Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar – Noded – Organize Better, Faster. Get In, Get Out, Get on with Your Life

Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar

Noded – Organize Better, Faster. Get In, Get Out, Get on with Your Life

Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar screenshot 0Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar screenshot 1Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar screenshot 2Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar screenshot 3Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar screenshot 4Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar screenshot 5Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar screenshot 6

Noded is the first Smart Timeline Calendar.

Noded is a hybrid note taker, planner, and timeline-calendar app devoted to speed. Noded exists in spite of Google Calendar and Evernote. Noded has multilingual support and empowers customers through productivity speed, ease-of-use, and a unique approach to organization – The Timeline Node Stream.

Unlike Google Calendar and Evernote, Noded doesn’t want anything from you; it simply wants to empower you. Noded exists to empower you. Organize Better, Faster with Noded – Just Node It.
What makes Noded unique is its focus on speed and its opinionated approach toward organizing.

1) You create Nodes (notes/todos/ideas/lists/whatever)
2) Noded organizes your Nodes into your Timeline Node Stream
3) That’s it – Noded helps you “Get In, Get Out, and Get on with Your Life”.

* Keyboard Auto-launch (instant text or voice input)
* Timeline Node Stream (don’t bounce around a calendar, see everything at once)
* Double Tap Smart Save (get in, get out, get on with your life)
* Time-Tag Slider (super simple and blazing fast time tagging)
* Friendly Dates (“Today”, “Tomorrow”, “This Friday”, etc.)
* Fully Customizable Colors (theme Noded to match your style)
* Smart Edit & Multi-Delete (simple and fast Timeline Node Stream updates)
* Multi-Language Support (English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, more to come)

Noded – Organize Better, Faster – Just Node It.

See detail information:

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