User Interface with well known icons and menu design. (See Calendar Notes Pro for additional features)

Technical info:
Version: Android 2.2.X(Froyo) upto Android 5.0(Lollipop)
Screen : 4″ phone upto 10″+ Tablets

Modify, Delete, Read USB storage

What’s New

Fixed crash on reboot.


Calendar Notes Free 2017

Download Calendar Notes Free APK

Calendar Notes Free for Android

Download Calendar Notes Free for Android

Download Calendar Notes Free APK for Android

Calendar Notes Free 1.3 screenshot

Calendar Notes Free screenshot 0Calendar Notes Free screenshot 1Calendar Notes Free screenshot 2Calendar Notes Free screenshot 3Calendar Notes Free screenshot 4

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New App PTC Latest Version APK for Android

New App PTC download
New App PTC download

The best PTC app yet!. New App PTC is offered by Avalon Innovations. Last Updated: April 09, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

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New App PTC 2017

Download New App PTC

Download New App PTC APK

New App PTC for Android

Download New App PTC for Android

Download New App PTC APK for Android

New App PTC 1.0 screenshot

New App PTC screenshot 0New App PTC screenshot 1New App PTC screenshot 2New App PTC screenshot 3

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TiFi-Habit/To do check list Latest Version APK for Android

TiFi-Habit/To do check list apk
TiFi-Habit/To do check list apk

Habit friend / To do check list. TiFi-Habit/To do check list is offered by timedot. Last Updated: April 09, 2015. Current Version: 1.2.4

TiFi make good habits

On success the list becomes a Habit to do every day

Try to achieve a critical priority, depending on habits during the week
I repeat that schedule for the selected day of the week
Alarm is also automatically created and automatically gets
The habits scheduling more convenient than ever

Only free !

Latest Updates

– bugfix


TiFi-Habit/To do check list 2017

Download TiFi-Habit/To do check list APK

TiFi-Habit/To do check list for Android

Download TiFi-Habit/To do check list for Android

Download TiFi-Habit/To do check list APK for Android

TiFi-Habit/To do check list 1.2.4 screenshot

TiFi-Habit/To do check list screenshot 0TiFi-Habit/To do check list screenshot 1TiFi-Habit/To do check list screenshot 2

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Mega-Point Latest Version APK for Android

Mega-Point apk
Mega-Point apk

Control point mark in their work with ease!. Mega-Point is offered by Saulo de Souza. Last Updated: April 09, 2015. Current Version:

★ Control the markings of your point with ease! ★

If you have to meet the working hours with accuracy and is fed up with your boss claim that you forgot to make the point marking, or walking on overtime or negative time because not correctly calculated the time that made the appointment?

So do not worry because with the support of this application the complicated job of keeping the marking schedules and do the math to know what time will come out is by application account, and do not worry he warned you at the right time through pre-alarms programmed, which will help you to remember to register the point and informing the hours of their working day by day.

★ Features:

✓ Issue warning before reaching the time,
✓ Sounds an alarm just in time to make the tag,
✓ Has features to delay the alarm if delay or has an atypical day,
✓ Save the scheduled times for future conference and control,
✓ Report how many hours worked and overtime,
✓ Export to Excel and PDF
✓ Backup markings
✓ Configuration of working hours for each day of the week
✓ Choice of touch notifications
✓ It has the feature “Persistent” to help not forget to record the point and notify you until you make the tag,
✓ Find out exactly what time will have to leave the close of business on the first marking!

Tags: registration points, timestamp, time bank, watch point, working time, timestamp, control point, hit the spot, time card, time sheet, working hours, electronic point.

Latest Updates

Correção de bugs.


Mega-Point 2017

Mega-Point screenshot

Mega-Point screenshot 0Mega-Point screenshot 1Mega-Point screenshot 2Mega-Point screenshot 3Mega-Point screenshot 4Mega-Point screenshot 5

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OpenDrive Latest Version APK for Android

OpenDrive apk
OpenDrive apk

A powerful cloud based drive accessible from anywhere. OpenDrive is offered by OpenDrive, Inc. Last Updated: April 09, 2015. Current Version: 2.1.1

OpenDrive is a free service providing you 5gb of cloud storage to view, share, and collaborate on your documents. Have access to all your photos, docs, videos, and data anytime and anywhere directly from your Android. OpenDrive can automatically sync your data between your Android, Computer, and The OpenDrive Website.

What’s New

Updated GUI

Keep me logged in

Passcode Lock

Search in files and folders

Shared Folders

Rename file

Move file to folder

“Open In” other applications

Slide to next file

Other small bug fixes and improvements


OpenDrive 2017

Download OpenDrive

Download OpenDrive APK

OpenDrive for Android

Download OpenDrive for Android

Download OpenDrive APK for Android

OpenDrive 2.1.1 screenshot

OpenDrive screenshot 0OpenDrive screenshot 1OpenDrive screenshot 2OpenDrive screenshot 3OpenDrive screenshot 4

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NEC Cloud Storage Latest Version APK for Android

download NEC Cloud Storage apk
download NEC Cloud Storage apk

NEC Cloud Storage enables secure data synchronization among all your devices. NEC Cloud Storage is offered by NEC Europe Ltd. Last Updated: April 09, 2015. Current Version: 1.6.0

NEC Cloud Storage enables seamless and secure data synchronization among all your devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and the Cloud. Now you can have the information that you use most always accessible, safetly backed up, securely stored and available for sharing with your colleagues.

• Personal and Corporate drives with restricted and group files access
• Intelligent local cache of most commonly used cloud based files
• Password protected files sharing with people outside of the company
• Highly redundant server side storage
• Local and remote data encryption
• Multiple access roles: Company Administrator and Company User
• Files versioning and recovery

What’s New

Lollipop compatibility

Improve performance


NEC Cloud Storage 2017

NEC Cloud Storage 1.6.0 screenshot

NEC Cloud Storage screenshot 0NEC Cloud Storage screenshot 1NEC Cloud Storage screenshot 2NEC Cloud Storage screenshot 3NEC Cloud Storage screenshot 4NEC Cloud Storage screenshot 5

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LiberCanvas Latest Version APK for Android

download LiberCanvas apk
download LiberCanvas apk

Write, Draw, Annotate, Record and Share with Ease and Fun!. LiberCanvas is offered by LiberCloud, LLC. Last Updated: April 09, 2015

LiberCanvas is an amazing app that lets you capture everything you write, draw or say, and then share your videos. It is ideal for creating tutorials to demonstrate concepts step-by-step, or to simply sketch ideas, draw, or annotate web pages or PDF documents using verbal and visual cues. One app with adaptive UI design optimized for tablets and smartphones.

Playing back recorded sessions is like playing a video showing your canvas content progressively through the step-by-step animation.

• Freehand sketch and write.
• Draw lines, shapes, and clip arts.
• Insert text, images, set background.
• Color, fill, resize, rotate, overlay shapes or images, set opacity.
• Set your favorite pen colors.
• Record with and without audio, pause, stop, play.
• Zoom in and zoom out, change canvas size.

• Email the recordings and annotations.
• Take snapshot of canvas content to save in your Image Library.
• Save canvas files on to share with other users.
• Embed canvas in web pages for anyone to view or play.
• Use app in a classroom setting as a small interactive whiteboard.

• Create or join local sessions in your classroom
• Send or assign files to users in local session
• Grab canvas of users in local session then send back your annotations

• Import any web page or PDF documents from Google Drive
• Import LiberPages or assignments from LiberCloud to annotate
• Record, annotate, and save documents back to cloud drive or LiberCloud

• Saves canvas files to your local device
• Save canvas files to LiberCloud or to cloud drives
• Sync your local files with their corresponding files on LiberCloud
• Embed canvas files in web pages

• App is so easy to use that you’ll start creating new canvas files in a matter of minutes.
• Just in case, you’ll be only a tap away to ask questions or send comments.
• It supports both landscape and portrait orientations.
• It works on on most modern tablets with Android 4.2.1 or later.
• Handwriting features work best with latest devices, such the Nexus 9.

• The monthly subscription lets you store and share your files on
• Subscription renews automatically month-by-month.
• Cost of the subscription varies on the selected amount of space and your region.
• Example: 1 GB of space costs $0.99 in the USA or €0.99 in the Euro zone.
• Terms of Use:
• Privacy Policy:

Now go get your creative juices flowing and start giving new life to your ideas today… but you need to download LiberCanvas first!


LiberCanvas 2017

Download LiberCanvas for Android

Download LiberCanvas APK for Android

LiberCanvas screenshot

LiberCanvas screenshot 0LiberCanvas screenshot 1LiberCanvas screenshot 2LiberCanvas screenshot 3LiberCanvas screenshot 4LiberCanvas screenshot 5LiberCanvas screenshot 6LiberCanvas screenshot 7LiberCanvas screenshot 8LiberCanvas screenshot 9LiberCanvas screenshot 10LiberCanvas screenshot 11LiberCanvas screenshot 12LiberCanvas screenshot 13LiberCanvas screenshot 14

LiberCanvas apk video

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