Nessalam Latest Version APK for Android

Nessalam apk
Nessalam apk

This apps designed to enhance spiritual intelligence of Nurses and Caretakers. Nessalam is offered by Mohd Izham Ibrahim. Last Updated: November 12, 2014. Current Version: 1.3

Now available for Android as a public beta!

Nessalam is a unique Islamic app that lets you track all your daily spiritual efforts to help you measure your status and continue to improve.

May Allah give us goodness in this life and the next, InsyaAllah.

What’s New


• More bug fixes


• More faster

• Reduce file size

• Improved Progress with new layout

• More bug fixes


• Improved Progress section

• More bug fixes


Nessalam 2017

Download Nessalam APK

Nessalam for Android

Download Nessalam for Android

Download Nessalam APK for Android

Nessalam 1.3 screenshot

Nessalam screenshot 0Nessalam screenshot 1Nessalam screenshot 2Nessalam screenshot 3Nessalam screenshot 4Nessalam screenshot 5Nessalam screenshot 6Nessalam screenshot 7Nessalam screenshot 8Nessalam screenshot 9Nessalam screenshot 10Nessalam screenshot 11Nessalam screenshot 12Nessalam screenshot 13

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Touch Text Keyboard Latest Version APK for Android

download Touch Text Keyboard apk
download Touch Text Keyboard apk

Make Your Typing Fun And Easy To Do. Touch Text Keyboard is offered by TouchText. Last Updated: November 12, 2014. Current Version: 3.4

Get Touch Text Keyboard – One of the best keyboards on Google Play.
Tell us what we can do to improve it for you.
Email us and tell us what you think about the test model.

Latest Updates

3.4 update works for Android 2.1 and above


Touch Text Keyboard 2017

Download Touch Text Keyboard

Download Touch Text Keyboard APK

Touch Text Keyboard for Android

Download Touch Text Keyboard for Android

Download Touch Text Keyboard APK for Android

Touch Text Keyboard 3.4 screenshot

Touch Text Keyboard screenshot 0Touch Text Keyboard screenshot 1

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PoktTIMESHEET Latest Version APK for Android


Mark your Attendance Remotely from Anywhere from your Smartphone. PoktTIMESHEET is offered by ServPRO. Last Updated: November 12, 2014. Current Version: 2.2.4

PoktTIMESHEET is and App that consist of Attendance Marking for Employees and consultants who work on field or on client side ,it can be any remote location .
The app has offline capability that saves your attendance with Geo code , this offline attendance can be synced to companies Attendance Management system whenever network is available.
Application gives Real time location and also captures image of Employee who is marking attendance.
this ensure that Attendance is marked by desired employee and there is no proxy.

Demo Users for Demo
1. demo.employee with password serv$321
2. demo.manager with password serv$321

What’s New

Added support for various layouts




PoktTIMESHEET for Android

Download PoktTIMESHEET for Android

Download PoktTIMESHEET APK for Android

PoktTIMESHEET 2.2.4 screenshot

PoktTIMESHEET screenshot 0PoktTIMESHEET screenshot 1PoktTIMESHEET screenshot 2PoktTIMESHEET screenshot 3PoktTIMESHEET screenshot 4PoktTIMESHEET screenshot 5PoktTIMESHEET screenshot 6PoktTIMESHEET screenshot 7

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Quick IQ Test Latest Version APK for Android

download Quick IQ Test apk
download Quick IQ Test apk

The IQ test measures your intelligence for free. Quick IQ Test is offered by Last Updated: November 12, 2014. Current Version: 1.2

What is an IQ?
The intelligence quotient (IQ) is used to evaluate the general performance of intellectual (intelligence) of a person. The IQ Test measures your intelligence. The result is compared with people in the same period and in the same age. Of course, the mother tongue and age of the persons in the measurement and question is crucial. The IQ test is one of the so-called performance tests.

Can I improve my IQ with exercises?
The question can be answered with an unequivocal YES. To answer the questions in an IQ test, it helps to further educate and to improve your general knowledge. We can also work out for an IQ test. The logical tasks in an IQ test are the same frequently. So if we practice every day for the IQ test based on other IQ tests, our test result, after a period of time will definitely improve. Above we have put together some sample tasks.

Should an IQ test be short or long?
The more objects are achieved, the more accurately can the IQ can be observed. Thus, the long IQ test has the advantage that it provides accurate results. But there are still reasons to perform a quick IQ test. In the Internet world, everything must go very quickly. Time is always precious.


Quick IQ Test 2017

Quick IQ Test 1.2 screenshot

Quick IQ Test screenshot 0Quick IQ Test screenshot 1Quick IQ Test screenshot 2

See detail information and download apk file:

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iHustl Latest Version APK for Android

iHustl apk
iHustl apk

Helps freelancers to track their work, and get insights about their business. iHustl is offered by Last Updated: November 12, 2014. Current Version: 0.1.16

Calling all freelancers and hobbyists, artists and artisans, craftspeople and tinkerers, writers and musicians.

Have you ever wondered if you can turn the great passion of your life into a living? Or would you just like to maximize the money you can make from doing what you most enjoy doing?

When it comes to doing work you love, time, money and quality of life are all deceptively difficult to measure, and harder still to manage. That can make planning a real challenge, and it can make the prospect of jumping into your calling full time more daunting than it needs to be. That’s why we designed iHustle—an app that untangles those questions so you can spend more time working and less time worrying.

If you know you should be tracking more of your paid work but have a tendency to neglect your excel spreadsheets, don’t worry – iHustl is here to take care of that for you.

Simply add past, present and future jobs and iHustle will tell you:
– Which clients have been contributing the most to your next vacation
– Which types of jobs have the greatest potential, and which ones to avoid
– Who still owes you, which clients you like to work with, and virtually anything else you want it to tell you (it’s customizable)


iHustl 2017

Download iHustl for Android

Download iHustl APK for Android

iHustl 0.1.16 screenshot

iHustl screenshot 0iHustl screenshot 1iHustl screenshot 2iHustl screenshot 3iHustl screenshot 4

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Glo Wi-Fi Roaming Latest Version APK for Android

Glo Wi-Fi Roaming apk
Glo Wi-Fi Roaming apk

Glo Wi-Fi Roaming is a Wi-Fi login app to access Wi-Fi networks worldwide. Glo Wi-Fi Roaming is offered by Glo Gateway Roaming. Last Updated: November 12, 2014. Current Version: 1.0.2

Glo Wi-Fi Roaming gives Glo subscribers the ultimate Internet experience in over 650 hotspots worldwide. Feel free to access your favorite apps and social networking sites on your android mobile, smartphone or tablet when travelling abroad.
This app has an easy-to-use client that connects your Android devices to Wi-Fi networks hotspots at airports, hotels, shopping malls, retail locations and etc.
Before downloading and using the Glo Wi-Fi Roaming App, please contact Glo to know costs of Wi-Fi plans and locations covered.
Remember to subscribe to the plan before you travel or you would have to connect to a roaming partner to subscribe abroad and this would incur roaming charges.

What’s New

UI improments.


Glo Wi-Fi Roaming 2017

Download Glo Wi-Fi Roaming APK for Android

Glo Wi-Fi Roaming 1.0.2 screenshot

Glo Wi-Fi Roaming screenshot 0Glo Wi-Fi Roaming screenshot 1Glo Wi-Fi Roaming screenshot 2Glo Wi-Fi Roaming screenshot 3Glo Wi-Fi Roaming screenshot 4Glo Wi-Fi Roaming screenshot 5

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ContraPass-password generator – A simple phrase goes in, a secure password comes out. Security was never easier.

ContraPass-password generator

A simple phrase goes in, a secure password comes out. Security was never easier.

ContraPass-password generator screenshot 0ContraPass-password generator screenshot 1ContraPass-password generator screenshot 2ContraPass-password generator screenshot 3ContraPass-password generator screenshot 4ContraPass-password generator screenshot 5ContraPass-password generator screenshot 6ContraPass-password generator screenshot 7

(inspired by
Have you ever had to change your password and memorize some ridiculous combination of numbers, signs and letters? Well, never again!

Introducing ContraPass–your faithful password generator!

Just two steps and you’re done:

1. Type your pass-phrase (two words at minimum)
2. Click the password generator button

and you have a brand-new, secure password to use wherever you please!

Download apk file for android: