Droid Scheduler Latest Version APK for Android

Droid Scheduler apk
Droid Scheduler apk

Advanced services manger with simple usage. Droid Scheduler is offered by Remisoft. Last Updated: March 31, 2015. Current Version: 2.0.4

Droid Scheduler is Android application designed for automatic switch on/off android services.
Application allows to create a schedule that is repeated weekly and do the typical action for you. As example: in the night you don’t want to receive e-mail messages, so you turn of all data at the evening. You wake up at 7:00 AM, so you phone can turn on WiFi at this time. Between 8:00 an 10:00 you are in your way to work – active bluetooth in your car will be very useful. This way you can also save some battery.

Droid Scheduler allow to manage following services:
– APN Data (Mobile network data)
– WiFi
– HotSpot (NOTE: WiFi and HotSpot cannot be active at the same time)
– Bluetooth
– Airplane Mode (No support for Android 4.2 and newer – denied by the system)
– Screen brightness
– Ringer volume
– Notification volume

– Unlimited number of schedule configured.
– One time schedules – removed/disabled automatically after fired.
– Postponing events
– Shows list of generated event for next week.
– Ability to disable any events that is going to happen (event will be skipped).
– Automatically set ringer mode to ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate’ depending on configuration.
– Widgets give you ability to switch services on/off and shows nearest events.
– Reset ringer after call – restores previous ringer value after the call. Some devices changes the ringer volume to incorrect value after the call. Droid Scheduler is not causing this issue – some native device application is. Droid Scheduler is just fixing it.
– Polish/English languages support.
– Bluetooth headset connection notification. Device is turning on screen for short period of time when the Bluetooth headset is connected or disconnected.

NOTE 1 (APN configuration)
Android doesn’t allow to turn of turn off mobile network data from application code (for security reason). This program is changing some APNs data to disable the connection. If you want to uninstall the application make sure the APN is enabled – in other case you will need to change APN setting manually to restore mobile network data.

NOTE 2 (Flight mode)
Some devices requires to enter PIN code when leaving Flight mode – so switching off Flight mode in such case is not automated. You can made it automated by disabling SIM card PIN protection, but keep in mind that such configuration is not safe.

Please email me, If you have any problem or improvement idea – features requested by group of people are very likely to be implemented 🙂

What’s New

Disable APN settings in Android 5.0. Due too security restrictions Android denied changing of this setting.


Droid Scheduler APK

Download Droid Scheduler

Download Droid Scheduler APK

Droid Scheduler for Android

Download Droid Scheduler for Android

Download Droid Scheduler APK for Android

Droid Scheduler 2.0.4 screenshot

Droid Scheduler screenshot 0Droid Scheduler screenshot 1Droid Scheduler screenshot 2Droid Scheduler screenshot 3

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Viga App Latest Version APK for Android

download Viga App apk
download Viga App apk

VigaApp is a support tool for the construction industry. Viga App is offered by Henry Gualdron. Last Updated: March 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.0.1

VigaApp is a support tool for the entire construction sector, here you can find a directory of businesses and services for the procurement of works, in addition to promotions and direct access to the entire national territory


Viga App 2017

Download Viga App APK for Android

Viga App 1.0.1 screenshot

Viga App screenshot 0Viga App screenshot 1Viga App screenshot 2

Viga App apk video

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Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard Latest Version APK for Android

Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard download
Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard download

Magic Paris Skin for Emoji,Emoticons and Smileys Keyboard. Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard is offered by Colorful Design. Last Updated: March 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

MagicParis Skin for Emoji,Emoticons and Smileys Keyboard.

Please download Emoji Keyboard from goo.gl/kU5sfi.

Emoji Keyboard is a free, smart and colorful Emoji Keyboard for Android that help you to fast input over 3000 emoji, emoticons, smiley, sticker and text face conveniently everywhere including message, text, email and chat with social app etc. It’s the best Emoji Keyboard for Android with over 100 beautiful themes, smart gesture type and auto correct, highly customization with color, layout, font and over 55 languages support.

Highlights of Emoji Keyboard

– Fast input emoji in message,text,email,note and chat with social apps
– Smart emoji prediction to match emoji for your words
– Text face including ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ)

– Top row number input
– Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview
– Auto correct and smart next word suggestion
– Over 30 dictionaries for different languages

– Over 100 beautiful themes
– Continue to increase

– Resize and split layout as you wish
– Customizable key press sound
– Customizable keyboard color, font and wallpaper

– Copy,cut,paste and arrow key
– Clipboard for fast copy and paste

► To use Emoji Keyboard with Skin Keyboard.
– Your Emoji Keyboard need to be updated to version 2.0 or later

Join our Facebook: facebook.com/kkemojikeyboard
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/kkemojikeyboard
For more information, please refer to our FAQ:emojikeyboard.uservoice.com

Want to help in our localization efforts and please contact with kkemojiandroid@gmail.com. Thanks!


Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard 2017

Download Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard APK for Android

Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard 1.0 screenshot

Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard screenshot 0Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard screenshot 1Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard screenshot 2Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard screenshot 3Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard screenshot 4Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard screenshot 5Magic Paris Emoji Keyboard screenshot 6

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Plantômetro Latest Version APK for Android

Plantômetro apk
Plantômetro apk

Calculator Turns. Plantômetro is offered by LUCAS VIEIRA. Last Updated: March 31, 2015. Current Version: 2.0.4

This application was created especially for you working on scale / duty. Professionals such as doctors, nurses, nursing technicians, laboratory, police, or any other profession working in shifts are free consultations to calendars and count on the fingers to see your next work day.

The PLANTÔMETRO has two flexible fields for you to enter your type of scale. Ex .: 12×36, 24×72, 12×60, 24×96, 48×144, etc.

In addition to showing the days you will work directly on a calendar. The application allows the scale to be saved with a name you choose. Ex .: Duty of the Federal Hospital, 1 Duty, Duty Hospital, etc.

In this version you will also be able to insert events in the calendar and even select the color of them.

Thanks to all who have installed the trial version and recommend to others.

Keep sending suggestions or criticism. Because with them it was possible to improve the user experience.

What’s New

Melhorias no design!

Flexibilidade no cálculo dos plantões!

Possibilidade de salvar os plantões com nome!

Possibilidade de inserir eventos no calendário com cores diferentes!

Bug fixes!

Acerto no campo de hora e minuto nos eventos!


Plantômetro 2017

Download Plantômetro APK

Plantômetro for Android

Download Plantômetro for Android

Download Plantômetro APK for Android

Plantômetro 2.0.4 screenshot

Plantômetro screenshot 0Plantômetro screenshot 1Plantômetro screenshot 2Plantômetro screenshot 3Plantômetro screenshot 4Plantômetro screenshot 5

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스윙 포트폴리오 앱 – 주유정보 by 스윙 Latest Version APK for Android

스윙 포트폴리오 앱 - 주유정보 by 스윙 download
스윙 포트폴리오 앱 – 주유정보 by 스윙 download

Swing app portfolio app for Swing NoteFree app creation tool swing, try to get your app by clicking a few times.www.swing2app.co.kr. 스윙 포트폴리오 앱 – 주유정보 by 스윙 is offered by Swing_Android. Last Updated: March 31, 2015. Current Version: 0.4

Oil gas station information and tort provide information and apps for car care book function


스윙 포트폴리오 앱 – 주유정보 by 스윙 2017

스윙 포트폴리오 앱 – 주유정보 by 스윙 for Android

Download 스윙 포트폴리오 앱 – 주유정보 by 스윙 for Android

Download 스윙 포트폴리오 앱 – 주유정보 by 스윙 APK for Android

스윙 포트폴리오 앱 – 주유정보 by 스윙 0.4 screenshot

스윙 포트폴리오 앱 - 주유정보 by 스윙 screenshot 0스윙 포트폴리오 앱 - 주유정보 by 스윙 screenshot 1스윙 포트폴리오 앱 - 주유정보 by 스윙 screenshot 2스윙 포트폴리오 앱 - 주유정보 by 스윙 screenshot 3스윙 포트폴리오 앱 - 주유정보 by 스윙 screenshot 4

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Internet Speed Booster Guide – Get this app and follow simple tricks to experience high speed internet.

Internet Speed Booster Guide

Get this app and follow simple tricks to experience high speed internet.

Internet Speed Booster Guide screenshot 0Internet Speed Booster Guide screenshot 1Internet Speed Booster Guide screenshot 2Internet Speed Booster Guide screenshot 3

A slow internet speed is always frustrating situation for all net users. Clicking and waiting for a response is always irritating for any one. Thanks to those tools and techniques that help us getting boosted internet connectivity.
There are lots of tools and software available to give you a throttled up internet. But what if you could speed up your net without using any certain internet boosting tools and software.

Yes! It is possible to experience high speed internet connectivity with help of few really simple and one hundred percent working tricks.

This app contains those ideas and tips that let you access a throttled up connectivity without spending any single penny on internet speed booster tools.

Here’s a sneak-peak of the content you will be getting inside this app:

Your slow internet connection wastes time, it turns streamed videos into bad slideshows, and most of the time puts your computer in real danger of being lobbed out the window. But don’t worry; you can somehow boost up the speed of internet.
Here are some steps you can take to fix or improve your connection…

Grab it today, it’s free..!!

Note: – This Is Content – Only App. It gives you information regarding how to boost internet speed.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/t52iCr

استعادة بلدي ملف دليل – How to recover deleted files? Explained here in this application.

استعادة بلدي ملف دليل

How to recover deleted files? Explained here in this application.

استعادة بلدي ملف دليل screenshot 0استعادة بلدي ملف دليل screenshot 1استعادة بلدي ملف دليل screenshot 2استعادة بلدي ملف دليل screenshot 3

Please Note: This app uses Arabic language for the information shared in it.

You’ve cleared a folder that does not mean deleted or lost important files due to virus attack, system crash or other incident. Whether they are working documents or precious memories of images, and the loss of something very precious is never fun.
Thankfully there is always a way to recover them all surprised. You have to act quickly and correctly.

To help this problem, we have introduced this application that contains steps File Recovery. It tells you the proper ways to restore files.
Download this app for free, and learn how to retrieve the file easily.

Grab it today, it’s free .. !!

Note: – This is the content – only applications. It gives you information about file recovery.

Since this is a free app therefore it contain a 3rd party ads. However, I assure you that it wont interrupt your experience.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/HE84oD