Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) Latest Version APK for Android

Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) download
Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) download

Praise Notepad – makes taking notes during a sermon a little easier. Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) is offered by gwofoundry. Last Updated: December 17, 2013. Current Version: 1.4.5

A notepad for taking notes during a sermon, keeping verses, other notes and checklists.
**NOTE**: Backup before upgrading.

Only KJV is available – other versions are no longer available.

This donate version of ‘Praise Notepad KJV’ has the same functionalities as the free version.
By donating, you will be inspiring the developer to further enhance this app.

The notes from the free version can be restore to this version.
1. Do a backup in the free version from the menu
2. Do a restore (by selecting from the menu ‘more/restore notes from free’.
3. Recreate the Labels (if needed) in the Pro version. (The notes are still labeled)
The notes db from the free version will overwrite this version.
Warning! All the notes in this version will be deleted when the free version is restored.

There is a similar version but without the Bible. Please find ‘Note Stacks’ in the Android Market

How to use:
– Click ‘New Note’ or ‘Add Seg’ to add a new note or new segment
– Click on ‘VERSE’ to add verses from KJV
– Long press to organise note: insert, cut/copy and paste segments
– Keep each segment short to avoid scrolling while editing
– Update note label and note type in view text mode

– quick insert of verse into note
– read KJV
– large font of easy reading

– export/import note to/from a simple text file (.txt) or with markup (.m.txt)

– markup text file keeps the structure of the original note
– share the note
– full screen when viewing note
– labels in the sidebar for easy access
– rearrange order of labels

How is this note app different:
– a note consists of segments
– reorganise segments by insert, cut/copy and paste
– each segment has a title and note area

This app is not affiliated with

Please email suggestions and bugs to

Latest Updates

** IMPT ** Do a BACKUP before updating app

1.4.5 Removed the white in segment title when segments are collapsed/expanded

1.4.4 Labels are backed up in the backup file

1.4.3 When a segment is empty in the segment edit, the segment will be automatically deleted when saved or discarded

Add a list quickly in the edit segment screen (Save and Add button).

Backup the notes database to SD card automatically


Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) 2017

Download Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) for Android

Download Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) APK for Android

Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) 1.4.5 screenshot

Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) screenshot 0Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) screenshot 1Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) screenshot 2Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) screenshot 3Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) screenshot 4Praise! Notepad KJV (Donate) screenshot 5

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Password Vault – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

Password Vault

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

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Password Vault is a user friendly apps for storing your valuable information secured in your device. You can not only store passwords but also can store any text information you like. With custom template and template field create facility, you can store info as you like. Its features are:

–> Add Master password when you use it and later login with this password
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–> Category Management ( Add Category before you insert your data )
–>319 icons for for your use in password entry
–>you can also store any information secured here.

More Features are coming soon. my contact mail is
Any feedback is appreciated.

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SignTech – SignTech provides a green solution to make the first step to a paperless future.


SignTech provides a green solution to make the first step to a paperless future.

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Notify Me! (Donate) – Give me money for my efforts or don't – it's up to you!

Notify Me! (Donate)

Give me money for my efforts or don't – it's up to you!

Notify Me! (Donate) screenshot 0Notify Me! (Donate) screenshot 1Notify Me! (Donate) screenshot 2Notify Me! (Donate) screenshot 3Notify Me! (Donate) screenshot 4Notify Me! (Donate) screenshot 5Notify Me! (Donate) screenshot 6Notify Me! (Donate) screenshot 7

This is the donation version of Notify Me!, for those who feel like throwing some money at me. It has the same features like the original version, it really just exists for donation purposes.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


Women's Security


Women's Security screenshot 0Women's Security screenshot 1Women's Security screenshot 2Women's Security screenshot 3


A little about Women’s Security and working of this application.

Women are adept at mobilizing diverse groups for a common cause. They often work across ethnic, religious, political, and cultural divides to promote peace.We are all aware of importance of women’s safety , but we must realize that they should be properly protected.Women’s are not as physically strong as men, in an emergency situation a helping hand would be a relief for them.

The best way to minimize your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime (robbery, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence) is to identify and call on resources to help you out of dangerous situations.
Whether you’re in immediate trouble or get separated from friends during a night out and don’t know how to get home, having these apps on your phone can reduce your risk and bring assistance when you need it. Although several were originally developed for students to reduce the risk of sexual assault on campus, they are suitable for all women

In the light of recent outrage in Delhi which shook the nation and woke us to the safety issues for our daughters, people are gearing up in different ways to fight back.A host of new apps have been developed to provide security systems to women on their phones.

Here we introduces an app which ensures the safety of women.This helps to identify and call on resources to help the one out of dangerous situations.This reduce risk and bring assistance when we need it and help us to identify the location of the one in danger.
We recommend our app since it have some key features which diverse it from others.They are quoted below:

1) At first user have to save some details.These details include:Email address and password of the user,
Email address and mobile number of the recipient and a Text Message.
2) Then initialize this app as a “widget” ,so that a finger touch is enough to alert your recipient
3) It will also record voice around surroundings for 45 seconds and then send these record and a text message to the recipient number.
This message also includes the current position (latitude and longitude) of the victim.

Unique Feature

Even if the user in trouble doesn’t have a internet connection at that time, the recording will be saved and will be automatically sent to the saved mail id, that is no user interaction is need.
Also if you don’t have range at the same time, then also the SMS is automatically sent when you are in range. Again no user interaction is needed.
Isn’t it amazing.

One more thing is that the “recordings” are saved hidden in the device.
i.e even if you don’t have internet or range the recording the message, and your location at the time of trouble are saved in the Mobile for later clarification.

Now what are you waiting for, you should and you must get this app.

You will be notified by pull-down notification once the mail is sent.

When you tap the widget, the app automatically starts recording and a small recording icon will appear at the bottom of the screen, after 45 secs of recording the icon will disappear and the mail and messages are automatically sent.

Isn’t it amazing.
Even the person in trouble don’t have to look at the phone once he tap the button.
Everything else is done by the app. Help will come fast at you. No complex set up is required. i.e keep simple and be secured.

You should get this app. Hit the install button.

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Detail information and download apk file for android:

Safe Note – stores your notes in a secure & easy access using a simple pin number.

Safe Note

stores your notes in a secure & easy access using a simple pin number.

Safe Note screenshot 0Safe Note screenshot 1Safe Note screenshot 2Safe Note screenshot 3Safe Note screenshot 4Safe Note screenshot 5

Stores your notes in a secure manner and provides quick & easy access using a simple pin number. Notes can be identified using a separate title. Safe Note stores all your data on the device instead of uploading your personal information to the internet. Safe Notes is easy to use and provides a simple interface.

– Unique note title
– Create and Delete note
– Notes can be up to 5000 characters
– Search functionality
– Send note as email or SMS message
– Help screens
– All data stored on Phone Memory
– Auto-lock when not in used

Download apk file: