Tapapp Waiter Free Latest Version APK for Android

Tapapp Waiter Free apk
Tapapp Waiter Free apk

It is the most comfortable and quickest app to manage your restaurant or pub. Tapapp Waiter Free is offered by Kiruco. Last Updated: November 30, 2014. Current Version: 1.4.1

Control your restaurant, bar, café, pub, etc from the palm of your hands, simply from your mobile phone or tablet.

It is the most comfortable and quickest system to control the bills of your clients. You will be able to create a new record for a table or a position at the bar, add drinks or food orders and prepare their bills in just a few seconds with very few clicks. That will give you time for what really matters: to attend your clients like they deserve.

You will be able to send the ticket to your client via email, print it to an email enabled printer or even through Google Cloud Print.

This is a very simple and agile system. It is designed to use the minimum steps possible. You will be able to attend your clients with very little work, optimizing your time allowing to attend more tables faster.

This way, you will be able to give the clients better service, reduce waiting time, faster bill handling and improving the overall image of the establishment.

This versions is completely free and without limitations. It guarantees total anonymity for yourself and your clients. Furthermore, it does require any kind of registration.

You will be able to send a sales report to be used in your favourite spreadsheet or database application. Through this you can create reports and study statistics to bring forth information that will better your business.

This application is in constant evolution. Watch out for new versions. We have many improvements on the way that will surprise you for sure.

Latest Updates

– Fixed some bugs

– Improved performance

– New feature: Send sales by email


Tapapp Waiter Free APK

Download Tapapp Waiter Free

Download Tapapp Waiter Free APK

Tapapp Waiter Free for Android

Download Tapapp Waiter Free for Android

Download Tapapp Waiter Free APK for Android

Tapapp Waiter Free 1.4.1 screenshot

Tapapp Waiter Free screenshot 0Tapapp Waiter Free screenshot 1Tapapp Waiter Free screenshot 2Tapapp Waiter Free screenshot 3Tapapp Waiter Free screenshot 4Tapapp Waiter Free screenshot 5Tapapp Waiter Free screenshot 6Tapapp Waiter Free screenshot 7Tapapp Waiter Free screenshot 8

Tapapp Waiter Free apk video

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/ifeFh1

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