Terralgo Indoor Free Latest Version APK for Android

Terralgo Indoor Free download
Terralgo Indoor Free download

Terralgo allows you to monitor 17 parameters of your indoor/outdoor crops . Terralgo Indoor Free is offered by Terralgo. Last Updated: November 02, 2014. Current Version: 1.2.9

This is a free Version of Terralgo designed for users who are using Terralgo on their personnal computers.

Be aware there is no graphics support in this version because the graphics could be viewed on Terralgo on your personnal computer after Wifi import. But Terralgo in this version let you track and record seventeen crop parameters; this is similar to the paid version…

Terralgo Mobile is a software for monitoring indoor and outdoor growing crops. Terralgo can track an unlimited number of plants and can record up to 17 crop parameters for each record. So Terralgo can be your new indoor grow diary. So you’ll be able to grow your plants like a professional !!!

• Unlimited number of plants can be tracked
• Unlimited number of inputs can be tracked
• System parameter (Font size)
• Password manager to protect your application
• Informations on the last values and watering like a grow journal
• Gallery of your photos for any plant
• Export to Terralgo on your personnal computer by Wifi

Inputs recordables:
• Date
• PH
• EC
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Fertilizer Flowering
• Fertilizer Growth
• Fertilizer root
• Booster
• Enzymes
• Foliar Fertilizers – Yes / No
• Potting – Yes / No
• Watering – Yes / No
• Watering – Volume
• Volume of water tank
• Size of pots
• Height
• Width
• Co2
• Photo – Picture name added to a record
• Custom 1 – A personal value
• Custom 2 – A second personal value

A reminder of last watering and values ​​of the latest survey are present on the home screen.

Terralgo Mobile is part of a software suite and data can be transferred on Terralgo on your personnal computer. Terralgo on your personnal computer is a Java software running on Mac/Linux/Windows that keeps track of a culture on your personal computer.

All data contained in Terralgo (with photos) can be transferred to Terralgo on your personnal computer by WiFi network. Terralgo on your personnal computer provides advanced analysis of your settings and many other tools to improve your crops.

Do not hesitate to discover Terralgo : terralgo.com/

With Terralgo Mobile you can track any plant which is growing indoor; tropical plants, vegetables, whatever you want and in states where it is legal to grow marijuana you can track your cannabis plants…

Terralgo Mobile brings you a simple tool to track your crops and improve your practice with Terralgo for personnal computer.

What’s New

Fix Bug


Terralgo Indoor Free 2017

Download Terralgo Indoor Free APK

Terralgo Indoor Free for Android

Download Terralgo Indoor Free for Android

Download Terralgo Indoor Free APK for Android

Terralgo Indoor Free 1.2.9 screenshot

Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 0Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 1Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 2Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 3Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 4Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 5Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 6Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 7Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 8Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 9Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 10Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 11Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 12Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 13Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 14Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 15Terralgo Indoor Free screenshot 16

Terralgo Indoor Free apk video

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/YJyzM2

Android Productivity Apps download https://goo.gl/gow64A

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