Klingon ToDo Agenda Latest Version APK for Android

Klingon ToDo Agenda apk
Klingon ToDo Agenda apk

A Klingon / Trek themed simple todo list app. Klingon ToDo Agenda is offered by stanlm. Last Updated: January 31, 2015. Current Version: 3.004

Klingon ToDo Agenda, an app by stanlm

Disclaimer: There is an in-app purchase ($1.89) for the ability to change settings from the defaults & extra graphics, but there are no ads or limits within the app otherwise.

Welcome to a Klingon themed todo app, a star trek app with some practical functions. This app is a spin-off of my federation themed todo app called ‘Star Trek ToDo Agenda’, except themed for klingon graphics & sounds. It is functionally identical to the federation one, but maybe more subtle, for first-timers you may want to try the federation version first. The apps are functionally identical, just different hotspot locations to go with the theme.

The ToDo app, in my opinion, is a pretty advanced agenda style todo list, it does the ToDo essentials in minimal intuitive taps, but it’s not a full-blown PIM. I’m not sure how ppl have time to keep full-blown PIMs up to date… so this is my ideal pim actually, besides the theming.

6/7 New! Homescreen widget and notifications are a new addition and will improve with time. Right now the widget is just functional and not very themed.

For further questions or suggestions, please email stanlm@gmail.com

Description of Permissions
billing – for the optional in-app donation/unlock.

sdcard/storage – the app stores some tiny data/graphics in a folder. just delete sdcard/sta_photos to totally remove this app (after uninstall).

set wallpaper – not available yet, but i’d like to add in a couple nice trek wallpapers used in the app that one could set to their homescreen if desired.

that’s it, no internet access, no ads, no funny stuff; all stanlm apps are focused on simplicity.

oops, it does use internet and record audio now (7/10), that was for the new voice-to-text option. that is all it is for.

Memory/Processor Efficiency:
The graphics do take some memory, it is designed to look great specifically for the latest superphones (720p hd screens), but should be okay down to pretty old phones (which aren’t that old ;).
The app does not run unnecessarily in the background, unless you have the widget turned on in which once a minute it’s checking for alarmed tasks and updating the countdown on the widget if the homescreen is visible. But you don’t have to use the widget if you’re concerned about the battery for that. There is no other background process that runs, no ads, no internet, nothing to do when the app is not active.

Thanks, and let me know what you think! stanlm@gmail.com

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What’s New


try to fix a bug in this update. google maybe some of my code obsolete last week


Klingon ToDo Agenda 2017

Klingon ToDo Agenda APK

Download Klingon ToDo Agenda

Download Klingon ToDo Agenda APK

Klingon ToDo Agenda for Android

Download Klingon ToDo Agenda for Android

Download Klingon ToDo Agenda APK for Android

Klingon ToDo Agenda 3.004 screenshot

Klingon ToDo Agenda screenshot 0Klingon ToDo Agenda screenshot 1Klingon ToDo Agenda screenshot 2Klingon ToDo Agenda screenshot 3

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Snoozy? Latest Version APK for Android

download Snoozy? apk
download Snoozy? apk

Can you skip this class? Keep an eye on it with Snoozy?! Just hit snooze!. Snoozy? is offered by Ramon Lopez. Last Updated: January 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.1.1

Stay organised on how many classes you can afford to skip!

Just tell Snoozy how many times you are allowed to be absent and hit the snooze button on your alarm!

Use it for school or university

Latest Updates


*Added English language support


Snoozy? 2017

Download Snoozy? APK

Snoozy? for Android

Download Snoozy? for Android

Download Snoozy? APK for Android

Snoozy? 1.1.1 screenshot

Snoozy? screenshot 0Snoozy? screenshot 1Snoozy? screenshot 2Snoozy? screenshot 3

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AutoKiller PRO Latest Version APK for Android

download AutoKiller PRO apk
download AutoKiller PRO apk

Speed up your rooted phone and get decent battery life with AutoKiller. AutoKiller PRO is offered by MobiWIA Kft.. Last Updated: January 31, 2015

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer speeds up your rooted device and makes your battery last longer!

This is the PRO key for AutoKiller Memory Optimizer.


This app itself won’t open, this just unlocks the free AutoKiller Memory Optimizer app.

PRO unlocks these features:
– no ads
– Chuck Norris mode enabled
– apply kernel tweaks on boot
– alternate preset (while screen is off)
– all widgets
– quick restart
– memory reclaim

The PRO key app is equivalent with the donator account, you don’t need to buy this if you have already donated.

— MobiWIA – a cooperation with EclipSim —

What’s New

validation improvements, prepared for Android L compatible release, update is mandatory (further free versions will rely on this)


AutoKiller PRO 2017

Download AutoKiller PRO

Download AutoKiller PRO APK

AutoKiller PRO for Android

Download AutoKiller PRO for Android

Download AutoKiller PRO APK for Android

AutoKiller PRO screenshot

AutoKiller PRO screenshot 0AutoKiller PRO screenshot 1AutoKiller PRO screenshot 2AutoKiller PRO screenshot 3AutoKiller PRO screenshot 4AutoKiller PRO screenshot 5AutoKiller PRO screenshot 6AutoKiller PRO screenshot 7AutoKiller PRO screenshot 8

AutoKiller PRO apk video

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Rebate Log Latest Version APK for Android

Rebate Log apk
Rebate Log apk

Organize your rebates with Rebate Log & get relaxed!. Rebate Log is offered by One Zero One Zero Apps. Last Updated: January 31, 2015. Current Version: 1.1.a

With our simple Rebate Log app, you will love to manage your rebates. Rebate Log can help you organize your pending, received and denied rebates easily. Add, edit, search and delete rebates at Rebate Log app will be very convenient.

On Rebate Log dashboard

 • You can view your added rebates, edit and delete rebates
 • View currently added rebate’s summary with details of how many rebates are pending, received and denied as well as total number of current rebates.
 • Different color used for Pending, Received and Denied summary for visual readability.

Rebate Log has search functionality where you can search your rebates by store name, product name/description, offer code, amount etc. and search results will be filtered according to your search criteria.

You can easily mark rebates as pending, received or denied on add/edit page.
Just in one click you can track your rebate status by using your saved full tracking URL at add/edit page without going through hassle of looking tons of emails.

You can always backup the rows that you want to delete, and this backup file can be find in your download folder as CSV file.

You can also export all your data from Menu Export Data Option, and this file also can be found in your download folder as CSV file.

Tips: CSV file can be opened in any spreadsheet readable apps for example: excel etc.

You can also view your Till Date Summary until you reset it.

Thank you for considering Rebate Log app to organize your rebates.

Latest Updates

v 1.1.a

minor update.


Rebate Log 2017

Rebate Log for Android

Download Rebate Log for Android

Download Rebate Log APK for Android

Rebate Log 1.1.a screenshot

Rebate Log screenshot 0Rebate Log screenshot 1Rebate Log screenshot 2Rebate Log screenshot 3Rebate Log screenshot 4Rebate Log screenshot 5Rebate Log screenshot 6Rebate Log screenshot 7Rebate Log screenshot 8Rebate Log screenshot 9

Rebate Log apk video

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Talk Diary(free version) Latest Version APK for Android

Talk Diary(free version) apk
Talk Diary(free version) apk

easy input! Talk Diary. Talk Diary(free version) is offered by ILEAD Corp. Last Updated: January 31, 2015. Current Version: 2.1.0

Diary Talk is a simple scheduling application with convenient interface.
It adopts way easier input method than existing scheduling application.
On the analog clock, the schedule for the day is displayed so that users can see daily schedule at a look.
It is possible to check daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and also Diary Talk provides a widget that easy to handle.

Latest Updates

현재 최신버전은 v2.1.0입니다. 오류나시는 분은 환경설정에서 버전을 확인하시고 앱스토어에서 업데이트하시길 부탁드립니다.


*상단 메뉴버튼 추가

*주요기능안내 및 도움말 추가


*안드로이드4.4 킷캣 업그레이드 후 오류 수정


*4X4 월간 위젯 추가


*일정상세보기 전화번호, 인터넷주소 링크

*일정 입력창 보완


*비밀번호 설정기능 추가 (앱 및 위젯)

*기타 오류 수정 및 성능 개선


*알림창 기능 오류 수정

*위젯 오류 수정


*일간일정 디자인 변경 기능 추가(유료회원)

*기타 오류 수정


*유료회원 결제모드 추가

v2.0.3 v2.0.2 v2.0.1

*오류 수정


*웹(www.talkdiary.net) 동기화 기능

*스마트폰일정 가져오기 기능

*1*5 위젯 추가(갤럭시 노트 등 이용가능)

*기념일 음력 일정 입력부분 수정


*반복일정 수정/삭제 버그 수정


Talk Diary(free version) 2017

Talk Diary(free version) APK

Download Talk Diary(free version)

Download Talk Diary(free version) APK

Talk Diary(free version) for Android

Download Talk Diary(free version) for Android

Download Talk Diary(free version) APK for Android

Talk Diary(free version) 2.1.0 screenshot

Talk Diary(free version) screenshot 0Talk Diary(free version) screenshot 1Talk Diary(free version) screenshot 2Talk Diary(free version) screenshot 3Talk Diary(free version) screenshot 4Talk Diary(free version) screenshot 5Talk Diary(free version) screenshot 6Talk Diary(free version) screenshot 7

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stozaraz – stozaraz, all invitations to the shooting and casting


stozaraz, all invitations to the shooting and casting

stozaraz screenshot 0stozaraz screenshot 1stozaraz screenshot 2

stozaraz, all invitations to the shooting and casting.
Now you can always stay up to date with events in our application contains all the invitations to the shooting and castings, with the best sites for actors.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/hHvZGC