365.Calendar Latest Version APK for Android

download 365.Calendar apk
download 365.Calendar apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. 365.Calendar is offered by roksky. Last Updated: July 27, 2014. Current Version: 1.04

Share events, follow events and subscribe to multiple channels. 365.Calendar is a calendar and personal organizer. Find places around you and get updates on the best places to be. Automatically know when you have to be somewhere.

Latest Updates

1. Fixed older bugs and crashing

2. Improved User experience and look.

3. Improved localization


365.Calendar 2017

365.Calendar for Android

Download 365.Calendar for Android

Download 365.Calendar APK for Android

365.Calendar 1.04 screenshot

365.Calendar screenshot 0365.Calendar screenshot 1365.Calendar screenshot 2365.Calendar screenshot 3

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Location Reminder Latest Version APK for Android

Location Reminder download
Location Reminder download

With Location Reminder you will never forget the closest things. Location Reminder is offered by sthagios. Last Updated: July 27, 2014. Current Version: 0.2.1

Bind tasks to specific locations and get reminded every time you are near this location.
With Location Reminder you can attach any task to any location.
You can also specify the range within you have to be to be reminded by the app.
You can attach a task to the house of your granny and every time you are in a range for 100 meters you get reminded to visit her, for example.
You can define the days on which Location Reminder should remind you, so it only reminds you to visit Granny when you are close on Sundays.

* Make the tutorial at the first start of the application
* See all your tasks in a list view
* Solve a task instantly by long pressing it in the list view
* Remove a task instantly by swiping it away in the list view
* See all tasks on a map overview
* Define a specific remind range for every task
* Define days on which you want to be reminded, individual for every task
* Specify if your phones alerts you whether by ringing, vibrating, both or just shows an alert in the status bar

Latest Updates


Minor Bug fixes

Warning if there is no location found in the search for location context


Bug fixes

Added reminding days option

Added first start tutorial


Bug fixes.

Individual distance to task in the “All Tasks On Map” view

Showing every distance to task in the list view

Filter options


Bug fixes

Swipe to delete added

Long click for solving a task

Checking if location service is available


Location Reminder 2017

Location Reminder 0.2.1 screenshot

Location Reminder screenshot 0Location Reminder screenshot 1Location Reminder screenshot 2Location Reminder screenshot 3

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키갑키보드 Latest Version APK for Android

키갑키보드 apk
키갑키보드 apk

Kigap keyboard, keyboard, keygap, keyboard, Tenchijin, detachable keyboard, detachable, naratgeul, EZ Hangul, keypad, sky, sky, sky2, Sky 2. 키갑키보드 is offered by Jahir. Last Updated: July 27, 2014. Current Version: 1.2.6

# # # # # # Announcement

※ When the keyboard appears on the advertising portion of the touch of the keyboard, or other type advertisement window, change the position of the cursor, enter the ads can continue to go down. Please note.

Please use the developer’s site for more detailed usage.

1 Half Qwerty input consonant layout and easy-to-familiar Tenchijin, naratgeul, Sky, utilizing Motorola keyboard collection.

2 bubbling through the combination of the character from the keyboard without lifting his eyes you can see the characters you type.
3 discomfort became a much wider screen in landscape mode! Try detachable keyboard comfortably.

4 input Hangul password uncomfortable! Please enter your password using the mode.

What’s New

2014년 7월 27일 릴리즈

1. 메모리 leak 수정


키갑키보드 2017

Download 키갑키보드 APK

키갑키보드 for Android

Download 키갑키보드 for Android

Download 키갑키보드 APK for Android

키갑키보드 1.2.6 screenshot

키갑키보드 screenshot 0키갑키보드 screenshot 1키갑키보드 screenshot 2키갑키보드 screenshot 3

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Call Recorder MP3 Latest Version APK for Android

Call Recorder MP3 apk
Call Recorder MP3 apk

Start voice/call recording without looking at your phone screen!. Call Recorder MP3 is offered by Glovantech. Last Updated: July 27, 2014. Current Version: 2.5

★★★ ★★
If you have space limitation on your phone, this Smart Call Recorder MP3 Lite is for you. Uninstall other Glovantech MP3 recorder before installing this Call Recorder Lite version. All your earlier recordings are safe and will be available in this Call Recorder.

It is simply nothing like anything else you’ve seen before.

Why so?
★★★ This apps older version “Smart Voice Recorder MP3” is Reviewed and approved by Google for inclusion in “Google Play for Education”
★★★ Fulfills any voice or call recording facility you may need
★★★ Integrates cool technology with AMAZING navigability and UI design
★★★ Fully functional add supported version available for free; limited period only

“Smart Call Recorder MP3 Lite” App is designed to provide you the easiest and most simple audio, voice and call recorder experience. Use this App to record your meetings, phone calls, conferences, interviews, classes, lectures or whatever else you might need directly onto MP3 format for as long as you want. This app can start/stop recordings in the background by pressing ‘volume up’ and then ‘volume down’ of your device within 3 sec. It essentially fulfills all user requirements and much more, guaranteeing a fun, effortless and efficient functional performance. You will never need another voice recording app again.

Main features:
★★★Hardware button activated background voice and/or call recording: Press ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ button once within 3 sec (Unique useful feature, hardly available in any recording app. This feature is available only when device screen is not locked.)
★★★Direct record to MP3 Format regulated by availability of space on the device
★★★Start a new voice and/or call recording as soon as you finish the previous recording, while MP3 file conversion is taking place
★★★Use your custom preferences for phone call recording
★★★No more waiting for MP3 file conversion … play the recording even while conversion is taking place
★★★Convenience Factor: to save and rename recorded MP3 files and to upload onto Google Drive without Google Drive installation
★★★Organization Capacity: ‘Sort By’: name, date, size, ascending/descending; share; delete; rename and search
★★Simple and cool UI design
★★Automatic microphone gain calibration
★★Pause/resume/cancel recording
★★Advanced Voice and Call Recording setup
★Inhibition of Record-Pause-Resume functions as per convenience
★Availability of Skip Silence option
★Automatic pause recording during phone calls
★Alternate launching option: Open MP3 Voice Recorder icon and touch the record icon of the RECORDER tab
★Default installation onto the device’s SD card/external storage
For more information, please see the FAQ page: glovantech.com/faq/guniversalrecorder_lite.html

INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Used for Ad loading, in-app purchase.
RECORD_AUDIO: Audio recording is the main feature of this app.
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Playback recordings.
GET_ACCOUNTS: Required for in-app purchase.
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: Used for audio tuning.
READ_PHONE_STATE: Call recording start/stop automatically based on call state.
PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS: Used to detect and start recording outgoing calls.
CALL_PHONE: Used to ignore incoming/outgoing calls while recording is in progress (See voice recording options).
WAKE_LOCK: Continue MP3 conversion without break.
BILLING: In-app purchase the Plus version.

This app offers a unique way to create preferred phone numbers list that you can use for always recording. You can build this custom phone numbers list from contacts, call log and SMS log. This app DOES NOT COLLECT ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. See privacy policy for details.
READ_CONTACTS: Pick numbers from contacts.
READ_CALL_LOG: Pick numbers from call log.
READ_SMS: Pick numbers from SMS log.

Latest Updates

★Password protect, backup & restore your important recordings with the Plus upgrade. This version isn’t integrated with Google Drive.

★Start/Stop recording using the volume button is now configurable (Default ON). If you want to avoid accidental start recording when you change volume, turn it OFF under ‘Recording Preference’.

★App exits automatically if recording started by call/volume button and idle (no UI activity, recording, mp3 encoding or file uploading in progress) for one min.


Call Recorder MP3 2017

Call Recorder MP3 2.5 screenshot

Call Recorder MP3 screenshot 0Call Recorder MP3 screenshot 1Call Recorder MP3 screenshot 2Call Recorder MP3 screenshot 3Call Recorder MP3 screenshot 4Call Recorder MP3 screenshot 5Call Recorder MP3 screenshot 6Call Recorder MP3 screenshot 7

Call Recorder MP3 apk video

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Deexme – Deexme – The smart addressbook


Deexme – The smart addressbook

Deexme screenshot 0Deexme screenshot 1Deexme screenshot 2Deexme screenshot 3Deexme screenshot 4

Deexme is the self-updating, living address book app in the cloud that revolutionizes the way
you manage your contacts. Connect anyone, anywhere, anytime.
With Deexme, you are the owner of your information. Deexme allows users to share complete, and tailored, sets of contact information and social networks with every contact and have full control over the information and identity that they’re sharing with every connection using Deexme traffic lights.
The ultimate address book concept has just arrived!

* Deexme Traffic Light: Share different sets of information with different types of contacts
* Living Address Book: Never update your contacts again, their information changes are automatically updated in your address book
* Personal, social and professional profiles: classify you information
* Forget about duplicates: Deexme automatically detects and merges duplicate contacts
* Explore up to 30 social networks, make a call, and send a text or an email from Deexme
* Contacts backup: keep your contacts safe in the cloud

1. Make a personalized profile and separate your info into personal, social and professional profiles
2. Share your Deexme ID with friends and colleagues so they can find you on the network
3. Use Facebook and your Address Book to see friends already using Deexme and invite others to join you
*Your personal and professional profiles can each contain distinct sets of information, including phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, websites, birthdays…
**Your social profile can contain up to 30 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Spotify, Snapchat, Tumblr, Foursquare, Blogger, KiK, Vine, Yelp, Reddit, WordPress,GitHub, YouTube, and Flickr.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/1WFxMT

Click Counter – FreeLife Digital Click Counter is a digital tally counter application.

Click Counter

FreeLife Digital Click Counter is a digital tally counter application.

Click Counter screenshot 0Click Counter screenshot 1Click Counter screenshot 2Click Counter screenshot 3Click Counter screenshot 4Click Counter screenshot 5Click Counter screenshot 6Click Counter screenshot 7Click Counter screenshot 8Click Counter screenshot 9Click Counter screenshot 10Click Counter screenshot 11

FreeLife Digital Click Counter is a digital tally counter application.
Whether you need it for business use to survey a number of visitor visit an area, an assignment to count the traffic on a particular road; Click Counter provide an accurate count and keep track of history count with date time information. Counter value is keep until reset is triggered, even closing the application you will able to get the last count when you re-open the application (You do not need to worry losing your count when closing the app). And great of all, there is option for you to edit the counter value to any value you would like to begin count from.

How to use:
To increase or reset the counter value, click on the bottom center button.
To decrease the counter value, click on the red round button.
To edit the counter value, go to setting enable “Allow change counter value”. Then back to main screen and tap on the counter to change the value.

Top Features:
* Free version
* Increase, decrease and reset counter button
* Sound effect
* History count records value
* Option to use screen or volume button to increase or decrease the counter value
* Option to edit counter value
* Option to set the incremental value instead of increase by 1.

Requirement: Internet connection permission is used to display ads only.

Having a problem or got a suggestion? We would love to hear from you. You can reach us at freelifedigital@gmail.com

Important note: Please note that the application works as supporting tool for personal or commercial use. FreeLifeDigital is not in responsible for any error or inaccurate on the result of count.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/XQHS39

App Sector Seguridad – App for Security Guard

App Sector Seguridad

App for Security Guard

App Sector Seguridad screenshot 0App Sector Seguridad screenshot 1App Sector Seguridad screenshot 2App Sector Seguridad screenshot 3App Sector Seguridad screenshot 4

Security Sector App integrates a control system of hours per month, you can calculate the annual calculation of hours and record and festive evening hours. The system subtracts the minimum monthly hours per month in order to keep an accurate control of the work day. At any time you can send data to an email account. It has a built overtime calculator for the exact amount we have to pay per hour.

You can access all information about private security personnel, including basic regulatory rules related to security guards and their specialties. Check the new Private Security Act 5/2014, Law on prevention of occupational risks and collective agreement date.

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/WbOv3j