Pomodoro Latest Version APK for Android

download Pomodoro apk
download Pomodoro apk

Actual Like Pomodoro Timer.Improve Productivity, Anti Procrastination. Pomodoro is offered by yks. Last Updated: November 06, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

Pomodoro Technique is a technique mainly anti procrastination.
It will help us concentrate the work we need to perform.
This app is simulate the major/ must have tool for this technique, which is Pomodoro Timer

How to Use: Just swipe the tomato to set the Pomodoro Timer.

About Pomodoro Technique.
1) Immediately and Fully focus on the work you need to do for a Pomodoro (default 25 Minutes)
2) After a Pomodoro rest for 5 minutes.
3) Continue Step 1) and 2)
4) After 4 Pomodoro, take a long rest for 15~30 minute.


Pomodoro 2017

Pomodoro APK

Download Pomodoro

Download Pomodoro APK

Pomodoro for Android

Download Pomodoro for Android

Download Pomodoro APK for Android

Pomodoro 1.0 screenshot

Pomodoro screenshot 0Pomodoro screenshot 1

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RedTimer Latest Version APK for Android

RedTimer download
RedTimer download

The easiest mobile app for Redmine, available on Android. RedTimer is offered by misterfifi. Last Updated: November 06, 2014. Current Version: 6.0

This application allows you to enter your time and edit your tasks quickly and easily. You can save your settings with quick and easy seizure.

Supported languages​​: English, French, German (more languages ​​to come).

No need to note the time and then the reporter, just click on “play” to start the timer. Once your task is complete, you can restart the application from the notification bar to synchronize your Redmine.

Simple, intuitive and ergonomic, this app is for all users of Redmine.

To use this app, Enable REST API in Administration -> Settings -> Authentication.
Then, authentication can be done using your API key which is a handy way to avoid putting a password in a script. The API key may be attached to each request in one of the following way:
– passed in as a “key” parameter
– passed in as a username with a random password via HTTP Basic authentication
– passed in as a “X-Redmine-API-Key” HTTP header (added in Redmine 1.1.0)

You can find your API key on your account page ( /my/account ) when logged in, on the right-hand pane of the default layout.

What’s New

Version display

Compete display description

New management notification


RedTimer 2017

Download RedTimer APK for Android

RedTimer 6.0 screenshot

RedTimer screenshot 0RedTimer screenshot 1RedTimer screenshot 2RedTimer screenshot 3RedTimer screenshot 4

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Ringer Widget Latest Version APK for Android

Ringer Widget download
Ringer Widget download

Toggle ringer modes quickly and easily. Its Free of cost and AD FREE widget. Ringer Widget is offered by Rauf Shaikh. Last Updated: November 06, 2014. Current Version: 1.01

The “Ringer Widget” widget allows you to toggle between the ringer modes i.e. Normal, Silent and Vibrate, quickly and easily! The “Ringer Widget” widget is free and designed keeping mind the space available on the home screen of the phone.
The widget is completely AD FREE.
If the widget doesn’t show up in the widget list after successful installation, please try restarting your device.
After installation please go to the widget list and tap + hold on the “Ringer Widget” widget and drop it on your home screen.

Please rating and comments are highly appreciated.

What’s New

1. New Images to support black home screens

2. Now you can resize the widget on your home screen.


Ringer Widget 2017

Ringer Widget for Android

Download Ringer Widget for Android

Download Ringer Widget APK for Android

Ringer Widget 1.01 screenshot

Ringer Widget screenshot 0Ringer Widget screenshot 1Ringer Widget screenshot 2

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My Police Department (MyPD) Latest Version APK for Android

My Police Department (MyPD) download
My Police Department (MyPD) download

My Police Department is used by over 150 law enforcement agencies. Connect today. My Police Department (MyPD) is offered by WiredBlue. Last Updated: November 06, 2014. Current Version: 3.3

Placing law enforcement and public safety services at your fingertips! The MyPD app is built to connect
the public to their local police and allow the community to become more involved right from your

(Please note, This app is used by agencies that opt in to use it. If your community has not opted to use
MyPD than you should not expect to find them on the app) Local, State, and College Police Departments as well as other law enforcement agencies are using this app to provide you with better service and improve communication.

The MyPD app is free to download and does not require you to sign in or sign up to use the app.
Law Enforcement agencies using this app are offering citizens the following options:
• Multiple information resources and RSS feeds
• 2 types of push notifications
• Report anonymous crime tips
• Commend a Police Officer
• Submit Feedback to your Police
• Ask Questions
• Community Surveys
• Directions to the Police Department
• Police Department Contacts
• Social Media
• Most Wanted
• Blog
• Jail Info
• Weather Service
• National Terrorism Advisory System
• New & Alerts page
• Crime Map
• Website
• Online Reporting
• Encrypted transfer of messages
• Many more additional features
These are just some of the many options that your Police Department is making available to you here. A growing number of Police Departments are utilising this app for the citizens they serve. If you don’t see your Department here, let them know they should join!

Some of the Police Departments using or signed up for the MyPD app (in no particular order) are the Green Bay Police, Beverly Police, Cambridge Police, Rochester Police, Waco Police, Dunwoody Police, Maine DEA, Chesapeake Police, Peabody Police, Watertown Police, North Andover Police, Ipswich Police, Alhambra Police, Norton Police, Wellesley Police, Yarmouth Police, Bedford Police, New Bedford Police, York Police, Auburn Police, El Dorado Police, Los Altos Police, Palo Alto Police, Mountain View
Police, Fremont Police, West Sacramento Police, Woods Cross Police, West Jordan Police, West Haven Police, Grrenwich Police, Westport Police, Warner Robins Police, Pooler Police, Peoria Police, Arcadiaolice, Hanover Park Police, Wichita Police, Bethlehem Police, Brimfield Police, Cibolo Police, Hobbs Police, Kingston Police, Chelsea Police, North Andover Police, South Portland Police, Haverford College Public Safety, Bryn Mawr College Public Safety, Rockwall Police, Warner Robins Police, Roanoke Police, Boston University Police, Rocky Mount Police, Boynton Beach Police, Amesbury Police, Swampscott Police, Bensalem Police, Corvallis Police, Plymouth Police, DeWitt Police, Columbia Police, Norfolk Police, Chesapeake Police, Rochester Police, Sturgeon Bay Police, Barre Police, Attleboro Police, Yarmouth Police, Waltham Police, Norwood Police, Ipswich Police, Glendale Police, and many more in Massachusetts, Maine, New York, California, Texas, Virginia, Ontario, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Utah, Georgia, Alabama, and New Mexico. Please do not expect your police or other local law enforcement agency here if they have not opted to use the app. Please do not give the app a bad rating because your agency is not here. Send us an email and we will encourage them to join.

Please report any bugs to info@wiredblue.co

This app is not for emergency use or communication with law enforcement or for immediate response situations. Always dial 9-1-1 in the United States or Canada for an emergency situation.
“My Police Department” “MyPD” “WiredBlue” are Federally registered trademark of Wired Blue LLC.
“Smartphones, Smart Citizens, Smart Policing” is also a WiredBlue trademark.

What’s New

MyPD has been updated in version 3.0 with numerous new options, features, and bug fixes. App users from older versions will appreciate the new details and design. Your law enforcement agency is proud to offer this new and updated app to the community.

Fix bugs in V3.2


My Police Department (MyPD) 2017

My Police Department (MyPD) for Android

Download My Police Department (MyPD) for Android

Download My Police Department (MyPD) APK for Android

My Police Department (MyPD) 3.3 screenshot

My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 0My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 1My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 2My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 3My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 4My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 5My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 6My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 7My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 8My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 9My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 10My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 11My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 12My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 13My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 14My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 15My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 16My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 17My Police Department (MyPD) screenshot 18

My Police Department (MyPD) apk video

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Phonebook(Quick Dialer) Latest Version APK for Android

Phonebook(Quick Dialer) download
Phonebook(Quick Dialer) download

To search the phone book in particular often very inconvenient for users. Phonebook(Quick Dialer) is offered by Perious. Last Updated: November 06, 2014. Current Version: 3.10

Sometimes the default phone apps in Android to use to address book may look annoyed.

To search the phone book in particular often very inconvenient for users.

Phonebook (Quick Dialer) solves this inconvenience.

Run -> Search -> Dial, your phone is available only in step 3.


In the phonebook hangul , numbers, English quickly and easily search the address book by using the phone dialer,
you can Make a call, Send SMS in this app

* Key Features
1. Find a PhoneBook as first char.
2. Find a PhoneBook as part of the phone number
3. Find a PhoneBook as part of Email
4. Find a PhoneBook by job grouping
5. Favorite calls automatically generated
6. Widget provided.

v 3.10
– UX changes
– Speed ​​improvements

Latest Updates

v 3.00

– Keyboard provides unique

– UX overhaul

– Speed ​​improvements


Phonebook(Quick Dialer) 2017

Phonebook(Quick Dialer) APK

Download Phonebook(Quick Dialer)

Download Phonebook(Quick Dialer) APK

Phonebook(Quick Dialer) for Android

Download Phonebook(Quick Dialer) for Android

Download Phonebook(Quick Dialer) APK for Android

Phonebook(Quick Dialer) 3.10 screenshot

Phonebook(Quick Dialer) screenshot 0Phonebook(Quick Dialer) screenshot 1Phonebook(Quick Dialer) screenshot 2Phonebook(Quick Dialer) screenshot 3Phonebook(Quick Dialer) screenshot 4Phonebook(Quick Dialer) screenshot 5

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Attendance Register (Students) Latest Version APK for Android

Attendance Register (Students) download
Attendance Register (Students) download

Get your attendance on the go. Attendance Register (Students) is offered by Parth Dalal. Last Updated: November 06, 2014. Current Version: 2.6

Attendance Register is an App which helps to ease college life of every student and to self assess about its own attendance.

In this app you just need to-
–>Add subjects according to your timetable once and fill your everyday when notification comes to you..!!
–>Else everything will be done by the app itself .
–>App will notify you for attendance at default time(6 P.M.)
and this app will-
–>Automatically prompt you to mark your daily attendance.
–>Provide you attendance at any time in three ways-
1. Subject wise
2. Date wise
3. Overall
–>Provide you the number of concurrent lecture you were absent in particular subject

What’s New


-bug fix for delete subject

-bug fir for add subject special characters


bug fixed for mark attendance manually


–>Manually add attendance functionality

–>App optimization


–>Revised New understandable GUI

–>First open Force close issue resolved

–>notification error after reboot issue resolved


–>complete new GUI

–>Integrated “HOW TO USE” guide

–>Datewise Attendance issue resolved

–>widget for lockscreen enabled


Attendance Register (Students) 2017

Download Attendance Register (Students) for Android

Download Attendance Register (Students) APK for Android

Attendance Register (Students) 2.6 screenshot

Attendance Register (Students) screenshot 0Attendance Register (Students) screenshot 1Attendance Register (Students) screenshot 2Attendance Register (Students) screenshot 3Attendance Register (Students) screenshot 4Attendance Register (Students) screenshot 5Attendance Register (Students) screenshot 6Attendance Register (Students) screenshot 7

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/vqFjPC

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Icon Intent Aggregator Latest Version APK for Android

Icon Intent Aggregator download
Icon Intent Aggregator download

Aggregates app launch intents to a database to make theme development easier!. Icon Intent Aggregator is offered by Oliver Janoschek. Last Updated: November 06, 2014. Current Version: 1.0.6

What is this app?

Icon Intents Aggregator basically serves one single purpose.

All data submitted with this app will be collected and added to a database for app launch intents.
These launch intents define what icon will be displayed when an app shortcut is created.

Theme and Icon Pack Developers can use this database to tremendously speed up their workflow and create icons for apps they don’t even own nor they have installed on their devices for various reasons; the app might not be compatible with their test devices and they still would like to provide an icon for it in their icon pack.

What is submitted?

The app lets the users choose which apps they want to submit on a case by case base. The data for every app submitted will only contain the apps name and it’s launch intent. No further information will ever be transmitted through the app.

What’s New

– updated app to allow it to use the new backend server for sending intents to.


Icon Intent Aggregator 2017

Icon Intent Aggregator for Android

Download Icon Intent Aggregator for Android

Download Icon Intent Aggregator APK for Android

Icon Intent Aggregator 1.0.6 screenshot

Icon Intent Aggregator screenshot 0Icon Intent Aggregator screenshot 1Icon Intent Aggregator screenshot 2

See more information: https://goo.gl/C45PhV

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