Fotovolt Latest Version APK for Android

Fotovolt apk
Fotovolt apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Fotovolt is offered by Cristina Gangarossa. Last Updated: March 31, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

This application allows you to calculate the estimated production of electricity from a photovoltaic place in Italy simply inputting the required information
The calculation of the estimate can also be extended to a time interval (start-end estimate) user selectable

Latest Updates

Correzione bug calcolo stima nel caso in cui la data di inizio stima non sia uguale a quella di attivazione impianto


Fotovolt 2017

Fotovolt for Android

Download Fotovolt for Android

Download Fotovolt APK for Android

Fotovolt 1.0 screenshot

Fotovolt screenshot 0Fotovolt screenshot 1Fotovolt screenshot 2

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Virtual Trackpad Latest Version APK for Android

download Virtual Trackpad apk
download Virtual Trackpad apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Virtual Trackpad is offered by Lee Felarca. Last Updated: March 31, 2014. Current Version: 1.01

Use your Android device as a trackpad for your Mac or Windows PC.


Button-less trackpad interface using simple touch gestures
One-click auto-connect with no need for IP address configuration
Adjustable mouse acceleration, speed, and other fine-tuning mouse cursor control options
“Mouse fling” maintains cursor velocity on mouse-release

* Virtual Trackpad is now fully-functional and ad-free *

Requires companion desktop host application:
(OS X or Windows with Java 32bit or 64bit)

Latest Updates

v1.1 – All ads have been removed. Enjoy.

v1.0 – Initial release


Virtual Trackpad 2017

Virtual Trackpad for Android

Download Virtual Trackpad for Android

Download Virtual Trackpad APK for Android

Virtual Trackpad 1.01 screenshot

Virtual Trackpad screenshot 0Virtual Trackpad screenshot 1Virtual Trackpad screenshot 2Virtual Trackpad screenshot 3Virtual Trackpad screenshot 4Virtual Trackpad screenshot 5Virtual Trackpad screenshot 6Virtual Trackpad screenshot 7Virtual Trackpad screenshot 8Virtual Trackpad screenshot 9Virtual Trackpad screenshot 10Virtual Trackpad screenshot 11Virtual Trackpad screenshot 12Virtual Trackpad screenshot 13Virtual Trackpad screenshot 14Virtual Trackpad screenshot 15Virtual Trackpad screenshot 16Virtual Trackpad screenshot 17Virtual Trackpad screenshot 18

Virtual Trackpad apk video

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Wi-Cool Latest Version APK for Android

Wi-Cool apk
Wi-Cool apk

This Wi-Cool may upload/ download photos/ movies/music to Android mobile system. Wi-Cool is offered by S.C.C. Last Updated: March 31, 2014. Current Version: 2.1

This Wi-Cool Application is a media file browser for iOS & Android mobile system. User may upload/ download photos/ movies/music to iOS & Android mobile system with connecting to Wi-Fi HDD enclsure.

supports the following format:
Audio: MP3
Video: MP4、 MOV 、 AVI
Only support MBR/GPT ExFAT format HDD
Only for Wi-Cool Wi-Fi storage

Key Features of Wi-Cool App:

– Automatically lists the personalized folders of Wi-Cool
– Supports a wide range of high-quality file formats
– Easy-to-use playback controls
– Set Wi-Fi encryption by WEP / WPA2
– Internet connection not required ,but can use bridge mode.
– Download and Upload files
– Delete / Copy / Move files from Wi-Cool and iOS mobile system device
– Set administrator password to prevent unauthorized changes to Wi-Cool settings
– Access files downloaded to local storage without connection to Wi-Cool
– Multi-language support: English,Traditional Chinese. Janpan.
– Take New or Upload Existing Photos to Wi-Cool.

( * Wi-Cool for iOS & Android mobile system, App does NOT support iOS & Android mobile system 3G. )

What’s New


Improve some inner bug


1. The fixed Bridge, wi-fi SSID is not normal display

2. (jp) typo correction localization

3. The revised upload a matter of time

4. The new multilingual automatic switching


Wi-Cool 2017

Download Wi-Cool APK for Android

Wi-Cool 2.1 screenshot

Wi-Cool screenshot 0Wi-Cool screenshot 1Wi-Cool screenshot 2Wi-Cool screenshot 3Wi-Cool screenshot 4Wi-Cool screenshot 5

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EurekaMobile Latest Version APK for Android

EurekaMobile download
EurekaMobile download

With EurekaMobile review G-code simulations made by Eureka Virtual Machining. EurekaMobile is offered by Roboris. Last Updated: March 31, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

Thanks to EurekaMobile any simulations made by Eureka Virtual Machining can be reviewed and analyzed anywhere on any mobile device.

Machine tool operators can now review the ISO program simulation on their own mobile devices, thus enabling an optimal setup of the machine tool. Potential critical issues flagged by the technical office can also be easily identified.

In addition to the 3D simulation of all the machine motions, EurekaMobile provides a detailed analysis of any messages, warnings and/or errors generated during the simulation. In case of collision, the colliding parts are highlighted in 3D so to easily identify the issue.

The ISO lines actually executed, the tool used, the feeding rate and other useful information are also displayed during the simulation.


Avoiding errors and decreasing the machine setup time.


Email your inquiry to


EurekaMobile 2017

Download EurekaMobile for Android

Download EurekaMobile APK for Android

EurekaMobile 1.0 screenshot

EurekaMobile screenshot 0EurekaMobile screenshot 1EurekaMobile screenshot 2EurekaMobile screenshot 3EurekaMobile screenshot 4EurekaMobile screenshot 5EurekaMobile screenshot 6

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BBCOT 名刺交換と管理 体験版 – 名刺の情報はダレのものでしょうか? 印刷では出来なかった、名刺の内容を発信者の物にすることを実現した、スマホ用の革新的な名刺をご利用ください。

BBCOT 名刺交換と管理 体験版

名刺の情報はダレのものでしょうか? 印刷では出来なかった、名刺の内容を発信者の物にすることを実現した、スマホ用の革新的な名刺をご利用ください。

BBCOT 名刺交換と管理 体験版 screenshot 0BBCOT 名刺交換と管理 体験版 screenshot 1BBCOT 名刺交換と管理 体験版 screenshot 2

名刺の情報は、発行者のものと考えた名刺交換アプリです。 会議や打合せなど多くの人とのワンタッチで名刺交換できます。

- インターネット通信は、名刺交換などのサーバー通信に使います。
- GPS・WIFiなどの位置情報は、名刺交換の位置特定に使います。
- 端末の電話帳・住所録の読取は、名刺情報の作成に使います。
- 内部メモリー・SDカードには、名刺情報やアプリ機能に必要な情報を保存しています。
- デザイン名刺の表示と印刷のために、外部アプリ(pdf形式)を呼び出します。



ガラパゴス時計店 店長
うっかり者で物愚さで、変なこだわりを持つ私は、名刺を置き忘れることもあり、知らない人が、私の名刺を使ったりしないかと思っていました。 名刺を持ってる人が名刺通りに人なのか? 名刺の内容は本当なのか? 事務所や連絡先が変わったら、交換した名刺の相手先への案内だけも一仕事。 手紙しかない頃と違い、スマホが使えるのに、『便利にできないのか』と思って開発しました。 情報の流出事故を少なくするために、サーバーに保存する名刺の保存時間を短くしました。


See more information and download apk file for your android phone:

S-Net Mobile V2 KR – DVMS sintong a Mobile Application for Credit S-Checker.

S-Net Mobile V2 KR

DVMS sintong a Mobile Application for Credit S-Checker.

S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 0S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 1S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 2S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 3S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 4S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 5S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 6S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 7S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 8S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 9S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 10S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 11S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 12S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 13S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 14S-Net Mobile V2 KR screenshot 15

S-Net Mobile the Samsung system air conditioner installation, service, and can be verified easily and conveniently provides a Mobile Solution.
Supported models: DVMS sintong credit.
Supported languages: Hangul

Dated 29 March 2014 that the public version.

S-Net Mobile devices are S-Checker Auto inspection reports issued in conjunction with, data monitoring, and setup information, check the temperature and pressure sensors, EEV test, communication test, download, option code settings, indoor and outdoor machine control, microcomputer updates, refrigerant detection functions.

Application does not work by itself.

See more information and download apk file:

Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes – Add a transparent sticky note to your home screen with Clear Note Widget!

Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes

Add a transparent sticky note to your home screen with Clear Note Widget!

Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 0Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 1Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 2Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 3Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 4Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 5Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 6Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 7Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 8Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 9Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 10Clear Note Widget Sticky Notes screenshot 11

Keep your notes and reminders handy on your home screen. Clear Note Widget is a completely transparent Android sticky note app that lets you add a variety of note widgets. Great for shopping and to-do lists, general reminders, and personal quotes. Supports encryption/password-protected notes, note sending, multiple note widget background styles, and multiple widget sizes!


* Clear Note Widgets are scrollable, transparent sticky notes that can be quickly and easily pinned to any home screen and edited just by tapping on them
* Seamlessly blends into your home screen’s background (completely transparent widget background) or choose a background color
* Customize the background color, text color, and font sizes of your note widget
* Create regular notepad notes with optional encryption/password-protection for maximum security
* Note widgets are available in multiple sizes: 1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×1, 4×2 and 4×4 sizes (each home screen icon takes up 1 space) and resizable in Android 3.1+
* No permissions required!
* Send Note option lets you quickly and easily share your note through Gmail, text message, or your favorite email client
* No ads or spyware of any kind
* Small download: Clear Note Widget is less than 1 megabyte!
* Free updates and support for life!


So what exactly is Clear Note Widget? Is it an app or a widget?

– Both! Clear Note Widget’s main feature lets you place transparent notes that blend in with your home screen, but it also functions pretty well as a standard note app (opening it through the shortcut). Regular (aka non-widget) notes can also be password-protected/encrypted.

How do I add a widget to my home screen?

– You’ll first need to tap the App Drawer icon. This should bring up a list of your applications with two tabs near the top of the screen: Apps and Widgets. Tap the widgets tab, and scroll over to the right (swipe left) until you get to the Clear Note Widgets. From there, just tap on your desired size (you can always resize later*), hold, and you’ll be able to drop the widget on any of your home screens.

How do I resize a widget?

– While on a home screen, press and hold a Clear Note Widget for about 1-2 seconds, then let go. You should see a box around your note widget with some blue “handles” at the corners. Drag the handles either towards or away from the widget, depending on whether you’d like the widget to be smaller or larger.

*I can’t seem to resize my widget to a smaller size. What’s the deal?

– You might be running Android 3.1 or 3.2. Android 3.1 introduced widget resizing but only above a minimum width and height. So a 2×2 widget could be resized anywhere between 2×2 and 4×4, but never smaller than 2×2. This was fixed in Android 4.0+, but aside from upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich, the only solution is to add a 1×1 widget to the home screen (which will let you resize to any larger size and back).

How do I create a regular note?

– Regular notes (the non-sticky kind) can be created directly from the Clear Note Widget app. Just run Clear Note Widget from your App Drawer or the shortcut icon, and press the “Create a New Note” button!

I don’t like having to change my background color, text colors or font sizes every time. Help!

– No problem! You can set up your default options (editor font size, background, text colors, font sizes) by tapping on the Settings icon (the one with the two circles) while editing a note or the notes list screen. There’s a slight difference between the two: the widget note Settings menu lets you set your current widget options as the default, while the notes list Settings menu lets you select the actual default options!

More Info:

Twitter: @sandcastlecc
Clear Note Widget Official Site:

See detail information: