FrozenQueRy Lite Latest Version APK for Android

FrozenQueRy Lite apk
FrozenQueRy Lite apk

encoded-label frozen food inventory. FrozenQueRy Lite is offered by JoeLABs. Last Updated: April 30, 2013. Current Version: 1.3.0

The FrozenQueRy is an encoded-label food inventory app that helps you clearly label and keep track of the foods you have stored in your freezer using your Android smartphone.

With the FrozenQueRy, you can generate QR-encoded labels online to print and attach to your food containers. When the label is scanned into the app, the FrozenQuery records the entree name, Comment/Tag of the item, as well as the date/time of Check-In. The inventory listing updates the count of each entree to enable easy mealtime planning, as well as presenting a serialized list of each entree to track when each item was stored away. When removing food from storage, simply scan to check-out the item to update the inventory listing that goes with you at home, at work, at the park, or anywhere else.

FrozenQueRy Features:

-Lite version: stores up to 10 total inventory records.

*Upgrade to Full version of FrozenQueRy ( to store up to 100 serialized items per entree name, sorted under up to 50 unique entree names.

-Single and Batch-Mode Scanning for quick Check-In and Check-Out.

-Look-Up Scan to determine inventory status of the item in question, and the date/time it was checked-in if in inventory listing.

-Concise menu-level inventory listing shows all inventory contents by name and total number of items of each entree.

-Detailed entree-item inventory listing displays all checked-in serialized entrees, when each item was checked-in, and any comment/tag associated for that item.

-In-App Label Generator Assistant to assemble a direct URL to our web-based FrozenQueRy Label Generator Utility to automatically create labels with formulated serial number ranges that hop over serial numbers already in use in inventory. The URL is conveniently copied into your phone’s clipboard for you to paste into email or text file for retrieval on your printer connected computer.

-Inventory Data Backup/Retrieval

-App uses No Ads, No Tracking, No Personally Identifiable Information.

Are you a batch cook who prepares meals ahead of time? Do you often wonder whether you have dinner available at home while leaving work? Do you know how many burritos you have left? How long has that lasagna been in the freezer? What exactly is that iced-over blob?

Let the FrozenQueRy advantage optimize your kitchen workflow!

For additional app information, requirements, and credits, please visit

Latest Updates

Version: 1.3.0 – 2013-03-07

-add requirement for hardware camera.

Version: 1.2.0 – 2013-03-04

– Fix erroneous “directory could not be created” error encountered upon first data export to external storage.


FrozenQueRy Lite 2017

Download FrozenQueRy Lite

Download FrozenQueRy Lite APK

FrozenQueRy Lite for Android

Download FrozenQueRy Lite for Android

Download FrozenQueRy Lite APK for Android

FrozenQueRy Lite 1.3.0 screenshot

FrozenQueRy Lite screenshot 0FrozenQueRy Lite screenshot 1FrozenQueRy Lite screenshot 2FrozenQueRy Lite screenshot 3FrozenQueRy Lite screenshot 4FrozenQueRy Lite screenshot 5FrozenQueRy Lite screenshot 6FrozenQueRy Lite screenshot 7

FrozenQueRy Lite apk video

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