App Habits Latest Version APK for Android

download App Habits apk
download App Habits apk

Know your time, improve your life. App Habits. App Habits is offered by Orthogonal Minds. Last Updated: November 30, 2014. Current Version: 1.3.5

App Habits is currently in Open Beta

How much time do you spend in calling? or in reading emails? do you have the feeling of wasting your time with useless tasks or apps?

How about a magic tool that helps you to understand how you use your time and will suggest the right app at the right moment? A sort of daily journal about your device usage?

According to O2 Media Advertising, 70% of users consider their smartphone their “most important screen” ( and we know that the time you spend with your device needs to be useful and efficient.

Know your time, improve your life.

App Habits helps you in tracking the time you spend with your device so that you can:
– better organize your tasks;
– understand which are the apps you use to carry on your everyday activities;
– optimize the quality of the things you do with your devices;
– eliminate useless apps;
– improve your work performance and enjoy more spare time;
– determine which daily routines make you loose time;
– check which apps you use day by day
– more and more…

How App Habits works?
App Habits assists you to explore your app habits with your device. Automatically it takes care of how you use apps and it is able to provide statistics and fancy visualization. One of the most amazing feature are the graphs, you can simply visualize in which moment of the day you used the app as the part of the day spent with it. App Habits adapts the information and its behavior to your needs, but lets to you the control: you can categorize, hide, share or even delete the app from your device. Another magic feature is the journal that is the possibility to navigate back in time and see which apps have been used in the past. (Check the in app help for more info)

What is App Habits Smart Launcher?
App Habits Smart Launcher helps you in finding the app you need at the moment you need them. It is something magic, we know, but App Habits understands your needs and reorders the apps in the Smart Launcher so that you can find the app you was looking for easily and quickly. (Check the in app help for more info)

… and It’s Time For?
App Habits knows that your time is very important as much as fast access to your apps. It’s Time For is a special control bar in the notification area, from there, you can launch directly an app. The candy is that the app shown are very probably the apps you are going to use! Now it comes also as widget! (Check the in app help for more info)

Never used apps
App Habits is now able to show you which apps have been never used on your device so that you can decide what to do with them. As always App Habits lets you to take the final decisions.

My Profile
Compare yourself with the other App Habits users and discover new way to optimize your time!

Why I need to sign-in?
The sign-in is needed to provide you with a unique and personalized experience with App Habits! Several features like: Journal, It’s time for…, Global Statistics Summary or accessing App Habits from multiple devices will not work properly without it. There are several way to sign-in, you can do it via Facebook and Twitter or you can just enter your email and a password of your choice. In this last case an email will be sent to your email to verify your account.

App Habits is currently in open beta, we are doing our best to provide with you an amazing service and features, but some bug can still be there. We enjoy to get feedback, suggestions and also bug reports from our awesome users. Feel free to circle us on Google Plus or send us an email at:

We hope you will enjoy App Habits. Know your time, improve your life.

Latest Updates

Version 1.3.5

– Material Design ready

– minor bug fix


App Habits 2017

App Habits APK

Download App Habits

Download App Habits APK

App Habits for Android

Download App Habits for Android

Download App Habits APK for Android

App Habits 1.3.5 screenshot

App Habits screenshot 0App Habits screenshot 1App Habits screenshot 2App Habits screenshot 3App Habits screenshot 4App Habits screenshot 5App Habits screenshot 6App Habits screenshot 7App Habits screenshot 8App Habits screenshot 9App Habits screenshot 10App Habits screenshot 11App Habits screenshot 12App Habits screenshot 13App Habits screenshot 14App Habits screenshot 15App Habits screenshot 16App Habits screenshot 17App Habits screenshot 18App Habits screenshot 19App Habits screenshot 20

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