Haystack Latest Version APK for Android

download Haystack apk
download Haystack apk

Set your search for any product, and be notified when new results are found. Haystack is offered by Smooch Apps, LLC. Last Updated: April 06, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Introducing Haystack!

Never have to search the internet for days, weeks, or months anymore.
Haystack simply lets you set a search and will notify YOU when there are new results.

Set a search term, price info, and location info, and let haystack do the rest by scouring the internet for new products every single day.
Haystack will even show you the source & picture.

Gone are the days of having to comb though hours of things you don’t want, only to have to start your search again the next day.

Haystack- Search one & done.
Go find your needle.


Haystack APK

Download Haystack

Download Haystack APK

Haystack for Android

Download Haystack for Android

Download Haystack APK for Android

Haystack 1.0 screenshot

Haystack screenshot 0Haystack screenshot 1Haystack screenshot 2Haystack screenshot 3

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Oil & Gas Calculations Lite Latest Version APK for Android

download Oil & Gas Calculations Lite apk
download Oil & Gas Calculations Lite apk

Simplified Handy application for Oil & Gas Correlations & Calculations. Oil & Gas Calculations Lite is offered by Saify Solutions. Last Updated: April 06, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Simplified Handy application for Oil & Gas Correlations & Calculations. Must-have tool for all Oil & Gas Professionals and Engineers. Features : Pipe Design, Cementing, Drilling Mudding, Drill Pipe, Mud Pumps, Reservoir Engineering, Rock-Fluid Properties, Mechanical Design, Formation Evaluation, Well Logging, Oil and Gas units, Oil Field units, Unit Convertor. Please email us on support@saifysolutions.org, for clarifications or corrections.
iPhone/iPad app link : itunes.apple.com/us/app/oil-gas-calculations/id866175326?ls=1&mt=8
Casing, Tubing Design
Pipe Strength Calculations
Burst Strength
API Internal Yield
Von Mises Internal Yield
Collapse Strength – No Loading
Yield Strength Collapse
Plastic Collapse
Transition Collapse
Elastic Collapse
Combined Stresses – With Loading
Collapse w/loading (API)
Collapse w/loading (Von-Mises)
Axial Strength
API Connections
Coupling Internal Yield Pressure
Connection Joint Strength
Round-Thread Casing-Joint Strength
Buttress-Thread Casing-Joint Strength
Extreme-Line Casing-Joint Strength
Primary Cementing
Cement Slurry Properties
Additive Weight
Absolute Volume
Slurry Yield
Slurry Density
Setting Properties
Cement Thickening Time
Set cement strength
Cement displacement efficiency
Cement Sacks Estimation
Annular/Casing Capacity
Sacks required
Pump Strokes
Cementing Depth Estimation
Annular/Casing Capacity
Slurry Volume
Cement height in Annulus
Top of cement depth
Mud volume
Pump Strokes
Drilling Mud Hydraulics
Mud Density
Effective Mud density
Changing mud density
Bulk density of cuttings
Mud Rheology
Newtonian Fluid
Bingham Plastic Fluid
Power Law Fluid
Herschel and Buckley Fluid
Mud Flow Velocity
Flow inside pipe
Flow in Annular space
Basic Solids Analysis
Cuttings Slip Velocity
Surge and Swab pressures
Equivalent Circulation Density
Drill String
Derrick Capacity (GNC)
Load on Derrick (Dynamic)
Drill Pipe Calculations
Drill Pipe Capacity
Drill Pipe Displacement
Drill Pipe Weight
String Design (Limitations)
Length of BHA (for desired bit weight)
Feet of Drill Pipe (used with specific BHA)
Drill Pipe Load Capacity
Mud Pumps
Pump Performance
Pump Output
Pump Working Pressure (PWP)
Pump Hydraulic Horsepower
Duplex Pump Calculations
Theroetical Output
Volumetric Efficiency
API Correlations – Recovery Efficiency
Oil Reservoirs
Solution Drive
Water Drive
Volumetric Analysis
Oil Reservoir with Gas Cap
Original oil in place (OOIP)
Solution Gas in oil
Gas in place (gas cap)
Oil Reservoir without Gas Cap
Original oil in place (OOIP)
Solution Gas in oil
Unassociated Gas Reservoir
Original gas in place (OGIP)
Material Balance
Oil Reservoirs
Recovery Efficiency
Above Bubble Point
Below Bubble Point
Dry Gas Reservoirs
Cumulative Gas Produced
Reservoir Rock Properties
Reservoir Fluid Properties
Reservoir Oil Properties
API Gravity
Oil Viscosity
Isothermal Oil Compressibility
Solution Gas Oil Ratio
Oil Formation Volume Factor
Single Phase
Bubble Point Pressure
Oil Density
Reservoir Gas Properties
Gas Deviation Factor,Gas Molecular Weight,Gas Density,Gas Specific Gravity
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Oil & Gas Calculations Lite 2017

Oil & Gas Calculations Lite for Android

Download Oil & Gas Calculations Lite for Android

Download Oil & Gas Calculations Lite APK for Android

Oil & Gas Calculations Lite 1.0 screenshot

Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 0Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 1Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 2Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 3Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 4Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 5Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 6Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 7Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 8Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 9Oil & Gas Calculations Lite screenshot 10

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COINS mGRN Latest Version APK for Android

COINS mGRN download
COINS mGRN download

Creating GRNS from Mobile and sent to COINS seamlessly. COINS mGRN is offered by COINS Mobile. Last Updated: April 06, 2015. Current Version: 2.2.0

Used by any sector that has site operations. mGRN connects directly to the COINS Procurement module.

Upon log-on, the open purchase orders for contracts connected to the user are downloaded onto the device. When a delivery is received on site, the supplier delivery ticket number is captured together with quantities received for each line item. Photos of the materials or delivery paperwork can be captured.

Data is returned to COINS to produce an electronic GRN together with the digital evidence captured.

What’s New

Compatible with smartphones and tablets



Download COINS mGRN for Android

Download COINS mGRN APK for Android

COINS mGRN 2.2.0 screenshot

COINS mGRN screenshot 0COINS mGRN screenshot 1

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HSS Consulting – HSS Consulting is a Gobal Food Service Consultant Company

HSS Consulting

HSS Consulting is a Gobal Food Service Consultant Company

HSS Consulting screenshot 0HSS Consulting screenshot 1HSS Consulting screenshot 2

HSS Consulting is a Gobal Food Service Consultant Company that offers cutting edge design procedures to independent owned full service restaurants in New York to fit their unique style of service, menu,location and segment to reduce cost, increase sales and improve service delivery.
We have more than 25 years of management experience nationwide and internationally. We believe that our work will speak for themselves thru our client satisfaction and the expertise of our team. Our company is comprised of experienced, well-educated, certified hospitality management professionals who hold memberships in organizations such as Food Service Consultants Society International, International Food Service Executive Association, both organizations has rigorous membership requirements and promotes professionalism and continuous learning in food service and hospitality consulting.

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/iLZLPX

Appointment-Plus – Easily manage your Appointment-Plus scheduling account from your Android device.


Easily manage your Appointment-Plus scheduling account from your Android device.

Appointment-Plus screenshot 0Appointment-Plus screenshot 1Appointment-Plus screenshot 2Appointment-Plus screenshot 3Appointment-Plus screenshot 4Appointment-Plus screenshot 5Appointment-Plus screenshot 6Appointment-Plus screenshot 7

Easily manage your Appointment-Plus business scheduling account from your Android device with the Appointment-Plus app. If you don’t already have an account, visit appointment-plus.com to learn more and start a free 15-day trial. Setup only takes a minute, with no obligation or credit card required.

Appointment-Plus lets you take your business schedule with you, wherever you work. Manage appointments for yourself or your entire staff. Create, update and cancel appointments on the fly. You can meet a potential client while you’re out, enter their information, and set them up with their first appointment, all from one intuitive interface!

• Create, view, update and cancel appointments and reserve times
• Create, view, update and delete customers
• Create new customers while setting up their first appointment
• View customer details while viewing their appointment details
• Easily link out to a map of your customer’s location
• Link to the customer phone number to call and confirm appointments
• Send appointment reminder emails to your customers
• If you’re an administrator, manage appointments and customers for your locations, staff, and rooms
• Manage appointments made by your customers on your Appointment-Plus customer-facing website
• Quickly move between appointments and reserve times while viewing the day and list view, or between multiple customers in the customer list.
• View customer appointment history, either from the customer record, or from the customer detail view, inside an appointment detail view

• Supports multiple appointments per timeslot
• Long press an existing appointment from the day or list view to quickly update its status
• Supports pets and children sub-categories
• Add pets or children to an existing customer
• View, update or remove pets or children
• Package balance and expiration are displayed (if applicable), when choosing a package, while creating or updating an appointment

• Supports Action Bars for all devices
• Compatible with most devices, including most tablets
• Tablet view uses fragments to display a full calendar and appointment details in one view

Appointment-Plus provides online scheduling software for many industries, including health services, personal and professional services, education, events and many others. Appointment-Plus scales to any size from small businesses to large enterprises.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/jXiTQ4

Agenda de Obrigações – An app produced for accountants and professionals in accounting.

Agenda de Obrigações

An app produced for accountants and professionals in accounting.

Agenda de Obrigações screenshot 0Agenda de Obrigações screenshot 1Agenda de Obrigações screenshot 2Agenda de Obrigações screenshot 3Agenda de Obrigações screenshot 4Agenda de Obrigações screenshot 5Agenda de Obrigações screenshot 6

The Obligations Schedule app is a novelty developed by Wolters Kluwer especially for accountants and professionals in accounting. Our legislation is complex and requires enough knowledge so you do not forget anything!
We will assist you through notifications which inform the user maturity payments of federal, state and labor taxes. This makes it easier to guide their clients to carry out the planning of taxes and make decisions with confidence every day.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/FXihbE