ClienTAP Appointment & Payment Latest Version APK for Android

ClienTAP Appointment & Payment apk
ClienTAP Appointment & Payment apk

Schedule client appointments and track payments in a simple intuitive way. ClienTAP Appointment & Payment is offered by ClienTAP – Track Appointments & Payments. Last Updated: August 31, 2014. Current Version: 1.0.15

An app designed to help schedule appointments and keep track of payments. The app enables you to have client contact information, calendar, and attendance / payment records all in one place. It’s a mobile tracking system solution for booking and recording appointments for individual or group meetings (classes, lessons, students, etc.). ClienTAP allows you and your clients to be informed and most importantly helps you get paid. It’s a simple and intuitive way to manage your small business.

If you have students or clients that you need to keep track of, ClienTAP will replace your need for expensive computer scheduling software or outdated pen and paper systems. ClienTAP is ideal for: Tennis instructors, golf instructors, swim instructors, coaches, music (piano, guitar, etc.) teachers, tutors, house cleaners, gardeners, dog walkers/groomers, dance instructors, martial arts instructors, physical trainers/therapy, elder care, service providers, consultation, etc. Basically anyone who has appointments and needs to have a record of attendance and payments regarding those appointments will benefit from ClienTAP.

• Create appointments and view in a day or agenda format.

• Track appointments as completed / cancelled and paid / unpaid for an appointment.

• Client contact information can be imported from existing phone contacts.

• Contact information is available for direct communication.

• Payment history available – shows attendance and debit or credit status of clients.

• Payment history can be emailed from app directly to client/s.

• Notes can be made for individual appointments and or clients.

• Keep work schedule and appointments separate from personal.

• Summary report of income for app owner and credit/debit summary.

• Automatic data backup to the cloud

ClienTAP is free for a limited use that will hopefully give you enough time to determine if it is right for you. Once the limit is reached you will be asked to subscribe to a charge of $4.99 a year.

What’s New

Version 1.0.15 :

– Finally fixed the payment issue.

– Added function to modify session date.

– Fixed bug where session got deleted when you change the session time.


ClienTAP Appointment & Payment 2017

ClienTAP Appointment & Payment for Android

Download ClienTAP Appointment & Payment for Android

Download ClienTAP Appointment & Payment APK for Android

ClienTAP Appointment & Payment 1.0.15 screenshot

ClienTAP Appointment & Payment screenshot 0ClienTAP Appointment & Payment screenshot 1ClienTAP Appointment & Payment screenshot 2ClienTAP Appointment & Payment screenshot 3ClienTAP Appointment & Payment screenshot 4ClienTAP Appointment & Payment screenshot 5ClienTAP Appointment & Payment screenshot 6ClienTAP Appointment & Payment screenshot 7

ClienTAP Appointment & Payment apk video

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SIMS for Mobile Latest Version APK for Android

SIMS for Mobile download
SIMS for Mobile download

samwon, monitoring, controller, 삼원테크. SIMS for Mobile is offered by SAMWONTECH. Last Updated: August 31, 2014. Current Version: 1.5

This is monitoring program using for samwon-tech controller products.
It can monitoring on mobile that samwon-tech’s temperature & humidity controller and digital recorder.

Latest Updates

[v1.4 Update Information]

– Product Added : TEMI/TEMP1000 Series


SIMS for Mobile APK

Download SIMS for Mobile

Download SIMS for Mobile APK

SIMS for Mobile for Android

Download SIMS for Mobile for Android

Download SIMS for Mobile APK for Android

SIMS for Mobile 1.5 screenshot

SIMS for Mobile screenshot 0SIMS for Mobile screenshot 1SIMS for Mobile screenshot 2SIMS for Mobile screenshot 3SIMS for Mobile screenshot 4

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Studyfocus (Trial) Latest Version APK for Android

Studyfocus (Trial) apk
Studyfocus (Trial) apk

Studyfocus – Reminds, Motivates and Rewards you for studying. Studyfocus (Trial) is offered by Simple & Elegant. Last Updated: August 31, 2014. Current Version: 1.1.1

★ Studyfocus – Reminds, Motivates and Rewards you for studying. ★

◆ This is a TRIAL version for Studyfocus, if you like the app please support me by buying Studyfocus ◆

You want to study. But you *always* get stuck on facebook / reddit / youtube / etc. Not anymore. Studyfocus is your virtual mom that reminds you of your homework and motivates you to do it. When you have studied enough Studyfocus rewards you. If you skip to study, it punish you.


Studyfocus is for all students that actually want to study but finds them self getting stuck at the computer.



1. Come home from school, tired
2. Add today’s homework to Studyfocus
3. Do whatever you want, check facebook, play some video games, browse reddit, etc
4. Studyfocus reminds and motivates you about your homework
5. Do your homework, get rewarded by Studyfocus
6. Look at your progress, feel good about your self
7. Repeat everyday
8. ★ Prepare for a greater grade! ★


☞ Reminds – Remind you of your homework
☞ Motivates – Motivates you to do it
☞ Rewards – Rewards you for studying


I want to study. Because I want a good grade, so I can get into a got college, so I can get a great job and an even greater life. But when I come home from a 6 hours school day, I’m tired. I’ve been studying the whole day. I need to rest a bit. Maybe check facebook, watch some youtube clips, maybe play some Counter Strike and so on. The problem is that I got stuck at the computer. The time just flies away and whoops, the time is 22:00 and I should definitely sleep but I have forgotten to do my homework. “I can do it tomorrow” I said to my self, but next day isn’t different. I’m tired when I come home from school, just want to play some games for 30 minutes, but it turns into hours and hours.

That’s why I decided to create Studyfocus.

When I come home today I open Studyfocus, add today’s homework. “I want to study Math in about 30 minutes”. Then I can browse youtube and check facebook without guilty conscience. After 30 minutes Studyfocus will start remind me. Of course it can be hard to go away from the computer, it’s so fun there. That’s why I added the motivation part to Studyfocus. Studyfocus motivates me and reminds me of how important school is.

I start to study. If I lose motivation and focus during the studying time I just pick up my phone and Studyfocus will try to motivate to study more. When I’m done with the homework Studyfocus rewards me. I feel good. I check my progress. I feel even better.


◆ Feedback & ideas: ◆

PLEASE add feedback and your ideas at our uservocie page:
This way I can easily see what you think is the most important things to add or improve.


Twitter: @studyfocusapp


– android.permission.INTERNET – Required by phonegap + used in the trail version of Studyfocus
– android.permission.VIBRATE – So the phone can vibrate.
– android.permission.WAKE_LOCK – Needed to vibrate + alarm even when the screen is turned off.



Latest Updates

Aug 31: Bug fixes for Android 4 with native browser and/or chrome as browser.

– Vertical scroll bug fixed

– Fullscreen wasn’t fullscreen on some devices

– Swipe left/right didn’t work on some devices


– You can now delete homework tasks

– Quick action bar for Edit / Delete

– Smaller 3D effect, as requested by you users

– Updated printscreens to be more evident about that you can type whatever you want as subject + that you can edit and delete subjects


Studyfocus (Trial) 2017

Studyfocus (Trial) APK

Download Studyfocus (Trial)

Download Studyfocus (Trial) APK

Studyfocus (Trial) for Android

Download Studyfocus (Trial) for Android

Download Studyfocus (Trial) APK for Android

Studyfocus (Trial) 1.1.1 screenshot

Studyfocus (Trial) screenshot 0Studyfocus (Trial) screenshot 1Studyfocus (Trial) screenshot 2Studyfocus (Trial) screenshot 3Studyfocus (Trial) screenshot 4Studyfocus (Trial) screenshot 5Studyfocus (Trial) screenshot 6Studyfocus (Trial) screenshot 7

Studyfocus (Trial) apk video

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PhenoType lite Latest Version APK for Android

download PhenoType lite apk
download PhenoType lite apk

PhenoType lite is a mobile field book, for easy and fast data collection. PhenoType lite is offered by PhenoType. Last Updated: August 31, 2014. Current Version: 1.0.3

PhenoType lite is the basic version of Phenotype. PhenoType lite allows to see all the functions of PhenoType, but has some limitations.

Limitations of PhenoType lite:
– The number of experiments is limited to 3
– You can only have 5 traits at a time
– You can only take 5 images

Upgrading to PhenoType allows you to have unlimited access to all functions.

What is PhenoType?

PhenoType is a mobile application for data collection. The application allows you to collect many types of data. The photo function permits to take images containing all the important information in the file name.
PhenoType is your easy to handle field book optimised for tablet computers and smartphones. Collect your data fast and secure without transcription mistakes.

Who is PhenoType made for?

PhenoType is for everyone recording data.
Plant Breeders
Crop scientists
Animal scientists

As all the traits and experimental units are chosen by the user everyone can adapt the input to individual needs

What devices can run PhenoType?

PhenoType is optimised for tablets and phones with a screen size larger 5″. However, it runs fine on smaller devices.Though on smaller devices, the display size might not allow the best experience for your phenotyping.

For more description and help check the manual

What’s New

PhenoType lite now supports phones and allows you to use PhenoType wherever you go. Enjoy your new helper for data collection.

Bug fixes:

* font size for high resolution phones improved

* improved image saving


PhenoType lite 2017

Download PhenoType lite APK for Android

PhenoType lite 1.0.3 screenshot

PhenoType lite screenshot 0PhenoType lite screenshot 1PhenoType lite screenshot 2PhenoType lite screenshot 3PhenoType lite screenshot 4PhenoType lite screenshot 5PhenoType lite screenshot 6PhenoType lite screenshot 7PhenoType lite screenshot 8PhenoType lite screenshot 9PhenoType lite screenshot 10PhenoType lite screenshot 11PhenoType lite screenshot 12PhenoType lite screenshot 13PhenoType lite screenshot 14PhenoType lite screenshot 15PhenoType lite screenshot 16PhenoType lite screenshot 17

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Jiffy Launcher Latest Version APK for Android

download Jiffy Launcher apk
download Jiffy Launcher apk

Draw in air to launch your favourite applications or call your beloved. Jiffy Launcher is offered by LifeHaks. Last Updated: August 31, 2014. Current Version: 2.0.2

Now launch any application or make call to your dear ones by simply scribbling in the air, and yes, you read that right.

With Jiffy Launcher, all you have to do is hold the device in your hand and draw/write in the air and the rest is taken care by the application itself. Once installed, Jiffy Launcher can help you get rid of all the tedious steps of finding an app or a contact from the endless list, and then launching it manually.

Now all you have to do is take out your phone, make a ‘C’ in the air to call your best friend or make a ‘Z’ in the air to launch ‘Facebook’. You can even make a ‘Star’ or any other thing for that matter, and the magic shall continue to take place in a Jiffy. Of course, the power remains in your hands as to what alphabet/drawing does what and can be configured as many times you want.

We believe that Jiffy Launcher is not just any other application on your device, but it is the 6th sense of your device.

With Jiffy Launcher you can

• Map a symbol (which could be anything, an alphabet, numerical, abstract or a simple drawing) to any contact/application on your device.
• Once the mapping is done, the next time you draw the same symbol in air, the corresponding application is launched, or the contact is dialled.
• Save as many symbols as you want to, and map them to all your favorite applications and contacts.

On installation, you get 2 Free slots. You can add any two contacts/application in these two slots. To get more slots, please purchase them at a very minimal rate from the in-app store. There is no limit as to how many slots you can purchase.

This application has been developed by LifeHaks. LifeHaks is aimed at making your life simpler by bringing you path breaking and first of its kind utility apps. Our first step towards this aim is well represented by Jiffy Launcher.

In case of any queries or suggestion, do write to us.

What’s New

– Includes Bug Fixes

– Higher Gesture Recognition Accuracy


Jiffy Launcher 2017

Jiffy Launcher 2.0.2 screenshot

Jiffy Launcher screenshot 0Jiffy Launcher screenshot 1Jiffy Launcher screenshot 2Jiffy Launcher screenshot 3Jiffy Launcher screenshot 4Jiffy Launcher screenshot 5

Jiffy Launcher apk video

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kaizen ~ 改善 ~ Latest Version APK for Android

kaizen ~ 改善 ~ download
kaizen ~ 改善 ~ download

kaizenは、問題分析支援ツールです。あらゆる問題には原因があります。kaizenは問題の原因分析を強力に支援し、正しい解決策を導く手助けをします。. kaizen ~ 改善 ~ is offered by KeitaShiratori. Last Updated: August 31, 2014. Current Version: 1.11

















What’s New





kaizen ~ 改善 ~ 2017

kaizen ~ 改善 ~ APK

Download kaizen ~ 改善 ~

Download kaizen ~ 改善 ~ APK

kaizen ~ 改善 ~ for Android

Download kaizen ~ 改善 ~ for Android

Download kaizen ~ 改善 ~ APK for Android

kaizen ~ 改善 ~ 1.11 screenshot

kaizen ~ 改善 ~ screenshot 0kaizen ~ 改善 ~ screenshot 1

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QwickNote Pro – Brilliant notes taking app.

QwickNote Pro

Brilliant notes taking app.

QwickNote Pro screenshot 0QwickNote Pro screenshot 1QwickNote Pro screenshot 2QwickNote Pro screenshot 3QwickNote Pro screenshot 4QwickNote Pro screenshot 5QwickNote Pro screenshot 6

Control Your Life. Never Forget Again!

Pro version features: No ads, unlimited entries

Reviews: – “QwickNote is true to it’s name allowing you to quickly and easily take notes. They can be text, lists, or photos. Editing is a breeze to jump in and out of plus it syncs with a few cloud tools” – “Qwicknote, from Arbezone, distinguishes itself from its competitors by being dead simple to use with a robust set of features that puts it in a class with the best.”

Raise daily productivity and efficiency with this simple and fast note taking app, set reminders and move them to widget on your phones display to have notes constantly.
Light and gesture based user interface lets you manage notes easy with one finger and use all the popular note taking possibilities.

Features include:

*Swipe/Gesture based user interface
*Edit a note entry directly on screen
*Widget with a list view
*Add pictures, todo lists, speech to text notes
*Organize with folders
*Syncronise/Backup with Dropbox and Google Tasks
*Settings – Text size, theme color, new note on startup, sorting order, …)
*Set one-time and repeating reminders and alarms
*Choose theme color from 16 million colors
*Create checklists

See detail information and download apk file for android:

Calculation RGC – Program to calculate the exposure time for Iridium-192.

Calculation RGC

Program to calculate the exposure time for Iridium-192.

Calculation RGC screenshot 0Calculation RGC screenshot 1Calculation RGC screenshot 2Calculation RGC screenshot 3Calculation RGC screenshot 4

!!! This is a new version of the program. Please remove the old version and install this. Updates for program will come only on this version.

What’s new:
– Interface changes
– Translation into English and Polish
– Ability to select a class of sensitivity by GOST 7512-82 or category of weld by PNAE G 7-010-89 to count the required sensitivity
– Ability to select activity units (Curie, gr. eq. radium or GBk), controlled material, the density of blackening, and
language of program in the settings

The program is developed to calculate the exposure time for radiographic inspection using industrial source of ionizing radiation Iridium-192.

To calculate the exposure time set:
– The current activity
– Radiation thickness in mm;
– Focal length in mm.
And also select the type of film (AGFA).

Current activity is automatically calculated if the data and activity of shipment has been entered. The program allows you to enter data maximum of five sources.
Knowing the half-life of the isotope Iridium-192, which is equal to 74.4 days, calculated current activity (active at the moment).
The known data on the controlled object (size, category of welded connection), you can calculate the focal length and the number of exposed areas, the program takes the data of formulas from GOST 7512-82.
If the main window of the program data are highlighted in red so these data were calculated and are not entered.
Also, I add timer.

If you find any errors / inaccuracies or you have any questions / suggestions for the further development of the program please contact me on email –

The timing of exposure is experimental and may not meet your required standards. Therefore, the author of the program can not be held responsible for any consequences caused by these calculations.

(text translated by Google Translate)

See detail information and download apk file:

フェイク着信 – app you want to set the timing at which the ring tone may sound, can do is "pretend" there is an incoming call


app you want to set the timing at which the ring tone may sound, can do is "pretend" there is an incoming call

フェイク着信 screenshot 0フェイク着信 screenshot 1フェイク着信 screenshot 2フェイク着信 screenshot 3

☆ girl classic app for! This is a good app that has been introduced in the following sites! ☆

It has been featured in sony select!
It has been featured in nanapi!

Good news for your trouble of you with stuck from boring drinking and blind date!
This app from “Who? “And” when it sounds? “Just a simple operation to set,
Though you will be able to behave as if there is an incoming call from a friend.
Using a fake incoming, let’s improve the efficiency of the use of time o (* ^ ▽ ^ *) o ~ ♪

Do not have experience Nante when you want to escape a little, or you want rounded up in such drinking and joint party or meeting?
But it is not hurt rookie’s (new member of society’s) can keep with.

Also, when one person walking in a dark street at night, it is possible to pretend that you are on a call,
It ‘it is also possible to divert the attention of the surrounding ~

See more information and download apk file:

Do.It To-do Task List Latest Version APK for Android

Do.It To-do Task List apk
Do.It To-do Task List apk

The ultimate and beautiful to-do task manager, never forget your tasks again!. Do.It To-do Task List is offered by Simon Czarnota. Last Updated: August 30, 2014. Current Version: 1.4.4

Do.It is the ultimate to-do task manager. With Do.It you will never forget your tasks again. Multiple categories make endless cluttered lists a thing of the past. The simple and intuitive interface makes managing tasks easy and quick whether you’re remembering something on the go or at home making a grocery list.

• Simple and intuitive interface makes adding and managing tasks simple and easy
• Widgets allow you to see your tasks without always opening the app
• Task notes ensure you never forget important details
• Snoozable reminders make sure you never forget a task
• Customizable lists maximize productivity; help you keep work and home life separate
• Supported languages include English, Danish, German, Hungarian

And many more exciting features to come very soon. Stay Tuned!

Want to help translating into your language? Visit:

Please note that this app is still in beta, please report any crashes you encounter as it enables a fix to be pushed out in the next update. Alternatively you can report any bugs to

What’s New

Version: 1.4.2:

– Tasks in widget have color bar according to their category

– Clock icon will appear next to task name when reminder is set

– More updates coming!

Version 1.4.0:

– Added translations for: Danish, German, Hungarian with more coming soon (please report any inaccuracies). More languages and improved translations in upcoming updates

– The app now automatically displays 12/24 hour times based on device settings

Version 1.3.2:

– Fixed force close when selecting item outside the view


Do.It To-do Task List 2017

Do.It To-do Task List APK

Download Do.It To-do Task List

Download Do.It To-do Task List APK

Do.It To-do Task List for Android

Download Do.It To-do Task List for Android

Download Do.It To-do Task List APK for Android

Do.It To-do Task List 1.4.4 screenshot

Do.It To-do Task List screenshot 0Do.It To-do Task List screenshot 1Do.It To-do Task List screenshot 2Do.It To-do Task List screenshot 3Do.It To-do Task List screenshot 4Do.It To-do Task List screenshot 5Do.It To-do Task List screenshot 6

See detail information and download apk file for android:

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