Red Club Mobile Latest Version APK for Android

download Red Club Mobile apk
download Red Club Mobile apk

Red Club is a Sales Productivity App managing Retailer Loyalty Program. Red Club Mobile is offered by RedClub. Last Updated: November 30, 2014. Current Version:

Red Club Program has following elements:

a. ENROLLMENT: DuPont sales teams visits the retailer and enrolls him into Red Club (RC) program . Enrollment will be validated by SD after receipt of his enrollment fees. Upon validation, the retailer will receive his RED CLUB loyalty card and gifts catalogue as a welcome kit.
b. MONTHLY SALES DATA COLLECTION & VALIDATION: Each enrolled Retailer’s monthly product wise purchases are recorded and validated by the DuPont sales team which forms the database for calculating all RED CLUB related rebate programs.
c. QUATERLY REDCLUB POINTS VALIDATION: Post Sales Validation the Super Distributor will do Distributor level Validation based on collections completed. Once cleared, the retailers of those distributors will receive loyalty points in their account corresponding to their verified purchase.
d. REDEMPTION: Retailer can redeem these points to buy gifts from the catalogue or purchase from other loyalty partners.

This particular Mobile Application will help the Sales Team to have retailer data on their Mobile for better sales and productivity.


Red Club Mobile 2017

Download Red Club Mobile APK

Red Club Mobile for Android

Download Red Club Mobile for Android

Download Red Club Mobile APK for Android

Red Club Mobile screenshot

Red Club Mobile screenshot 0Red Club Mobile screenshot 1Red Club Mobile screenshot 2Red Club Mobile screenshot 3Red Club Mobile screenshot 4

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