Assistência Técnica Vodafone Latest Version APK for Android

Assistência Técnica Vodafone download
Assistência Técnica Vodafone download

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Assistência Técnica Vodafone is offered by Vodafone Portugal, Comunicações Pessoais, S.A.. Last Updated: December 23, 2013. Current Version: 1.1.1

Accompanies repair your mobile phone! Now faster and easier directly on the phone screen.

The application of Technical Assistance Vodafone allows you to:
• Consult the state of repair
• Approve or reject budgets
• Request for collection Telecare equipment repair
• To manage notifications about the progress of the repair

Try it now!

What’s New

Novidades versão 1.1

• Validação do número de telefone na criação/edição de pedidos de assistência técnica para permitir selecionar o envio ou não de SMS

• Consulta de ordens de reparação por IMEI, NIF, Telefone

Experimente já a nova versão


Assistência Técnica Vodafone 2017

Download Assistência Técnica Vodafone APK for Android

Assistência Técnica Vodafone 1.1.1 screenshot

Assistência Técnica Vodafone screenshot 0Assistência Técnica Vodafone screenshot 1Assistência Técnica Vodafone screenshot 2Assistência Técnica Vodafone screenshot 3Assistência Técnica Vodafone screenshot 4Assistência Técnica Vodafone screenshot 5

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Keyboard changer(widget) Latest Version APK for Android

Keyboard changer(widget) apk
Keyboard changer(widget) apk

Keyboard changer (Keyboard quick changer). Keyboard changer(widget) is offered by Softspell. Last Updated: December 23, 2013. Current Version: 1.11

Keyboard changer (Keyboard quick changer)

The most effective use of the smartphone application is multilingual .

Using a multi-lingual users are Twitter, Facebook, and use Kakao Talk chats comment or Korean, Japanese , Chinese, and you must enter both languages ??at the same time when you need to switch your keyboard so that the fastest the role .

Google Keyboard , QWERTY keyboard, the keyboard depending on Tenchijin If you want to use a variety of keyboard easily via keyboard changer , you can use the keyboard to switch .

ⓠ Quick Changer: When you change any situation anywhere using the keyboard quickly .
ⓦ widgets : desktop widget is used to change the properties of the keyboard .

# # # # How to use
Quick changers ① set amount of time (default 1 second ) touch the keyboard changer works in any environment quickly .
② Touch the widget on the desktop keyboard changer KC works.

# # # # Screen keyboard execute changer
① Change the default keyboard : the keyboard to change functions

② Set Quick Changer
– The location on the screen ] [ Icon Changer ] [ changer transparency ] [ Touch Time
– No color selected keyboard ] [ keyboard person Transparency
– [Date Time display ]

③ widget settings
– Setting widget type ] [ Transparency Settings

Keyboard changer (Keyboard changer), quick changer keyboard (Keyboard quick changer), keyboard changer , keyboard Converter , keyboard switch

Korean keyboard, English keyboard , the keyboard Chinese , Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese keyboard , Japanese keyboard, keyboard, French , German keyboard , keyboard, Dutch , French, Keyboard , Keyboard Czech , Danish keyboard, a Greek keyboard , keyboard Hungarian , Hebrew keyboard Italian keyboard spanish keyboard, keyboard, Norwegian , Polish keyboard Portuguese keyboard, Russian keyboard , arabic keyboard, Latin keyboard, a variety of languages, including Slovak keyboard as the keyboard app you are using if you are using the on-screen keyboard changer easily and quickly and easily through a quick keyboard icon you can switch between .

I keyboard , Samsung keyboard, dodol keyboard , Swiftkey keyboard , SlidelT keyboard , TS Hangul keyboard , Cheonjiyeon keyboard, one-handed keyboard, piano keyboard, the integrated keyboard Samsung moahki kanji keyboard, keyboard sense , on Hangul keyboard , emoticon keyboard, neon keyboard , sougou , google pinyin IME keyboard is compatible with all such
Even if you use any keyboard keyboard for easy conversion services.

Contextual language anytime, anywhere if you want to change the keyboard to “Keyboard Changer ” to try.

Tel : +82-70-7817-4075 (am.10: 00 ~ pm.16: 00)
Email : softspell.17117 @

What’s New

Add Icon Changer Mini Quick

Icon Changer is a great one quick setting page, the Quick Changer Settings go into “mini-icons apply quick changer” quick changers If you check the small size of the icon to use for you.


Keyboard changer(widget) 2017

Download Keyboard changer(widget) APK for Android

Keyboard changer(widget) 1.11 screenshot

Keyboard changer(widget) screenshot 0Keyboard changer(widget) screenshot 1Keyboard changer(widget) screenshot 2Keyboard changer(widget) screenshot 3Keyboard changer(widget) screenshot 4Keyboard changer(widget) screenshot 5Keyboard changer(widget) screenshot 6Keyboard changer(widget) screenshot 7

See detail information:

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Tag-A-Hue Latest Version APK for Android

Tag-A-Hue download
Tag-A-Hue download

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Tag-A-Hue is offered by r2DoesInc. Last Updated: December 23, 2013. Current Version: 1.1.1

Phillips Hue lights are amazing, and so is the power of NFC! with Tag-A-Hue, we have combined the strengths of both to give you a powerful new way to control your home lights.

Use this app to associate a specific bulb or group of bulbs with an NFC tag, and when that tag is scanned, the app will detect whether those bulbs are on or off and toggle them accordingly*.

This app can only manage the software state of the bulb. It has to be on from the socket for it to work. If you have a switch attached to the lightsocket, it must be ON for this app to work.

Latest Updates

Added full grouping functionality.


Tag-A-Hue 2017

Download Tag-A-Hue APK for Android

Tag-A-Hue 1.1.1 screenshot

Tag-A-Hue screenshot 0Tag-A-Hue screenshot 1Tag-A-Hue screenshot 2Tag-A-Hue screenshot 3Tag-A-Hue screenshot 4

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Serial Port Monitor Latest Version APK for Android

Serial Port Monitor apk
Serial Port Monitor apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Serial Port Monitor is offered by Infinit Solutions. Last Updated: December 23, 2013. Current Version: 1.0

Serial Port Monitor helps to monitor and collect data from serial ports through Serial to Bluetooth adapters. It also records the collected data inside a local database.

• Monitors real time serial data from Bluetooth
• Option to record the monitored data
• Connects to the device through Bluetooth
• Option to search and select your device
• Comes with a console window which displays data from Bluetooth device
• Option to share the recorded data


Serial Port Monitor 2017

Download Serial Port Monitor

Download Serial Port Monitor APK

Serial Port Monitor for Android

Download Serial Port Monitor for Android

Download Serial Port Monitor APK for Android

Serial Port Monitor 1.0 screenshot

Serial Port Monitor screenshot 0Serial Port Monitor screenshot 1Serial Port Monitor screenshot 2Serial Port Monitor screenshot 3

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SMS Forward Utils Latest Version APK for Android

download SMS Forward Utils apk
download SMS Forward Utils apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. SMS Forward Utils is offered by Kinesis. Last Updated: December 23, 2013. Current Version: 1.0

SMS Forward Utils® is a pack of utilities intended to make life easier to those who have to deal with two different phone numbers

With SMS Forward Utils® you will no longer have to carry two mobile devices, install the app on one of them and leave it at home!

SMS Forward Utils® acts as a repeater, it will forward each SMS received from you to the address specified on the message

Also SMS Forward Utils® will resend to you all the SMS received in your secondary phone

You can create your own rules, receive only your contact’s messages, those which contain a given word, or only those sent by a given number, is up to you!

See app tutorial for further info

● Send a SMS to the device with SMS Forward Utils® installed, and it will forward them to the given number
● Receive on your primary phone all the messages that others send to the device with SMS Forward Utils®
● Receive an alert when battery is low on your phone with SMS Forward Utils®
● Tons of customization options, create your own rules and leave that old, heavy phone at home!
keywords: sms, forward, messages, devices, utils, send, sms forwader, sms forwarding, old device, secondary phone


SMS Forward Utils 2017

Download SMS Forward Utils for Android

Download SMS Forward Utils APK for Android

SMS Forward Utils 1.0 screenshot

SMS Forward Utils screenshot 0SMS Forward Utils screenshot 1SMS Forward Utils screenshot 2

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PageOut Fire Latest Version APK for Android

PageOut Fire download
PageOut Fire download

Page-Out is an INSTANT ON-CALL AVAILABILITY MOBILE APPLICATION. PageOut Fire is offered by Page-Out LLC. Last Updated: December 23, 2013. Current Version: 1.4

Enjoy this free app as part of your Page-Out membership. Visit to for a FREE Trial!


As leaders on emergency services departments, it is your responsibility to ensure that when the call comes out, you have the staffing to adequately respond to that call. You may have multiple battalions or crews on standby, but can you honestly say you know if each member is able and ready to respond? What if they ran to the grocery store a town or two away? Did they have a school event to attend with their child? What if they have been drinking that night? Even if they sent you a page or a text message to advise you, in the heat of the moment can you remember who paged out and who didn’t? Welcome to Page-Out! This patent pending process will allow the entire department to see who is available and who isn’t at any time. Each user can page-in and page-out from this application updating the entire department’s network of applications faster than a text message. Think about the amount of time you could save if you knew your staffing wasn’t adequate. You could call for mutual aid early; possibly saving lives. You could recall firefighters to ensure coverage. The options are endless. Page-Out is volunteer emergency services answer to on-call availability.

This is not a stand-alone application. You MUST have a subscription through our website at for this application to function.

Simple – Fast – Easy Set up:
Simply create an account at Once logged in, you can add users and instruct those users to download the Page-Out Fire Application. Using their unique ID number and the departments universal password they can log into the application and are automatically linked with every other user on the department.

Follow Us:

What’s New

What’s New

En Route Feature

+En Route Button

+Updates Availability Screen

+Name Remains Yellow for 30 Min

Time Out Expiry Alert

+When time paged out expires

+User will receive notification

Low Personnel Alert

+Admin determines minimum staffing level

+Alert sent when staffing drops

+Admin decides who gets alert


+Push notification fix

+Other minor fixes


PageOut Fire 2017

Download PageOut Fire

Download PageOut Fire APK

PageOut Fire for Android

Download PageOut Fire for Android

Download PageOut Fire APK for Android

PageOut Fire 1.4 screenshot

PageOut Fire screenshot 0PageOut Fire screenshot 1PageOut Fire screenshot 2PageOut Fire screenshot 3PageOut Fire screenshot 4PageOut Fire screenshot 5PageOut Fire screenshot 6

PageOut Fire apk video

Download apk file for your android phone:

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Florida State Keyboard Latest Version APK for Android

Florida State Keyboard download
Florida State Keyboard download

New Keyboard for college with dictionary and college mascot theme. Florida State Keyboard is offered by 2Thumbz, Inc. Last Updated: December 23, 2013. Current Version: V1.0

As the biggest fan of Florida State, you proudly represent your team at every basketball game. Message your school pride with the Florida State keyboard (Fear the Spear!), powered by Adaptxt and developed in partnership with 2thumbZ. Whether you’re a current student, graduate or #1 basketball fan, the Florida State keyboard showcases your school spirit in style, as you prepare your NCAA championship bracket.

Like a good friend, the Florida State keyboard knows all the top basketball players, where to celebrate a win after the big game, and all your favorite catchphrases, whether you’re texting, emailing or using one of your top apps. Get yours in time for March Madness and cheer FSU on to the Final Four.

College Theme Features:
*Specialized dictionary with Florida State specific phrases
*Graphically rich Garnet and Gold theme keyboard with the FSU logo
*A share key to update Facebook and Twitter directly from your keyboard

Adaptxt Features:
*Intelligent prediction and error correction in 81 languages
*Three different auto correction modes to suit your typing style for the most accurate text entry
*Automatic Text Replacement (ATR) to create custom shortcuts
*Up to five dictionaries can be enabled on your Adaptxt keyboard at once, including SMS, College Themes, IT, Medical, Accounting and Legal
*Clipboard with select, cut, copy, and paste functions and navigation keys

Check out our full list of college themes. See more products from KeyPoint Technologies here.

KeyPoint Technologies, the creator of Adaptxt, is an award-winning global linguistics innovator that enables intelligent communication between humans to the connected world—beyond mobile devices.

KeyPoint Technologies (KPT), is the leader in innovative language technology offerings for mobile consumers. KPT has redefined the mobile consumer engagement & experience across platforms, devices by leveraging the core strengths in artificial intelligence & natural language processing. KPT’s innovative product range includes the industry’s first user-initiated and multi-lingual search and discovery platform Xploree, revolutionary text input technology Adaptxt, and India’s first Indic keyboard Lipi. The key offerings have a high focus on immediacy & extensibility and are spread across iOS, Android, Tizen, Linux, WebOS, Fire OS platforms and connected devices like Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets, IVIs, and Smartwears. Our global leadership is established through the consumption of our products by OEMs, Operators, 3rd party apps, brands and consumers in 120+ global languages, including 30+ indic, complex languages for MEA and SEA countries. Successful partnerships with tier-1 & tier-2 global businesses, partners by KeyPoint Technologies have helped the company to move into a rapid growth stage phase.

For issues/feature requests regarding Adaptxt, visit or email us at

What’s New

*Specialized dictionary with Florida State specific jargon

*Graphically rich Garnet and Gold theme keyboard with the FSU logo

*A share key to update Facebook and Twitter directly from your keyboard


Florida State Keyboard 2017

Florida State Keyboard V1.0 screenshot

Florida State Keyboard screenshot 0Florida State Keyboard screenshot 1Florida State Keyboard screenshot 2Florida State Keyboard screenshot 3Florida State Keyboard screenshot 4Florida State Keyboard screenshot 5

Florida State Keyboard apk video

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