TipType Keyboard Lite Latest Version APK for Android

TipType Keyboard Lite apk
TipType Keyboard Lite apk

An easier, faster keyboard for your phone and tablet, designed for human fingers. TipType Keyboard Lite is offered by Xavit Soft. Last Updated: November 20, 2014. Current Version: 0.1



It’s always hard to write in a screen, but that’s because keys are always impossibly small for human fingers.

Enter TipType, the keyboard for cellphones and tablets where typing is easier and faster because keys are huge.

Each key can produce up to 5 characters, depending on the movement of the finger on top of it. Sliding –starting from anywhere in the key– up, down, left, right or pressing generates a different character. There are just 9 big writing keys.

To generate a space, just press on any of the 9 writing keys, thus avoiding the long trip of your finger to the spacebar. Recommended: press the key where you just ended your word to get a space.

You’ll soon get used to the letter distribution: it is esentially the same as in your traditional QWERTY keyboard.

The three keys on the far right column are Function Keys. They also work by sliding or pressing.

The DEL key deletes when pressing, but moves the cursor (like the arrows in a computer keyboard) when sliding in each direction.

The Alternate Keyboards key is used to write characters that are not in the main keyboard. Slide left (towards “#1”) for numbers and additional symbols, upwards (“Aa”) for a capitalized initial, right (“áã”) for international characters, downwards (“aa”) to go back to the small letter keyboard and press (“AA”) to turn on CAPS.

The Enter key produces Enter when pressing. When sliding downards you get Help and Options. An important Option is “Sensitivity to Slides”. Devices differ in their sensitivity. If your device sometimes recognizes a slide as a tap, increase sensitivity. If it sometimes recognize a tap as a slide, reduce sensitivity.

What’s New


– Screen tutorial


TipType Keyboard Lite 2017

TipType Keyboard Lite 0.1 screenshot

TipType Keyboard Lite screenshot 0TipType Keyboard Lite screenshot 1TipType Keyboard Lite screenshot 2TipType Keyboard Lite screenshot 3TipType Keyboard Lite screenshot 4TipType Keyboard Lite screenshot 5TipType Keyboard Lite screenshot 6

TipType Keyboard Lite apk video

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EasyDocs Latest Version APK for Android

EasyDocs apk
EasyDocs apk

Upload and host files from your android device to our server. EasyDocs is offered by WDI. Last Updated: November 20, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

Have you ever needed your important document and had to call your office or home to get a copy by email?

Have you ever been denied entry to a pub because you forgot your ID card, or couldn’t buy cigarettes or beer because you did not have your age proof with you?

Have you ever been asked to submit your passport copy or driving licence copy or you utility bills copy to get a new phone connection or a new bank account? But you did not have all the documents with you for instant completion. What a waste of time and money.

Have you every felt a need to keep all you Income Tax returns at one place so that you can reproduce them whenever needed?

If the answer for all the is yes, then EasyDocs is just right for you. It’s made for you to keep all you docs in one place. It’s backed up on a cloud so that all your documents are still with you even when you lose your phone or upgrade to a new phone or device.

You can forward, share, print or email the documents anytime with anyone. It’s easy and it’s FREE

No ads, no paid upgrades, no hidden costs or in app purchases. Just peace of mind with the latest document manager that works for you the way you always wanted.

Download now. And feel free to write to us for new feature request or to share your suggestions. We are eager to listen to your comments.

-It’s free online storage for your personal documents,files etc.
-Share documents using email and whatsapp.


EasyDocs 2017

Download EasyDocs for Android

Download EasyDocs APK for Android

EasyDocs 1.0 screenshot

EasyDocs screenshot 0EasyDocs screenshot 1EasyDocs screenshot 2EasyDocs screenshot 3EasyDocs screenshot 4EasyDocs screenshot 5EasyDocs screenshot 6EasyDocs screenshot 7EasyDocs screenshot 8EasyDocs screenshot 9

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Simply Notes Free Latest Version APK for Android

Simply Notes Free apk
Simply Notes Free apk

Simply Notes is a clean and simple notepad application. Simply Notes Free is offered by Waz Apps. Last Updated: November 20, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

Simply Notes is just a clean and simple notepad application.
It’s so simple that it does not clutter the screen with tabs, folders, photos, locations, sync and so on. This is very similar to the iPhone note app, just create and edit notes.

Very simple to easy. Just create a new note. save it and you’re done!

This apps works perfectly on tablets and mobile phones.

If you like our app please rate, comment and give us feedback.

Thank you.


Simply Notes Free 2017

Download Simply Notes Free for Android

Download Simply Notes Free APK for Android

Simply Notes Free 1.0 screenshot

Simply Notes Free screenshot 0Simply Notes Free screenshot 1Simply Notes Free screenshot 2

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/3nam2S

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Xenx Mobile Latest Version APK for Android

Xenx Mobile apk
Xenx Mobile apk

Sales Force, fully integrated business management system. Xenx Mobile is offered by TecnoPlug. Last Updated: November 20, 2014. Current Version:

It is an app developed for intelligent mobile devices (smartphone) Android based ERP system built Xenx Administrator or any other management system.

It supplies your business vendors, all the tools needed to manage an effective work of sales, collections, products and history.

All processes can be performed with or without an Internet connection, as the data are in each phone. In case of processing orders in an instant or locality, where no Internet connection, the system synchronizes just detect automatic connection, or at the request of the seller, at any given time.

What’s New

Por medio del equipo móvil, el vendedor tiene la posibilidad de:

– Tomar pedidos en línea

– Consultar su itinerario diario, semanal o mensual. De las visitas programadas a los clientes.

– Catálogos digitales de los productos con existencias, precios e imágenes

– Procesar las cobranzas recibidas, incluyendo los descuentos y retenciones de iva e islr.

– Consultar las cuentas por cobrar del cliente

– Consultar historiales de pedidos, facturas realizadas y pedidos pendientes.


Xenx Mobile 2017

Download Xenx Mobile APK

Xenx Mobile for Android

Download Xenx Mobile for Android

Download Xenx Mobile APK for Android

Xenx Mobile screenshot

Xenx Mobile screenshot 0Xenx Mobile screenshot 1Xenx Mobile screenshot 2Xenx Mobile screenshot 3Xenx Mobile screenshot 4Xenx Mobile screenshot 5Xenx Mobile screenshot 6Xenx Mobile screenshot 7Xenx Mobile screenshot 8Xenx Mobile screenshot 9Xenx Mobile screenshot 10Xenx Mobile screenshot 11

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/tuQ153

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SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer Latest Version APK for Android

SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer download
SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer download

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer. SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer is offered by SAP SE. Last Updated: November 20, 2014. Current Version: 2.1.1

With the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile app for Android tablets, you can increase the uptime of mission-critical products and assets and improve the productivity and utilization of your resources anywhere and anytime. This app allows assembly and maintenance personnel to interact with 3D data and animations created with the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise product suite right from their Android tablet.

Key features of SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer for Android tablets
• Easily zoom, pan, and rotate data using standard multi-touch gestures
• View animated step-by-step 3D visual work instructions created with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author
• Interact with large, complex 3D CAD assemblies converted with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Generator
• Select parts or assemblies to view CAD and SAP business information
• Search, hide/show, and isolate parts and assemblies, and hide/show step-by-step instruction text

Note: Data loaded using the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile app is stored on the Android device. Several example files are included with this app. These files can be loaded and viewed by simply tapping on a file thumbnail.

What’s New

• Launch the SAP Mobile Documents mobile app for easy distribution and access to 3D .vds files stored in the cloud or on premise

• Download sample demo/gallery files when connected to the Internet

• Enhanced 3D .vds support for multiple levels of detail (LODs), memory management, and 3D rendering speed for massive 3D model visualization

• Ability to run queries authored in SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author V7.1 and attached to “Steps” or “Model Views”


SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer 2017

Download SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer for Android

Download SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer APK for Android

SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer 2.1.1 screenshot

SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer screenshot 0SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer screenshot 1SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer screenshot 2SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer screenshot 3SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer screenshot 4

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/HSdITK

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Consultas a expertos. Appvisor Latest Version APK for Android

Consultas a expertos. Appvisor apk
Consultas a expertos. Appvisor apk

Consultations with experts. Appvisor. Your expert at hand. Consultas a expertos. Appvisor is offered by Pintos & Salgado S.C.P.. Last Updated: November 20, 2014. Current Version: 1.1

Consultations with experts. Appvisor. Expert consultation is the application that lets you make consultations to lawyers, veterinary consultations, consultations to computer or other experts who can be consulted via Internet.

Appvisor is the first application that lets you see all kinds of experts on your phone, anytime, anywhere.

Do you need a lawyer, a doctor, a fitness expert, a specialist in business? With appvisor you have it!

In appvisor you pay as detailed you want to be the answer. Of course, both your question and the answer you receive is totally confidential.

You will receive an answer to your query in your mobile, signed by the expert that answered. You can attach a photo to your query, a link, or an audio file.

Appvisor. Your expert at hand.

What’s New

Hemos realizado una pequeña actualización arreglando el problema que hacía que se cerrara la aplicación.

Por favor, si ya habéis probado Appvisor sería muy útil tener vuestra opinión 🙂


Consultas a expertos. Appvisor 2017

Download Consultas a expertos. Appvisor APK for Android

Consultas a expertos. Appvisor 1.1 screenshot

Consultas a expertos. Appvisor screenshot 0Consultas a expertos. Appvisor screenshot 1Consultas a expertos. Appvisor screenshot 2Consultas a expertos. Appvisor screenshot 3Consultas a expertos. Appvisor screenshot 4

Consultas a expertos. Appvisor apk video

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