ownCloud Bookmarks Latest Version APK for Android

ownCloud Bookmarks apk
ownCloud Bookmarks apk

Provides convenient access to ownCloud Bookmarks. ownCloud Bookmarks is offered by Nethar. Last Updated: November 21, 2014. Current Version: 1.8

Provides convenient access to ownCloud Bookmarks.

To use this application you need to have access to ownCloud installation with Bookmarks extension enabled. At least version 5.0 of ownCloud is required.

– displays list of your bookmarks structured by tags
– short click to open bookmark/category
– long click to delete bookmark
– share functionality available: share any link/text in Android to ownCloud Bookmarks app to save the bookmark
– background refreshing and results caching for fast access
– favicons displayed where available
– sorting options

First go to settings and fill url of your ownCloud installation, username and password. Hostname and username can be already filled in if ownCloud account is present on your device.

The source code is opened and app will be updated soon to work with current OC versions: github.com/Nethar/owncloud-bookmarks

What’s New

Version 1.8

– fixed ownCloud 7.0.3 login issue

Version 1.7

– possible to delete bookmarks without tag

– deleting bookmarks with tag problem fixed

– HTTPS not on 443 port allowed

Version 1.6

– fixed ownCloud 7.0 login issue

– title of webpage loaded when creating new bookmark by sharing option

Version 1.5

– fixed create/delete problem with latest ownCloud version

– all other reported problems/crashes fixed


ownCloud Bookmarks 2017

ownCloud Bookmarks APK

Download ownCloud Bookmarks

Download ownCloud Bookmarks APK

ownCloud Bookmarks for Android

Download ownCloud Bookmarks for Android

Download ownCloud Bookmarks APK for Android

ownCloud Bookmarks 1.8 screenshot

ownCloud Bookmarks screenshot 0ownCloud Bookmarks screenshot 1

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Cf Logistica Latest Version APK for Android

Cf Logistica download
Cf Logistica download

Application for control and status of previous meetings of the evidence. Cf Logistica is offered by Colombia Software Ltda. Last Updated: November 21, 2014. Current Version: 1.3

Controls attendance at previous meetings assigned to each representative. It also helps to speed up the delivery of information about the status of the test on the day of the execution thereof.

What’s New

Aplicacion para el control de Reuniones Previas e informacion sobre el estado el dia de las evaluaciones


Cf Logistica 2017

Cf Logistica 1.3 screenshot

Cf Logistica screenshot 0Cf Logistica screenshot 1Cf Logistica screenshot 2Cf Logistica screenshot 3Cf Logistica screenshot 4Cf Logistica screenshot 5Cf Logistica screenshot 6Cf Logistica screenshot 7

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/dNKiOp

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Phone Addiction Latest Version APK for Android

download Phone Addiction apk
download Phone Addiction apk

Now control your phone addiction in the most beautiful way. Phone Addiction is offered by Ankit kumar. Last Updated: November 21, 2014. Current Version: 1.0.3

Phone Addiction monitor how much you use your phone and which application disturbs you the most.
It keeps record of previous days.
Shows how many Notifications you received in a day and you can see which application send you how much notification.
How many times phone has been unlocked.
How many apps you opened in a day and how much time you spend in those apps.

You can see Daily and Weekly data in graph.

If your device is running Android 4.2 or earlier, and you have other accessibility services running (such as Pushbullet), then our application will not receive any notification and you will not able to see information about notification. Please disable that if you want to monitor your notification data.

Latest Updates


– Information After Unlock position setting.


– Added Information after screen unlock.

– Minor bug fixed.


Phone Addiction 2017

Phone Addiction APK

Download Phone Addiction

Download Phone Addiction APK

Phone Addiction for Android

Download Phone Addiction for Android

Download Phone Addiction APK for Android

Phone Addiction 1.0.3 screenshot

Phone Addiction screenshot 0Phone Addiction screenshot 1Phone Addiction screenshot 2Phone Addiction screenshot 3Phone Addiction screenshot 4Phone Addiction screenshot 5Phone Addiction screenshot 6Phone Addiction screenshot 7Phone Addiction screenshot 8

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Speeder Reader Latest Version APK for Android

Speeder Reader apk
Speeder Reader apk

Speed Read one word at a time at the speed of your choice. Speeder Reader is offered by ThinkingHuge.com. Last Updated: November 21, 2014. Current Version: 1.2.0

Simple app to let you Speed Read one word at a time to avoid the lag of moving eyes and changing lines. Just paste in the article you want to SpeedRead, choose your read speed, and go!

What’s New

minor fixes, allow for installation to SD card

vertical line in middle of text to always know where to focus eyes


Speeder Reader 2017

Speeder Reader for Android

Download Speeder Reader for Android

Download Speeder Reader APK for Android

Speeder Reader 1.2.0 screenshot

Speeder Reader screenshot 0Speeder Reader screenshot 1Speeder Reader screenshot 2Speeder Reader screenshot 3Speeder Reader screenshot 4Speeder Reader screenshot 5Speeder Reader screenshot 6Speeder Reader screenshot 7Speeder Reader screenshot 8

Speeder Reader apk video

See more information: https://goo.gl/nS4OYG

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AnchorID Mobile Latest Version APK for Android

AnchorID Mobile apk
AnchorID Mobile apk

AnchorID Mobile replaces usernames and passwords with one Universal Username™. AnchorID Mobile is offered by AnchorID. Last Updated: November 21, 2014. Current Version: 1.1.0

AnchorID Mobile replaces usernames and passwords with one Universal Username™. Simply enter your AnchorID into the username field of any participating website or mobile app, and let our patent-pending app do the rest.

In addition to being the world’s most convenient username, AnchorID’s multifactor authentication platform provides advanced security with up to three factors of authentication:

• something you know (your Universal Username and PINcode);
• something you have (your smartphone), and;
• something you are (your voice).

And it’s easy to use; simply follow the prompts on your smartphone screen. For consumers, AnchorID makes online life as simple as possible to secure.

For developers, AnchorID lets you virtually eliminate customer account takeover and fraud. With our patent-pending multifactor authentication platform, your customers can easily access their accounts without the worry that their passwords are being used without authorization. Developer tools allow you to control minimum authentication levels. Our patent-pending combination of secure communications, unique identifiers, multiple layers of SSL certificates, and mobile technology, insures that your multi-factor authentication is both secure and efficient.

Download our SDK and CMS plugins at http://www.AnchorID.com


An AnchorID is a username that you can use to log in to any participating website or mobile app. All AnchorIDs begin with the anchor tag, which looks like this:


So, you could register “Instead of remembering a password, your AnchorID app will wake up and ask your permission to log in. Just follow the prompts on your smartphone to complete the login process. It only takes seconds, and is much easier than trying to remember all of your different usernames and passwords.


• NO PERSONAL DATA REQUIRED- Your AnchorID is your Universal Username, but we don’t need to know your identity. Really! If you have a smartphone, you have all of the ID you need.
• EASY TO USE – Just enter your Universal Username into the standard Username field of our partners’ sites and mobile apps.
• BIOMETRICS – AnchorID uses state-of-the-art security and smartphone biometrics that help protect you from identity fraud and account takeover.
• SECURE – The last password manager you will ever need. We support a variety of best in class security that is available today, and we will add new technology as it becomes available in the future.
• BUILT FOR TODAY, and prepared for tomorrow. We expect to keep adding the best in class biometric security as it becomes available. But why wait ? Use three-factor authentication today.

Register today to reserve your unique AnchorID Universal Username! Two and Three character usernames still available! “<123” ,”With AnchorID you don’t trade convenience for security. Get both; download AnchorID Mobile!


AnchorID Mobile 2017

Download AnchorID Mobile

Download AnchorID Mobile APK

AnchorID Mobile for Android

Download AnchorID Mobile for Android

Download AnchorID Mobile APK for Android

AnchorID Mobile 1.1.0 screenshot

AnchorID Mobile screenshot 0AnchorID Mobile screenshot 1AnchorID Mobile screenshot 2AnchorID Mobile screenshot 3AnchorID Mobile screenshot 4AnchorID Mobile screenshot 5

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Notepad Text Organiser Latest Version APK for Android

Notepad Text Organiser download
Notepad Text Organiser download

Simple App to organize text files and associated office / image attachments. Notepad Text Organiser is offered by Mike Dent. Last Updated: November 21, 2014. Current Version: Updating…

I created this app to store a large number of text memo files I have in relation to my job. I didn’t want however a program that stored them in a database file or stored them in the cloud (Evernote) so created this app which saves the memos as standard text files (These are saved in the “Documents folder on your device under Notepad”.

You can add a note and attach office documents (Word, Excel and PDF files), A photo and also a voice recording if required. These are also copied to the same folder as standard files which can be opened by any program. The office files open in your office app and any changes made will be saved.

All notes are searchable and also it is easy to organize and email notes as required.

When displaying a note they can be locked (Padlock in top left) which will keep the screen on for 20 mins. This makes it ideal for following a recipe.

I thought I would make this available as a free app for anyone else who may want to store notes etc.


What’s New

Bug Fixes


Notepad Text Organiser 2017

Notepad Text Organiser Updating… screenshot

Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 0Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 1Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 2Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 3Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 4Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 5Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 6Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 7Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 8Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 9Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 10Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 11Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 12Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 13Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 14Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 15Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 16Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 17Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 18Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 19Notepad Text Organiser screenshot 20

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My Goals Latest Version APK for Android

My Goals apk
My Goals apk

Develop yourself by defining and reaching your goals. My Goals is offered by Guillaume Lorillard. Last Updated: November 21, 2014. Current Version: 1.2.0

My Goals, with its user-friendly interface, allows you to define whatever objectives you want to reach.

You define the successive activities to complete your goals.
Activities can be one-shot or reccurrent with many periodicity options: daily, every 2 days, weekly, monthly, every 1st wednesday of the month, …

To steadily progress to your goals, you’re notified to remind to perform your tasks in time.

Personalize your goals by setting them a dedicated color. At a glance, you know which goal the tasks contribute to.

When checking the task you’ve just done, your goal is immediately updated allowing you to track your progress.

My Goals keeps your completed tasks history. You also know the tasks that are late, to complete them as soon as possible.

Keywords: improve, enhance, develop, facilitate, contribute, build, awareness, identity, talent, potential, human capital, employability, quality of life, realization, project, dream, aspiration, goal, aim.

What’s New

Several enhancements to make the application more user-friendly.


My Goals 2017

Download My Goals for Android

Download My Goals APK for Android

My Goals 1.2.0 screenshot

My Goals screenshot 0My Goals screenshot 1My Goals screenshot 2My Goals screenshot 3My Goals screenshot 4My Goals screenshot 5

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