Video Slideshows Latest Version APK for Android

download Video Slideshows apk
download Video Slideshows apk

This app contains videos and slidshows. Video Slideshows is offered by Vanessa Chattman. Last Updated: December 19, 2013. Current Version: 0.1

This app has a variety of videos and slideshows.


Video Slideshows 2017

Download Video Slideshows APK

Video Slideshows for Android

Download Video Slideshows for Android

Download Video Slideshows APK for Android

Video Slideshows 0.1 screenshot

Video Slideshows screenshot 0Video Slideshows screenshot 1Video Slideshows screenshot 2

Video Slideshows apk video

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Essential Kitchen Calculators Latest Version APK for Android

Essential Kitchen Calculators apk
Essential Kitchen Calculators apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Essential Kitchen Calculators is offered by Sidetop Software. Last Updated: December 19, 2013. Current Version: 1.11

Essential Kitchen Calculators will become your new partner in the kitchen. These calculators will save you time and eliminate the guess work in doing many complex cooking conversions. There are 16 calculators, conversion tables and handy look ups included to help you cook better and easier.

Weight to Volume Converter
Temperature Converter
Convection Oven Converter
Microwave Wattage Converter
Ingredient Weight Conversion and Recipe Scaler
Turkey Dinner Estimator
Turkey Defroster
Crockpot Conversions
BBQ Grilling Guides
Heirloom Measurements
Ingredient Substitutes
Sugar Substitutes
Spice Mix Table
Honey Flavors
Soup and Stew glossary

Weight to Volume Converter – choose from 180 common ingredients to convert a quantity between 28 common weight and volume measurements.

Temperature Converter – Convert between 5 common temperature scales.

Convection Oven Converter – Convert a time and temperature from a conventional oven to a convection oven. Convert by either Time or Temperature variance.

Microwave Wattage Converter – Convert from a recipe microwave wattage and time to your microwave wattage.

Ingredient Weight Conversion and Recipe Scaler – convert a given quantity between 69 common (and not so common!) weight measurements. You can also easily scale the conversion as part of the calculation.

Turkey Dinner Estimator – Don’t guess for that next big meal! For a given number of adults and children, estimate amount of turkey, gravy and stuffing needed.

Turkey Defroster – defrosting time in refrigerator or cold tap water needed for a given weight.

Conversion tables and lookups-
Crockpot Conversions – cooking times and temperatures for many common dishes.

BBQ Grilling Guides – Exhaustive list of grill times for beef, pork, poultry, vegetable, game, fruit, lamb and seafood.

Heirloom Measurements – Many measurements from old recipes.

Ingredient Substitutes – a huge list of ingredients and their substitutes with measurements.

Sugar Substitutes – table of many sugar substitutes and their equivalent sugar measurements.

Spice Mix Table – many popular spice mixes with ingredients.

Honey Flavors – a fun look up of many different honey flavors.

Soup and Stew glossary – learn the differences between many soups and stews.

Any comments, questions or ideas? Please email me at

I stand behind my apps and will always make things right. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Essential Kitchen Calculators 2017

Download Essential Kitchen Calculators for Android

Download Essential Kitchen Calculators APK for Android

Essential Kitchen Calculators 1.11 screenshot

Essential Kitchen Calculators screenshot 0Essential Kitchen Calculators screenshot 1Essential Kitchen Calculators screenshot 2Essential Kitchen Calculators screenshot 3Essential Kitchen Calculators screenshot 4Essential Kitchen Calculators screenshot 5Essential Kitchen Calculators screenshot 6Essential Kitchen Calculators screenshot 7

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Life Reminders (Donate) Latest Version APK for Android

download Life Reminders (Donate) apk
download Life Reminders (Donate) apk

This is the donate version for Life Reminders. Life Reminders (Donate) is offered by Cameleo-tech. Last Updated: December 19, 2013. Current Version: 4

This is the donate version for Life Reminders. You MUST also install “Life Reminders” which is the main app. I am repeating, you MUST install both free and donate version on your device, not just the donate version, otherwise it won’t work.

NOTE : The app must NOT be installed on the SD.

What does this version do?
– removes ads
– Adds Email Reminders

Thanks for your support

If you miss some feature or see bug please DON’T RATE BAD but send me an email! I will get it fixed.

Latest Updates

– Activation Fix


Life Reminders (Donate) 2017

Life Reminders (Donate) 4 screenshot

Life Reminders (Donate) screenshot 0Life Reminders (Donate) screenshot 1

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Confidential Notes+ Latest Version APK for Android

Confidential Notes+ download
Confidential Notes+ download

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Confidential Notes+ is offered by Magic Software (KShah). Last Updated: December 19, 2013. Current Version: 2.8

Confidential Notes+ is a Note editor app which allows users to create notes that are stored in encrypted and un-encrypted format.

Note: If you are moving from free version to the paid version, follow the instructions given below.

The encrypted notes will NEVER be stored in decrypted format, they are decrypted in-memory for editing/viewing purpose.

Main features:
1. Creating notes in encrypted format so that it cannot be opened without the key.
2. Uses strong AES encryption with 128 bit key
3. Storing notes on Dropbox for synchronizing with multiple devices.
4. Each note can be encrypted using different key
5. Supports Global Key for using single key for all notes
6. Backup notes on local storage or Dropbox

Moving from free version to paid version:
If you already have free version installed and are now installing the paid version, please follow the given steps:
1. If you are using GlobalKey, please note your GlobalKey as this information will be lost.
2. Uninstall the free version of Confidential Notes.
3. Install the paid version.
4. Start the paid version and select Dropbox sync option from Settings. Dropbox will ask for permission again.
5. Setup GlobalKey, if required.

Global Key:
The Global key can be enabled using “Global Key Setup” from menu. When Global Key is enabled, you need to supply a password. Once Global Key is enabled, password verification is enforced during App start-up. When Global Key is enabled, the global key will be used while encrypting or decrypting the file. The key dialog will be pre-filled with the global key. The use still has an option to change it, if required.

Dropbox integration:
User has option to use Dropbox for creating and managing their Notes. This will allow easy synchronization with multiple devices. This provides a convenient way of synchronizing the notes on multiple devices. It provides options to transfer all your local notes on Dropbox and vice versa.

Backup notes on local storage or Dropbox:
This App provides two options for transferring files to and from Dropbox.
1. Transfer notes from Local storage to Dropbox. In this option all the notes from your “MyNotes” folder in your internal storage will be copied to Dropbox.
2. Transfer notes from Dropbox to Local storage. In this option all the notes from your Dropbox will be copied to “MyNotes” folder in your internal storage of phone.

Keywords: encryption, decryption, notes, dropbox, notepad, secret dairy.

Latest Updates

Version 2.7

1. Changed the icons.

2. The app will now show the file which is selected.


Confidential Notes+ 2017

Download Confidential Notes+ APK for Android

Confidential Notes+ 2.8 screenshot

Confidential Notes+ screenshot 0Confidential Notes+ screenshot 1Confidential Notes+ screenshot 2Confidential Notes+ screenshot 3Confidential Notes+ screenshot 4Confidential Notes+ screenshot 5

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O-Ring, Dovetail Groove Latest Version APK for Android

O-Ring, Dovetail Groove apk
O-Ring, Dovetail Groove apk

CNC Machinist – calculate O-ring groove width for more convenient CNC setup. O-Ring, Dovetail Groove is offered by Mika Przemyslaw. Last Updated: December 19, 2013. Current Version: 2.0

This application calculates a width of the symmetrical O-Ring / dovetail groove. It is designed for design engineers, and CNC machinists and Inspectors. When making an O-Ring / dovetail groove feature on a CNC lathe or mill in a machine shop it is difficult to produce exact dovetail without taking multiple and lengthy measurements with metrology putty and optical comparator or a CMM machine. This application allows you to calculate the actual expected dovetail width, so that the accuracy of the dovetail can be checked with an inspection pin, or any other tool when the part is still on the machine. It greatly reduces the CNC machine adjustment time to produce the correct geometry. This is a completely Free and Full Version of the application.

Latest Updates

Removed more intrusive ads for user convenience


O-Ring, Dovetail Groove 2017

O-Ring, Dovetail Groove APK

Download O-Ring, Dovetail Groove

Download O-Ring, Dovetail Groove APK

O-Ring, Dovetail Groove for Android

Download O-Ring, Dovetail Groove for Android

Download O-Ring, Dovetail Groove APK for Android

O-Ring, Dovetail Groove 2.0 screenshot

O-Ring, Dovetail Groove screenshot 0O-Ring, Dovetail Groove screenshot 1O-Ring, Dovetail Groove screenshot 2O-Ring, Dovetail Groove screenshot 3O-Ring, Dovetail Groove screenshot 4O-Ring, Dovetail Groove screenshot 5

See detail information and download apk file for android:

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Pick For Me Latest Version APK for Android

Pick For Me download
Pick For Me download

Have trouble picking something? Let Pick For Me make the choice instead. Pick For Me is offered by KuGrou Software. Last Updated: December 19, 2013. Current Version: 1.2

Have you ever had to make a decision but couldn’t simply flip a coin because you had more than two choices (Or you had two choices but no coins to flip)? Now you can use Pick For Me to make the choice for you. Simply make a list of what you need to choose from and press the Pick For Me button to let the app randomly pick a choice for you.

Let Pick For Me make the simple choices, so you can focus your energy and time on more important things.

• Lists are saved so you don’t need to reenter options for common choices
• Select which items are pickable from a list
• UI designed for both handsets and tablets
• Includes several pre-made list to get you started
• Ability to import and export lists as simple text files
• No ads

Examples of use:
• You are planning to go out to eat, but sometimes you have trouble picking where to go.
• You want to play a board/card game with friends and/or family, but are having trouble deciding which one to play.
• You play a lot of video games or tabletop role-playing games and frequently need to pick names for characters or places.

(Note: Screenshots show application running on Android versions 4.1 and 2.3.3. Appearance of buttons and other UI elements may vary slightly on other devices, but functionality should remain the same.)

What’s New

v 1.2 (2013-12-19)

• Updated target Android SDK version (should not cause any changes for most users)

See full list of changes here:


Pick For Me 2017

Pick For Me 1.2 screenshot

Pick For Me screenshot 0Pick For Me screenshot 1Pick For Me screenshot 2Pick For Me screenshot 3Pick For Me screenshot 4Pick For Me screenshot 5Pick For Me screenshot 6

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Key Habits Goals Latest Version APK for Android

Key Habits Goals apk
Key Habits Goals apk

Personal goal management. Key Habits Goals is offered by Sideline Sports US LLC. Last Updated: December 19, 2013. Current Version: 1.0

Personal goal management — simply the most important skill that you’ll learn and apply in your lifetime.


Key Habits Goals 2017

Key Habits Goals APK

Download Key Habits Goals

Download Key Habits Goals APK

Key Habits Goals for Android

Download Key Habits Goals for Android

Download Key Habits Goals APK for Android

Key Habits Goals 1.0 screenshot

Key Habits Goals screenshot 0Key Habits Goals screenshot 1

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