Date Status Bar 2 Pro Latest Version APK for Android

Date Status Bar 2 Pro apk
Date Status Bar 2 Pro apk

Displays the day of the week and month side by side in your status bar. Date Status Bar 2 Pro is offered by Wagwan Apps. Last Updated: July 26, 2014. Current Version: 1.8.3

Displays the day of the week and month side by side in your status bar.
Date Status Bar 2 shows the current day and month in the top status bar. The date fits right in and appears as if its part of the Android OS unlike some apps.

The month can be displayed in 2 formats.
1. As a number i,e 03 for March
2. As English 3 characters i.e Mar for March

You can vary the color of the day and month in the following colors


To display the day and month in a more compact form please see our other apps.

Facebook –
Twitter –
Google –
YouTube :

– Simple UI with easy to understand options. Remember Less is More.
– App auto start when phone is rebooted.

Try them out.

– Display the full date, day of the year and week of the year in the notification drop down
– Very small app with a small footprint. Virtually no battery drain
– Support Android tablets.

If you have a request please email us and we will do what we can to help

Extensive testing on the following devices/Versions:

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Y

Android 2.2.x
Android 2.3.x
Android 3.2
Android 4.x

– In Android 3.0 or above, and Android 4.0 or above, the Android OS has “automatic shrinking and dimming” for status bar notifications to focus on the main activity. The
icons do remain at thier full size and at full intensity in the notification area when selected,

Please contact us to report any issues or to request a feature.

What’s New


– Fixes to stop Android killing the date icons

– Added priority notifications to the percentage to keep it displayed in the top left corner


– Added Icon for our YouTube Channel

– Add new languages


– Fixed alignment of month icons

– Added new feature to change the format of the date to Month-Day or Day-Month


Date Status Bar 2 Pro 2017

Download Date Status Bar 2 Pro for Android

Download Date Status Bar 2 Pro APK for Android

Date Status Bar 2 Pro 1.8.3 screenshot

Date Status Bar 2 Pro screenshot 0Date Status Bar 2 Pro screenshot 1Date Status Bar 2 Pro screenshot 2Date Status Bar 2 Pro screenshot 3Date Status Bar 2 Pro screenshot 4

Date Status Bar 2 Pro apk video

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WHEREvernote for Evernote Latest Version APK for Android

WHEREvernote for Evernote apk
WHEREvernote for Evernote apk

WHEREvernote – Location Reminders for Evernote!. WHEREvernote for Evernote is offered by Visual Candy Apps. Last Updated: July 26, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

WHEREvernote – Location Reminders for Evernote

Are you a diehard, Evernote user who gets so much value out of all the notes you have created?

Do you wish you had Location Based Reminder’s that were associated with a note in Evernote?

Do you wish that you ever go to a place, and wish you had been reminded to do something?

Tired of having to search through your Evernote to find you grocery list when you get to the grocery store?

If so, then WHEREvernote is the app for you! WHEREvernote will send you a notification at your predefined locations – just click to view that note in the Evernote app

With WHEREvernote, you can create Location based reminders and associate an Evernote note with each place while maintaining total control of so many different settings & customization options!

****PLEASE NOTE You must keep WiFi enabled at all times, even if not connected to a network. This is necessary for low powered Location Services to work ****

Getting started with WHEREvernote is simple
1. Add a new Location Reminder
2. Choose your Note via your Notebooks to be associated with your new Location Reminder
3. Choose on a map where you would like to be be reminded
4. Customize your Location Trigger’s settings! Choose to be reminded only
– when you are arriving or leaving
– on certain days
– during set time periods
– how often it triggers…we have accounted for everything!
5. Tap the WHEREvernote notification and you will be taken straight to your note in Evernote!

Save one Location Reminder for free; upgrade to have unlimited location reminders and remove ads… We’re a tiny indie developer team and really appreciate your support!

– WHEREvernote uses the best in location monitoring practices to save your battery life
– Add Location Reminders by dropping a pin on the map, or starting from your current location
– Customize your Location Reminders via an incredible amount of settings including entering or leaving a location, the times of day, or even days of the week
– Add a trigger delay on a per Location Reminders basis in order to prevent drive by notifications from occurring
– Customize your own time interval between reminders to avoid repeated reminders on the same place
– Upgrade removes all ads and allows for unlimited Location Reminders
– Open your note in Evernote from WHEREvernote’s Location reminder notification


WHEREvernote for Evernote 2017

Download WHEREvernote for Evernote for Android

Download WHEREvernote for Evernote APK for Android

WHEREvernote for Evernote 1.0 screenshot

WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 0WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 1WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 2WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 3WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 4WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 5WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 6WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 7WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 8WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 9WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 10WHEREvernote for Evernote screenshot 11

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Stopwatch – Wear Mini Launcher Latest Version APK for Android

Stopwatch - Wear Mini Launcher apk
Stopwatch – Wear Mini Launcher apk

Quickly & easily launch the Stopwatch from Wear Mini Launcher drawer. Stopwatch – Wear Mini Launcher is offered by Visual Candy Apps. Last Updated: July 26, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

Do you use your stopwatch often? We love our newest toy, the Android Wear watch, but if you are wearing one you often know that sometimes your voice command gets the spinning round wheel of death. And to launch your stopwatch is a lengthy task to swipe through to the Start menu.

With Stopwatch for Wear Mini Launcher, we created a simple app that will launch the native Stopwatch app and that will also show up in the awesome Wear Mini Launcher.


*** Requires an Android Wear device and a phone with Android v4.3+ ***


Stopwatch – Wear Mini Launcher 2017

Download Stopwatch – Wear Mini Launcher APK for Android

Stopwatch – Wear Mini Launcher 1.0 screenshot

Stopwatch - Wear Mini Launcher screenshot 0Stopwatch - Wear Mini Launcher screenshot 1Stopwatch - Wear Mini Launcher screenshot 2Stopwatch - Wear Mini Launcher screenshot 3Stopwatch - Wear Mini Launcher screenshot 4Stopwatch - Wear Mini Launcher screenshot 5

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Thesaurus Word Map Pro Latest Version APK for Android

Thesaurus Word Map Pro apk
Thesaurus Word Map Pro apk

Awesome interface to browse synonyms just like you are brainstorming. Thesaurus Word Map Pro is offered by Valeonom. Last Updated: July 26, 2014. Current Version: 1.9

Fluidly browse synonyms in a mind map fashion. This exciting way of browsing synonyms will get your juices flowing. Easily spice up your writing with fantastic new words, and make your document feel more alive. No internet? no problem, access all synonyms offline!.

You also get quick & fast access to the definitions of every word, Now how amazing is that! Just long press a word to have a dictionary appear in-front of your eyes. With this ingenious design, time will fly with much fun! Just check out the features of this great thesaurus:

✓ Browse synonyms like you are brainstorming
✓ Quickly look up definition of a word by long pressing to pull up dictionary
✓ Cloud move very fluidly
✓ Straight forward mind map interface
✓ Easy to use
✓ Very intuitive design
✓ fastest way to find synonyms!
✓ Beautiful looking app and icon
✓ Great for English majors, writers, students
✓ Very creative look and feel will get your creative juices flowing

Feeling generous and want to contribute? Then head on over to any help you provide benefits not just the users of this app, but also Wiktionary and any other services dependent on them.

The only difference between this and free is it’s ad free, and you help support & encourage development.


Thesaurus Word Map Pro 2017

Thesaurus Word Map Pro 1.9 screenshot

Thesaurus Word Map Pro screenshot 0Thesaurus Word Map Pro screenshot 1Thesaurus Word Map Pro screenshot 2

Thesaurus Word Map Pro apk video

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Task Table Latest Version APK for Android

Task Table apk
Task Table apk

Task Table brings you a new way of keeping track of day-to-day tasks. Task Table is offered by Natesh Relhan. Last Updated: July 26, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

It allows you to take down notes day wise – easily and efficiently. And its comes with a non-complex design keeping in mind the user experience.

Main features:

1.Add day wise tasks.
2.Allows you to view your tasks in notification.
3.It accurately ascertains your plans from Monday to Sunday.
4.Easy deletion of tasks which are completed.
5.Incomplete tasks can be copied to next day / other days.


Task Table 2017

Download Task Table for Android

Download Task Table APK for Android

Task Table 1.0 screenshot

Task Table screenshot 0Task Table screenshot 1Task Table screenshot 2Task Table screenshot 3

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GW2 Dungeon Tracker Latest Version APK for Android

download GW2 Dungeon Tracker apk
download GW2 Dungeon Tracker apk

Track your dungeon path completion in Guild Wars 2 for dungeon master or dailies. GW2 Dungeon Tracker is offered by Jacob Solomon Hughes. Last Updated: July 26, 2014. Current Version: 1.0.2

Utility application for Guild Wars 2 dungeons.

Use this app to easily keep track of which dungeon paths you have completed. Track your progress towards the Dungeon Master title, or which dungeon paths you have completed each day.

Simply tap each dungeon path to cross it off the list and easily see which pathways you have remaining.

Guild Wars Copyright and Trademark Information:

© 2012 ArenaNet, Inc. All rights reserved. NCsoft, the interlocking NC logo, ArenaNet,, Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall, Nightfall, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, Eye of the North, Guild Wars 2, and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of NCsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Latest Updates

Changes to app size and internal fixes.

Daily reset coming soon!


GW2 Dungeon Tracker 2017

Download GW2 Dungeon Tracker APK

GW2 Dungeon Tracker for Android

Download GW2 Dungeon Tracker for Android

Download GW2 Dungeon Tracker APK for Android

GW2 Dungeon Tracker 1.0.2 screenshot

GW2 Dungeon Tracker screenshot 0GW2 Dungeon Tracker screenshot 1GW2 Dungeon Tracker screenshot 2

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DarkByte – DarkByte provides easy access to the tools and data that programmers need.


DarkByte provides easy access to the tools and data that programmers need.

DarkByte screenshot 0DarkByte screenshot 1DarkByte screenshot 2DarkByte screenshot 3DarkByte screenshot 4DarkByte screenshot 5DarkByte screenshot 6DarkByte screenshot 7DarkByte screenshot 8

DarkByte Command Prompt is designed to provide easy access to the tools and data that programmers and power users need. Its syntax was designed for easy typing on Android devices and uses a logical structure similar to functions in programming. The log is color coded for quick recognition and uses a system of tags to identify the data in each log entry. One very powerful feature in DarkByte is the Quick Commands tool (part of which is shown in the last screenshot). It allows quick entry of commands by showing a complete commands list and a menu for entering arguments.

Here are just some of the tasks you can complete with DarkByte:
> Send out a basic intent with a custom URI to test an app.
> Read log entries from Android’s low level LogCat log.
> Convert decimal values to hexadecimal.
> Get the current memory usage.
> Get the current CPU usage.
> Get CPU and memory usage over time.

The complete documentation and command list can be viewed by going to or by tapping the documentation button in DarkByte’s menu bar. You can also suggest new commands at:

Detail information and download apk file for android: