Whatsnext Latest Version APK for Android

download Whatsnext apk
download Whatsnext apk

View and add calendar appointments right from this home screen widget. Whatsnext is offered by TwoWayJunction. Last Updated: November 03, 2014. Current Version: 1.1

Whatsnext is a handy agenda widget, showing your upcoming calendar appointments on your home or lock screen. Create a new appointment directly from the widget in seconds, with just a few taps of your finger. Use every calendar on your Phone, like the calendars from your Google Agenda. Whatsnext is optimized for speed and useability, making it a joy to use (for an event scheduler, that is 😉

Whatsnext switches automatically to English (default), Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Dutch

What’s New

– added a tiny tutorial for placing the widget on screen


Whatsnext 2017

Download Whatsnext for Android

Download Whatsnext APK for Android

Whatsnext 1.1 screenshot

Whatsnext screenshot 0Whatsnext screenshot 1Whatsnext screenshot 2Whatsnext screenshot 3Whatsnext screenshot 4Whatsnext screenshot 5Whatsnext screenshot 6Whatsnext screenshot 7Whatsnext screenshot 8Whatsnext screenshot 9Whatsnext screenshot 10Whatsnext screenshot 11Whatsnext screenshot 12Whatsnext screenshot 13Whatsnext screenshot 14Whatsnext screenshot 15

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Character Latest Version APK for Android

Character apk
Character apk

Create deep realistic characters for your novel, screenplay or story. Character is offered by Rhys Griffith. Last Updated: November 03, 2014. Current Version: 1.1

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Take a seat in your favorite café and get started developing your characters today. Character helps writers, actors and directors like you develop deep realistic characters for their next novel, screenplay, short story or play.

Writers use character as a part of your story and character development process before writing page one. Actors and actresses, be one step ahead of the rest, know and understand your character before you attend that audition. For movie directors, share your character biographies with your cast and crew to pass on your vision.

With Character, you can add photos to show how your character may look. Understand your characters entire life through sociology, psychology, professional, personal and private point of views. Then when you’re done, export a complete character biography to PDF and share with your friends, classmates or colleagues. Keep a backup or hardcopy file for your next novel, screenplay or short story. Or keep a character biography as a memory of the production you successfully completed.

Knowing who your characters are, is the most important part of the writing, acting and directing process.

* Organize all your projects and characters.
* Add and remove character archetypes.
* Add photos of all your characters.
* Include basic character information.
* Physical appearance attributes.
* Sociology, psychology attributes.
* Professional, Personal and Private Q & A.
* Customizable fields. Add/edit/delete/sort fields.
* Customizable categories. Add/edit/delete/sort categories.
* Sorted categories are reflected in same order on PDF export.
* Email a complete PDF character biography to anyone in the world.
* Settings panel.
* Swipe left on list items for Edit, Sort and Delete buttons.


Character 2017

Download Character APK for Android

Character 1.1 screenshot

Character screenshot 0Character screenshot 1Character screenshot 2Character screenshot 3Character screenshot 4Character screenshot 5Character screenshot 6Character screenshot 7Character screenshot 8Character screenshot 9Character screenshot 10Character screenshot 11

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WELDING PRO Latest Version APK for Android

download WELDING PRO apk
download WELDING PRO apk

WELDING PRO is the first real calculating app for welding.Powered by Ceweld. WELDING PRO is offered by Certilas Nederland BV. Last Updated: November 03, 2014

New: Since the last update ferrite calculation is added and there is the possibility to switch from “Metric System” to “Imperial Standard”.

WELDING PRO is the first real calculating app for welding, making complex calculations extremely simple. The welding wire required, gas and labour cost never appeared so quickly and accurately for each type of welding joint.

WELDING PRO contains accurate weld cost calculations for filled welds and single V-, double V- and double bevel joints. This app makes it easy to check where the main welding costs are hidden, now you can compare labour, gas cost and the cost of filler metal in just a few seconds.

WELDING PRO in practice:
Very fast input of data.
You can select rutile, basic, metal core or solid wire and stick electrodes.
Suitable for steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
Calculations are accurate, because it takes variables like losses, duty cycle, weld reinforcement and root height into account.

WELDING PRO is a unique tool, that gives you quick answers to a lot of daily welding questions. It will save you time and take your welding knowledge to a higher level.
Powered by Ceweld

What’s New

Update contains:

– Imperial standard & metric system

– Ferrite module



WELDING PRO for Android

Download WELDING PRO for Android

Download WELDING PRO APK for Android

WELDING PRO screenshot

WELDING PRO screenshot 0WELDING PRO screenshot 1WELDING PRO screenshot 2WELDING PRO screenshot 3

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PGP Mail Latest Version APK for Android

PGP Mail download
PGP Mail download

With PGP Mail, protecting your privacy is just one click away!. PGP Mail is offered by Secure Mail GPG Team. Last Updated: November 03, 2014. Current Version: 1.5.0

To allow PGP Mail to access your GMail emails, you have to setting your GMail account. More info here: support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255.
All data from PGP Mail are ciphered, including your account info.

PGP Mail is an Android application which combines a standard email client with a PGP encryption framework. With this unique application no need of getting bored managing several and complex applications. Everything has been centralized in a very intuitive way (much easier than computer solutions such as Thunderbird or Enigmail) in one single app.

OpenPGP safeguards your emails andprotects your privacy.
In order to seal the email content (either on your Android phone, on the mail server, on your computers and above all while sending over the internet), and make it incomprehensible for any intrusive person, OpenPGPciphers and signs both your emails and those of your correspondents (S/MIME, GPG, PGP MIME formats are supported). With a very convenient design, PGP encryption use can be activated by default for a subset of contacts orcan be set to remain optional.

All your emails are protected against the lost or the theft of your phone.
PGP Mail ensures this protection by fully encrypting any data that is stored by the app. Downloaded emails (even if they were not already encrypted by PGP), attached documents, contact lists (together with their PGP key when applicable), settings…

Rooting the device is not necessary for this application.
Unlike several apps, you do not need to have the root permissions to run this application. You just need to install the app, set your email account and PGP key, and you’re good to go! Fully protected! This is easy, intuitive, and it is what anyone is looking for.


Regarding emails, this app enables you :
– to set up your email account (automatic set up for famous email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Live, or any other IMAP, POP and SMTP accounts on top of SSL),
– to read, write, answer or delete emails,
– to have a glimpse of emails, by conversation,
– to see, create folders and drag-and-drop emails,
– to handle any type of received attached files ( for instance open them, and savethem in the external storage) and compose emails containing attached files,
– to delete emails,
– to PGP encrypt email.

Regarding PGP key management, the app enables you :
– to generate your own PGP keys (DSA Elgamal, DSA, RSA),
– to import your PGP key or PGP keys of your contacts via the system external storage (for instance with a text file from your email client software Thunderbird or Enigmail),
– to import PGP public key from an email attached file,
– to send your PGP public key by email, in an attached file,
– to export your PGP public and/or private key to the phone external storage (for instance in a text file that can be then imported by software such as Thunderbird and Enigmail),
– to export your contact public keys to the phone external storage (a file text that can then be imported in software such as Thunderbird or Enigmail).

Regarding PGP encryption, the app enables you:
– to encrypt-only, sign-only, or both encrypt and sign an email (for one or several recipients),
– to decrypt and/or validate an email signature as well as files that have been attached with PGP,
– regarding your contacts, the app enables you,
– to create/delete/modify internal PGP Mail contacts,
– to bind a contact with a PGP public key and choose a default encryption rule for the contact (always encrypt and sign emails for this recipient, never encrypt any email for this recipient,…),
– to import a contact list from the Android phone.

Regarding data encryption, this app enables you:
– to locally encrypt, on the phone itself, both your PGP and email settings, downloaded emails (together with their attached files), contact list, everything with a strong ciphering algorithm (AES algorithm),
– to modify the application password.


PGP Mail 2017

Download PGP Mail APK for Android

PGP Mail 1.5.0 screenshot

PGP Mail screenshot 0PGP Mail screenshot 1PGP Mail screenshot 2PGP Mail screenshot 3PGP Mail screenshot 4PGP Mail screenshot 5PGP Mail screenshot 6PGP Mail screenshot 7

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Interpolation and Extrapolate Latest Version APK for Android

download Interpolation and Extrapolate apk
download Interpolation and Extrapolate apk

Interpolate and ExtrapolateTired of repetitive calculations?. Interpolation and Extrapolate is offered by Nitin Arya. Last Updated: November 03, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

Interpolate and Extrapolate

Tired of repetitive calculations?
wouldn’t you rather spend your time actually solving problems rather than punching digits into your calculator?

Avoid silly mistakes, save time.

· Interpolates & extrapolates
· Formula Given for verification.


Interpolation and Extrapolate 2017

Interpolation and Extrapolate APK

Download Interpolation and Extrapolate

Download Interpolation and Extrapolate APK

Interpolation and Extrapolate for Android

Download Interpolation and Extrapolate for Android

Download Interpolation and Extrapolate APK for Android

Interpolation and Extrapolate 1.0 screenshot

Interpolation and Extrapolate screenshot 0Interpolation and Extrapolate screenshot 1

See detail information: https://goo.gl/QjuC1D

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uniFile – File Browser Latest Version APK for Android

uniFile - File Browser download
uniFile – File Browser download

uniFile is a free file browsing app across multiple storage providers. uniFile – File Browser is offered by Gijima Mobile. Last Updated: November 03, 2014. Current Version: 1.4.8

All your content in one app

uniFile is an easy-to-use, convenient and free file browser / file manager app which allows you to access your files, photos, videos, music and documents from the leading cloud storage providers, your personal and business content sources. Quickly and easily search for you content across multiple providers from your Android devices.

Key features:
Access content from:
– Google Drive, DropBox, FTP, SFTP, SkyDrive, Box, Windows Share(NTLM Authentication), Sharepoint 2010/2013(NTLM Authentication), WebDAV(Basic, Digest and NTLM Authnetication)

Offline and online capabilities – Access to already downloaded documents while offline, allows for productivity even without internet connectivity.

Searchable content – Quick and easy access to documents relies on the ability to search for a specific document in a specific provider.

Supports all major document types:
– Word documents (doc, docx)
– Adobe documents (PDF)
– PowerPoint documents (ppt, pptx)
– Excel documents (xls, xlsx)
– Text documents (txt, text)
– Web browser files (htm, html)
– Music files (mp3)
– Multimedia files (mp4, mov, wmv)
– Images (png, gif, jpg, jpeg)

uniFile in the enterprise:
Visit unifile.co.za to explore uniFile enterprise service options, which enable organizations to managed and control specific content to specific uniFile users. Use cases include:

– Keep sales teams up to date with the latest collateral, information, inventory or pricelists
– Empower conference delegates with all the key information including any presentations
– Provide access to automatically updated Health and Safety information in a secure and central location

What’s New

Bug Fixes:

Container background and sub folder navigation in managed providers.


uniFile – File Browser 2017

Download uniFile – File Browser APK

uniFile – File Browser for Android

Download uniFile – File Browser for Android

Download uniFile – File Browser APK for Android

uniFile – File Browser 1.4.8 screenshot

uniFile - File Browser screenshot 0uniFile - File Browser screenshot 1uniFile - File Browser screenshot 2uniFile - File Browser screenshot 3uniFile - File Browser screenshot 4uniFile - File Browser screenshot 5uniFile - File Browser screenshot 6uniFile - File Browser screenshot 7uniFile - File Browser screenshot 8uniFile - File Browser screenshot 9uniFile - File Browser screenshot 10uniFile - File Browser screenshot 11

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PNB Field Investigation Latest Version APK for Android

PNB Field Investigation download
PNB Field Investigation download

PNB Field Investigation. PNB Field Investigation is offered by GDS Link Asia (Philippines) Inc.. Last Updated: November 03, 2014. Current Version: 1.4


PNB Field Investigation 2017

PNB Field Investigation for Android

Download PNB Field Investigation for Android

Download PNB Field Investigation APK for Android

PNB Field Investigation 1.4 screenshot

PNB Field Investigation screenshot 0PNB Field Investigation screenshot 1PNB Field Investigation screenshot 2PNB Field Investigation screenshot 3PNB Field Investigation screenshot 4PNB Field Investigation screenshot 5

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